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Are Termination Squads Targeting Veterans?

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Take this as an alert. Is the Government targeting Veterans to cull the resistance before martial law is imposed? Wouldn’t put it past them. – Zen



  1. I put this link out to Oath Keepers to see what gives. Any information I receive on this matter I will forward to this post, or to Zen’s email.

    Thanks for posting Zen

  2. Greetings my brothers and sisters,
    According to a littler research I just did. There are approx. 20 mil veterans alive in the U.S. Yea, that’s a lot of guys and gals that took the “oath” to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. When I took the oath I had no idea of the far reaching ramifications of that statement. I do now and I’m thankful to be alive. After learning that all Veterans have (for the most part) willingly and potentially sacrificed their lives for a lie is at the very least heartbreaking. The resultant anger is understandable and warranted. Yes, I think 20 mil heavily armed Vets pose a serious, and in my opinion, insurmountable obstacle. Regardless of the age or physical dexterity, the numbers are enormous. (and encouraging)
    Be well and prosper.


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