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The Clear-cut Agenda To Destroy America




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  1. Even if this was coming to a theater near you would anybody show? Would any of those viewing just this one seven minute video really understand?

    Such important messages in this video.

  2. Once again, Icke completely nails it. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  3. “Annealing the public mind-is like roasting a pig on a spit…The heat of the propaganda is consistently applied & ‘meme’ basted, over a closed fire of specious/sophistic myths, until completely cooked…Then it is ready to be carved up & engorged by the 1% elites & their wolves of war”….this is an embellishment of mine, from the seed of an unknown author, but I feel it bears repeating in the context of our present milieu.
    …….These generational, reptilian, socio/psychopaths are intoxicated with their own avaristic arrogance… which is the ‘Achilles Heel’ of their ‘self creation'(ie: mammon)…What separates the truly compassionate , empathetic human beings, from them… is our innate ability to channel our thoughts thru the symbiotic/synchronistic percipience of our ‘Hearts’ as well…which is an incomprehensibility to the cold-blooded R-complex ‘mind set’, of these, slave-drivers of the Borg…This will be their undoing & harbinger of ultimate failure…which in my mind is way over due!

    D.R…’Dang’ he does remind me of the ‘Penquin’ (lol)

  4. The observations of the ‘agenda’ are accurate enough – to a point. And it’s this ‘point’ which has to be crossed, for any possibility of solutions to be realised.

    The ‘point’ is blaming the proverbial “they.” The complaint of “a few controlling the many” is the most obvious sign of a “victim-mentality.”

    THEY are going to destroy America, THEY are going to control eurasia… and so on… The reality beyond these delusions is clearly different.

    It is WE, who are the soldiers, police, rioters, protesters, oil-workers, weapons makers, drug-researchers, airport security workers, gang-members, drug/substance addicts, murderers, rapists, thieves… (at what ‘point’ do we say the crime is the individual’s responsibility, for example?)

    When the blame game is exhausted, in that, it’s eventually realised that it’s a part of the self-imposed prison THEY get blamed for keeping people in (You have to laugh really!) Then possibly, WE (who are the creators of OUR problems) actually realise what to do about it – other than merely, observe (complain)

    • ‘Yes-I have to laugh…really!”…great ‘double-speak’ neuro-linguistic, circumlocution… & by all means , ask the ‘Swat Team’ that eventually comes for you … ‘their’ opinions on ‘victim-mentality’, whilst you’re forcibly manhandled & put in a ‘shackle car’, on your way to a FEMA camp; where you’re given a chem trail shower,’chemo’ for a permanent haircut, a daily regimen of vaccinations with Prozac & all the GMO food you can eat, as you wash it down with heavily fluoridated water!… I’ll bet you’ll know who “They” are…before you won’t know… ever again ….

      • WE are the SWAT Teams, we make the vaccinations, we spray the chemtrails, we create GM foods, we make the pharmaceuticals…

        Or is the abdication of personal responsibility a character trait of the self-appointed “awake?” Which perpetually blames either “them,” or those it terms “the sheeple; ” for the complaints they have of this world.

        Whatever is the reason for the projection of such hatred, as opposed to there being a willingness to do all that one can to be the solution – the constant “them” and “us” position is contrary to nature.

        As for the ‘double-speak’ NLP references, not so, the position of the self-imposed prison the “awake” live in, is a comedy.

        Yet, the NLP, double-speak tools are ever-present in the dialogues of the “awoken” which might just reveal (to the courageous who can honestly self-examine) more of the nature of their victim-state.
        The word “elite” which is so often used, describes the “best of the best.” Why then is this the buzz-word in the conspiracy-cult (Icke, Jones…) to describe something altogether different?

        A more accurate word would be “Muppets.”

        It paralyzes the victim in a powerless disassociation from their environment. Powerless to do other than play victim.

        • YOU are not making any decisions if you’re following orders.
          YOU aren’t doing anything.
          doesn’t exist.
          Get over your nationalism, boy.

          • Nationalism is the entire point. If the USA “falls”, will the world become more tolerant and free? of course not. Resistance to global corporate monoculture is the whole point. To me Soro’s “open society” is the AntiXrist… sorta.

          • Eliv, you’ve completely mis-understood the point.

            I’m speaking of taking responsibility, rather than merely bleating like a helpless victim (blaming everyone else for, well, everything)

            Following an order, is a decision to do just that. (see Nuremberg trials)

            “We” unites, disempowers the delusion of an “all-powerful THEY”
            THEY is a product of reptilian/ survivalist/ hierarcy-based mind-set.

        • And just like Morpheus told Neo “look around you, and what do you see”?

          The awake and the sheep are the same.

