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This was exactly why we had been created – to share in and contribute to the great expression of life and to be its co-creators and loving companions.

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With love, magic, mystery, prophecy, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, the Illuminati, Light Bodies and much more, Jay Weidner and Freeman take us on magical tour.

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Part 2 of The Active Side of Infinity'. The practicalities that scientists are interested in are conducive to building more machines, not geared to reaching the vastness of the universe as an experiential affair.

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The darkness exploits our ego as a channel to silently and constantly influence us toward choices and actions that go against our reason, free will, common sense and intuition.

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You’re not going to go beyond capacity or dig deep into a resource you didn’t know you had, unless there’s a reason to. Change doesn’t occur in placid, comfortable circumstances.

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Evidence is accumulating from many scientific disciplines in complex and sometimes more mysterious ways, and in many cases greater questions than answers have been generated.

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Free will is tied into the source code of the celestial, and I'm very aware that there are more or less thousands of theories, either mundane or spiritual, debating free will.

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If there was no time there could be no synchronicity. That said, time as measured in the modern world has always seemed like an artificial construct to me.

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“Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” - Lao Tzu

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In this current band of reality, mediums such as color, geometry, tonality and sound, work to transmute this fluid like energy, often referred to as zero-point energy, or ‘the source’.
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