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If your level of consciousness does not vibrate in a frequency above these emitted waveforms and you are not on ‘higher ground’ then you might be confused and deluded by these emissions.

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Did we need to experience the rule of the intellect just to see where it takes us? Did we need to finish up with the idea of an external power and take the power back to ‘within’?

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The task of becoming human is to transmute the brutalizing and violent impulses arising from the constant fear based programming of the mind, and to develop a sacred sympathy with the whole of life.

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We are a species with amnesia, but we are remembering. We are shaking off the lies and ignorance and are realizing we are supremely powerful multi-dimensional beings.

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When we establish the relation with our soul and become expressions of the universe, we transcend the boundaries of society and experience life as we were truly destined.

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The point of all creation is just that... to create. To experience creation itself and in turn become a creator. A creator of who and what we want to be.

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Things are going to stop getting progressively worse. At some deep level, they are going to start getting progressively better, despite all surface appearances to the contrary.

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Suffering and Happiness are two sides of the same coin. We cannot know one without the other. Everything in the physical is defined by what it is NOT.

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All we ever perceive are just our perceptions. Our perception is based upon our beliefs or belief systems. What we believe, and our degree of attachment to that belief, forms our reality.

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