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Has our existence been hijacked by higher dimensional entities and we are prisoners within a matrix of deceit? If so, then this prison of minds has the door wide open to exit it.

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What if we could wave a magic wand and both Israel and America disappeared tomorrow? Would all our problems go away? I think not. So, how do we get out of this mess once and for all?

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Proof of Heaven author Dr Eben Alexander in a fascinating and inspiring interview regarding his journey into the "after"life and what he has learned from the experience. Terrific!

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A challenge comes up, we might not know how to deal with it, but we muster up the strength, dig deep, face it, and sure enough, we grow; solutions come, new strength is gained, new wisdom and humility.

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The Ceremony of Original Innocence takes us back to our first choice, prior to our first breath, reminding us of our true identity - creators rather than victims.

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The whole concept of spiritual awareness isn’t all about connecting with a higher divine power, but also connecting with nature and yourself.

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If your level of consciousness does not vibrate in a frequency above these emitted waveforms and you are not on ‘higher ground’ then you might be confused and deluded by these emissions.

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Did we need to experience the rule of the intellect just to see where it takes us? Did we need to finish up with the idea of an external power and take the power back to ‘within’?

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Have you ever had the thought that, due to your behavior, you wouldn’t even be allowed into the Utopian society of your dreams?