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Terraforming: Alien or Human, It’s Here



by Zen Gardner

This is about as creepy as it gets. But it’s right in front of our eyes.

Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.

However, those in places of authority and economic power appear to clearly be maniacal psychopaths constantly scheming for new ways to use and abuse humanity and its beautiful home called Earth, or Terra.

As in Terraforming. We’ll get to that.

You name it. Politically, economically, socially, environmentally. It appears we’ve been literally invaded by something foreign to our world and are being systematically abused, dismantled and destroyed.

Just Look at the Nuclear Nightmare No One Notices

Nuclear radiation is now officially off the charts! Never mind the constant death-dealing spray of radiation from Fukus-up-shima, humanity’s being dosed from every which way on this insane planet.

Radiation from decades of nuclear bomb tests, Fukushima showers,  TSA checkpoints, medical offices, irradiated food, depleted uranium used in the war forum and industrial parts and elsewhere, leaking nuclear reactors…it’s pathetic.

And that’s not including the electromagnetic radiation baking anyone near cell masts or GWEN towers, holding cell phones to their ears, smart meters, and living in an electromagnetic smog of crossing powerlines and wifi on top of it.

And that’s all we know about.

And that doesn’t include the chemtrails and other insane geoengineering “experiments”, managed mega oil disasters and the toxification of our water table via gas fracking and other means, never mind the mad wars being waged worldwide, etc.

It’s berserk and has a source.

Why Are They Doing It?

To reduce the population? Alter our genetic make up? Produce a morphed human race only capable of subservient tasks to please a master race immune or protected from these mutative influences on a deliberately morphed planet?

I know, pretty freaky. But all actually plausible.

Depopulating is in the everyday language of the Elites. We are a scourge they’re just waiting for the right time to exterminate. That’s all. And those that are “allowed” or engineered to survive will supposedly serve them willingly and happily.

The final acquiescence will be to take the chip. That last straw that will break the back of freedom for all who succumb.

How CAN It Be!

Personally I like to think how can things like this be true, and not how they’re NOT possible. When it comes to strangeness we need not look beyond our current world.

We just need to look deeper at what’s right before our eyes.


                          Terraforming, it’s not just for alien worlds anymore.

The Terraforming and Depopulation Agenda

Fundamentally this is at the core of much of what we’re witnessing in today’s world. This transformation has been afoot for centuries, drugging and altering and culling the herd to keep it manageable while the would be Controllers attempt to create their perfect, illuminated utopian world…with us as their slaves.

We’re witnessing a whole new beyond-Orwellian stage now in their war to change and control humanity and our environment.

If you’re following the trends and social memes that have surfaced over the past few years, an accelerating pattern unfolds. While our skies are sprayed with chemicals creating a consistent metallic haze worldwide, blocking the sun and poisoning our population, plants, animals, water and soil for future generations, our food chain is also being genetically modified with such reckless state-sponsored abandon it makes your head spin.

On top of that, while more and more chemical toxins are added to our food and water, our population is given vaccines and pharmaceuticals to further alter our natural make up and behavior. The media and science promote our ’embracing” of new exponentially increasing technological changes and to eventually literally accept chips in our bodies for social and economic control. If you watch closely you’ll see an onslaught of propaganda encouraging us to become “transhuman”, a concept heavily promoted in the music industry and Hollywood.

Why Are They Doing This?

This battle for Earth and the seeming preparation by covert powers for their esoteric plans and purposes has been unfolding for millennia. Let’s look at a few aspects of this struggle for dominion by generations of power mongers a little deeper.



War On Terra? Yup. Worldwide Dominion Is Their Goal

The Illuminati elite and their minions clearly seek to subdue all peoples of the earth in a great culmination of thousands of years of planning, manipulation and wicked social engineering. As we know, true history has been buried, twisted and rewritten by not just the victors, but the Controllers who play both sides from the shadows to this very day.

However, there is a growing awakening sweeping our planet, and as a result essential facts have been coming to light for some time now. Their once secret (or occult) plans and methods are being exposed and brought to light for all to see.

It’s called “the awakening”. And it’s something they fear.

Psycho-Social Control – The Illuminati Hegelian Dialectic

It is important to understand how they can subjugate whole nations and populations. This is obviously a huge subject as they use many methods including fear, intimidation, outright fabrications, phony suppositions and even witchcraft and literal mind control techniques in addition to their drugging and food altering technologies.

We watch helplessly as governments rise and fall, markets are manipulated to benefit the same greedy Illuminati robber barons, and society gets shredded with an incessant bombardment of mind-numbing hedonist media confusion.


Push Me, Pull Me: The constant stress of continual cognitive dissonance.

  • Violence, sex, and rebellion are condemned while being fiercely promoted and popularized at the same time.
  • In the name of so-called freedom, restraints from political correctness and phony “security” concerns shackle whole populations, which they accept gladly in the face of threats of phony external threats such as “terrorism”.
  • Supposedly representative politicians make sweeping promises and habitually proceed to do the opposite.
  • Religions clearly manipulate and easily sway huge masses of fabricated insecure people, subjected to an authoritarian hierarchy and told to love a god who will send them to hell if they get out of line.
  • Child abuse is condemned while it’s known to be rampant and unprosecuted amongst the elite and religious orders.
  • etc!…

Welcome to Dystopia.

Anyone paying attention can see they’re hitting us from all sides. And that’s on purpose…it drives us to a desired place through the use of what’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. In simple practical terms David Icke explains the Hegelian Dialectic as Problem-Reaction-Solution. (See here)


Another Example: The environment is under deliberate attack, while they pretend to champion its preservation.

Just observe the deliberate poisoning of our atmosphere with chemtrails and pollutants and unnecessary fossil fuel use, while the  hypocritical big game hunting Sierra Club elites condemn us for driving cars or exhaling CO2. Tell me that’s not madness.

Then there’s the medicating of our drinking water through fluoride, chlorine, metals and other additives while we’re excoriated for challenging the government’s divine wisdom in doing so.

Look at the restrictions imposed on natural medicines and supplements while they peddle dangerous drugs to the tune of multi-billions of dollars.

And most horridly perhaps, the genetic modification of the very food we ingest for sustenance–while they outlaw home gardening, seeds and small farms!! Hard to consciously digest, so to speak….

All while they have select special organic farms they grow food for themselves.

The Truth of the Matter

The world doesn’t have to be the way it is–it’s the mess it’s in because that’s how the manipulators want it.

If Earth’s rightful inhabitants were left to natural and conscious laws of Universal design, we’d have plenty of food, free energy, rational and loving public discourse and happy interaction, and great intuitive conscious awareness where we would naturally align with the energy enhancing laws of the Universe…much like iron filings align and get charged by naturally occurring magnetic energy.

But worst of all for the Controllers or “powers that be”, we’d be empowered, and they’d be out of a job– and no longer able to literally suck our energy and life forces like the vampires that they are.


But Who’s Behind the Illuminati? What’s the Plan?

Researchers have been digging, tracing, connecting dots, speculating and formulating for a long time. Truth has intrinsic power and value, much more powerful than the opposing sorcery that tries to usurp everything for itself.

And the Truth is coming out!

That they could be an alien race of trans-dimensionals, or demon-possessed wicked Satanists out to do their masters’ bidding is up for grabs. It could be both. But rather than give you a false choice in the matter, why don’t you figure it out?

