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Awesome video of musicians using cymatics displays to show you what music looks like. All of the science experiments in the video are real.

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Do we survive death? This independent documentary talks about near-death experiences, human consciousness, and the possibility of communication with other dimensions.

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"Rise like Lions after slumber; In unvanquishable number; Shake your chains to earth like dew; Which...

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“We are musical notes emanating from the quantum string section of a grand symphonic orchestra.” - K...

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Part 2 of The Active Side of Infinity'. The practicalities that scientists are interested in are conducive to building more machines, not geared to reaching the vastness of the universe as an experiential affair.

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An empowering, insightful and inspiring work by Peak Crackers, as he challenges us to face ourselves and our fears and turn on the power within us to weather the storm.

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"And those whose hearts are fixed on Reality itself deserve the title of Philosophers." - Plato, Rep...

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We have entered a phase where there will be new forms, new arrangements, new structures, new perspectives, and new emerging states of being.
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