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Jimmy Savile had friends in high places and friends in low places. An "everyman", if you like. He was the glue that held a lot of bad people together. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let us look back at the life of Jimmy Savile in photos.

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by Elva ThompsonContributorThe Black NobilityThe Black Nobility are the crowned heads of the world, the blue bloods…the true bloods. They are reptilian hybrids who...

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by clif highHalfPastHumanwith respect....A few years back, a global experiment was conducted by a small group of unaffiliated 'rishi' (those who have gained some...

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Mr. Peak Crackers: Imperialism, the policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force as defined by the Dictionary of...

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by Zen GardnerThey come in all shapes and sizes.  They have many disguises, but love places of power and position, and especially anything to...

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The inimitable Snordelhans does it again, nailing this sickening, sleazy pedophile in an apt piece fit for a perv. - Zen

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by Zen GardnerThe joke's on them. Or should I say the yoke. These elites live in horrendous bondage and exact out their frustrations and...

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by Zen GardnerFollowing the poor publicity lately regarding the bad effect Elizabeth's House of Windsor wrecking crew has had on the UK the past...

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Notice the 30 (also mirrored) behind her. In journalistic practice -30- means the END. (edelweiss)by Zen GardnerWe're all aware that Princess Diana was murdered...


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