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This literally is a paradigm shift away from the entire idea of pesticides. The insects would simply live their lives around the crops paying no attention to them.

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Activist Julian Rose briefs us about the Polish Farmer's Revolution against American and European Union banksters hard sell of GMO foods into their country.

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What's the Superbowl in America without fantastic commercials? It's time for a change -- which is why, in 2016, you should vote for Monsanto for President.

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As if Froot Loops weren’t already a poor enough choice, with their sugar, dyes, and artificial flavors, it also contains Round-up herbicide (glyphosate) and 100% genetically modified corn.

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If it wasn’t so sad, it would almost be comical to see massive cell towers casting shadows over elementary schools yards and hospital buildings like the Grim Reaper’s sickle.

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As humanity becomes more conscious to the language of nature, it is clear that mushrooms in their many forms come in peace and are here to help.

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Monsanto is usually highlighted, but there is a plethora of other similarly complicit chemical weapons designers that deserve to be outed and shut the hell down.

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Monsanto announced that its earnings fell 34% in its first fiscal quarter as South American farmers reject GMO crops.

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This raises a larger question: how much of the world's food supply is now contaminated with GM plant material?

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The marriage of The Weather Channel and Monsanto further broadens the web of information control connected to the ecocidal and genocidal geoengineering insanity.

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