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Stewart Swerdlow talks about the illuminati and the different levels of the outer control system so they can create a new galactic empire, and more... very unique interview.

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A stimulating discussion on a wide range of subjects from the illuminati, religion and mind control to geopolitics, archonic influences, and the terraforming of planet earth.

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Are Americans being prepped to accept a military coup in the United States and the subsequent martial law that will almost inevitably follow such a seizure of power?

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How imperial culture functions, what it requires of its citizens and how it ultimately keeps people ignorant, and the issue of complex ignorance vs. self awareness.

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These parasitic psychopaths are profoundly spiritual at some level, and they're very aware that those of us who are awake are most of all a spiritual force to reckon with.

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Now here's a song that should be viewed and listened to on every mainstream channel just for the kick of it to watch the globalist illuminati maggots squirm. While we rejoice!

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Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration.

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A bony “closed eye” structure dubbed Oculus has been erected over the rebuilt World Trade Center transportation hub that overlooks the new Ground Zero.

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Everything they think and believe is a fabricated bastardization and reversal of any real Truth, but in their minds they’ve decided this inhuman illuminist takeover makes sense.

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The treatment of Corbyn by the British Zionist mafia is not novel but redolent of the behavior of the British Zionist machine since its inception.


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