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For all you Rip Van Winkles out there… the 40 year nap is over! Time for Sleeping Beauty to wake the fuck up ’cause Prince Charming ain’t gonna show (I know, that’s Cinderella’s prince, but you get the point…

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Some great insight about what scientists and corporations are researching in the field of human genetic engineering, often behind closed doors. Highly recommended.

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A person who dies does not end up in heaven or hell, but in a similar world that was once inhabited, but is alive again. It so happens again and again.

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Richard Williams from New Dimensions TV hosts Zen and we cover a variety of issues confronting humanity and the imperative to awaken and activate.

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With all of the ways that we have seen humans abuse one another to achieve dominance and control, are we still willing to let these experiments continue?

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Fisheries closing and public health warnings being posted. Toxic bloom as most of western coast is being closed due to very high toxicity in water and fish.

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In addition to manipulating the atmosphere and jet stream, the RF transmissions scatter the sprayed toxic particulates to form the most expansive cloud cover possible.

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Are cyclones in the Pacific actually being allowed to strengthen or even being augmented by the weather makers as a form of weather warfare?

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the evidence suggests that most humans are nothing more than driven host organisms - living and dying without even a clue as to why they behave the ways they do.

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Was weather warfare used in Vietnam? Veteran Marine John Marshall has the low-down on how chemtrails and HAARP are being used against us.

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