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This is a new music video by the Bilderberg Group. Enjoy!

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Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference.

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The epicenter of California’s drought crisis is in the Central Valley, where there are growing fears the drought could wipe entire towns off of the map.

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In addition to destroying the ozone layer and completely contaminating the entire biosphere, geoengineering is causing historic drought on four continents.

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The primary stated purpose of this new regime of international laws and treaties is to exert absolute control over CO2 emissions at both the macro and micro levels throughout planet Earth.

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California does appear to be primary cog in the global machinery that was engineered to implement a New World Order

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This is not a coincidence, but it is quite interesting when one considers that all Western governments continue to claim that this Project does not exist.

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We have another weapon in our arsenal to fight against the climate engineering insanity, acknowledgment of the atmospheric spraying in a science publication.

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Our planet is changing at blinding speed toward a state of existence that without course correction will no longer support life. .

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"An UNconventional Shade of Grey is a call to action film that addresses chemtrail/geoengineering films in relation to our changing climate and global warming legislation. "

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