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At the synchronistic moment, just like a dream, our internal, subjective state appears, as if materialized in, as and through the outside world.

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Imagine there were once languages whose basis was different. Languages of great impact and fluidity, whose “words” could, for example, instantaneously convey the sensation of flying.Imagine, if you would, that you were using this language with other people who knew it as well as you did.

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There are no natural limits on the human being. We are, for a reason or reasons that books and tomes have been written about, infinitely capable. We are designed to transcend.

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Every new born child is a little genius; untainted by societies' demands. But the status quo soon applies the pliers and twists that genius into conformity.

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There are important changes happening on so many levels in our society. Inspiringly, these changes are being led by many people who have devoted their lives to the cause.

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Hearts can receive and respond to stimuli even before the cranial brain processes it, which most people experience as a premonitive flash of insight

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When you have inner certainty, you are essentially immune to the rubbish and negativity that is being directed at you by the truckload.

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“Synchronicity hints at the unified world behind the illusory veil of the material universe” - Roger...

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