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We were born before the wind younger than the sun...Hark, now hear the sailors cry. Smell the sea and feel the sky - Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.

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Max Igan talks with Richie Allen about current events, Zionism, our psychopathic world, and taking back and exercising our individual responsibility.

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Richie exposes the latest media insanity regarding the ridiculous meme of young people running from the west to join the US/Israel/Saudi created ISIS "monster". Ha!

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Until the Organized Crime Cabal is beat down and the Kingpins either arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned or driven out basically all Americans are screwed.

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The primary truths of What, How, Who and Why have never been satisfactorily answered by government or law enforcement, mainstream media or scientific academia.

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This hit job is so crass it's almost good, getting out the word that Pete Carroll is awake and truly on the right team, while these assholes sit and smarm from their perch.

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Interviews of international experts on what has hindered the investigation, what procedures were needed to collect vital evidence and what might have brought down the ill-fated Boeing 777.

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Very interesting finds in the Back to the Future series regarding predictive programming for 9/11, as well as a clip breaking down a scene that appears to refer to Stanley Kubrik and his Moon landing production.

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