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Israel has repeatedly announced it has the right to attack Gaza until there is nothing left of the Palestinian people inside Israel. The impetus behind this outrageous statement is that Israel has ‘a Right to Defend herself".

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Written yesterday, 20th July 2014, Dr Mads Gilbert is overwhelmed by the ongoing slaughter of the prisoners of Gaza. This is his open letter. - Patrick

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Latest figures revealed by the Palestinian Ministry of Information in Ramallah indicate Israeli forces have killed one Palestinian kid in every three days for the past 13 years

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The wake up is hitting critical mass. The truth about 9/11 and these concocted, engineered wars has been blown wide open on a massive scale - they want to put that fire out.

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For Skinner and those who carry on his tradition, humanity is little more than a lab animal to be conditioned and controlled. This authoritarian mentality becomes increasingly evident.

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A new study where macaques had their choices controlled by electrical impulses, adds to a growing body of work that suggests brains can be manipulated with precision.

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Street artists have covered walls in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with pictures which blame football’s governing body, FIFA, for exploiting Brazil and the local government for neglecting the needs of the poor.

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Excellent succinct analysis and exposè, perfect to send to parents and teachers and others. (Coverage begins two minutes in after a short fundraiser.)

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The Israeli government uses denial of water to trigger people displacement, particularly in areas slated for colonial expansion. Cutting off Palestinian communities from their water resources usually precedes dispossession of land for new colonial projects.

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Spotlight on the ongoing genocidal atrocities committed by the fascist, out of control falsely imposed state, and how they've intimidated much of the world to condone and sanction their wicked actions.