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Become a "Film Captain" Get the word out. Shine the light on GeoEngineering! As a Film Captain you will get to work directly with the producers of Look Up!

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“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyer...

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This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type.

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Havana and Washington entered into a surprise deal yesterday to historically restore their relations after engaging in a high-profile prisoner swap.

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“Congress must immediately start hearings to deal with laws that will change the jurisdiction threshold for federal cases and policing,” Sharpton insists.

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Well worth listening to, covering the inception of the war on terror and behind the scenes information gathering regarding 9/11 and its perpetrators.

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Don’t these people live on the same planet, work in the same world, and play on the same turf as the rest of us?!

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It will be the blame game in the end played out before your eyes as the USA will be made out as the evil power that causes harm to so many.

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Another great exchange with the Liberty Brothers covering a wide range of topics as we go "wondering" about the world today and our amazing potential. Enjoy.

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