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The police state ramps up, including a raid on a political meeting and using the vaccine agenda to create more limitations on personal choice.

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“A Google research team is adapting [a] model to measure the trustworthiness of a [website] page, rather than its reputation across the web.

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A terrific documentary on the men who stole the world - the who, how & why of the JFK assassination through 9/11 to the present day. A must see.

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This ISIS weapon was cooked up, perhaps their plan all along, to bring in the next level of fear to accompany their war drums on Syria and beyond.

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The Internet and Web are now considered a utility under Title II of the Communication Act. The long-range implications are mind boggling.

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An essential element to a true awakening is investigating and learning for ourselves, rather than only trust what we've been told to believe.

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"The adoption of these FCC rules on the Internet represents the largest regulatory power grab in rec...

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When a critical mass of the population fully realize what is unfolding, and what has been done to them, our paradigm will overturn.

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