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Grace Powers aptly decodes all the strange masonic symbolism beneath and around the Denver New World Airport. Puts a lot of what we're witnessing in perspective.

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According to a report by Washington Institute citing an Israeli analyst, more than 1,400 wounded Syria militants have been admitted to Israeli hospitals.

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Dedicated to the mass media moguls, peddlers of propaganda, smut and degradation. Well laid out in the classic Eagles style of tight musical delivery.

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We go far down the rabbit hole on dark magic, freemasonry, aliens and theories linking the Obamas with the scientific occult kabal and the illuminati’s dark magic.

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The image is said to have been created by Hitler's art teacher, Emma Lowenstramm, and is signed on the reverse by the two dictators. [Trotsky, Tito & Freud were living in the same part of Vienna. -Z]

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More information on the Georgia Guidestones. Take it for what you will, Anyway you look at it the Guidestones are outright creepy.

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Although the interviewee soft pedals the Jesuit Vatican, it's remarkable how out in the open the perfidy of these Babylonians is.

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