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The common feature of these moments is the mind stops working, the reckless stream of thoughts is suspended. The telling of personal history stops, and the line of your accustomed identity is broken.

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"There's more to life than meets the mind." - Zen Gardner

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Remember that curve balls are not only life’s way of keeping us awake, which is a gift in and of itself; they are also often life’s way of bringing us wonderful surprises.

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The role of the Fibonacci sequence in the growth of plants is an intriguing example of the magnificent unifying order behind all creation.

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What if this new phenomenon is real? What if the universe doesn’t work the precise way our paradigms led us to believe? What if more is possible?

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One of the most potent and destructive vicious cycles ever invented by humanity is its relentless tendency to expand its intelligence at the cost of its consciousness.

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People love to ask pilots questions. My favorite, and certainly the most interesting, is "Have you ever seen a UFO while flying?" The answer is yes. And here's how it happened.

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Happiness is an emotion, it’s not a goal. Happiness is the result of experiencing life. Within these experiences, you’ll find happiness.

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The scientists behind the Large Hadron Collider know EXACTLY what they are doing, despite how they PRETEND they don't know.

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