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The 4th Dimensional Kali Yuga Blues


Its 2:00 a.m. on one of those nights when sleep won’t come because I can’t seem to get my mind into neutral.  Foremost in my thoughts is my daughter who lives just downwind from Fukushima, and why she won’t leave.  Outside in the darkness I can hear the rain falling, like the unseen killer in a horror movie it is bringing Fukushima radiation and chemtrail toxins right to my own doorstep as well.  My mind leaps from thought to thought like a stone skipping over a still pond, with each thought being one more thing that is horribly wrong with this world we live in, the collective splashes leading to an inescapable conclusion that is neither pretty or desired.

I spend more time than I should trying to keep abreast of things in this rapidly changing world, probably why nights like this one happen.  I should know better by now.  The sheer amount of information is literally staggering, and I’ve been following it for most of my adult life.  The thing about this much raw information is that it becomes useless fast unless you can place it into some kind of tangible context, not at all unlike a giant jigsaw puzzle.  As with the jigsaw analogy, in real life you simply don’t need for every piece to fall into place before you’re able to make out just what the picture is…we’re there now, and to quote the late Warren Zevon, “It ain’t that pretty at all.”
An entire section of the puzzle that we can see is quite clear now, including at least seven divergent sources all indicating that this year’s winter solstice will be something monumental.  First of course is the now famous Mayan calendar, which I believe denotes the end of one great age and the beginning of a new cycle of “time”.  Next there is the Hopi prophesy which likewise speaks of humanity entering “the fifth world” and the omens heralding the time of arrival.  Next is the Hindu Kali Yuga, written about in the Buddhist astronomical manuscript “Surya-Siddhanta” and described as the final age of man.(1)  Then there is the Egyptian timecode, also carved in stone which predicted the various water disasters from 2004 till now and suggests that humanity will be decimated by the “river of fire.” The Bible contains many detailed accounts of “the Apocalypse” which many believe describe exactly the times we now live in.  Can it only be coincidence that our nearest star, the sun, is entering the most active & violent phase of the last eleven years at the same time everything else is happening?  Both the Mayans and Nostradamus spoke of fire in the sky as the harbinger of ultimate doom, and that’s just what we have with coronal mass ejections and massive flares from our sun.  I mentioned Nostradamus because so many of his quatrains seem to describe apocalyptic scenarios for this general time, even though he never wrote about December 21, 2012 specifically. Then of course there is the amazing work of the late Terrance McKenna who created the time-wave theory which independently of other sources mentioned here, also denoted Dec. 21, 2012 as the time when everything ends, so to speak.  Can you have an ending without also having a beginning…?
So, here we have these various people trying to send us a message down through time that something very big and important will happen on the winter solstice this year.  Many are now awakening to the reality unfolding around us, but many, many more remain asleep in the illusion of separation.  I see humanity as standing on the threshold of a dream, preparing to take that next step in the evolution of our species.  I also see the trans-human agenda with its matrix of pacification technologies attempting to prevent humanity from reaching that threshold of evolution, preferring us all as their slaves instead.
Just ahead is a crossroads where the current path divides into two roads, one leads to destiny, (service to others) the other to destitution. (service to self) (2) I believe that the coming winter solstice is when we must finally choose which road we will take as an individual; it is after all, our free will to choose, and if you don’t choose, someone else will do it for you…and believe me you don’t want that.
  Those who willingly follow the road to destitution the powers that be are so eagerly herding us onto have it easy, all they have to do is nothing.  However for those who would break away and head down the road to destiny, the work can be both difficult and at times painful, because simply put there’s no room for all our baggage.  The baggage of old traumas and tragedies will only serve to anchor you to the reality you seek escape from, so let them go, bless, then release them as they do not serve your highest good, they never did!  Ya gotta ‘get skinny’ by raising your vibration because the doorway to evolution is narrow by design.(3)
As if the cumulative effect of all that’s going on in the world doesn’t give us enough cognitive dissonance; there is something else happening which makes things harder, and that is our transition thru the 4th dimension, toward the fifth.  In this context the word dimension relates to frequency and resonance, as in higher and lower octaves.  Anyway by now I think it’s a safe assumption that “we ain’t in Kansas anymore.”  If we are to travel the road of destiny, which by definition means raising our vibration to that of the fifth dimension, we must first drop everything about us which is incompatible with that resonance…all those old trappings of 3rd dimensional life as we knew it such as intolerance, greed, hatred and violence.  That’s what the fourth dimensions is all about; it’s an energetic environment conducive to change on the hurry-up, but of relatively short duration compared to the time humanity spent in third dimensional vibration.  Is everything going too fast for you nowadays?  Do you sometimes feel nearly overwhelmed? Are changes coming to your life faster than you can adjust to them?  These are all earmarks of the 4th dimension…accelerated change.  When you weren’t looking someone slipped the treadmill into sprint mode, welcome to 4D.  Buckle up!
Going thru the 4D weight loss program can force us to get into shape, especially knowing what awaits down the road not chosen as an added incentive.  You may have to break old habits which on the surface seem harmless until you apply the universal law about energy following thought, because that’s how we manifest things into our reality.  You’ll want to monitor your own thoughts throughout the day, and see what they show you about where energy is following them to.  I believe the universe re-arranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality.  The universe can show us our highest aspirations or deepest fears depending upon where we choose to focus that energy into manifestation.  You cannot expect to wake up in a 5D reality if your time is being spent monitoring the death throes of a dying 3rd dimensional paradigm you once lived in. An excellent example of this is the survivalist-prepper movement.  Here you have good, well meaning people trying their best to prepare for a dystopian apocalypse by stockpiling food, weapons and ammo with which to defend their family.  They spend copious amounts of time thinking & planning out various scenarios…in other words they spend all their energy and time ensuring that all of the horrible things they fear will manifest as surely as a dog responding to his master’s call.  Their thoughts and intention literally lock them into the unwanted reality.
The powers that be are heavily invested in keeping us in fear, and locked into that low, muddy, negative 3rd dimension frequency of the survivalist; and their favorite weapon of mass distraction is TV, movies & media.  Who wouldn’t slip into fear after watching TV shows like Revolution, where the power grid is taken down & the government fails, or The Walking Dead, about the ultimate zombie apocalypse…then there is the re-make of Red Dawn hitting theaters next week.  They seek to program us to live in fear, don’t buy the snake oil, break free into a vaster reality.
Its time for each of us individually to dream the future into being rather than just waiting to see what “they”  have planned for us.  Everything seems to come down to conscious intent or the lack of it.  As always, it’s a choice, one each of us must make, or not – according to our preference. I’m thinking of an old axiom I first heard many years ago, “Never feed a negative thought your energy, starve it out.”  Great advice for the times we find ourselves living in.
The hour grows late now as the unrelenting rain hammers my window with renewed intensity, Mother Nature adding her own punctuation to this whirlwind of thoughts and emotions depriving me of sleep this night.  As my head again falls onto pillow I will not anticipate sleep thinking of the coming horrors I wish to avoid, but rather what a fifth dimensional reality will look, sound, and feel like.  Then later, I shall dream the future I wish to see.  There is room for us all !
                         Until next time, be good to each other….


