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What's unique about this particular turning point is that it's now gotten to where they're not even concerned about keeping up the smokescreen of giving a damn....

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“It’s a sad and stupid thing to have to proclaim yourself a revolutionary just to be a decent man.” ...

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The thin veneer of civilization continues to crumble. We should know by now that integrity cannot be maintained in times of great difficulty if it was never consciously developed beforehand.

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The psychopathic nature of this aggressive swarm not only has no conscience nor empathy, but is justified by a plethora of perverted Luciferian precepts that defy human comprehension.

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Controlling the opposition is a practice of misdirection and deception disguised as genuine questioning and resistance to the party line in order to accomplish certain goals.

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Regardless of history, creed, color, background, past programming, bloodline, DNA or entrained experiences. freedom is anyone's for the taking.

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“Expectations” is a large container waiting to be filled up. People have these containers. They lug them around with them. They want them to be filled up.

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“So, I reason that, if I go back when I’m dead to the state where I was before I was born, couldn’t I happen again?” – Alan Watts

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However you see all of what's going on, it's a time to let personal issues go for the sake of the greater good and make whatever sacrifices you need to make.

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Had to share this as it is so powerful within the confusion in which we exist today. Sometimes the minds of the past are the greatest lessons of today. Enjoy!

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