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Tesla Round 2 – The Mission of Eric Dollard

I went out to the desert to see Eric. After 3 days with Eric I had learned more about true natural science than I did in all of college. I felt like Luke SkyWalker after meeting Yoda. The entire experience was surreal and one of the highlights of my life thus far.Eric Dollard is the Yoda of electricity and a modern day wizard. His accomplishments are far more impressive than I had initially thought. I have posted a video but there is far more I shall release. Eric speaks truth to power and shatters lies with every word he speaks.

If Nikola Tesla were alive today …

  • Would you believe in his dream to provide limitless energy to the world?
  • Would you tell all your friends about his work?
  • Would you donate to help him rebuild his lab after the bankers burned it down?

We all have this opportunity now today with a modern day Tesla.

  • Eric Dollard has done truth to power for 45 years and dared to go where no scientist since Tesla has gone. As his reward Eric is now living out of his car out in the desert. Eric has endured severe trials at the hands of the powers that be.
  • Tesla had his lab burned down by the bankers. Eric Dollard has had every single one of his labs taken from him and destroyed, eight in total!
  • Eric has had his notes burned, his taped lectures withheld and even the manuscript he wrote for a book taken by a president of a “Tesla society”
  • Eric has “done more on food stamps” than others have done with millions according to one leading alternative sciences investor.
  • Eric’s last lab was an early quake detection system that gave a full 48 hours of warning and detected two major quakes in California and In Japan. It was taken from him, all the gear confiscated, all of Eric’s personal property was taken and even his dog was stolen from him.

What would happen if we, the people supported the work of Eric Dollard?

Vindicate Tesla, Save the work of Eric Dollard

As a fifteen year old he got his first job with Americas biggest Radio corporation RCA, as a 16 year old he graduated high-school as a full fledged engineer and began working for Bell Labs and then went on to conquer every technical challenge the US Navy threw at him. Eric Dollard is without a doubt the Greatest Hacker Alive, much as Tesla was the greatest Hacker who ever lived.


Eric Dollard has dedicated his life to discovering scientific truth to better humanity. He succeeded beyond all expectations and even surpassed Nikola Tesla. His reward has been tyranny and poverty.

The work of Eric Dollard was the very pinnacle of any available material. As I got closer to his work I began to wonder what he was up to. I was shocked and horrified to learn that he was now homeless. His last lab having been destroyed and all his work stolen. They even took his dog this time. Eric is a true champion of truth and a warrior scientist if there ever was one. It is a miracle he is still alive. The story of Eric Dollard is the story of humanity.

Eric has been working hard to get this critical information to the public.


What We Need & What You Get

  • Eric was wrongly evicted from a facility that he inherited from a friend and turned into a wireless electrical transmission station. Eric is adamant about suing those who embezzled and defraud him. Thus legal services will be required to get the facility, his gear and his notes. Eric knows the court system is rigged so he doesn’t want to go down that road but at the very least he would like to consult with an attorney.
  • Eric’s presentations and a book he wrote are being held for ransom by the San Francisco Tesla society. Eric wants his work back and made available to the public. Legal services will be again required.
  • A beatup toyota corolla and the desert is no home for a truly great scientist. Eric needs a new Lab. While $20,000 is not enough to buy him a lab it is enough to get him back on his feet and give us the time we need to plan our next move which is to somehow get our foot in the door by introducing the supressed Tesla tech to the public somehow…


There are active agents of suppression working against people like Eric Dollard and Tesla before him. These agents are shadowy and have great power. They can shatter the best laid plans of the individual. My hope is that we the people working together can triumph over them. Those that don’t believe that such powers exist should look for another worthy campaign to aid. Those looking at this as an investment, look elsewhere as this is not a mere charity campaign but a bold declaration of defiance to the powers that be !

All the funds will go to Eric Dollard. If we do not meet the goal all the funds also go to Eric Dollard. The goal is just my humble estimation of how much the legal proceedings will be for a few months and hopefully to get Eric off the street. The more we get the closer we can get Eric back his lab or setup a new lab. One of the most respected venture capitlists in this field said that “Eric has done more on foodstamps than all my other investments” This is what caught my eye and it is very true. Eric can make do with very little but I estimate it will take around $200,000 to set him up with a functioning bare bones lab again.

Eric's last lab at Landers CA


The Impact, True People Power

The magnitude of what is possible and what has already been done is more than most choose to believe. This is not for most, but the elite few with the faith to believe in a worldview of abundance and natural wonder, the world Tesla tried to bring into the open 120 years ago. Eric Dollard has made Tesla’s mission his own and he has been at it alone for over 50 years fighting against the powers that be.

