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The police state roll out continues. Listen to this jaw-dropping airport announcement and then pinch yourself to make sure you actually heard it. Fascist...

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--Note from Zen: While my site is not mentioned in this article, I'm proud to say ZenGardner.com is also on their hit list. Good...

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As always with James, succinct and cutting to the chase, as he flays the psychopaths in their insane, lie-based drive for more war. -...

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by Zen GardnerWorse yet - are we allowing ourselves to be disallowed to draw conclusions?As long as we're the audience and they're the "projectors",...

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Chemtrail conditioning for Kids - the biggest arm of disinfo is the mainstream media. - Zen   - (Hat tip:  Jersey - wow!)(From Mynasadata website:) Science...

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This is well put together information. The speed and soundtrack might seem to be a bit distracting but in this attention deficit world it...


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