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“A Google research team is adapting [a] model to measure the trustworthiness of a [website] page, rather than its reputation across the web.

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Until the Organized Crime Cabal is beat down and the Kingpins either arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned or driven out basically all Americans are screwed.

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Can't add much to this. Same guy who told us the US is marching into several Mideast nations following 9/11 spills the beans on ISIS. Are they playing with our passive agreement?

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And they don't go after death-dealing big pharma? It's a stranglehold with one thing in mind. Corporate and state power and a weaker, sicker, reduced populace.

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A real tour de force by Jim covering a lot of ground and excellent research put together in an easy to digest and interpret format during a presentation in Australia.

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Really. How can they possibly know this for a fact? It isn't like these chaps state their intentions while going through Customs. This is all to promote ISIS as the modern boogeyman.

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The demand that we acknowledge the pain and suffering of any particular group of victims has more to do with moral policing than a desire to affirm historical truths.

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Ole Dammegard makes an impassioned plea to men in uniform to become informed and realize they are being used by wicked manipulators only out to promote their own agenda.

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