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This is another beautiful snippet from the inimitable philosopher Alan Watts.

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Digital Insanity: Prince EA delivering another beautiful spoken word piece about why humanity needs to unplug from our digital worlds.

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The truth about climate engineering and its long history is beginning to surface even with the mainstream corporate media. This experimentation goes back over 100 years.

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Luke gives a beautiful and telling tribute to a true hero of our day, one of the few who dared to speak up to the menace that is big government and tell it like it is. Rest in peace, James.

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“The contrast between Asia’s eastern and western extremities is now stark, the one booming, the othe...

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The return to war will reinforce the politics of fear – which is the grimmest legacy of the Blair era. It has Cameron popping in and out of his Cobra bunker like a rabbit in a hole.

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This is the game changer. ISIL will be in all of our faces by 2015! No doubt about it after this revealing video!!!! But.. Who are these guys? https://public.isishq.com/public/Site



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