Serious Questions Here

Is there a conspiracy and hidden agenda by powerful entities, or is it all just a coincidence and convergence of essentially accidental and random evolution of influences and events? Would powerful people actually meet together and plan or “conspire” for a self-serving elitist agenda toward their idea of utopia that may not be to the liking of the world’s inhabitants? Could they be influenced or controlled to a large degree by powerful alien, trans-dimensional or spiritual entities attempting to execute some esoteric plan to create a home for their own?

Hey, who knows for sure. But ancient history from several cultures repeatedly tells the same story of a primordial invasion of earth by another species who interbred with early hominids to create what is now known as homo sapiens. How you gonna deal with that? With religious myths again to keep it at arms length through hierarchical rigmarole?

Time to get conscious. If we really believe we are all consciousness and essentially parts of an infinite Universe, maybe we better start listening to our hearts, challenging the party line and doing some serious research.

Because we are under attack.



The earth and humanity are clearly being transformed, and it’s not by accident and definitely not with our consent, except through our ignorance. If indeed we know the rulers of this world are up to a plan, which you’d be crazy not to believe, then our task is to see what that plan is and do our part to expose and stop it by non compliance and contributing vigorously to the wake up.

The earth is not slowly, but quickly being converted into something other than what it is naturally. The design apparently is that those who survive these manipulated changes will be the support team for these wicked trans-dimensional controllers who can survive just fine in the atmosphere they’re creating. In fact, it will probably support their life form better than the current natural earth does.

A very sci-fi sounding plot?


Actually it’s not, nor far from many religious teachings. The problem there is manipulated religions keep the masses transfixed on a very narrow, detached narrative, wholly dependent on a self-appointed hierarchy as they wait for the cavalry to save them. While there’s clearly truth mixed in with religious teachings, the paradigms are very controlled, limiting and dis-empowering.

Meanwhile the Controllers literally get away with murder.

Any way you look at it, humanity is under attack, and they’re pulling out the stops. The more people who wake up to this heinous plot, however you see it, and take conscious action accordingly, the less power they have to execute it.

And as this vibrational change toward greater and greater conscious awareness dawns, like the sun rising after a dark night, the shadows of darkness will surely flee away.

Until then we need to light as many torches as we can!

Love, Zen


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  1. Zen Can I post this message on my blog site please This appears to resonate with my article today on Mass Arrests and what we need to know in order to wake the sheeple up
    I will await your response before posting it
    Many Thanks

    • There’s an Iranian scientist, a Dr. MT Keshe – a plasma physicist I believe – who has decoded a large chunk of Tesla’s science. He can shield against radiation with, it can be cleaned up with this technology, it can create materials or food from energy, it can even heal. He has the most boring monotone, but what he says, what he knows is what we so desperately NEED. He teaches this, with only one requirement: you have to be able to get to him, and you must agree to teach this science yourself once you understand it. It is all one science, he says. It can be used to control or – not create, but bring it out of the plenum, out of spacetime. It controls inertia, energy, gravity… Take a look. It seems to me like this is The Answer, or a huge tool to implement it:


    • Fabian, there are many movies they have put out that tell us their intentions. The best example right now is “The Knowing” which was released a year before the gulf blow out and it had scenes in there of the gulf blow out. Almost exactly as it appeared in our tv news screens. I just read about Kubrick filming the moon landings in a studio and they passed as real…. what makes it definite that the gulf blow out even occurred? Maybe it was a rerun of “The knowing”. LOL

  2. No question about it. Fine analysis and invitations. If only we can stay grounded, in the present moment and radiate Love.
    As all life based upon the vegetative autonomous nervous system needs in order to flower, reproduce, it is a question of nutrition, for all of our various bodies.

    • Richard…you are right on…LOVE is the answer and if we can spread LOVE and more of us raise the LOVE frequency…we will outnumber the negative energies…LOVE & Peace to you and yours. PS…Lets recruit more LOVE beacons

  3. That television is the image of the beast. Ya gotta get that out of your house. Your subconscious mind is crunching 10X the data that your conscious mind does. Don’t be so sure of yourself that you can watch the image of the beast and not have your reality corrupted. It corrupts reality by way of the imaginations of the ones watching. Your reality, being mostly imagination anyway, as anyone whoever got an internet date can surely testify.

    We’re going to be embarrassed when we see the pussy that has fooled the whole world. He’s a perfect pussy.

    I think that’s from revelation, but in my own words.

    There’s movies about such pussies too. Maybe there are rules of discovery in this war.

  4. We are, as a society, bombarded every minute of the day through our media, both actively and subliminally, of all the bad news, all the negativity. Fear mongering and war. The video games our kids play, the daily concoction of half truths and lies on the TV and news print. The constant threat of war and terrorism. All these means keep the vibration of consciousness very low. We need to raise the vibration of consciousness to get what we all want. The Occupy movement has certainly been a breath of fresh air and has woken a lot of people up, but the cops and the provocateurs are trying to bring the protests down to physical confrontation and therefore bring it to a low vibration which the media can point to with disdain and dissuade the timid and uninformed.

    There’s a better way! We can raise the vibration of mass consciousness in a non confrontational way by using what each one of us posses as an integral part of our multi dimensional being. LOVE! On mass or individually, we can change things BIG TIME! Everything consists of vibration and if we want to raise the vibration, then let us use something that is of a very high vibration. And let’s do this around the world. We are all brothers and sisters and we all have the ability to affect positive change through mass consciousness without violence and bloodshed. We have tried the violence method for thousands of years and it obviously hasn’t worked because here we are back at square one. If we can unite on mass and take the time to send Love to all the world, we can effect change faster than we could by shaking our fists at the tyranny that is presently cloaking and choking us. How difficult would it be to try this? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can do this on our own time in the comfort of our homes or at mass events coordinated around the world. We have the power within us!



    • Hi Rob,

      That is a very good idea indeed!! I was thinking that for weeks that if only all the AWAKENED people of the earth unite through synchronized mass non-compliance events as you’ve clearly suggest for even a day or two. Imagine the effects it will bring if key peoples like soldiers,pilots,students,teachers, etc., stops from duty for a day crippling the system, showing the PTB’s our real power. But this must be the real deal well-coordinated events worldwide to establish a foothold. We can of course use the internet as the main channel of information at this level, coz the MSM as you know they will renounce this movement even if it is a peaceful activity. We must stop this madness and useless wars (invented by them for profit) to bring the true PEACE we all been expecting. And remember that “a POSITIVE thought had sufficient potency and force to neutralize many negative thoughts”. By so doing we are radiating a Higher vibration of LOVE which is of course a positive energy and available to us if only we allow ourselves to be, because its “ALL there is” our nature and true self.


      • We must make these actions along with a clear demand and timeframe for the demand to be implemented. Suggestions: Take cannabis off the Controlled Substance list immediately; remove subsidies for the fossil fuel companies immediately. We will have to keep a small carbon footprint and plow ourselves into developing renwables with the money saved in subsidies if that were the demand we chose to go with. But IMO, the only demand we need to make to put everything into place would be to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance List so that it is a plant we grow without restriction. For one thing it is insane that we listen to mere mortals telling our species what we can or cannot grow when we are a part of nature. Nothing could be more absurd. Why we even need to ask is beyond me. We think we have to stick to laws but only the good people do that. Psychopaths use the law to beat us over the head. Once cannabis is grown, we can heal our health with marijuana and with hemp we can make biofuels, bioplastics, paper, efficient housing and so much more while also restoring and remediating the soil as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels like we mean it. We need hemp to heal the planet and not rely on pharmaceuticals so much. I consider it an nefarious act to restrict it. But we have to grow a backbone and start making demands, not just acquiescing.

