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False flag shootings and bombings are really extra funny, because so many alleged “family members”, “friends” and “witnesses” of the recent false flag shootings just can’t stop laughing.

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In this documentary you will witness how scientists cutting corners, in an attempt to be the first to create a vaccine for polio, let the HIV virus loose among humanity.

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James Corbett and Jeff Berwick share their views of what the Shemitah is and isn’t and discuss the value of promoting this prophecy as a warning for the coming financial chaos.

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A discussion on a variety of current events, dismantling the mainstream narrative regarding our current world situation and putting it into an empowering perspective.

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Here are a few excerpts from the president's (hyped up global warming) speech explaining the climate-related disasters heading to a town near you.

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Do Russian reporters have more freedom to talk about important issues than reporters in the major corporate conglomerates in the US do?

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It’s quite possible that collecting data on post-crisis reaction may be the most valuable thing of all about these amateurish false flags.

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Julian Rose shares his views with Zany Mystic on a wide range of subjects, most of which are leading humanity in an increasingly dark direction.

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