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We’ve been so busy worrying about militarized police that we failed to take notice of the corporate army being assembled under our very noses.

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Farmers rely on Monsanto and Syngenta to buy their corn, they are very tied into these companies, and can’t even feed themselves off of the food they’re growing.

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We're experiencing turbulent vibrational times right now. Whatever the source, we're going through a kind of vortex of change and disturbance that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

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What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. Well worth listening to.

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These 'Real IDs' will have already performed extensive background checks on everyone who gets one and will feature stars and other markings to indicate good behavior.

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In the last century, with the acceleration in technological development, particularly in terms of communication, the Elite have sought to realise their ambitions more swiftly.

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Almost 4 years later the disaster continues, and the effects will likely continue for decades, contributing to untold health concerns and environmental damage.

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After being outside of the American cult-ture, observations on revisiting the gulag. Then some empowering thoughts on “Reaching the Tipping Point" on making change.

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And if they aren’t satisfied? Your kids now belong to the state, where they will be pumped full of psychotropic drugs, and possibly sent to a foster home inhabited by known sex offenders.

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