  5. Here is an alternative explanation without need for conspiracy or ETs. The path towards distaster is the result of collective negative thinking. Why wasn’t this a factor until recently? Because of the Internet. The Internet coordinates and amplifies negative collective thoughts. Outcomes are always determined by thoughts. This is not known to most people who have an Aristotelian way of thinking but it is a law and a well known fact to a small percentage of the population. Fear attracts disaster. Collective fear creates collective disaster. The Internet encourages collective fear.

  6. I am quite tired of the “run around and blame someone else” stuff. Okay.

    It is all about US. That is not United States, it is about US, we the people.

    We have allowed ourselves to over-populate the planet. There IS a limit to what this earth can sustain and all we need to do is look at nature to know it.

    Unfortunately, at least here in the US (united states) we have let the dumb, stupid sheeple breed like crazy. And they are obese, hyper-religious and armed. Those of us awake and aware and non-violent have been out-numbered.

    And, yes, TPTB WANT it that way. Very easy to corral stupid (MSM-watching idiots), fat people, also chemtrailed and demented to death into their corrals. And they have been successful.

    That does not, however, negate the simple fact that we are biological organisms that have run rampant over the planet and now are on the verge of serious depletion of its resources. So, really, DE-POPULATION, is not a bad idea. It is simply how and to what end it is used. The truth is we need a serious reduction in our numbers.

    So, the real question is how we decide and to what end we de-populate ourselves, Mr. Zen (NOT). For the health and welfare of the planet and our continued existence as a species, it is a very, very good idea.

    This is where your failure lies, Zen. And has for a long time: Failure of discernment. No, not okay to “de-populate” the planet so it’s just pared down to servant idiot sheeple to serve the TPTB.

    YES, good to reduce our numbers so our future survival can be more readily ensured. Humping rabbits make nice meat for coyotes. That is where conscious use of birth control and stabilization of bipedal primate population would be useful.

    Please, sir, start to develop yourself in a thinking way, not a reactive way, which is becoming more so by the minute. I feel you are being caught up with the hysteria of our times. Try something different, like engaging a broader, intellectual mind, rather than just a dead, left-brained way of being. After all, that is exactly the side of the brain the psychopaths are operating from. Ya wanna BE them? Or you wanna think differently? Start trying the latter.

    • Ooooooooooo, have no problem getting rid of the fat dummies? Yeah, they’re not really worth keeping around,huh.
      I imagine the slender smart ones like you are much more worthy, eh, sistertongue.
      Ah, but you will taste just as good at the next reptilian BBQ, albeit a little stringy and tough.

    • Either you’ve bought into the lies, or you’re a troll here trying to cause trouble. Either way, for the sake of you and anyone else who might read your message: The earth is not overpopulated. That’s some of the BS they’re trying to sell, and there are plenty of buyers. In terms of room and resources, there is plenty of both. TPTW are keeping things from us, which is par for the course with them. Technology is far beyond what we know today. I’ve read about 40-50 years ahead of what has been shown to us. Part of what’s being kept from us is low-cost or free energy that does not harm the planet (or people). Of course, that’s a problem in terms of money (oil, gas, etc. bring in the bucks) and power/control. Controlling energy and food are two of the biggest ways for their agenda to be successful, whether it results in depopulation or getting people to do what they want. If you’re concerned about the planet, fight against all the ones calling the shots are doing to it, through water, weather modification, spraying in our skies, the energy we are using because they are keeping better, cleaner alternatives from us. Look at fukushima, the planned Gulf Oil spill, the massive amounts of wildlife turning up dead, and a lot more.

      One of the biggest problems I have with population control is… who decides? Who decides who lives and who dies? What traits and characteristics are important? Which people will, and will not, be allowed to reproduce? I say… we start with you, and everyone who thinks like you. What do you think about that? That is too much freedom being taken away from human beings, and it gives way too much control to the group in charge. That control can be grossly mishandled, as it happening already today.



      • xyz..I agree, it’s a mess…but in the words of SNL…”SIMMA DAN NOW!” Everyone will hear you better. Just adjust your dials a bit if you can. I’ve been there, I know the dilemma. You can read it in my posts.
        Love ya, hang in there…don’t let the ride get to ya’, we need all the help we can get!- Love, Zen

    • Do not agree what so ever with that. There has got to be a much simpler solution opposed to mass genocide. With all the healing tools of nature we should be able to pass health on to those who have been damaged by the harmful chemicals. For instance here could be a possible solution http://www.buymms.biz/?gclid=CLC3uLqbrrECFQgHnQodVRQAuQ.
      As far as technological abuse Orgone and teaming with real people that want to make real difference seems to be the way. Have been studying orgone for quite a while and have actually purchased some from over a few different websites and it seems to be helping a great amount. De population seems to be a lazy attempt to create a better way. It also seems completely and utterly rediculous also because of what we have been given.

  7. In light of what these transdimensional Beings are doing to the vibrational construct of earths reality and the resultant serf race that humanity is to be genetically transformed into it’s oftentimes difficult to remember that we’re all One, literally, and that what’s happening on earth is being done with the consent of the highest reaches of our Being. Reptilians and Grays and Pleiadians and humans, we’re all as close to one another as siblings or even lovers and we can REMEMBER this truth if we can open our hearts to love and accept what we’ve created. It was once difficult for white people to accept black people but the world has moved on, the vibrations have risen and we’re able to see and experience our connectivity. Perhaps our lil earth reality is due for another change and this time maybe we’re meant to accept our fate as Beings incarnated into a vibrational prison to generate loosh and food for other Service-To-Self Beings, much like what humans do to chickens without the consent or knowledge of the poultry (do you think that chickens know what it means to have the Chip put in their neck when they’re born?) No, I don’t want to be a slave for the Dragons, but I also must recognize that the flow of reality isn’t controlled by my ego but rather by my higher Self, which is your higher Self too…and this higher Self is love, all is love, even when we can’t see it from our limited perspective. I’d say that to get out of this ‘mess’ that we’re in requires that we open our hearts to unconditionally loving everyone and recognizing that there is zero distance between another souls center and our own…this realization is the only revolution that humanity ever undertakes and we seem to do it one person at a time while the rest of us struggle and play upon the Prison Planet named earth. Zen, your writing is the best out there, on a par with David Icke but more contemporary, ever day I awaken, meditate and then log-on to the ‘net to see if you’ve posted something new. Thank you for letting your beautiful soul shine for all to see. Love!

    • Spot on Jim!
      It’s all about the loving baby,
      with everyone taking responsibility for their creations in this dimension.
      Simple yet so convoluted to get there.
      Warm squeeze to all

  8. I’ve always noticed that shills usually show up in comment sections, in pairs…. To give support to each other, obfuscate, and distract from the message.
    How can you people sell out humanity, in exchange for bits of paper? Are you just the working clones, without a soul?…as many are. Beware of Majority Rule, ‘they’ are covering that base quickly.

