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False Flag Events

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Ask yourself. Why is this particular case in Ferguson the one that our government and mainstream media have thrown all of their time and resources into?

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Another terrific parody yet credible scenario based on the ebola scare tactic at play in the mass mind. Terrifically done, by an awakened group of talented truth activists!

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The medical industrial complex is still in denial. They are not only ‘saving lives’. People are dying, while record shareholder profits are being made.

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"We have studied this picture and did not find any sign proving it to be fake." An 'expert' said the Boeing was shot out of the sky in 'a classic fighter jet attack from the rear'.

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Excellent interview questioning an officer who arrested the 5 dancing Israelis trying to escape Manhattan on 9/11 - the obvious underlying truths are profound. Smartly done.

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One person's wake-up journey from being pro-war in the wake of 9/11 to entering the rabbit hole and discovering some uncomfortable truths. - Activist Post

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This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated.

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These marauding paramilitary ISIS gangs are nothing new. They’re being paid for & directed at the highest levels by powers outside of Iraq and Syria.

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We see HIGH QUALITY media video cameras stationed IN FRONT of each pillar as to try to avoid being in each others shot, not hiding from a shooter, as they are fully exposed!

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Behold the scam, brilliantly deconstructed once again. That humanity is reacting to such false information is almost beyond belief. Mind control is no joke, nor social engineering.
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