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We need to see what resonates and let it steep as new information surfaces. If it engenders more fear it's not a place to go. True helpful information is empowering, although often challenging.

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This could allow countries to increase surveillance in the name of counter terrorism, and give states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.

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This all smells just like the mass immigration agenda and a host of other engineered crises. Stay prepared and on your toes, they're making big moves in many areas right now. - Z

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A state being murdered? How can that be? It is indeed very hard for most normal people to grasp the evil intent of those at the top levels of the power structure in America.

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A challenge comes up, we might not know how to deal with it, but we muster up the strength, dig deep, face it, and sure enough, we grow; solutions come, new strength is gained, new wisdom and humility.

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Few things are more disturbing than looking at the news each day to find yet another shocking case of American police officers using excessive brutality and belligerence against the public.

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Yes – 100 pounds. No other item of produce increases in nutrients when cooked and stored like tomatoes. Canning them is like loading your shelves with vitamins.

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I don’t know where that "more" is going to come from but being open to being part of the solution rather than adding to the problem is where I take my stand.

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Net neutrality is under threat again as the FCC considers allowing large ISPs to create separate fast lanes and slow lanes. Beware "the spinning wheel of death".
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