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One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an energy source for parasitic controllers.

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They're bombing not only hospitals that are also designated refugee areas, but 50 celebrating children in a park...perhaps this is the most telling barbaric act yet.

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David Icke on the origins of Israel, which is based on a hoax, where the elite want to take the world and the techniques they’re using to get there. Brilliant, enlightening discussion.

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The scenes at the school in northern Gaza are horrific. The light blue walls of UNRWA schools are still spattered with blood; the black and white floor is covered with pools of blood.

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Another in depth exposé of the Zionist agenda, tracing its roots and documenting the insidious nature of this wicked conspiracy disguised in religious garb.

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Gaza's ordeal under the onslaught of the Israeli bombardment has unmasked international organizations that hide behind the cloak of humanism and protection of human life.

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This video speaks for itself, and the introduction narrated by Patrick Willis perfectly sets the stage for this powerful song. Bravo! - A message activated hearts echo!

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