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I asked the Universe before we left on our trip for something, and it absolutely delivered in spades. I got back home with a completely altered mindset - physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Inspiring short compilation of words of wisdom and empowerment from David Icke and Carl Sagan artfully portrayed in video form. Enjoy and arise!

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"No! Try not! Do or do not! There is no try." - Yoda

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Ascribed to a modern genius, this striking analogy of how much of a difference we each can make is worth taking to heart and letting it change our lives!

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No one ever, anywhere, will ever have the exact same perception of reality as we do because there are no two people whose lives have been exactly the same.

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Science tells that human beings only access 10% of their DNA codes, the rest being junk. What they don’t tell us is that the junk is electromagnetic, raw energy that cannot be destroyed. So where is it?

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Authentic human life is the result of establishing heartfelt Intimacy with this Great Mystery, the Wonder of Existence, the Galactic Person of Love and Truth.

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Yes, we can dance to the rhythm of the Universe and herald in the new dawn of consciousness, but we need to be awake and aware and not in denial or deliberately naive.

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The term singularity describes the moment when a civilization changes so much that its rules and technologies are incomprehensible to previous generations - a point-of-no-return in history.

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