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NASA is a Military Hollywood Pseudoscience Satanic Cartel using taxpayer funding to promote and profit by developing and deploying pseudoscience methodology.

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Using their great technology and the all time American moto "Lights - Camera - Action!", they finally made it to the Moon. So here it is.. footage from the Moon Landing Simulator.

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This is a tale of murder, intrigue and espionage that winds up in a syringe plunging into your child’s arm, slowly but surely doing away with America; one person at a time.

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Disruption of the hydrological cycle is one of the most visible effects of geoengineering. As reservoirs empty out in many regions, record forest fires are close behind.

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This next financial crisis is going to destroy the system that is producing comfortable lifestyles for the vast majority of us, and it will be an extremely painful experience.

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EIGHT Alternative Health Practitioners MURDERED (& FIVE missing) it's clear they're now assassinating those who challenge the prevailing cancer and/or vaccine orthodoxy.

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Suddenly, we’ve awakened to the global herd mentality where everyone must fall in line to be “immooonized” with vaccines, or be punished. Should we be concerned?

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Economic chaos is beginning to erupt all over the planet, and the depression that we are entering into will truly be global in scope.

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