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Excellent montage exposing geoengineering predictive programming, including a short film about the ongoing chemtrails exposusures and how they're fighting them.

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This is a landmark watershed event, brought on by active commitment to getting real information into the hands of those who can further expose this critical issue. Bravo!

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It is important to be able to field some basic questions about this most dire issue if you are to gain credibility with others. Most people do not want to be sprayed like bugs.

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The Shasta County meeting drew almost 500 people. This was officially the largest attendance in the facilities 10 year history of meetings. Video of the full session.

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The Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to seek more information on “chemtrails” after nearly four hours of public comment.

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We need EVERYONE concerned about geoengineering and aerosol spraying programs to attend the Shasta County Air Pollution Control Board Meeting July 15th!

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Long story of how we came to the formula but my wife and I after moving to Southern California f...

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Many aggressively deny the rapidly unfolding changes, the same deniers often condemn those who are willing to acknowledge and speak out about what is unfolding.

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Is this the best you can do, Jesse? Are we supposed to ignore what we can see with our own eyes in the skies because you and professional liar Ken Caldeira say it isn’t so?

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Compliments of the military complex owned weather service, you can now know when to expect a chemtrail spraying. They own the weather and the weather forecasting services.