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The greatest risk we will ever take is to live fully, joyfully, passionately and fiercely. This is our true destiny and our heritage. This is the legacy we must pass on to our children.

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Jefferey Jaxen returns with a beautiful rendition of his letter to his unborn child, a message that should greet every new arrival to existence here on planet earth.

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If there is an evolutionary purpose to allowing the rule of evil, it would be the force it exerts upon us to look at what is good and embrace that for our own survival.

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Astronomers have now observed countless baffling systems that cannot be explained by conventional reasoning. Wal Thornhill explains the Electric Universe and planetary formation.

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It's about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within and most importantly, freeing yourself from pain and suffering.

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself tha...

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What prompted the Israelis to provoke a new war after it has been proven time and time again that the "winning point" will go to the Palestinian resistance?

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The real singularity is already here. Call it eternal consciousness or the creative Source, it's always everywhere and always accessible and way beyond anyone's comprehension.

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During a very famous moment, Krishnamurti asked the audience if they wanted to know his secret. The lecture hall went silent, and everyone leaned forward. “You see,” he said, “I don’t give a shit.”



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