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False Flag Events

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Sequestered video footage of the Murrah Building falling would show the fabled truck bomb didn’t cause the damage to the building and didn’t kill 168 people inside.Video footage would show a straight-down demolition-type collapse.

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‘The Rothschilds own 80% of Israel. They own big oil, major banks, and the major media. They foment wars, install presidents, dethrone kings and bankrupt nations.

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Jim Fetzer dismantles 3 recent and current false flag operations used to deceive those who have not yet woken up; Sandy Hook, MH17 and the ongoing horrific Gaza massacre.

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Sanctions are already being implemented and hostile rhetoric abounds. We can only hope that this time the public will get the truth.

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"The magician with his iconic hat and cloak is far from being the master of illusions. This dubious distinction belongs to the politician."

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What does the magician do? Draw your attention to one hand while the other is busy preparing the trick. That these airliner tragedies are intertwined is no coincidence.

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"Insofar as acts of terrorism are intended to instill fear into a target population to make it more ...

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The battle we face is overcoming the fog machine that brings on excuses, indifference, apathy and confusion, all very “reasonable” causes for inaction and wrong attachments.

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A truly inspirational trailblazer who stirs the heart, mind and soul with heart piercing truth, and has a long life time of activism to back it up. This is how to speak the full on Truth!

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The orchestrated mass intrusion of immigrants into the US, and hypocrisy of increasingly stringent security measures for the main population paints a very clear picture.



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