  9. We can talk until we’re blue in the face. WE cannot solve this. This is all in the Bible, but most are not interested in the real solution. God revealed Himself on earth through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to cover our sins, He rose again and is due back any moment. All that is required is the one thing people refuse to do. Repent, turn to Christ and receive forgiveness, and accept Him as Lord of your life.. This is the answer, and he’s due back shortly. There will be no excuses. The answer has been there all the time.

    • you know there were sciptures before the Bible right? Many cultures and Religions also describe in great detail the same thing as Revelations. You have to understand Christ/Christ Consciousness. We have to become loving, compassionate, christ-like. There is no “one way or else”. It’s about who we really are, Eternal consciousness, Sat-cit-ananda, full of knowledge, bliss. We are love, and if we can manifest this love, this is accepting Christ.

      • Absolutely right Radhanuga! By following the teachings of love revealed by Jesus the Christ and trying our best to live them every day, we are accepting Christ, no matter what our religion is. If one believes oneself to be a Christian but does not practice His teachings, you have rejected Christ. Didn’t He say something like “depart from me you who practice wickedness, I never knew you.”

    • There is an easy to deploy strategy to stop the elitists, war mongering, enslaving, money stealing, freedom killing, life destroying wizards of Oz…. You and all of those whom you know must stop sending them money, or rather claim your rightful refund due to you when filing your information return. If you do not fall within the precise definitions of the revenue code, you are not liable and should claim all of it returned to you. This is 100% legitemate and litteraly thousands of your neighbors have been receiving 100% of what has been stolen from them including social sec and medicaide deductions. Learn how to fight the behemoth without ever raising a weapon to defeat it(them). It is all free, no signing up for anything, just plenty of information and plenty of proof to back up what is revealed there. Go to http://www.losthorizons.com Start winning the revolution against the putrid filth unjustly ruling the people of this country.

    • There is no reason for population reduction to require anyone be sacrificed. What is needed is education. We could drop an iPad for every person in the developing world and provide them with satellite internet and leave them to their own devices. They would learn whatever they fancied and get an education and become self-sufficient. One doesn’t need to go to college. Nor do we need to spend any more on military solutions as they are not solutions at all. We could stop paying taxes and fines. We could pledge to do this as large groups because there is safety in numbers, but it can also be done on ones’ own. Anyone who suggests harm to anyone else, in the new world, will be looked on as a sociopath and will be offered an extra dose of loving.

  10. Zen, I’ve been saying for the last couple of years that the Nephilim are BACK!! It boggles my mind to think, what manner of Human Being would do such things and it’s just as the Czech President said in Australia, last year sometime, that “These people hate Human Beings…” and nothing good comes from them.

    But it’s not all bad despite a secret, underground war between the good and the bad. One country gave Guyana, I think 15 Billion dollars to not cut down any of it’s tree’s as those tree’s are the “Lungs of the world”.

    I firmly believe, just as the ancients said, “All roads lead to Sumer” needs to be explored in depth to know our past, so we may understand the present to prepare for the future.

    The Book of Mormon also describes in detail the secret combinations of past civilizations and how such combinations destroyed entire civilizations. the common thread with all these secret combinations? All the men “knew” each other!

  11. Dear Zen your article is ‘spot on’ I remember a quote from the movie ‘they live’ ;”they are chancing the atmosphere so that ‘they’ can live here”. I agree 100% with your article! Yes we are under attack. The most logical explanation.

  12. You are right but the enemy is satan. He wishes to destroy Gods creation – mankind and the world. The most immediate way to enlighten others is to encourage everyone to throw their TV into the dumpster. Use the internet for information. All TV “entertainment” is a major tool of these “madmen”.

  13. We are not these bodies we are spirit souls part and parcel of the SupremeSpirit; Krsna. Just read the Bhagavad-gita as it is by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. All your questions will be answered..

  14. Wow Zen!
    Masterly written and beautifully explained….Thankyou
    watch the movie – THEY LIVE by John Carpenter
    (free on utube)

  15. Is this also part of the plan? Helicopter transmitts Nibiru-like images: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elHD_aOGrTg

    Still frames of images at etvisitsme.com (including alien faces).

    Re chemtrails, one major effect of the metallic sky is that the UVB rays of the sun are being blocked by them. UVB rays are essential for the body to make vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a hugely vital vitamin to prevent over 80% of all cancers. Please watch: What in the world are they doing to us? vitamin D deception http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWXEsnFZhBI

  16. Dear Zen,
    Anyone who may doubt you should consider the 1950’s revelation of subliminal advertising in movie theatres for concession sales. It was exposed and I believe a small hint by these people of what they are capable of doing. As an American Catholic born in the 1960’s, I am now fully awake and saddened that every institution I have ever held in high regard is tainted by these beastly individuals. The only place we can turn is inward. The eternal truths are incorruptible and we can only know them by turning inward and listening to the quiet voice…the one that never fails us. Thank you for your wonderful post, as always.

    • CQ–beautiful. Don’t despair either, you’re on the road, the real road, to Truth and real happiness. It hits so hard for some time, and certain stuff always gets people knocked sideways at times, we’re all like that. We have histories, we have backgrounds and friends and family that we thought were anchors in our life.

      Surpise…love’s the anchor, but some come along and some don’t. Don’t worry about them, but most of all never let them or guilt about being fooled in the past hold you back either. Each of us has come from some false paradigm..the school system, religious pablum (not talking true spiritualiy…and I’ve seen deeply seeming “religious” families WAY spiritually connected to where the paradigm gets bypassed to clarify my idea of spirituality is not new age or black and white…), academia, professional BS, religious cults and off beat pastors, it’s all the same.

      We keep graduating. That’s the cool thing. Not sure why I’m going on about this with you but maybe it’ll resonate. You’re clearly awakened and I’ll just assume that bit of spaghetti will stick on someone’s wall.

      Love you, Zen

    • Thanks CQ, I have a similar background and started to fully awake at the end of 2008. As long as we keep centered and in the NOW – we will survive.

      Thank you Zen for this Great Site.


  17. Please read THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN about the plans (1964) to put sterilants in the water, cause deliberate pollution and focus war on killing more civilians.

    Here’s a link:


    See page 55, and foot note 11 on page 77, which goes with the “pill” statement.

    Note they talk about SE Asia, where Agent Orange would be sprayed. Also identifying Michigan where biologists worked. Monsanto (Agent Orange) is in Michigan.

    The creatures who think this stuff up cannot be human because they lack both heart and conscience.

    • Kawika–YES! Essential knowledge! Also “Owning the Weather by 2025 – A Force Multiplier” is always an eye opener. I find that similar to the PNAC report in its brazenness.

      So much out there already – just takes guts to connect the dots because it will..and better…change your world. And that’s what people have been conditioned to fear the most. Unless it’s harnessed and sanctified, like by a politician or CNBC…sad.

