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Did you know that you’ve been jumping timelines all along? The only difference is that we are steadily becoming more conscious of the truth.

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A paradigm shift is like information stored in a room for many years, waiting for someone to unlock the door and be discovered. A virtual key is required to unlock the door.

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by Trip LivelySearching for the Man Behind the Curtain:Years ago, I first realized that the ma...

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RebelofOzThis is my eighth year as a full-time Internet activist. The longer I'm fighting this "...

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by Zen GardnerThis awakening of consciousness causing huge paradigm shifts personally and in al...

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by Zen GardnerWhen you witness this pacman type insatiable banking and corporate devouring of an...

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by Stuart WildeWhen people talk about a paradigm shift, they mean a shift in the recognized pa...

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Bernie Suarez, Contributor Activist PostHumanity is now progressing toward a modern-day cognitive...

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The Paradigms They Are A-Shiftin' by Zen Gardner(Adaptation of Bob Dylan's prescient song "The Ti...

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by Zen GardnerIt struck me today how learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic...

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