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The land down under is way more naive, apathetic, upside down and inside out than they would have you believe.

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Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest CNN poll of what Americans fear most and how this fear is irrational and can be stopped.

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This is an excerpt of the full documentary about what happened in Crimea. In his interview, Putin claims that the US was behind the coup in Ukraine.

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Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett to discuss the devastation of Ukraine that has been wrought by decades of corruption, colour revolution, debt slavery and war.

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Interesting and comprehensive points here. Too much trust in data sources as well as downplay of geoengineering, but good info to ponder.

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The war special interests in the US and its allies plan to wage encompasses not only the Middle East and North Africa, but also Russia, China, and beyond.

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The offensive led for world domination continues: the creation of the “Greater Middle East” by attacking simultaneous ME targets and separating Russia from the EU.

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