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Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras.

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One of the tasks in the “ascension process” is to use the power of love, compassion and forgiveness, to bridge the gap back into the every day world, whatever it may be.

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It's easy to lose focus with the myriad of distractions ever present in today's insane world. The totality of it all can make this existence feel painfully pointless but the real reason for being here is quite the opposite.

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When someone has awakened a great peace follows the initial storm. A sense that we have broken through to a new and amazing realm comes over us where all things become clear.

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The holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years all share a common feature: sensitivity to similarity in vibration.

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"You don't comb the mirror, you comb your own hair and the mirror changes." - David Icke

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"There is no path to truth, it must come to you. Truth can come to you only when your mind and heart...

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Here's an interesting analysis of the numbers and occult symbology of the dismantled and publicly destroyed Georgia Guidestone block that two different people sent in.

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Empaths are usually non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments. Disharmony makes us uncomfortable. We will do everything we can to avoid it.
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