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Brilliant discussion with John Lash and Thomas Sheridan about the psychopathic inter-species predators we often call the "Elite".

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The same nefarious forces that caused the Gulf oil disaster, led by the same man, will be in charge when the UN is in charge of US gun confiscation and mass relocation.

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This short documentary is a very dark talk exposes the history of Aleister Crowley, the occult and how it all fits in with the rampant pedophilia practiced by the elite today.

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Scooter masterfully dismantles the hypocrisy of religiosity and the ongoing oppression of hierarchical rule by way of laws and myths.

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Terrific clip of an exchange between Jeff Rense and his guest long time researcher and author Texe Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program.

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Operation Rolling Stone was the promotion of change in all forms. To what end? The promotion of trade (as well as social engineering).

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The Council on Foreign Relations announcement that Al Qaeda is now our friend is a massive clue about the war-on-terror scam.

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