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"Revisionist history consists in the art of discerning fraud and the courage to publicly strip illus...

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"Skeptic" is often a misnomer for those that try to debunk the truth movement and alternative media. The true Skeptic challenges the official story.

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Unfortunately, the majority just accept what they are taught in school and university without question. That is how our educational system is designed.

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The rise of political correctness in America & its Jewish influences: Boasian anthropology, Freud and psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School & tearing down the nuclear family.

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A very informative discussion on our current police state of affairs, very well articulated by relentlessly hounded early whistleblower Thomas Drake.

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The police state roll out continues. Listen to this jaw-dropping airport announcement and then pin...

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--Note from Zen: While my site is not mentioned in this article, I'm proud to say ZenGardner.com is ...

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