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The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) seems to be the catalyst each year for passing tyrannical laws that couldn't stand on their own without its cover of "defense."

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Some of the software used by states against innocent citizens is widely available on the Internet, while more sophisticated alternatives are made and sold by private companies.

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A bewildering array of agencies has unleashed an army of unsupervised rogues poised to spy upon and victimize ordinary people rather than challenge the real predators.

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Hats off to MLF, which is taking an innovative approach in offering affordable permanent homes AND a community for people living on the streets of Austin.

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We are seeing the final stages of a dying epoch. Our attention now needs to be on the new growth bursting up through the forest floor and not the dying and decrepit old structure.

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It's a fight. We're all struggling in these tides of change of every sort. If we haven't learned to navigate our lives by now we're getting swallowed by the great vortex to nowhere.

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All they have to do is keep up the pretense of the evil virus infecting People long enough to get a few vaccinated, who will then actually get the virus from the jab.

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We need to see what resonates and let it steep as new information surfaces. If it engenders more fear it's not a place to go. True helpful information is empowering, although often challenging.

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This could allow countries to increase surveillance in the name of counter terrorism, and give states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.

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