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This powerful coronal hole and coming alignment could have a strong effect on our planet, as we're possibly now in the calm before the storm with our spaceweather.

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Some of the software used by states against innocent citizens is widely available on the Internet, while more sophisticated alternatives are made and sold by private companies.

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"I don't think I have ever known so many liars." Microwaves can entrain the brain, cause depression, aggressive behavior, suicide, homicide, cancer, and voices in your head.

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The geoengineers are desperately trying to create regions of “cool-downs", shallow layers of cold dense air which are being heavily sprayed with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements.

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Brien Foerster reveals new details about the recent genetic testing carried out on one of the elongated Paracas skulls and what exactly the DNA analysis showed.

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Though this effect is not long lasting in South Dakota, for the cows temporarily trapped in this concrete chemically reactive snow, it was more than enough to kill them.

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More reports confirming what we've known all along, the Pacific is seriously radioactive and levels are rising on the N. American shore, with another disaster waiting to happen.

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If there were ever a time for activism and involvement in the direction of society, it is now. How will we deal with technologies that will intrude into our bodies and minds?

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This is a non-conventional view of our solar system that is different from the standard 'flat' diagrams. [Integrating science with conscious awareness. This is "inspiraling". ;) -Z]

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The transition to a cashless society continues apace, while simultaneously incorporating an all-inclusive tracking database from which it will become very difficult to escape.

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