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"I fear DU is this generation's Agent Orange," U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott said. "There has been a sizable increase in childhood leukemia and birth defects in Iraq since the wars.

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Coca-Cola has been ordered to shut down operations in a city in India for using too much water and violating pollution laws, but the company keeps business running as usual.

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This documentary takes an in depth look at the history of water fluoridation and how entire populations have been mass medicated and slow-poisoned without their consent, a clear human rights violation.

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Statistics taken from US government websites predict a 78% decline in population by 2025, and a huge drop in the GDP and other economic indicators.

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All they have to do is keep up the pretense of the evil virus infecting People long enough to get a few vaccinated, who will then actually get the virus from the jab.

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Grace Powers aptly decodes all the strange masonic symbolism beneath and around the Denver New World Airport. Puts a lot of what we're witnessing in perspective.

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Epidemics qualify as one of the “Greater Forces” that have the potential to alter our world as we know it throughout human history, serving as catalysts for major socio-political upheavals.

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