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It was a time of great celebration. The Greater System had taken hold in consciousness. People were aware they were living inside a bubble of super-surveillance, and they loved it.

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"In war, truth is the first casualty." - Aeschylus

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UN personnel are making decisions on which immigrants to send to what location inside of the United States, even shipping groups of MS-13 gangsters to US perimeter locations.

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A German astronaut managed to capture the Gaza war zone from space while aboard the International Space Station. He called it his “saddest photo yet.”

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Ambulances themselves are coming under attack. Indiscriminate shelling continues unabated, and Israeli snipers inside houses are attacking anything that moves.

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Don't let these events and seeming contests of ideology throw you. There's nothing level about this playing field, and the mass narrative is strong propaganda. Don't even listen to it.

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Latest reports say Israeli aerial and ground forces are using white phosphorus bombs to pound several residential areas across the besieged Gaza Strip - banned weapons on civilians.

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Compilation of citizen reporter shots of massive military movements within the US, including vehicles with the UN insignia. The build up is preparation for something.

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Written yesterday, 20th July 2014, Dr Mads Gilbert is overwhelmed by the ongoing slaughter of the prisoners of Gaza. This is his open letter. - Patrick