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Chuck Hagel is moving on after playing the part of Secretary of Defense for less than a year. I have to thank him for further exposing the real leaders of America.

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Here's to your violence, degrading crass opulence, bathed in your so shallow arrogance - The filth and the porn as you blow your own horn in sickening gloats of magnificence...

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"Despite torrential rain, our expectations have been massively exceeded, with well over 150,000 people coming out in every neighbourhood, town and village..."

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You have to restrain yourself from buying the beginning of their story, because if you do buy it, uncritically, you’re now on their river, you’re now traveling in their boat.

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Better teach your kids how to say "good morning boss" in Mandarin or Russian. Here it comes hot and heavy. If you think this is grand standing or posturing, it's not . - MPC

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Russia has a positive balance and is piling up physical gold reserves, and not a month goes by that it doesn't sign a major international trade deal that circumvents the US dollar.

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It's very rare that mainstream outlets, their “journalists,” or other major figures openly state the agenda that is behind their reporting and gives purpose to their every word.

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