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Terror and Consent – The Tavistock Agenda

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This is well worth watching. Exposing the techniques used to divide, disable and dominate humanity is essential to fully awakening. Once these become familiar to you they will become strikingly apparent in the manipulated world we live in and will greatly help staying free from their tentacles. – Zen [Hat tip: Indigo - tx!]





  1. The ritual killing that was the 7/7 London Bombings involved a bus being bombed in Tavistock Square, and blood being splattered over the Tavistock clinic door…

  2. The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimated there are up to 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in the country, including 750,000 in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals and care homes.

    • We’re the most surveilled country in the world Rollo and Zen as you know . 207 schools in Britain have cameras in their toilets and changing rooms ???!!!! Why ? 825 cameras being used in these places !! Of the 2,107 schools and academies that responded to a survey on the use of cameras it was found that in total 48,806 were used with 26, 887 in the school buildings themselves . Why and why aren’t parents doing something ? When my daughter was at school I told them if any one surveilled her, took her fingerprints asked her questions on intrusive surveys , I would consult my solicitor and make their life hell !! I meant it as well , !! I could never understand how parents could sit by and allow the erosion of their children’s rights . Crazy people .. X Kitty

        • Ha ! media not interested Zen , it keeps popping up in various newspapers but you know apathy rules here , as with many countries or most I should say. If we can’t convince (and I can’t) people that Fukushima is a nightmarish slow kill agenda , Cameras seem insignificant . Most of my friends are convinced they are there to protect their kids . To be honest most are too busy collecting stuff ,cars, houses, money to be bothered . I sometimes look at them and just wonder, what do you think ? most of the time they don’t ,Leaving a legacy of things is not important , but I’m quaint and funny apparently. A I said, crazy people !!! X Kitty

        • Saw that Darren , not sure about the UK, but Xbox 1 , found in most homes , has a camera always on. Some televisions have the same facility . Needless to say , not allowed in my house;) . Sometimes I think … its me, am I paranoid ? it can be so depressing . What ever happened to innocence for our kids , we ‘ll just have to take it back X Kitty

      • well done kitty, you are a shining light in these dark times, i dont have any kids, but i would have done the same as you, i will support you as much as i can on this, i will start to spread the word on this subject, i will do research on this and post it all over social media, this has to be stopped!

        • Thanks Ian, my daughter is now at home being schooled thank goodness . This info was in a number of news papers as well as the news I believe .Most parents are so concerned that their children receive an education that they will tolerate anything to ensure this happens .We live in a society where formal qualifications define who we are , and now because there are so few jobs available to our young people gaining a degree or something similar is seen to be of paramount importance.More pressure for parents not to question the’ system’ However because degrees are common place the coinage has been devalued as it were and they are in effect worthless. I have a few myself, but the most important thing I have ever done is to have and bring up my children. What ever my kids do is ok with me as long as they are happy and able to navigate their way around this world, I want life to be an adventure for them and the’ wondering’ to always be there .We pay a price though for this so called education , by stealth our children are being made to comply with the bigger agenda of total surveillence . What may seem a convenience in the use of biometric data collection to use a school library or pay for school lunches is in fact not only an invasion of privacy but a lesson in compliance for life in the’ real’ world . Cameras are I feel used for the same reason , compliance.This is where our children’s real education lies .Not in the repetition of facts but in brainwashing them to be good little drones in their corporate sponsored prisons. To accept this is happening is for most people unacceptable because everything is so’ normal’,but what is normal about cameras at this level in a school or anywhere for that matter ? Hope you get a reaction Ian, if we all sit back and do nothing we will ourselves help to usher in the total surveillence world we all so fear . Next thing !! Don’t forget to opt out of the NHS Data base . Information about us will be available to any interested party , including police, social services and any random snooper in effect . Another thing Ian for us to fight , but we must , this is what true spirituality is about , responsibility !!!! Much love, Kitty XX

          • hi kitty, what a beautiful passionate response.
            i completely agree that this truly is turning into an orwellian nightmare and it has to be stopped as soon as possible.
            however as you say, most parents are to scared to complain, so it will involve their support which will not be easy to attain.
            degrees in this day and age are of little use due to the fact there are so few jobs available to apply for in this shopkeeper nation.
            all we can do is try to make people aware of multiple camera’s in private area’s like changing rooms and toilets, that is just so wrong and an invasion of privacy :(

        • Thank you Ian , your support means so much . Your comments here are always up lifting and inspiring and a pleasure to read Much love Kitty X

        • They are all the same Rollo , wouldn’t trust one as far as I could throw one. Solicitors are just the lower end of the spectrum . Barristers are at the upper end . Any mention of litigation though is always a worry for a school . Plus I can be quite scary apparently , so I’v been told LOL X

          • Important information on gnostic media on how to tackle the “legal” system…… you have to do it as an individual, minus lawyers, as they work for the “system”. Lawyers are educated through a curriculum that is controlled by the same ones making the laws.

      • Bravo Kitty! Those numbers are astounding. I did the same thing. First dance of high school, my daughter comes home to tell me that the cops will be there doing a pat down of everyone. Mama goes marching in to talk to the principal who tells me that she only started that rumour to prevent the kids from bringing alcohol into the school. I told her that if ANYONE lays a finger on my girl that there will be hell to pay. We are talking about 13 & 14 year olds here.
        She went to the dance with the instructions that if they try to search you, call me-I’m 5 minutes away.
        Yes, when talking to other parents about this they were all for the searches to “protect” their kids.
        I spent more time in the office than the administrators and it was all worth it. You’re quaint and funny and apparently I am weird (for not allowing immunization, manipulation, pat downs, or allowing critical thinking in my house?). I laugh, my child is much more precious to me than anyone’s opinion.
        And Ian, you are a wonderful loving person. Spreading the word and speaking up for children who’s parents are still in a slumber is a stand up beautiful human thing to do. Love

        • Laurie ! Why aren’t you nearer to me ?, you sound like my kind of girl , Lol ! we could really be a force to be reckoned with !! At least we’re doing something !! I told my daughter if during her sex ed class anything that was said made her uncomfortable she had my permission to leave . She did ! taking a large number of friends with her , after giving the teacher a lecture on how inappropriate it all was and had she the teacher lost her moral compass !! My daughter was 12 at the time and had obviously been listening to me :)) Good for you standing up for your daughters rights ,your daughter is such a lucky girl to have you , she will grow into a strong awake young woman , just how we need our girls to be who do these people think they are ? Our children should not have these terrible burdens placed on them and feel constantly fearful why can’t they just go to a dance and enjoy themselves ? My daughter was the only child out of a school with 300 girls who didn’t receive her Gardasil or Cervarix immunisation , I virtually begged friends and acquaintances to refuse but they all insisted it was okay , and the pressure to do these things is dreadful . My daughter is now at home being schooled , the teachers breathed a sigh of relief that a difficult mother is now gone but I still tell my school mom friends the truth of what is really going on in our schools . It really is lovely to hear from you Laurie , this gives me so much strength knowing I have a strong brave sister fighting beside me ! Much love to you and your beautiful family Kitty X

          • Pat downs Laurie ! And why would a school principal make up a rumour for Goodness Sake Does she not have the ability to speak to her students without the use of threats . Sounds just like some of the heads of schools I have come up against . When I was a child my parents told me to always question if someone told me to do something I must question why ? , and they taught me to think critically . I noticed you mentioned critical thinking , now it’s called Oppositional Defiance Disorder as defined by the DSM . Now questioning authority and trying to think for yourself is classed as mental health !! Lol , you couldn’t make this stuff up X

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