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Another terrific excerpt from one of David Icke's revealing talks that breaks down the holographic nature of our experiential reality.

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"Zen has been a guest on our broadcast before but the feedback we’re getting so far is that this is Zen’s best interview with us to date."

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An inspiring and profound speech from the late Alan Watts on the transformation of human consciousness and power of now.

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Alan Watts talks about how our in societal conditions children to live with a and worry about the future and never learn how to live in the present.

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“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel-work of the universe." - Nikola Tesla

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Why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet engineer bringing the house down around their own ears?

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"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese saying

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This new energy will make war, famine, poverty, and strife something we only read about in history books, and will make us wonder – Why did we wait so long?

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There is a universal absolute Truth that resides beyond relative truths. It is independent, sovereign, eternal and pure. It is the way things Actually are. Not what we think, assume nor believe they are.

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Things change more than we think. Way more and in more ways, especially at this time of the ever accelerating awakening.

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