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Mayan Calendar

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From Vivid Pictures: Zero Point: Volume I - Messages from the Past: A full length independent documentary compilation from Vivid Pictures. This is the...

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Via Earth-HealBy Yoichi Shimatsu The Mayan Calendar is expiring because there are no more time-keepers. The next cycle of years and eons became impossible to...

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by ChautauquaContributorI’ve been waiting for this week to arrive for a very long time now, anticipating it much like a youngster does on Christmas...

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WilliamStickevers The Mayan Long Count Calendar was developed around 200 B.C.E. in Izapa, Mexico, using data calculated over hundreds of years. The Mayan Long Count...

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AugureyeExpressby Chautauqua ContributorIt is a brilliantly clear night in 754 A.D. as K’inich K’uk” Bahlam ascends the 91 steps to the top of the pyramid...

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Augureye Expressby Chautauqua It won’t be long now.  Just over 90 days until the end of the Mayan calendar arrives.  Normally such well publicized “apocalyptic”...


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