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“The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and...

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"Normal is the religion of the Construct." - Neil Kramer

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The energies are ripe for an amazing transformation of consciousness while toppling down the patriarchal system that has brought us war, materialism, greed and ego.

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A must see video that nails it! Neil Kramer describes 'The Construct' - a matrix of distraction and disinformation which diverts our attention from the 'Organic Signal' that encompasses us.

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The more a person becomes aware of their true self, the more they realize that everything they believed to be true about life was all based in illusion.

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“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is det...

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What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that's leading to our own dis-empowerment? - by Zen

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We have all been caught under the spells cast via sigils, letters, numbers and whirreds and have simply forgotten to really listen in this spellbound state.