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  1. Zen: Thank you for a devastatingly real, heart-felt, honest sharing. I so appreciate this aspect of you that shows up every now and then, amidst the other more world-weary and cynical selections that are often showcased here. Your deep feeling, great heart, and wonderful courage are inspiring and disarming – and so much more powerful than most of the gathered info. You have a beautiful gift. Please continue to share it with us. Blessings!

      • C – Thanks so much. How heartfelt. I read this on your blog a couple of days ago. I loved the video/audio of Terrance McKenna at the end. He really had it figured out.

        ps – I had a guy a few years ago who left the radio on all night. (we were out of town on a job in a motel room) I didn’t mind but it also was rather strange to me. Now I find myself leaving coast to coast am on at nights. About two nights ago I woke up and stayed awake for over two hours listening about composting and gardening. Today I started a compost pile. With all the chemtrails I think it’s important to nurture the soil if we want to grow anything. This is not the first time I have awakened in the middle of the night and been led to listen. I feel it is a message from God since I never feel tired when this happens.

  2. November 16, 2012

    Where to Turn?

    As we contemplate from within, asking,
    O Lord, where do I apply myself,
    Reports from the battlefields pour in.

    We have lost this sector.
    We have gone down to defeat here.
    The enemy prevailed here and
    almost everywhere else.

    Retreating into our crystal cave,
    We ask,
    Does it matter?
    We ask,
    Where is our Master, in times like these?

    The answer comes within nine seconds, or not.

    Within, within.

    Blessings upon us all,


  3. That which is most personal is most universal. Your sleepless thoughts parallel my own. Thanks for the reminder of choice.

  4. “Never feed a negative thought your energy, starve it out.” Great advice for the times we find ourselves living in.”

    Yes absolutely. Being present allows you to be aware of such negative thoughts and to choose whether to feed them or not.

    To see what is currently going on in your mind, you need to be aware of your body and where you are physically located right now. When you are grounded in the now, it is possible to glimpse what is happening in the mind.

    However for many who are lost in the various distractions that we call everyday life, there’s so little time to be aware of the churning of thoughts. The subconscious does a great job of storing them for you and you have a whole dam-full of thoughts, memories, bits and pieces of data that you’ve picked up, un or half-knowingly, from things seen in a fluster of hurry and drowsiness. These include everything from words on a cereal packet to the greatest or most sacred works of literature.