      – thanks for bringing that up!! Stick around and enjoy the cool folks here…love, Zen

  18. Zen – you are definitely a wise soul – your motivation for doing what you do – I assume (and am certain, many do)- is LOVE. Certain critics in these comments transmit a message of such fear. I really wonder why they bother spreading their negative vibes on a site such as yours! Your light shines their darkness away into transparent insignificance. It does remind me though to appreciate that there are those pioneers (such as you) who are actually leading us through these dark, confusing troubled days with a wisdom that resonates to the core of a love-infused existence such as each of your visitors (you don’t come here if this ain’t what you about i.e.LOVE) , without our “lighthouses” shining across the horizons of cyberspace, we would not be able to find each other and the validation of our own thoughts, ideas and experiences. – live your truth, observe the universal laws of tolerance, respect and honesty. Do everything with LOVE. Do not feed fear. We have never been tied to these physical bodies we occupy on this earth. But we do have the obligation by being here to be PRESENT. PRESENT in our day, in the moments within our day, to responsibly stand up against the injustices that may be committed before our eyes. It is our right to be present in this world and being present gives us the right to responsibly voice the limits and constraints of our existence within it .Your’s is a voice I really do like hearing!

    • Tx Leo. I’m no one special, we’re all the same, we just need to let it out..as you obviously are doing. People who live from the heart like you are the soul of the planet and universe. It seems we’re trying to signal a seemingly deaf world, but KNOW that Universe is manifesting through you and the rest of us…it’s immediate and cumulative effect is immeasurable on so many levels…one of the mysteries of the Universe. Perhaps if everyone saw the payback they’d jump on board….but for the wrong reasons, and miss the awakening. Just a thought. Whatever, we’re blessed to have found out the loving truth, as arrogant as that may sound to a flatlander. We know we’re sincere and need to be bold and confident and more loving than ever in the face of an onslaught of tyranny the world has never seen before.
      Should be fun! Love you!–Zen

  19. Welcome brother Zen!
    Where have you been?
    This has been going on for 100’s of years.
    Great to have you back and on our side. :-)
    Now just before you get upset and all cranky…, we have found the answer!

    The First Law of Metaphysics…
    1. You create your own reality.

    Much Love Brother

    • Feather-ray–LOL…”before I get all upset and cranky”…just pokin’ around and honestly wonderin’ dude…as you well know. And hey, agreed, “we are the imagination of ourselves”…Bill Hicks. Enjoying the ride with you…Zen..;)

  20. Go Zen.

    When the best of humans ask me “Why would they do this to themselves ” ? I answer “They ain’t biological”.

    Sure as hell ain’t biologicals in charge. But all the humans runnin’ the place are POSSESSED by the interdimensionals.

    Guess they just needed all the DNA here for a hell realm annex.

    Email me your phone and lets talk.

  21. With the infinity of the universe,what’s so special about here that all these “extra” beings have to hang around for millenium slowly turning this planet into their desired outcome?I think the high price of saucer fuel has limited their ability to discover a planet that might have naturally had all the desired ingredients.Probably just lazy fat ass aliens having more fun here harassing the natives than having to get out and actually have to look for a suitable planet to screw up in virgin form.Aren’t you bored of all these games yet?It’s a big universe out there,find your own rock to do your thing.

  22. Today, there is the only solution is to meditate, meditate and meditate… Spread Love not hate! Do not fear, but trust in the Universe. Cut ourselves from the “rat race”; intend the best possible outcome of our transition. Lead our life simple; be aware of chemicals and toxins in food and all normally used products, and to detoxify! Open up our Third Eye, raise our awareness and our vibration level! Do not participate in all negative actions, but support all what is based on Love and Compassion. That’s all!

  23. It’s true ,to some extent , what you say , but nothing is as bad as you say …nothing is all black , or all white… there’s a LOT to say between those …and a LOT means to me , GOD . GOD has the final word and HE won’t permit such a monstrous happening … Divine Intervention is Happening right NOW ! You can listen to all of the video , but go to minute 32.45 and listen carefully from then on … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC4t1FEk5LE

  24. The entities responsible for this situation, are the human inhabitants of earth. The interdimensionals behind the illuminati and aliens have only gotten to this point, because the human race has acquiesced. If we blame them for what’s happening that is shifting the responsibility from us. They certainly are sick and misguided entities, but prime creator is looking to us to see if we will rise to the occasion. Those that are awake have a duty to start waking up as many people as possible, you wouldn’t be awake and here now otherwise.

  25. Hi Zen. Thank you for all of your work. I think you are spot on with this one. And even though things look pretty bad from almost every direction for those who are really paying attention, I still believe awakening humanity can win.

    And contrary to what some comments have expressed, I believe that God/the Source/Life would and has allowed this to happen because it moves life forward. When positive won’t get off of it’s lazy butt and evolve, nothing does the job like a good dose of negative to shake things up a bit. And so it is allowed. And I think that’s exactly what’s happening. This is pretty much final exam time. And some of us need a push. You will either evolve and become a conscious responsible co-creator and graduate to a paradisaical Earth or you will fail and die, and get another chance at it later here or perhaps somewhere else. Basically evolve or die (for now).

    Not to take away from the other poster, but I think that saying just to meditate and love is too vague of a plan of action at this stage of the game. The way I see it, we really have only one way to win this covert battle for evolving humanity and Terra. And coincidentally, it also happens to be what we need to do to become responsible co-creators with Source.

    1. Manage our minds. Keep our thoughts only on images of the world we would like to live in. (Don’t allow the images they put in front of you of war, famine, disease, conflict, police, crime, criminals, lawyers, violence, etc. to settle into your mind. They have been using these to not only condition and desensitize you, but also to help them create the world that they want.)

    2. Realize that we have direct internal access to the Source. Nurture the relationship, plug/tune in, and ask for assistance, guidance, or higher wisdom, in all situations. God knows what ALL of the players on all sides are doing, and will assist when intentions are for the highest good of all. But God won’t assist unless invited or asked to. Free will is always respected.

    3. Love/care enough to really work steps 1 & 2. Care enough about yourself, others, and your world to work to keep the images in your mind constructive, so that you and your world will continue to move in that direction. And love enough to plug in/tune in to God and ask for assistance in all things, that way the higher intelligence is playing a larger part in your life and has another sets of hands to use in this world, making it more beneficial for you and others. Invite God to be the boss, instead of your personality with it’s limited perspective.

    When we actively plug-in to God moment to moment while keeping the image of the world we would like to live in, and asking for assistance – we become God’s chess pieces and can be maneuvered and used in ways that even we can’t imagine.

    God doesn’t lose chess games… because he knows all the weaknesses and moves of the other side even before they do (not even time travel can help them win.) He just needs willing on-the-ground chess pieces, who exercise their free-will and choose to participate and be part of the Divine game plan.

    What can the enemy do against a million constructively focused awakening humans who are being maneuvered and directed all over the world into right places, times, and activities? Even the participants don’t know what they are doing, because it’s all being Divinely orchestrated.

      • James—true. Like 2012…bs incorporated. It’s the end of a cycle and beginning of another at the very least. Religious teaching is the biggest, worst programmer of all. Agreed, bro. – Zen

      • I didn’t mean end of the world, but it will be the end of the world for some people. Right now, humanity is up against many different factors that threaten our survival and all seem to be coming to a head – contamination from an ongoing Fukushima (especially the pacific) which threatens to get worse, the intentional contamination of the global food supply with GMOs, the Corexit dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, designer super viruses and vaccines, not to mention the collapse of the global financial system, the threat of a new world war, and the increasing frequency of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather episodes.