I have never done such a thing before, make a campaign to fund a project like this. My experience is limited but I can wear many hats thanks to being an entrepreneur, coder, designer, and marketer. I am just a normal guy trying to help accomplish something that could rock the whole world.

I am very excited about this because it is like walking into a world of endless possibilities. We the people could setup our own mobile communications service, our own democratic internet and our own radio stations. I get to learn this amazing new field of science from the Yoda of the field and play a part in it’s birth! I feel like a kid again and my sense of wonder, long since dormant since childhood is back!! This is the best part of being an Angel investor. The investments you truly love you give your money, time and heart.

The powers that be want to protect their cash cows and keep those fat bills coming in every month. Lets show them what people power can really do.

Eric has many fans who wait on every new communication. They look up to him as a true scientist and warrior for truth. His fans are mostly young people who still believe in the wonderment of nature and old timers who remember the true origins of radio and have seen it suppressed before their eyes.

This picture was drawn by one of Eric’s fans. Eric has many fans who wait on every new communication. They look up to him as a true scientist and warrior for truth. His fans are mostly young people who still believe in the wonderment of nature and old timers who remember the true origins of radio and have seen it suppressed before their eyes. Eric has inspired many young people to persue the true path of science.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Spreading the word about Eric and the technology that is available to us now is the most important thing. http://www.jinnwe.com/quest.php?id=1002 Please read this article and pass this campaign link to your friends.
  • Comment here and show your support for Eric’s work.
  • Also, Eric loves letters. Eric is an analog guy, not digital. This means he doesn’t do computers or iphones so you will have to send him a letter.

YES, AN ACTUAL PAPER LETTER IN THE POSTAL MAIL. GASP! real envelope and stamps and all. Write to him here.

Eric Dollard
General Delivery
Lone Pine, CA 93545


[Hat tip: Q – Tx!]


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  1. Oh Yeah!! Grassroots networking, YES!! Don’t over-think it, DO something that helps everyone. Great post with lots of passion, it’s what we need.

  2. Eric should ask his Native American neighbors if he can setup a lab on their lands to do his work in peace. In Canada, the cops and sheriffs can not even go on native land without permission. something to consider anyways

    • Earth is for everyone. Nobody owns anything, we just passing thru our bodily existence. Boundaries are man made an imaginary lines and don’t mean anything, except a representation of human ego and greed. Don’t try guilt trip those who are open minded. Take your chains with you. Canada , where i am from, trying to be just and rightness because a past. But human existence, for all people, depend on honesty, cooperation, carefully and conscientiously plans / actions.

  3. If he wants to come to Texas I have a remote place for him.
    I will provide security myself.
    I have a machine & welding shop there for building things he may need.
    i’m also pretty good help.

  4. I went up to see Eric about 6 weeks ago. He claims that his biggest enemy is Commonweal. Not true.
    Commonweal was used against him because they were handy AND under control of GOV. The Grid that Eric built picks up EVERYTHING. GOV obviously doesn’t want anyone picking up their secret communications. If Eric were to just focus on transmission rather than reception, I believe that he would have fewer problems. Lone Pine is quite cold and he could use a few “space blankets”. He doesn’t want anything bulky.

    • “… Commonweal was used against him because they were handy AND under control of GOV….” and they call themselves independent. Honesty is the best policy, they are not independent.

  5. watched all the videos…..

    this guy eric dollard is beyond a genius… he has Tesla’s experiments being duplicated on video over 20 years ago… he independently discovered Tesla’s radiant energy when he was like 15….
    seriously… this guy is off the chain… and he was sleeping in his car in the desert??????!?!?!?!!?!?

    what kind of world are we living in. we GOTTA support this guy. I donated and am writing him.

      • *Jimmy Wales aka ‘Wikipedia’ is also a guest minion of the Darkside/Insecticide- of the Bilderberger’s…just happens to be a jewish /zionist…what a coincidence!
        …Down the road after the books are all burned … the content of the world knowledge base is being surreptitiously & negatively ameliorated as we speak… into ‘Sidious’ insidious-double-speak, neuro-linguistic pseudo-propaganda/paradigms…or just plain BS syntax effectively leading us into the dark ages of illiterate serfdom once again.

  6. In need of money, try KICKSTARTER, i.e. I happened to run across this: Safecast Geiger Counter Reference Design

    The whole project started @ http://www-kickstarter-com/projects/seanbonner/safecast-x-kickstarter-geiger-counter

    and here is the free open source design; http://www-bunniestudios-com/blog/?p=2218

    Not bad, and this is what the invetor is stating “I am a proponent of open source hardware; so here’s the source files for my design! All of the following source files are licensed under CC3.0-BY-SA with my XL1.0 automatic patent cross-license rider (CC doesn’t address patents, so I invented my own rider that piggybacks on CC to ensure that any patents that may arise from this or its derivatives are automatically cross-licensed to the community).”

