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From Mexico’s Rio Grande in the north to Argentina’s fertile pampas in the south, indigenous and peasant communities are rising up against government legislation that would apply brutally rigid intellectual copyright laws to the crop seeds they are able to grow.

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The French National Assembly has made a sweeping declaration with a new bill, effective immediately. No more genetically modified crops.

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Arjun WaliaCollective EvolutionPrime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and...

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Jon Rappoport Activist Post“I recognized my two selves: a crusading idealist and a cold, granitic believer in the law of the jungle” – Edgar Monsanto...

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Posted by ElleNaturalSocietyMayans of the Campeche Region have just won a two-year legal battle to get rid of Monsanto and their GMO soybeans (suicide...

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by Edna SpennatoEarth-Heal Sustainable PulseIn an historic ruling on Thursday Brazil’s Federal Appeals Court has unanimously decided to cancel the release for cultivation of Bayer’s...

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by Dr. MercolaMercola.comThe pesticide producers are one of the most powerful industries on the planet, the influence they possess is enormous. You have probably...


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