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What a farce. Telling everyone "everything is under control" is perhaps the most dulling and disempowering phrase ever uttered.

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How we deal with these difficulties is what enables our soul to grow. The challenges and hardships are part of the very reason why we are here.

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The psychopathic world ruling elite owning the banks, weapons, gold, drugs and oil are tightening that unrelenting grip on the control of our health, food, water, air and money.

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Alan Watts gives a different perspective on work and play, one that we should adopt in every way possible. Why live an unhappy and unfulfilled life?

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This film has been produced for Fluoride Free Bedford, a small group dedicated to keeping fluoride out of this UK town’s water supply. Help support them!

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In this fast paced, humorous and insightful chat, Zen discusses the American battlefield, hopeful signs of the awakening around the world, and our current state of affairs.

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What is the original distortion? It’s humanity’s collective primal wound, the psychic schism our ancestors suffered as the result of a terrible trauma, leaving us handicapped.

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