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Terrific exposé of our manufactured enemies - by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs. Well laid out by consummate researcher Webster Tarpley with potent 1984 clips at the end.

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Former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben Yair said that "it was Israel who staged the alleged Hamas breach of the ceasefire in order to..assassinate Commander Muhammad Al-Daif.

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This is a mind-bender as you watch this "patriot cop" play along with the game he supposedly exposes. This shows how warped the militarized Amerikan mind works.

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There's nothing new about it - a convenient ignition point sparked by a lone incident, resulting in expected protest and deliberately inflamed chaos and media mind-pumping.

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And to think the Foley beheading was faked, doesn't all this smell like more good 'ol Amerikan refried crap. Behold the new, improved boogeyman.

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Ron Paul interviews Walter Jones, congressman from North Carolina on declassifying 9/11 secrets and the subsequent illegal wars.

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The world is careening towards a showdown, not perpetrated by its peoples, but by psychopathic rulers. Yet humanity may yet pay for cooperating with its own destruction.

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Iron dome missiles are in fact not intercepting anything, but instead are exploding in thin air, making people feel they are intercepting alleged Hamas rockets.

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Join James of The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.

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Although not enough information exists to fully substantiate the story told on this video, there is an indication that the “Iron Dome” is nothing more than a giant fireworks display.