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A candid and interesting discussion with Director of Research for the Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein, speaking on the Modern Knowledge program.

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This article bypasses the massive influences of geoengineering and Fukushima, but is nonetheless interesting what they're witnessing. Deliberately blinded leading the willingly blind.

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While this documentary is solely focused on scientifically-verifiable data, it also has philosophical repercussions pertaining to life, death and the origin of the universe.

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It should come as no surprise that with an annual military budget of over $610 billion, the United States invests in some gargantuan black ops and top-secret facilities.

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Sometimes with a profound and ongoing impact in our life, we experience extraordinary feats of consciousness which blow our minds and hearts out of this world.

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In the event of a widespread cyber attack, the following could be either completely inoperable or breached. Keep in mind that a domino effect could occur.

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Here's a trip into the mind of the scientific so-called elites and their dispassionate view of controlling humanity to their own ends. Seems they went with both Huxley and Orwell.

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The military industrial complex does whatever they want because they can, because they are beyond any and all accountability or oversight, in their desire to "own the weather".

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