    • Get him on Red Ice for an interview with Hendrik as soon as possible. Interviews are done over the phone. It would be awesome and would reach many people. Hendrik knows how to ask all the right questions and get the word out. Peace now.

  7. More proof that TPTB can’t drown the inevitable. Great post, I hope he won’t be offended if I send him 10 bucks.

    • RU kidding? It’s the intention, faith, encouragement, affirmation, sympathy, understanding and love you’re conveying. The money will add up but the support is eternal. Way to go…!

  8. Although I have never met Eric I have had the greatest respect for him since I first saw his video’s in the eighties. Unfortunately, and I hate to say this, his work will never be allowed to progress in the US. Yes he deserves our help to survive for what hope he has given us in the past and continues to freely give regardless of the personal risk involved.
    However he may well be allowed to build a new $200,000 lab but once it’s functional it will be destroyed in order to disillusion both him and those that donated.
    The land of the free is an illusion and has been for a very long time so there is no way anybody is going to be allowed to threaten multi trillion dollar corporate profits.
    Take my advice (I don’t use it anyway) get him out to another country whatever the cost where he can work in relative peace for the benifit of humanity because it’s unlightly we will find another such as he for at least the next hundred years.
    Side note: since “Fukushima” is still ongoing Cali is not the best place to live anyway, the radiation is increasing and will continue to do so indefinitely. Start reading sites such as http://enenews.com/ rather than listening to the mainstream news and consider trying to relocate Eric south if he is willing to move.
    I am in Australia which although also corporate controlled is not quite as Drakonion as yet as much of Europe and the US. Although as a pensioner I cannot afford to donate I can and would be more than willing to accommodate him here until such time as he can find suitable premises to work from. Change for the better does not just happen it takes work and sacrifice.

  9. you need to contact thrivemovement. com and have him on there page. That will reach Millions! he is one of a 100 scientists that have been oppressed.

  10. This link has been pulled from you tube due to “copyright infringement”.
    An live demonstration of Tesla’s long lost experiments with the new type of electricity he discovered. It was long lost… until Eric figured it out. This video is from the 80?s

    • “Eric Dollard Peter Lindeman…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Clear Tech, Inc..

      It seems to me that Eric Dollard is still being suppressed. Bummer.

  11. Be Careful of “Thrivemovement.com”…. from what I’ve read that is controlled opposition and false hope. One thought I just had was contacting Karl W. B. Swarz, who was once a prominant Republican and essays used to be on Rense. He moved to former Hungary I believe where his nanotechnology company is thriving outside of the US corruption. He may have lots of contacts where Eric can get a new lab where they won’t destroy it in 5 minutes.

    • Agreed. Thrive is fishy, to say the least. Remember these buggers study us and mimic our realizations to misdirect or act as release valves. You can’t be too careful.

  12. I need to get contact from someone ref Eric Dollard urgently to help him. Whoever is monitoring this and can put me in direct contact with themselves to lead to Eric must do so urgently. WE CAN HELP HIM.

  13. We did it guys! We kicked major ass and are at 150% of our goal now!
    This is a movement in and of itself. The first real one we have had in quite a while.

    Lets go for another Victory. Some little troll, the president of a Tesla Society, has been withholding 3 of Eric’s lectures for 5 years!!!

    These lectures are long and jam packed with info. Only one of the 4 has been released

    The Other 3 are full of even more amazing info. Let’s get on this guy and let him know WE WANT THIS INFO PUBLIC NOW!!
    IF he says he is trying to edit the, that is a LIE, they need no editing, and it has been 5 years.

    1. Call George Gadboury, president of Tesla Society ( 415-286-6576 ) 50 points for voice mail, 200 points for a live call
    2. Email George Gadboury ( sftesla@hotmail.com ) 10 points
    3. Crash Next Meeting 1000 points
    Sunday, March 10, 2013 1 – 5 p.m. at the
    TechShop – San Francisco
    926 Howard Street (near 5th Street)
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  14. Well, it seems as if this page, and the present attempt to connect people together to make a difference may be just another false flag. I have left several messages to zengardener, commented on the recent video, commented on fb, and commented here. The commetn here was removed, and I have recieved no reply from anywhere. I want to know, and wake people up to the fact, that if one were to include the Vitreous energy signature into the math of Maxwell, it all works, and one can easily engage the background. This is what Tesla was doing with his OSCILLATING DC. Wake up people!! It is not hard!! You are merely told that it is.

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