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I don’t necessarily agree with everything put forth in this film, but there’s way too much cool, resonant information and wonderful lingual and graphic imagery to not post this.  Again, we’re already in the midst of this transition and transformation and have been for some time. The exact apex of the December 21st solstice is a marker and no doubt significant, but this vibrational transition will be continuing on for quite a while as the new paradigms come into play.

Enjoy the clip, it’s quite something.

Just wondering….Zen

[Hat tip: Karen – Tx!]



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  1. WOW!! thats a heavy duty analogy. If it’s true would we will indeed live through a very exiting time. I can’t wait!!.


  2. Not long to wait now, just hope something does happen!
    Found this about Giza today…..very interesting stuff. Scroll down and watch the two videos titled ‘The clock of Giza’. This timeline is also depicted within the Great Pyramid itself.

  3. The Template, I love their website, great information there. For me, what doesn’t resonate is only something I haven’t learned yet. I’ve been dipping into sacred geometry for only about 6mos. Fascinating stuff. Like all other teachings that are worth giving your time and attention to this brings us to now, this eternal place. Amazing the way they explain what they do. They can only be right as I see no driving force other that pure liquid LOVE.

  4. Synchronomic, holonomic, primordial source resonance, tantric cohesion tantically constructed. Was this text computer generated. LOL

  5. Nice bit of synthopatterning.

    This word does not exist except as a mental construct. This video suggests> hints > implies a meaning beyond meaning. The hypnotic coiling colours on screen evoke a dimly remembered past. They open us to being influenced by ‘the other’.

    The sound track seems synthesized too. It’s a calming, emotionless, hypnotically tantalizing feeder of diffused data. Hey how’s that!!

    There IS a very significant alignment underway. In my experience, some are already in greater-dimensionality. Various matrices are being revealed. I prefer the hints that are attuned to the frequencies of life as we know it. They are everywhere and every-moment. You only need to open to them in awareness.
    I intuit this well-presented video is disempowering.

    Seeming higher states of diversion are being are held out to us through high density data mush.

    *I enjoyed mimicking the word clouds in the soundtrack though. Great game guys!

  6. Zen, I had to watch that film like 6 times, no kidding, the way she has with words is like no other human, but I get it…Let our loving hearts be strong, and the light and love we bring to our planet bring harmony to all those we come in contact with! Namaste, and by the way, tkx for the kudos! Anytime, from one seeker to another…Zen you rock saw you in unhealthy earth dot com…keep on bro! At the end of the film they reference their web site, NEED to put a THE in front of the name to locate the correct web address. Some cool events…I heard a podcast also and they do some cool healing alignments with connecting chakras and all those other words she uses.:) :)

  7. This site is about awakening and going beyond the narrow world of sight,sound,taste,smell and touch. If you can not hear or read something and instantly know if it is Truth or Non-Truth, you are not fully awake and probably light years from Enlightenment.

    I come to this site because I am bored with the average sheeple mind and Laimstream News. I Thank Zen for putting his effort into producing this site and helping to open up minds that have been shaped by the Controllers of Earth for Eons. Yes the background music/sound in the video was dull and the voice not to my taste. Some of the things said, I did not resonate with, but some of it is very old truths that one day will be brought back into our world. If you could possibly believe in Alien life that can come here in crafts from other planets and dimensions, then you could imagine a planet called Maldek that once existed between Mars and Jupiter and with technology we can not even dream of it was blown apart because of hate,fear and the love of War. This would explain the existence of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

    If you need a human scientific explanation and physical proof of what you believe – Why are you drawn to this site?

    Yes, there are many things that we know and feel though our five sense, but is that all there is? I believe our five senses don’t even touch 1 percent of what reality is.

    i think most of the people reading this site think towards the same path as me.

  8. Let me hip you to what’s coming brothers and sisters, those of you who are old enough to remember and those young ones who take an interest in the 60’s and 70’s, during that time an energy entered the world, it was a vibe, something strong and positive, it affected everything from politics to music, rock and roll, soul to disco, right. Music always tells the story..even hollywood. if you were there you know what I’m talking about the world changed for the better. it was a feeling you know. A door was opened, a crack if you will it wafted in took a look around and the PTB could not wait to shut it and put a lock on it. But it never went away you see, we carry it within us, now…now instead of opening a crack that door is going to be blown off for good and They can’t stop it. Oh they are preparing ready to do damage control but it ain’t going to work. It’s not quite The Age of Aquarius but we’re getting there. Peace.

    • Jon,
      I was born in ’76 but I had my parents records. I spent hours listening and getting a slight sense of tghe vibe that was present then.
      I cant wait to really experience it!

      • Right On! It’s true when people say those images and sounds live on. You can watch a performance or listen to a album and you still get the experience, the vibe. I know sometimes you think wow I wish I could of been there! But it keeps it alive. I’d rather listen to The Who or even Youtube a performance than a Lady Gaga for instance. You don’t have to buy into what they are selling today. It’s all there still to experience.

    • Yes Jon, The PTB are the ones running in Fear, because they don’t want to look at the light and balance the darkness within that came through that crack and is energizing itself every day. The energies in the 60’s were just the start. I can see the future, it is blindingly Bright and Full of Love!

      • I agree, it’s like two paths. For some it is an end they will experience it that way, others a new beginning filled with good and wonderful things and experiences. Heaven and Hell if you will. Depends on you. The real you. Some people are going to be surprised. Some will have a new understanding of themselves and and everything around them. Very interesting it will be.

    • I know what you mean Jon Baker, I was there, experienced it, went to many love-ins. It was palpable, a feeling like you were in another dimension.

  9. Amen and ditto…most of this awakening movement is nothing more than conjecture or personal opinions.
    For who has been there and returned to enlighten us with this “found” knowledge?..Exactly!

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