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Tar Sands Kill. Pipelines Spill.

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by Elva Thompson



The Custer, Hot Springs and Deadwood school districts each held a drill recently to test their crisis management programme in response to a terrorist threat. The source of that ‘threat’ was a group opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

What sane person would not have legitimate concerns about the Keystone XL Pipeline? What sane person would not care about the poisoning of water, earth and air?

So, I ask: Since when has war been declared on American Families? Since when has the backbone of our country been subjected to the terrorism of Immanent domain, threats and murder by a foreign corporation?

On June 1st 2013, a wonderful lady called Phyllis Cole-Dai sent a letter complaining about the drills to The Daily Republic newspaper in Mitchell. South Dakota.  Here is an excerpt:

‘Are our taxpayer dollars really to pay for an exercise in which some of us are portrayed as potential domestic terrorists simply because we challenge prevailing public opinion, bully corporations or broken government?

West River officials responsible for this drill told me they “never intended to offend anyone and are very sorry that some citizens have taken offense.” This sort of “non-apology” apology has become typical of our public officials, and it misses the point. This drill was offensive not just to “some persons” but to the people. In no democracy should public officials be allowed to demonize a group of citizens because of their stance on a particular issue.

Some of the drill planners blamed the journalist who reported its success for having made public their private script. But that journalist was just doing his job. If planners are now on the defensive, it’s because their script was fundamentally inappropriate.

Officials said they focused on Keystone XL because it would add realism to the scenario. But you don’t “add realism” by being unrealistic. No Keystone XL opponent is known ever to have threatened a school or any other public place. In fact, many (if not most) of us are expressly devoted to nonviolence. So why paint us — or any group of citizens — with a “terrorist” brush, unless to attack our goals?’

A wheat farmer from South Dakota told the press,  that the pipeline consultants didn’t even survey his land before they reported it as “low consequence” status, which allowed TransCanada to build the Keystone I through the aquifer in 2009, using thinner pipe and higher pressure than any other pipeline before it. When farmers in the area requested thicker pipe to reduce the risk of water contamination, their concerns went unheeded. “TransCanada absolutely ignored us. They plowed on through,” he said.

Of course the favourite victims of malevolent corporations are Native People.  The soulless minions of agri-business come to the tribal council with gifts and false promises,  just like they did five hundred years ago. But Indian people are catching on.

TransCanada Reps Kicked Out of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation – May 14, 2013

“You’re not welcome here… We’ve said no from day one.”

And with these firm words the TransCanada representatives were kicked out of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation last week. The seemingly aloof TransCanada officials showed up at the Tribal Office in Eagle Butte, South Dakota in an attempt to win the tribe over to the pipeline, but were met with a swift, firm response. Robin LeBeau, Cheyenne River Sioux Councilwoman for District 5, saw them in the parking lot and promptly told them off. Source


How long are we going to sit on our asses while our planet is being devastated in the name of profit? Take a look at Tar Sands. Is this our future? We do not need oil. The free energy technology that Tesla pioneered has been deliberately suppressed by TPTB.  Profit from pollution is the name of their game, while humanity looks on: like a prisoner awaiting execution.

Now is the time for the spiritual warrior in all of us to Awake and Act.

‘We must rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number.
Shake you chains to earth like dew, which in sleep has fallen on you.
We are many-they are few.’



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  1. Dear Elva, thank you for the early morning shock and awe. I have few words to describe this level of insanity but am grateful for others, like you, whom are able to it so powerfully. All your articles and comments are very much appreciated. lovE

  2. Ella, thank you for this. I am amazed at what TPTB do to the Earth. The warrior in me has been awake… you just added more determination to me. Thank you!

  3. The ONLY way this insanity will stop is if BILLIONS of us walk away en masse from industrial civilization. Protests, marchers, etc., while of course well-intentioned DO NOTHING. Does anyone still believe that the trillionaire bankers, billionaire CEOs and millionaire politicians give one shit about us protesting, marching, writing letters? It’s an absolute laugh to them.

    In the spirit of the Voltaire quote about finding out who rules you by who you cannot criticize, to find out what is effective against this insanity just look at the reaction of TPTW to a specific action taken. For example, . MILLIONS protested, marched, etc. against the Iraq war with almost zero push back by TPTW. Why? Because they didn’t give a shit if we marched, and sure enough, they took us to war despite millions being in the street. Remember Alexander Haig – “Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.” He said that decades ago – has anyone been listening?

    Contrast this with a HANDFUL of “dirty” Occupiers who were beating drums in Zuccotti Park NYC, encouraging others to REMOVE THEIR MONEY from the banks. Vicious and brutal crackdown anyone?

    The fundamental difference (the one that most still cannot see)? Millions PROTESTING the Iraq war was still COMPLIANCE to the Matrix/System/TPTW. A few hundred WALKING AWAY from the Matrix/System/TPTW is NON-COMPLIANCE and represents the biggest and only fear they have.

    Until we get this, millions and then billions of us, nothing will change – nothing.

  4. Actual no worse than Texas city, refine it at the tar sand and send the clean oil to the US.
    By the way TransCanada is a US owned company

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