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Thirty-six year-old Koo Bon-hee recalled hearing a loud bang, when suddenly the ferry he was on tilted drastically in the water.The Sewol ferry, traveling from Incheon to Jeju Island in South Korea, was starting to sink, and it was sinking fast.

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In some ways it might technically be more accurate to call what we are doing every day as micro-teleportation. As we walk in the grocery store or drive in our cars we are actually teleporting forwards at absurdly tiny increments, yet at an extremely high frequency to give the appearance of motion.

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Anti-Illuminati graffiti artist Mear One makes a go at waking folks up across the pond.

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Psyche is of profound importance to create our experience, ourselves and our world. We cannot have an experience of the external world without the presence of the psyche, and hence, it is essential to observe it’s functioning. If we are disassociated from the psyche then it makes us susceptible to look for answers outside of ourselves.

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The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we've been told, there's no turning back.

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There is an eternal force within us that is similar to the current of a river. For most of us, this current runs one way for the majority of our life, from our ego to the rest of our being.

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Many of us have experienced a sense beyond the five physical senses. People often refer to it as “having a feeling” about a person, place, or situation. It can be referred to as intuition or a “gut feeling”.

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Brandon West, Contributor Waking TimesIn this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence...

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Not so long ago Humankind shared a sacred bond with the animals. Scarcity of resources and the specter of starvation necessitated a cooperative, mutually-beneficial relationship that fostered close ties.

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"Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that...


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