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Luke gives a beautiful and telling tribute to a true hero of our day, one of the few who dared to speak up to the menace that is big government and tell it like it is. Rest in peace, James.

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Keep em drugged and dumb and they will be numb as the mind set becomes encrusted with a scum never looking at the zio sum .. MPC

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If you thought Obama's War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you see this. Cameron is officially announcing a the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.

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The return to war will reinforce the politics of fear – which is the grimmest legacy of the Blair era. It has Cameron popping in and out of his Cobra bunker like a rabbit in a hole.

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The latest revelation about the NSA's endless mass surveillance program. Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, a cleverly presented exposé of our Orwellian police state.

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While the arrogant, intellectual roots of eugenics seem to escape mainstream awareness, obvious forms of racist genocidal extermination have been much more evident.