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Interstellar begins by showing us a near future where the apocalypse is nigh: Earth is approaching its death-knell due to unexplained blights that have ravaged the planet.

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The hidden story behind the history of the automobile and highway conglomerate and its effect on today's society.

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For years, these realities were known to many Americans, but – if they spoke up – they were condemned as anti-Semites and would lose their careers and reputations.

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"By having this war on terror you can never win it, so you can always keep taking people's liberties...

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The upcoming 3 day Free Your Mind Conference welcomes speakers from a wide variety of different perspectives not limited to any particular world view.

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A terrific documentary on the men who stole the world - the who, how & why of the JFK assassination through 9/11 to the present day. A must see.

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This material is not to convince anyone of its truth. I offer it simply to present the conjectures of someone who has devoted many long hours to exploring these issues with a discerning eye.

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