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They're drooling over this one. All the scenarios they've been working on converge very neatly if they pull what they're threatening "might happen" this 4th of July weekend.

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Oxford academic Dr Stuart Armstrong warns humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all.

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If anyone isn’t aware of the grand plan to institute global governance they are seriously hindered from connecting the dots of this worldwide meltdown.

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With all of the ways that we have seen humans abuse one another to achieve dominance and control, are we still willing to let these experiments continue?

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Looking back on my life, I see much of its meaning was derived from my transformation from the externally indoctrinated predator (wolf) to the inner-directed protector (sheepdog).

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Is our world about to change in a fundamental way? Only time will tell. The following are 7 key events that are going to happen by the end of September…

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McVeigh was not a "lone wolf bomber" at all but a sheepdipped special forces operative working for the government, exactly as he claimed. A must see.

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These accusations of anti-semitism have been on-going and growing – ironic because much of what Israel is being criticised for is its own racist, apartheid nature.

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Passthoughts could become the measuring standard for biometric identification in the days and months ahead. Could brain waves indict an individual in the future?

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