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If all pulled together, the fight to expose the globally decimating aerosol spraying programs could very soon reach the tipping point.

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Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have now been forced to temporarily abandon my work on the geoengineering issue to address the all out assault being waged against me.

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I was there. The 3-day event was almost rained out. They made a rainy, muddy mess of everything as well as an electrical hazard. I didn't see the spraying, but others did.

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Concerns over the possibility of a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown event in the US have been growing, with the most likely next disaster, predicted in 2011, to be close to Miami.

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The once “Golden State” is literally being fried by what can only be considered an all out weather warfare assault.

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Another stimulating conversation with Dr. Lorraine Hurley of Uncommon Awareness. We cut through and expose many layers of the matrix that seek to co-opt our humanity.

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Zen on RedIceRadio with Henrik Palmgren. We cover a range of topics, emphasizing the need for humanity to reach its full potential in conscious awareness and its resultant activation.

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SOCO Magazine has shown exceptional journalistic courage by posting a breakthrough featured article covering the ongoing geoengineering insanity.

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Sneak Peek of Disney’s new animated movie “Planes”. Chemtrails are featured throughout the film, teaching children that it is normal for jets to create lingering trails.



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