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"Judging what you're going through by what's going on around you is akin to abject lunacy." - Zen Ga...

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The Obama Administration’s covert support of ISIS in Syria and Iraq bears a canny resemblance to the Clinton administration’s support of the Militant Islamic Base in Bosnia and Kosovo.

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Max lets it fly in this week's "Surviving the Matrix" broadcast with a terrific rant on the world situation, the need to take action, and the dangers of distracting infighting.

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I'm posting this whole masonic episode to illustrate the current engineered mindset. Within this socially epileptic "episode" are several predictive elements.

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Put on your seat belts and suspend your disbeliefs for a whirlwind of topics ranging from the coming strange September convergence to the fringiest of the fringy.

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The establishment is testing the public's reaction to the notion of pre-crime camps for disloyal Americans. The media's reaction? Crickets.

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Jeff interviews conspiracy fact seeker, artist and musician, Ole Dammegard about the importance of non-violence during total fearless exposure of what's going on.

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CIA secret wars have killed over six million people since its inception in 1947, wreaking havoc, death and destruction worldwide. Amerika's legacy to the world.

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The rapid acceleration toward the globalists one world government has humanity on a fateful collision course to Armageddon.


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