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“Let’s not forget, it was Hitler who first founded the green movement and used the environmental movement as a basis for getting control over every detail of people lives."

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More and more of us are slowly beginning to see clearly and want to work towards making things right. So, until that time comes... please don't confuse us with those in charge.

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It is astonishing to see the thought patterns at work with those who accept the official story of everything without question. Here's some serious questions.

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Ken O'keefe on PressTV speaks the truth on Obama, Bush, ISIS, the banksters, the Syria situation and other current events. Terrific.

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It will be the blame game in the end played out before your eyes as the USA will be made out as the evil power that causes harm to so many.
I dont mean to bother you but the bird feeder is empty

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I haven't asked directly for help before but the time has come. We've financed this effort for many years and are now at the point where we need your help to keep going.

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Chuck Hagel is moving on after playing the part of Secretary of Defense for less than a year. I have to thank him for further exposing the real leaders of America.

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Here's to your violence, degrading crass opulence, bathed in your so shallow arrogance - The filth and the porn as you blow your own horn in sickening gloats of magnificence...

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