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“To call Israel an ally is akin to classifying a malignant tumor as an organ.” - anon

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Freewheeling TruthStreamMedia do it again, telling it like it is and sticking it to the man - this time Dick(head) Cheney bites the dust. Enjoy.

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Former CIA contractor, Steven D. Kelley, says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States.

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You will wake up one morning to find out your savings with be missing from your bank account. Welcome to bail ins. Let's just call it what it is ...THEFT.

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Very well done documentation of the rise of the Rothschild stranglehold on civilization. A must see. These low lifes are massively in control today. See how.

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Perhaps the most comprehensive treatment of the questions surrounding 9/11, but beginning with the parallel with the Pearly Harbor attack 73 years ago today.

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What is often overlooked is that many esoteric symbols have a positive spiritual meaning in their original use and that have been inverted into symbols into symbols of darkness.

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If anyone isn't convinced of this ugly phenomenon going on in the elite levels of society after watching these videos, they are dead in the water. Beware, it's dark stuff.

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Award-winning author Ole Dammegard discloses how CIA's Operation 40 became a secret squad carrying out a swath of destabilizing assassinations worldwide.

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A brilliant presentation by James Corbett exposing the true agenda behind the global manipulations regarding the Baltic region and beyond. Stellar research - a must see.

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