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Another stimulating interview with the delightful, informed and awakened Lorraine Hurley on her GCN radio show "Uncommon Awareness". A fun, spontaneous exchange.

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“This is how we will create a North American consciousness and a true North American Community. It will be forged in the heat of conflict, not through rational discussion."

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Let’s exit the food system we believed was necessary for our survival. Let’s refuse to enrich a system that is killing us. It’s time to start a Grocery Store Rebellion.

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Half Past Human's latest linguistics data and interpretation. Well worth the full listen as Clif covers a wide range of forecasts, trends and earth change phenomena.

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A recent 2-part interview on Uncommon Awareness Radio with Dr. Lorraine Hurley and Julian Rose. A terrific discussion you'll not want to miss!

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Egypt was set to raise mainstream fuel prices by up to 78 percent from midnight on Friday in a long-awaited step to cut energy subsidies.

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Microwave expert and former MI5 agent Barrie Trower from the Royal Navy explains the inherent power and massive dangers of microwaves.

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Let the music keep our spirits high, Let the buildings keep our children dry - Let creation reveal its secrets by and by... When the light that's lost within us reaches the sky



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