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“Nothing is original…everything is a remix.” - Kirby Ferguson

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A candid and interesting discussion with Director of Research for the Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein, speaking on the Modern Knowledge program.

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Clif High gives a brilliant discourse of a conscious understanding of reality outside of boxed in contrived "science". A must see to better grasp our true reality.

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Something immensely exciting is happening here on this planet. Something is rising within us, amongst us, through us, and penetrating the very fabric of our reality.

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In reality, inner quiet and spiritual Ego, unity and spiritual Ego are incompatible with each other. Where one is present, the other cannot exist.

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A short inspiring film about the incredible power of your being narrated by Chris Bourne. Is there a higher expression of being that you can be? Let it unfold.

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I don’t like the feeling of violation and defense, especially when I do as much as I do to try to uplift this neighborhood and empower people to take care of themselves.

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"The spiritual emergence that is happening right now across the world is the realization that there ...

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"Beware – massive paradigm shattering ideas are contained in this episode." An apt warning from Paul Marko who hosts this brilliant discussion covering very deep subjects.

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"I think that we are surfing on the wave of a huge adventure of the opportunity of humankind rolling...

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