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David Icke takes apart current world events and puts them into perspective, including what we can do about it by working together and helping each other.

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A very interesting tour through what's really going on in our solar system and galaxy and why we should be aware of it, in a conscious perspective.

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“You can’t have a war on terrorism because that’s not an actual enemy, it’s an abstract. It’s like h...

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How did this darkened, backwards world become the "new normal" everyone seems to have accepted? Where did this come from, and in what world are we now living?

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One of the most crippling methodologies of the controlling forces is locking humanity into cleverly devised contexts where the power of Now loses its importance.

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Zen discusses some of his background before delving into the more nitty gritty of the way of the warrior in a world that is upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out.

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I found myself lost for words, disoriented, Ostensibly mindless, tabla rasa, empty. A mere moment’s meandering mentation the cause.

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This war is not about resistance; it is about receptivity. Complete understanding will lead to complete non-compliance to their system. Then their game is over.

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Shamans describe it as a sacred plant medicine that “opens a portal to the spirit world.” Portal or not, the healing properties of ayahuasca are undeniable.

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“The present convergence of crises––in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, polit...


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