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Defense Against the Psychopath teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators - the empathy-less psychopaths.

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Until humanity comes to it’s senses and abandons it’s money, industry, politics, mind manipulating religious leaders, industrial tyrants and media, there is no hope for the future.

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Can vibrant independent people be ground down into a proletariat who are brainwashed enough to believe they still are who they once were?

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Redsilverj nails the obvious agenda of the latest false flag. Brilliant analysis from the heart of clear headed awareness as to what's really going down. Bravo.

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With all of the ways that we have seen humans abuse one another to achieve dominance and control, are we still willing to let these experiments continue?

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With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods.

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Although the House of Representatives voted down legislation to “fast-track” trade deals through Congress – it appears the TPP may have already secured its future.

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This weekend is the sixty third meeting of the Bilderberg Group. In Bilderberg 2015 - The Key Agenda, David Icke gives its history and purpose - global manipulation.

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I think their plans are not going to happen anything like they hope, if there even is anything. They're banking on people's fear and submission. Don't give it to them.

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