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by Zen GardnerI've been realizing lately that things change more than we think. Way more and in more ways. Even when we're aware of...

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by Zen GardnerIt struck me today how learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail...

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by Zen GardnerMusic is amazing. The right combinations of vibrational sounds can open the spirit and unlock moods and emotions and stir thought and...

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by Zen GardnerIt's hold on and let go time! That's about the sum of it. The vibrational ride is picking up steam so cinch...

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Posted by: Zen Gardner In: Alternative Knowledge| Amazing Universe| Earth Changes| Science and TechnologyNASA’s Cassini spacecraft films a large rotating hexagon circling the north...

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Cosmic Climate Change Is Underway(SOTT.net) If you thought the volcanic eruption in Iceland was awesome, wait till you see what Mother Nature has...


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