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"The mind may accept or deny that you are awareness, but either way it can't really understand. It c...

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Everyone has a simple choice to make to live from fear or love. Take a journey through space, both inner and outer, and then make the choice yourself.

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Clearly now more than ever, we have to wake up from this glazed-over “spiritual” trance of pseudo positivity, and start seeing with a more critical eye.

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Powerful conversations are occurring in the conscious society.We’re inching closer to the tipping point which will send the collective consciousness into a dawn of illumination.

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Sheeple chase illusions and conform to scripts, choosing masks and fully devoting themselves to playing their part. Even if it means scuttling their humanity along the way.

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Our so called ‘civilised’ society is built on a monstrous Lie. It is not humane or advanced, it is a cold blooded, satanic hierarchical system built on the suffering and blood of mankind and the animals.

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Detachment is when someone has complete freedom from all that is seen or heard and doesn’t let any possessions take control of them.

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Life is a ride. And a mystery. There is no objectivity. The best we can do is create the inner landscape of our choosing……and then trust the universe to take care of the outer one.

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The Cosmic Giggle explores the human energy field's dynamic relationship with our environment providing keys for returning to a more primal and authentic experience of our reality.

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Karma - do YOU do it...or does IT do you? Another brilliant except from one of Alan Watts' enlightening talks.

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