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The parasites know from the secret wisdom they have stolen, that at the end of each Grand Cosmic Year the opportunity arrives for all species to ascend--and they are hell bent on stopping us escaping from their farm.

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Rebekah Roth, former flight attendant and author of the book Methodical Illusion, talks about her groundbreaking 9/11 research and resultant new information.

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We are now at the crossroads. What world are we helping to manifest? Or will we irresponsibly let things slide along as they are? The answer is up to you.

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Interstellar begins by showing us a near future where the apocalypse is nigh: Earth is approaching its death-knell due to unexplained blights that have ravaged the planet.

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Our modern economic system is a system of massive inefficiency and predation, which has directly resulted in the bankrupt and war-ravaged world we see around us.

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"Zen has been a guest on our broadcast before but the feedback we’re getting so far is that this is Zen’s best interview with us to date."

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Jon Stewart declared complete bafflement as the U.S. entered into a bizarre entanglement in the Middle East that had him asking, "Whose side are we on again?"

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Larken Rose nails it again with this terrific talk on what is holding humanity back from awakening to its true condition and getting free from it.

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