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Enjoy another great interview with the quintessential truth warrior Jeff Rense as we wander around the panorama of weirdness known as the world we live in.

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The geoengineers are desperately trying to create regions of “cool-downs", shallow layers of cold dense air which are being heavily sprayed with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements.

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"This is man-made. The level of aerosol spraying out in the Pacific and the Pacific Northwest is totally consistent with keeping this northerly flow in place.”

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Snowpiercer begins with planes spraying the sky, as news casts report the importance of CW7 as the last hope to save humanity. As a result, all life on earth dies but the "chosen".

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The power structure has made sure that all global populations were and are exposed to many lethal combinations of metals and chemicals. We are all in a literal fight for life.

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Though this effect is not long lasting in South Dakota, for the cows temporarily trapped in this concrete chemically reactive snow, it was more than enough to kill them.

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An intriguing dissection of how the combined use of chemtrail aerosols and HAARP technology are being used again to create the polar vortex via manipulating the jet stream.

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Who is pulling the strings in the Alzheimer’s Association? Why do they want to hide the aluminum/Alzheimer’s connection?

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When NASA researchers first saw data indicating a massive cloud of methane floating over the American Southwest, it was so incredible that they dismissed it at first.
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