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This moment in history is a watershed moment for Humankind - triggered by the senseless and premeditated extermination of innocents in the largest open-air concentration camp.

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Those who whisper understand the balance of the Dao as changes emerge and force the Ego of man and the beasts of men to crack open their shell for all to see what really is there.

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Jefferey Jaxen returns with a beautiful rendition of his letter to his unborn child, a message that should greet every new arrival to existence here on planet earth.

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Who Am I? The sooner this question becomes the itch whose scratch lies so deep with-in that you know no finger or cough or retch will reach it….the better.

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UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV after 19 killed in attack on UN school in Gaza. If this doesn't break your heart and appall you nothing will.

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One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an energy source for parasitic controllers.

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It's about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within and most importantly, freeing yourself from pain and suffering.

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself tha...

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