        I don’t mean to sound all ‘gloom and doom’, but people are already dying from Fukushima. And a lot of unaware people will just not make it through these times. Even for the aware, it will be challenging, but I think we are being pushed or challenged to step up to a new way of living. I know it’s uncomfortable, but we need to change, because we are part of the problem.

  26. Do not walk on the grass unless you are the gardener spraying round up on the dandelions. Our train of thought has run off the tracks.

  27. did s ome of you actually absorb this article. Zen says religion has basically sifled our need to resist, yet so many of you are saying its in the scriptures so we cant avoid it…just lets pray, meditate and do nothing to stop them.
    We cannot blame others when we do nothing ourselves.

  28. This is the most profound posting that you have ever written. After reading it I had a good cry because I have four children. My youngest is disabled but highly functioning and I think about the kind of world that we are leaving our kids. Much love and gratitude to you for our grounded writing and your ability to put down what so many of us are feeling and knowing and not knowing how to place it in writing. Much Love to you for being here Zen.

  29. People first off all everything you see around us is off our own doing, be it good or bad.
    Second did you ever consider that if we are under a alien or a super natural control. We would be mere ants in there eyes, which they toy around with, for amusement. Who of you did not ever torment a lowly insect in their childhood or even now enjoy dismembering an arthtopod or to two a day?

  30. They think they can outsmart God (gravity) by eliminating eternal consciousness, which is us, our lives, our perceptions and existence.
    When the truth of the matter is that God is us. They know that, hence why they have sold their souls (minds). We are nothing less than the manifestations of the value of pure cosmic love (dependency/gravity).

  31. Thank you for this Zen, you’re very right.

    We need to be conscious and aware of what’s really going on. It’s our duty to help others get in touch with the part of themselves that will help them to gain proper awareness as well. We all have that ‘inner voice’ and inner knowing… we can read or hear from various sources about what’s going on in our reality but ultimately, it’s our own inner voice (our own special connection with Source) that we must trust and listen carefully to as we move forward on our own path.

    I don’t feel fear so much as annoyance at it all. When I think of the constant attempts by dark forces to oppress and smother the human spirit I can’t help but feel belligerent and angry – I need to be careful cause I know it’s important to keep a level head right now. I keep having recurring dreams of conflict, my environment totally transformed into a warzone; a lot of the imagery is the same and I’m always packing in a hurry. I don’t know what it means exactly but I think we all need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Certainly, make sure you know now what you’re going to take with you in case you need to leave on short notice. I don’t believe their plans for enslavement will succeed, simply because there are far too many variables involved that even THEY can never account for. The plans they think they have will blow up in their faces because they were never in control to begin with. Poor things! /sarc

    But that’s where those SOB’s THINK they’re directing everything towards: Total control of the population.

    Again, I don’t feel fear towards these developments, but more a sense of embarking upon a new adventure of sorts – that’s what it feels like in the dreams anyway. Not a burden or a struggle, but a new adventure. Besides, feeling helpless and fearful is counterproductive and won’t get you anywhere. You need to keep a level head and a loving heart to get through these times. I’ve seen that humanity is made of greater things. If you believe in spirit like I do, you know that we are all individuated aspects of the Divine. What the dark forces fear most is OUR POTENTIAL as divine beings and our expression and realization of this potential. Love is the road that leads to it, and it was paved long before you were born. All you have to do is walk purposefully on this road without getting distracted by unimportant things… the Creator endowed us all with the inalienable right of Free Will – no one can take your right to choose from you. You alone choose. You don’t let others choose for you.

    In the immortal words of Bill Hicks: IT’S JUST A RIDE. He also said: “Wherever TRUTH, love and laughter abide I am there in spirit.” Let’s all take a page out of Bill’s book and carry it with us along the journey.

    • M, you’re so right. “All you have to do is walk purposefully on this road without getting distracted by unimportant things” This is so perfect! I’ve found myself very distracted the last few days by one particularly unimportant, but hurtful to-the-core thing – enough where it had brought me to tears. As my daughter, husband and I were crossing a busy street in LA today – me in tears and my family attempting to comfort me – a man across the street was loudly singing the song, “Ooh Child-Things Are Gonna Get Easier” by The Five Stairsteps. I stopped dead in my tracks and knew that song was being sung for all of us. The man is right – things are gonna get easier. I can’t define the “easier” and I can’t say which direction “the easier” will take us, but it I believe we’re on the right path.

      Much love to all

          • Wow! Seems as if your site turns into a major node for connected consciousness, Zen!
            Love it! Carry on my brothers and sisters!

            Much LOVE,

        • Thank you once again, Zen and Fabian! You’re saving me, guys. You really are. Thank you, thank you, thank you! . Now, I’m new to this game. having only awakened 18 or so months ago, but all my life, I knew in my heart something was up – there was something more – there had to be. I have no idea if I can define myself as an Empath or a Starseed or a Lightworker …. BUT, I do know I’ve been “attacked” since I was a young child, with the strikes continuing throughout my adult life. I’m not at all ashamed to admit I’m tired of the illnesses, bodily and psychic assaults, the scarier-than-shit strange entities and the really, REALLY mean people. After decades of this bombardment, a girl can start to feel singled out, but I think I get it now. I will prevail. “They” bring me down, but I get back up again. Every freakin’ time. Fall down seven times, stand up eight! Yeah!

          I can’t tell you how great it is to have a safe place – a safe haven – a garden – it’s huge!
          Thanks again,
          MUCH love

  32. Judging from the amount of disinfo trolls being attracted by this article YOU MUST BE SPOT ON with your analysis, dear Zen! If Chemtrails are used for terraforming to prepare for satanist aliens or a shield to block Earth from uplifting energies – whats going on on this planet is 100% demoniac and planned by the occult elite, no doubt. I’ve seen the agents come over my VC article last year about the same as they did with this article here.

    That said, I don’t agree that “non compliance and contributing vigorously to the wake up” is sufficient as a proposal for a solution. I must even say that this article contributes more to fear than to a positive consciousness. The only solution that CAN save us is to rediscover our inner connection to the highest God, that all-loving source of all of us. And from my experience and observations of whats going on online, we can rebuild our bond to Him faster and more reliable by studying the essence and lessons of our past prophets, mainly Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna. As most here should know by now, New Age and the whole ascension scam was crafted by the same forces we are talking about on our conspiracy blogs. So why cite a David Icke, a clearly debunked freemason and just another agent to play out problem-reaction-solution himself, on an article against secret societies? Thats like inviting the Queen to have a speech against monarchy…

    If you find a way back to a more uplifting method of presenting your “findings”, you Rock, Zen!

    • Chauk..mixed message there and a little backhanded if you will. You sound a little confused. And angry. Just for the record, David Icke is no Freemason, that’s just an easy way for non-acceptors to live conscience free and justify their viewpoint. Let’s simmer down a bit here. And “if I find such and such a way to present I rock”? How weird is that? A little wonky if you ask me. Wanna get lucid? – Z

      • Well observed, my message is mixed… Perhaps if I make it short, it sounds a bit less confused to you:
        – Theory of terraforming for aliens = interesting to me
        – presented solution = not sufficient from my spiritual understanding
        – You covering up the New Age/Masonic scam agents = suspicious

        Interesting to see how you react (“confused”, “angry”, “weird”, “wonky”, “get lucid”) to criticism and a different viewpoint. Did I hit something?

