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This is a non-conventional view of our solar system that is different from the standard 'flat' diagrams. [Integrating science with conscious awareness. This is "inspiraling". ;) -Z]

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The transition to a cashless society continues apace, while simultaneously incorporating an all-inclusive tracking database from which it will become very difficult to escape.

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Despite the plethora of anecdotal evidence that exists on the healing powers of stones and crystals, the debate continues to rage in the scientific community over whether crystals actually have any real healing power.

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If you believe disconnecting from the Internet and modern gadgetry is a solution, this should be a wake-up call that the surveillance industrial complex knows no bounds.

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Just because Life is expressing a level of being and intelligence far beyond anything we can currently comprehend does not mean we should simply accept “not knowing” and surrender.

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Elon Musk said he was worried people didn’t understand how fast artificial intelligence was progressing, where a “super-intelligent” machine might decide to destroy human life.

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A quick run down on where humanity is being swept by overwhelming technological "advances". Well put together as it paints a strikingly clear picture of where we're being herded.

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The event features a free screening of The Sacred Science film, as well as interviews and a Q & A with several well respected health experts and indigenous healers.

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Twitter is the latest to seek new ways to utilize its massive database of public information. It has granted MIT's Media Lab $10 million to analyze all communications beginning with the very first post in 2006.

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