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The time has come for us to stop the madness threatening to destroy the world, once and for all, in a non-violent way, by letting the truth expose their dark agenda.

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Jeff recounts his recent serious car accident and the possible sources and implications. Please keep this sacrificial, committed truth warrior in your thoughts and prayers.

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Some compelling and disturbing documented research regarding the massive Jade Helm operation being orchestrated under American's unsuspecting noses.

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9/11 has been the litmus test of our times but you had to ‘be there’ - at least via the media - to witness the unfolding of the event. If you weren’t a witness you’d have missed Building 7.

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There exists a rather ugly anti-Islam wave which is being pushed along, gradually building up into a Zeitgeist in US right-wing political and ‘Christian’ discourse.

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Another brilliant Corbett exposé. Everything you ever wanted to know about the OKC bombing in under 5 minutes.

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The Surrey couple accused of plotting to bomb the B.C. Legislature was taken on a three-day holiday by the RCMP so they could relax while working on the terror plot.

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Excellent deconstruction of this enlisted crisis actor's role in not just the staged Boston bombing, but also in the US immigration agenda.

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