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National Geographic now has a long list of people who it labels anti-science who it deems are engaging in a war on science by exercising free and critical thinking.

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Catherine Austin Fitts deconstructs the actual economic nexus afoot at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo, California.

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What happens at the hands of an elite who don't need the masses for labor, or anything else. Will people be simply exterminated?

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An interesting interview with Edgar Mitchell who shares his consciousness shift as a result of his alleged space travel experience.

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Interesting and comprehensive points here. Too much trust in data sources as well as downplay of geoengineering, but good info to ponder.

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Information storage and transports of Consciousness experiences, are both the source and result of a quite vast and amazing, infinite Universe.

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While institutional science remains puzzled, Dr. Michael Clarage shares with us his thoughts on the enduring mysteries of consciousness.

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Had this solar blast been earth directed it would have been a Carrington level event and shut down the world grid. Good reminder that this is always possible.

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Suspicious Observers makes an interesting observation here as the sun has been sending repeated plasma blasts toward the infamous green comet Lovejoy. Has me wondering.

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