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Maybe it's not so sweet now... If you've thought stevia, the natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweetners with aspartame, et al., is too good to be true, there may be a catch.

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$56.73 million has been paid over the last three decades to ensure that the U.S. Congress is populated only by those who accept the agenda of the American Zionist Council.

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The decisions of the ruling class ensure that our food supply is toxic, that our environment is compromised, and our exposure to chemicals and industrial waste is total. Why?

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This revelation confirms what we already knew as geoengineering spokesperson Ken Caldeira admits discussing the use of pathogens and even Tsunami bombs.

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What happens when populations in the western US start to wake up to the fact that they are being subjected to record drought and heat by the climate engineers?

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A foreboding yet realistic look at the incremental replacement of humanity, if the social engineers have their way. Time to get off the treadmill and help build humanity.

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On considering the entirety of the nuclear experiment, one can’t help but acknowledge its inherent distorted modes of thinking, hidden agendas and damaging outcomes.

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Was weather warfare used in Vietnam? Veteran Marine John Marshall has the low-down on how chemtrails and HAARP are being used against us.

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The drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.

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