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We are now at the crossroads. What world are we helping to manifest? Or will we irresponsibly let things slide along as they are? The answer is up to you.

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We are taught to live in fear of others, and fear of ourselves, helpless to direct our own lives. This mentality is social and individual suicide, and the effects can be seen everywhere.

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Scooter peels back the layers of deception to expose the faulty concepts and misunderstandings that keep humanity trapped in a perpetual loop of suffering.

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Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest CNN poll of what Americans fear most and how this fear is irrational and can be stopped.

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It is clear that the awakened public has checkmated the GMO industries. However, at SXSW GMO corporation money talks as real debate is controlled and censored.

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Analysis reveals how this drill is connected to Army policies associated with the confinement of detainees in what are commonly called FEMA camps.

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Clearly, the answer is that Putin removed himself from center-stage for a brief while to craftily concoct a delightfully clever geopolitical gambit that no one saw coming.

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This is not an article about the value of the documents Snowden took from the NSA, but about Snowden's back-story.

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After the UK announced it will join new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member, Germany, France and Italy joined as well.

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