        • Terraforming is a reality. Everyone must own a 4 passenger car, while the other 3 seats are usually empty. Technology exists to create high speed transit train network for all humans, but that would do away fossil fuels, which are required for terraforming the planet. It never occurred to me, but only just recently I realized that they want to keep us busy driving and polluting our atmosphere. Simple and genius. Most of them don’t even notice what is going on.

        • Whoa! Check out the game of us and them. Seems like our friend is throwing down the gauntlet of the game. Don’t you just love it when examples of what we don’t want to be appear in the comments.
          Sun hugs

  33. Who knows what the actual source of all the current craziness is? We may never know. Maybe it’ s a manifestation of the dark side of the collective human subconscious just being played out for us all to see by those we single out and call evil. Maybe they’re there to show us how bad the human condition can get when we let it, and that it’s time to get serious about living consciously, with infinite love and for the benefit of all. We’re certainly all to blame for letting it get this far in my humble opinion. Looks like it’s time for each of us to wake up, actually dial out of the current system as much as possible (and it is possible), decide what kind of world we want, and start living it in our daily lives.

    • Brad on. My sentiments exactly. This is pretty much what I was wanted to say, but you seem to have done a more concise job of it.
      The question is….how many people are actually willing to change? How many will be willing to give up their starbucks, their wallmarts? How many will be willing to start growing food for their families and communities (so that they know what goes in it and that it’s healthy)? How many people will be willing to unplug themselves from the convenience?

  34. Amazing article Zen! One day of world-wide, peaceful non-compliance would bring this parasitic control system to it’s knees. I’m glad that you keep reiterating this point, it needs to be repeated and repeated again until people finally understand the profundity of this self realization that we are the ones who ulimately hold the power. We really are the ones we have been waiting for.

    At this stage in my own research I’m more then convinced that our planet is being slowly terraformed to accomodate the living conditions of this vampiric, demonic force. The reptilian faction of this dark alliance appears to be at the apex of this power structure. All the Dracula stories (archetypal symbolism in the form of parable) are beginning to make more sense now 😉 They obviously hate the healing, pro-creating, regenerative powers of the sun and thus they shun it quite literally and are doing everything in their power now via chemtrails/geo-engineering etc..to reduce it’s impact on earth and to cut us off from what is essentially one of our life sources.
    All of the ancient lore handed down to us from our ancestors about malevolent entities who feed on humans, kidnap humans, and all around detest humans, dwelling withinin the bowels of our earth also begins to make more sense now given the new perspective of insights humanity is now rediscovering about this cold-blooded, pyschopathic nemesis. Replace the lore of yesteryear with what we know now about the elite’s taste for underground cities and bases and you get the picture. They love all things dank, dark and dreary-again quite literally! Kind of sounds like the perversion inherent to their true religion: satanism.
    The goal also appears to be total blockage of the sun until the earth lay in complete darkness. Perhaps, they’ve been telling us this all along? In practically every dystopian movie that Hollywood pumps out the atmosphere is almost always shown as dark and lifeless-the climate these demonic creatures thrive in consequently.

    Just a few observations…

    Keep up the great work Zen. I look forward to your next article.

    • Inquiring Mind–kindred spirit…so true everything you said. The dots don’t lie…nor how they connect. We ultimately have to lerrn to live from our hearts…our innate intuitive conscious sense…it’s coming alive in so many and they just need to be made aware of it and that it’s not something wrong or strange, it’s reality.
      I’m very excited about the coming times, while also troubled like most of us. It’s like the madness of war. I’ve been in countries under martial law and was in Iran as Khomeni was coming in where I was a teacher. It’s terrifying, but I saw nothing compared to what these poor middle eastern peoples are being put thru by these self righteous western powers. But we know that’s not who really empowers them.
      Anyway, keep on. We can do what we can. So called “sin” is not doing what you at least can, if there ever was one. Much love, Zen


  36. Excellent post…as shared with Richard…the answer = LOVE…yes, LOVE. the more of us project the energy of LOVE, the less impact negative energies have. i use 528 Hz frequency and know the Angels of Light accompany me. join me and become a LOVE beacon and spread LOVE to cover the globe. LOVE & Peace to you and yours


  38. Interesting and thought provoking read… And yet, when all is said and done, I’m left with one question…

    What makes you so sure we’re not doing this to ourselves?

  39. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something which too few folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something relating to this.

  40. Reality isn’t isn’t always as it seems. We will slay the dragon that brings chaos and destruction. There is most likely something way more intelligent than any human or extra being from beyond. Its in control and seeks to slay the beast that keeps us in bondage. Throw IT in a deep dark dungeon along with all its wicked manipulation then destroy the key.
    Massive prayers going out to telepathic individual. Spreading as much love as possible. We need not give into any fear at all. Safe to assume if the lady had the most amazing orgasm. Be up.

  41. Please look into the Allies of Humanity Messages – especially the latest Book 3 @ http://www.alliesofhumanity.org

    This is a very intelligent message saying that basically we humans have a direct link to God & that as systems become more unstable, the direct Knowledge will as we heed it, link us to people, places for uniting us to repel the hijacking of OUR EARTH.

    Do take your time and be encouraged & inspired by these messages. They resonate with determination and response ability in our souls!

    “Humanity is preparing for the Greater Community. It does not know this yet, of course, but that is its stage of evolution, and everyone is involved. The fact that humanity is unprepared for the realities of contact with life in the universe is very apparent, but at a more unconscious level, people are anticipating this, and that is why it emerges in your movies, in your books, in human imagination. There is a seed of truth, an element of truth here.

    There is a reason that people cannot speak of these things in public because it has been discouraged in the social discourse. That foreign craft are flying in your skies is an undeniable reality, and yet people do not want to think of it. And if they do think of it, they want to think of it in a positive way—that something wonderful is happening, that you have visitors, and they are here to help you, to guide you and to prepare you to meet the difficult challenges emerging in the world today.

    You are preparing for the Greater Community. Unconsciously, perhaps foolishly and recklessly, you are preparing for the Greater Community. It is prepared for you. Races who are here in the world today are very well prepared for their mission here, a mission that few people in the world today comprehend and understand.

    That is why the Revelation from God must reveal these things to you now in the clearest possible way so there can be no mistake, no tragic error of judgment, no misapprehension and no self-deception regarding the Intervention in the world today.

    The wealth of the world is being spoiled and ruined, and the threat of this increasing has brought this Intervention here. It has also come because humanity has created an infrastructure that these races can utilize for themselves. You now have a worldwide community, worldwide communications, worldwide commerce and the beginnings of a worldwide government….”

  42. No proof of any kind. I know, I know, how can I possibly object to all of this… I certainly must be a sheep… controlled by the reptiles, right? Ive heard all of this many times and the real truth of the matter is that all of this info is a rehashing of channeled messages. Thats it. A person going into an altered state of mind and contacting something or some other aspect of themselves… no one really knows. So dont jump to conclusions. Many people will look around and think “how could this world be so screwed up when there really is no actual problem on this earth”. That alone is not proof of anything. It is more of a sign that you yourself are becoming aware of the trivial nature of most of humanity. The truly childish psyche that most people walk around with. You take a bunch of undeveloped humans and put them together in a limited monetary system and watch the sparks fly. Humans arent meant for the society we have constructed… that is the problem. We came from nature and that is where we belong… that is where things feel and work out right.

