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Larken Rose again dismantling the myth and lies of big government and the cowards that pull the strings as well as execute their brutal reign of control and terror.

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The EPA is another of those agencies that sounds like a good idea, until you peel off the shiny friendly top layer to discover the stench of corruption underneath.

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Maui is a very importance piece of Monsanto’s empire. Because of the year-round weather, they can run many, many tests on new GMO crop varieties.

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A bewildering array of agencies has unleashed an army of unsupervised rogues poised to spy upon and victimize ordinary people rather than challenge the real predators.

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Ask yourself. Why is this particular case in Ferguson the one that our government and mainstream media have thrown all of their time and resources into?

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Science fiction has a purpose with many agendas. There is always a deeper truth there, understanding the deeper nature of reality where all possibilities exist.

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Contributor Jefferey Jaxon with a terrific interview on the Richie Allen show explaining how the agra/biotech giant Monsanto is being cornered and exposed for all to see.

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Following the latest high profile banker suicide in which Deutsche Bank's associate general counsel, and former SEC regulator "suicided" himself comes the latest entrant in the dead banker chronicles.

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"I don't think I have ever known so many liars." Microwaves can entrain the brain, cause depression, aggressive behavior, suicide, homicide, cancer, and voices in your head.

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While filming a routine stop and search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma suddenly found herself detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest.
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