    Reacting to the vast range of discomforts you encounter by avoidance or distraction is not the way to freedom. Neither is anaesthetizing oneself with drink, drugs, sex or heavenly highs.

    You can starve out negative thoughts when you know they are there. That’s what being present and being mindful is all about.

    Negative thoughts, or indeed any thoughts, arise have being and pass away. If you are aware of the process, you don’t get taken over by them or by emotional reactions engendered by them. They simply come, have being and go. If you are not aware of their arising and being, they trigger all sorts of old programming and set off old habitual reactions. You end up like a puppet being pulled by the strings of the past or by the controllers who know how to take advantage of those who are too distracted or too busy to notice what is going on in their minds.

    Thoughts and the state of mind are only a part of your experience of each moment. There’s more to it than that. But that’s another topic.

    Being overly concerned with negative projections of the future is enervating. It drains you of life force and of the will to attend to what is necessary for you right now. Such future projections are just complex systems of thought. They arise, have being and fade away just like all the rest.

    When was the last time that you sat or stood still for a while, tuned into your sensations and thoughts and focused in on the now?

    • * excellent sage advice to add to anyone’s toolbox…I consciously deal with it everyday…I treat the ‘blue-meanies’ like I did with cigarettes…focus…hang on…ride it out & watch it/them disappear….now you feel better…cheers

  5. Wonderful article, Chautauqua. Wise and perceptive throughout.

    I have had a few sleepless nights lately, plus some wiped-out days to balance them out! Many people worry that there is something wrong if they can’t sleep, and end up suckling from BigPharma to help them with their ‘problem’.

    I have learned to enjoy sleepless nights. Often between 2-5am in the still water of the night, it is easy to work things out. There are no distractions and it’s a privileged time to be awake.

    • Hi Indigo ~ Indeed the wee hours are the very best times to meditate, contemplate or whatever…it’s because the majority of other ‘transmitters’ (brains) are in a dormant mode, hence the ethers are some degree quieter and a better connection to Spirit is enjoyed. :)

  6. Yep sleepless nights I have had plenty. Worrying about my kids and all the others kids on this planet for that matter.This is a great post to the people who are awake and have come to the realization that it maybe a good idea to prepare just in case. Like our man Chautauqua stated in this great post maybe it is time to focus figure out what is going at this hurried pace has best we can and have a plan and slowly move toward that plan in a relaxed state. It is time that we all shift into that 5th gear. With a little planning it may not be has painfull has the ones that don’t have a plan.To dream of what the 5 dimension would be like would be sweet but to actually live in it would be sweeter.


  7. Super article, thank you. I’m sad that people will not leave the Fukushima area, but it is true that we are being asked to choose now in all areas of our lives. And no, it is no coincidence that the Sun is active and will probably become more so as we get closer to the “due date”. We may be living in an illusion, but if it helps, I’ve found it makes sense to ground into 5D now, an illusion that I prefer, one that contains no dark, one that vibes with peace, harmony, and our galactic heritage. I’ve been thinking it’s time to stop reading about the dark stuff and to focus fully on getting aboard the 5D timeline. This is happening, folks, and the only prep work I can think to do is to be there for people who suddenly wake up to the fact that we/they are about to have a baby! No shotgun weddings are in the forecast! Thanks everyone here, Love, A.

    • Hi Althea ~ I can so totally relate to everything you said, especially about turning away from that which does not serve the ascension into 5D. When you look for it and pay attention you can see little peeks at the 5D frequency here and there, very cool!
      see you all there :)

  8. What a great blog, so profound, Thanks for the idea of: Never feed a negative thought your energy, starve it out….yes, I’m so ready for that one! True beauty in words, you have a gift!

  9. Zen! mate! Exactly where I am at at the mo as well.
    I am so over 3D and want to be part of something better. Trying to stop concentrating on the gritty details around me and kinda want to just de-focus and “see” the energy whirling around/within it all instead.
    Either feel like passing out with tiredness or just wanting to lie still blissing out to waves of what? the new energy? 5D?
    Also, as an aside… my 40th birthday is on 21st dec! bless

  10. A very beautiful and resonant piece. Whereas even a few months back I was frustrated by those who steadfastly won’t awaken, now I feel only pity for them. They are obviously not at the required stage to unload the baggage of our so-called Civilisation.
    But here’s what I’ve found: Unload and then watch the Universe bend down to assist you. I recently decided to set up my own workshops for people with learning disabilities, and since making the step into the unknown, I have been amazed at hos things have simply clicked into place (trust me, that has never really happened to me before).
    The world suddenly seems full of limitless possibilities.
    I guess the lesson is, you can’t change yourself or others from within a system not of your own devising.
    This really is an amazing time to be alive.

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