  43. Just knowing that their evil souls will fry in hell for ALL of eternity is good enough for me.
    Gotta love those secret societies huh boyz and gurlz. you sick demon pigs will meet your master satan and the demons in hell. That’s a fact.

  44. Zen: I’ve come to the same conclusions as you talk about in this well-written article. The only thing I’d like to point out, however, is that witchcraft, by itself, isn’t evil. The vast majority of people who call themselves witches, are people who are trying to help humanity and to heal and protect Mother Earth. There are those who work what is popularly known as Black Magick, which I prefer to call Evil Magick or Destructive Magick, but they are hidden from the general populace for the most part. So, please, don’t write about witchcraft as if all of it is evil. There are many fine people who are working hard to bring light to the Earth and humanity. I know this because I, and many people I know, are doing this work. Thank you.

  45. I beg to differ….WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM…THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THINK DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are not here at this time for no reason………
    We all wanted to be here now, so that we could make a difference.
    We do not want to be the last civilsation on earth. We are here to fight for the rights of our creator. Are we all having issues with the truth…you bet we are.
    However, would you want the future to state that we all stood still and did nothing…..or that we all gave it our best, and failed? I personally think we can do miracles. Whos with me?
    ! Good always wins over Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are here for a reason at this time in our evolution.
    It will take all of us, in One group-united…to overcome this.
    STAND FIRM, and join hands!
    We will overcome my Lord, we will overcome. I just know we will.
    It won’t be easy…nothing worth fighting for is……..we have a wonderful world ahead of us..go for it!
    Here is to US! CHEERS!
    I do not want to be where we are at this moment. But it is here, and we all need to wake the hell up, and deal with it the best way we know how. We are now at that time we wanted to avoid. We all hoped things would work differently, and we would not come to this. We are in trouble, and we as a group need to figure out how the hell to survive this mess. Too many people have gone along with this crewel plan, and told no one. The blood is on their hands. If you are aware that you children, grandchildren, parents, etc. are to be taken out, and you do nothing but go along with this evil plan..what are we to think of you and your morals?
    I was taught that a mans word is his honor…I really do not understand why people have stood back and did nothing.all while taking an oath to protect and defend this country, and it constitutional rights..both foreign and DOMESTIC! Shame on you!
    I had three Great Grandfathers who fought in the Republic war..they fought the indians, they built the states, the counties, the roads, the cities we now live in. My GGgrandfather was in the Civil war in Gettysburg, he died young because of it..was in the hospital for over one year..he lost his brothers, cousins and friends in that war…for WHAT…for us to appreciate what they were fighting for, and for us to have a better life
    . We owned so much in Ireland and Scotland…Cromwall took it away..we came here for a better life.
    .Is this how we repay them? We sit on our hands, act like everything is great….NO
    We in this country are all mixed breed…I am Scottish, Irish, German, and English..None of whom ever rolled over and played dead. My ancient ancestors where Royalty. Kings, Queens, Knight, Gallowglass Warriors..What did they all give there lives for, that we are not going to now fight for,
    I was signed up for the masonic lodge in the 1970’s..I did not continue to go. My Father told me that it was my free will. I had the choice of rather I wanted to attend these meeting or not. I choose not to. When my father was dying, he told me that they were all lying to me, every son of a bitch is lying to you…not a damn on of them is telling you the truth. This sent me on my search down the rabbit hole, and what a search it has been. I often asked if we could go back to Mayberry again, and live in our bubble. That secure place where all seemed well with the world. Once you discover the truth, there is no going back. No matter how hard you try
    . I do know where I AM GOING when I leave this Earth, and who is going to meet me, and take me home..That is probably more than most people know..I know I am going HOME when I leave here.
    BUT, I have children and Grandchildren here, whom I give more honor than any other. Have you ever heard of the phrases, Hell hath no fury than that of a scorned women, or the lioness will protect her cubs at all costs…you piss them off and there will be hell to pay. This world has under estimated the women of this world….
    I have learned through my work that 9 out of 10 of the people I have had the opportunity to meet, have been the most amazing and best people of this world. There is only the 1 of 10 to deal with.
    That’s doable! it is now time to think and act very wisely…make all you do count..we are ok.
    we can create the world we want to live in. Start creating…and tell the “powers that be”, that we do not consent…..do what we came here to do..make miracles happen. Or, as I was told, Bring Joy into the Lives of Others..WE are ONE…Together we win…divided we fall…Let us get together, we are our brothers keeper.
    I do apologize for the length of my ramblings. There are things people must understand, and I do not know how else to get through to them…please wake up,,we are running out of time. We must all act together.
    May God Bless you and keep you all!

    • JUDY !
      I can feel your frustration.. i’ve felt like that for at least 20 years… And YES, WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON !
      I have found my truth… And i have found my answers… But what’s right for me might not be right for you..
      I now realize that EVERYTHING negative and destructive is exactly as it should be.. DIVINE PLAN OF CREATION… It’s part of HUMAN AND PLANETARY EVOLUTION !
      I’ve rediscovered MY truth through the book ‘THE ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE’ vol 1 and 2 by Drunvalo Melchezidek… It’s awesome and it explains EVERYTHING within CREATION.
      I’ve had 25 years of PLEIADIAN teachings which confirm to me that’s where i’m from (future self !)
      The answers you are looking for are within you (you already know that ) it just helps when your passions and beliefs are re-enforced….
      Love (creation) and Light (knowledge) :-)

  46. This adversarial blame game avails us not. Almost every single person on the web is actively destroying the planet by using toxic technologies every day.Tthey all flush the planet’s nutrients into the sea every time they use the toilet. Few use alternative energy sources, content to plug into coal and nuke powered grids. Most buy crap in toxic supermarkets (This message comes to you from a small wooden cabin in a forest btw). Most work in ‘jobs’ for companies that actively destroy the ecosystem. And they have the hide to blame distant disinterested ‘rulers’ for the mess they’ve created themselves.

    It’s a little too pat to blame ‘alens’, ‘reptilians’ or anyone other than yourself for this global sickness environmentalists have been warning us about for almost a century. Claiming that the so-called ‘illuminati’ (they’re nothing of the kind – just the same old dumb robber barons) have a depopulation agenda and are destroying their own ecosystem to achieve it is populist balderdash. Blaming others for your own crimes is rather silly and counterproductive. It doesn’t matter who is on top of the totem pole if everyone below them is just as culpable, and would do the same thing in their place – as almost every minion of ‘civilisation’ would, given the evidence of their day to day lifestyles.

    Who are all the idiots accessing this with dangerous wifi devices that they really KNOW are damaging them? Who are the ones using the grid to access this? Who are the ones with pesticides and chemical concoctions in their kitchen cupboards? Who are the ones that pay money (their time) for poisonous crap all the time? Robots? Helpless victims? Who’s forcing them to contribute to their children’s deaths? Faceless overlords?

    Unless YOU turn on, tune in and above all OPT OUT of this poisonous system then YOU are personally responsible for the fdestruction of our planet.

    This divisive blame game is part of the problem, not part of the solution. The hippies were always right. Join them or get what you deserve.

    For some real solutions see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/permaculture and abandon the notion that blaming others will help you.

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