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The darkness exploits our ego as a channel to silently and constantly influence us toward choices and actions that go against our reason, free will, common sense and intuition.

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You’re not going to go beyond capacity or dig deep into a resource you didn’t know you had, unless there’s a reason to. Change doesn’t occur in placid, comfortable circumstances.

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Earth Heal hosted the Full Moon group distant healing event with a focus on animals and our relationships with animals, and the morphic field and collective consciousness.

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Ravé Mehta is the author of THE INVENTOR a best selling non-fiction graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla, which is changing the way kids learn.

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This beautiful Andalusian organic farmer has a lot to tell about the simplicity of life and how the modern man is changing not only his environment but also himself. Inspiring!

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Plant medicine shamanism is one of humankind’s most intriguing mysteries, offering compelling evidence of our innate ability to interact with the subtle spiritual energies that enliven all things.

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The world of the inner self is increasingly opening up and being explored through transpersonal sciences, self-realization, and individual self-actualization.

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Another terrific parody yet credible scenario based on the ebola scare tactic at play in the mass mind. Terrifically done, by an awakened group of talented truth activists!
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