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For those of you who have asked me what hope we as humans have to overcome the evil Jesuits and their Khazarjew slave-minions, I now answer you in a poem.

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There's a subtle and growing underlying current of cynical skepticism that is surreptitiously undermining the sense of commitment needed to confront what is going on.

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“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but ...

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A brilliant summary of the world's dire situation and our place in it. What will we do with this opportunity? How will each of us respond to the serious challenges of our times?

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We can be empowered by the knowledge that any meaningful adjustment we make in our personal lives is a contribution to the future realization of a greater shift for the better.

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There's a certain letting go of cherished beliefs that needs to transpire to get to that ultimate conscious awakening, and that invariably presents some very tough hurdles to overcome.

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Examining the role that stories play in how we think about ourselves and each other with a glimpse at a new emerging story that can help bring about the world we envision.

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We need to remain emotionally balanced, grounded and calm (as many have told us), and not give in to fear. We needn’t go looking for the next “boogie man”.

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The Reykjavik municipality passed a motion which approved a boycott of Israeli goods “as long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues.”

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Strap in for this one folks, it'll perhaps take you to places you'd rather not visit. Unless you're open and awake and can handle this type of info. Teaser enough? - Zen


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