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We need to watch our language and what we unconsciously adopt as our medium of exchange. Abolishing the use or application of Trojan horse words and expressions is essential.

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As a budding plant is most susceptible to being killed off, a mind beginning to manifest a higher consciousness does not need to be castigated for their lack of insight. They need encouragement to continue their journey.

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It was of little surprise that the topic of these discussions was the adoption of a EU version of the US Patriot Act, used to control not only its fellow citizens, but “allies” alike.

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This shift will not take hundreds or thousands of years, but will occur within a few generations … and this shift has already been underway dramatically for the past century.

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This is the Crossroad. It’s not about Right or Left, Christian or Muslim, Victimhood or Salvation. This is about Truth and what you and I are going to do about it.

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If consciousness is just the atoms of the brain marching around and delivering pre-determined impulses, then freedom is a hoax.

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After being outside of the American cult-ture, observations on revisiting the gulag. Then some empowering thoughts on “Reaching the Tipping Point" on making change.

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The manner in which one enters these very subtle levels of intuition cannot be explained or shown, since these refined senses are in themselves levels of consciousness.

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So many are asking, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I go about helping to effect the changes the world so direly needs?” Good questions.

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