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Earth-Healby ArDaga Widor of the Pykobcatjê tribe Huup-té Dschaam Dscheu Activist and TuxauáYou may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me...

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by Edna SpennatoContributorEarth-HealEach year on June 21 Solstice, around 15,000 dogs are tortured, killed and consumed by the inhabitants of the city of Yulin in...

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from Elva Thompson, Contributor NativeNewsOnline “We’re trying to devise plans to protect the people from these things like KXL.” – Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Cyril “Whitey”...

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Jon Rappoport Activist PostIt’s called Zohydro.Clinical Psychiatry News (3/13) has the story. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is protesting FDA approval of the drug. He’s...


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