          The awake and the sheep just have different things to keep them distracted, and different avenues of getting their pre programmed propaganda.

          Anyone who claims to be awake to anything in the world is full of it. Awake to what?

          The more questions one should have from just one answer being answered.

          Throughout every generation, the pied piper always has followers who will say they are not following, and will defend their piper, even when this piper is ‘proven’ to be full of it.

          But, there is no awake. Only varying degrees of subjective believe we actually ‘know’ something, or anything.

          The only true consensus from honest Men and Women is a question mark.

          No one is winning or loosing against anyone else either.

          Empires fail, sure, but sometimes they take a thousand years in doing so.

          Long after your voice is gone, one day, something will change, but dont count on much, because much has not changed in the last 3000 years.

          Nothing is going to change much in the way of control.

          The off World break away civilization is already set up ‘somewhere else’.

          There is no touching them now.

          In fact. The best tactic in war is to make your enemy believe that in fact he is actually doing well, and winning.


          • Like I said…wait until the knock comes at your door…then you can wax poetically with some more of enigmatic,prosaic & nebulous platitudes; as they slip the cuffs on & encase your head in a black hood…whilst promising you that you’re just being ‘punk’d’ on a reality TV show & on your way to to Disneyland….or… ‘you ‘ are really an ‘A.I.bot/algorithm trojan’ compliments of George Soros & the boys …Hmmm?

        • I also cringe every time I hear someone refer to the control system’s major players as ‘Elite’. At least put it in inverted commas, for they are anything BUT.

          And I also think about the vast numbers of people who play some part in working for the enemy (yes, we ourselves are the enemy), right down to the person who sweeps the floor in the weapons factory and serves food in the canteen (this is still quite literally feeding the Beast).

          My two biggest wishes for this world have been consistent: One is that people get rid of their televisions (and disengage from the Media generally); and the other is that people REFUSE to join the military in any way, shape or form. And those who are already involved, that they will look for alternative employment, however humble to start off with.

          These are the two things that will make the most positive difference to this world, IMO.

    • Flex my friend, it seems that you have a bit of a TROLL in your teeth,…” here let me take away your pain….”.
      In the post awhile back here you were talking about the us/them mentality among the conspiracy cult. Now you seem to be adding fuel to the fire. Get it straight Flex or go taking your fellow trolls with your spiteful delusions.

      • It was only a matter of time before the predictable “troll” card was rolled-out. Always occurs in the absence of a willingness to take up the challenge of “opening-up” beyond personal delusions.

        Just as you would expect a “closed-minded sheeple” to dismiss conspiracy claims etc… (suggest 9-11 was an inside-job, for example) It appears the same here.

        No differences at all. The ‘official government story is always true’ crowd (you call them sheeple) dismiss what falls beyond their closed-minds, yes?

        Just what you are doing here.

        The “sheeple” believe the world is as it is, because it serves their agenda. You believe the world is the way it is, because it serves yours, resulting in you being closed-minded to anything that does not suit your agenda.

        An agenda which sees the world as a terribly scary place, with all “authority” to be rejected. There is a great difference between “rejecting all authority” which is a symptom of a problematic “rite of passage” beyond adolescence and a desire for a society where wholly different values are its foundation.

        Much of the ‘conspiracy-cult’ is not solution-oriented at all, it’s a plethora of angry, hate-filled, jealous, immature “victims.”

        Victims who believe that anyone who is happy, fulfilled… in this life are either asleep or satanists. “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention;” and other such war-cries declare.

        When opportunities like the ones, our host Zen, provides, arise; it’s a shame that the watch appears too full of the angry at my parents (authority) psychology – for all that one desires is to punish all who it deems responsible (it abdicates its own responsibility to the authorities it despises – hence blaming “them.”) for its own misery.

        If what I suggest is too uncomfortable, which prompts child-like responses, then, if you’re really here to be the solution, take a look at those personal discomforts which arise from what I genuinely offer.

  5. Media BLACKOUT 2012 Cheap Fuel/Energy Ignored http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUkgMMZ8OjM

    Proof BETRAYAL Economic Collapse DISINFO instead of Cheap Living http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX88nczo1EM


    There is something terribly wrong and there is so much evidence of the lack of co-operation to share the truth. Why is a Canadian trying harder than Americans to educate the masses about Hemp Fuel making America energy independent in 2012, hemp fuel would make all poisonous cancer causing pollution obsolete and make the cost of living really cheap! Where is the progress of effort from Americans to expose Barack Obama’s failed Energy policy with truth about hemp fuel making America energy Independent! The government is keeping the cost of living artificially high by maintaining cannabis prohibition or by limiting, restricting it in any way.

  6. in the early days David Icke was laughed at and pretty much ridiculed…but since most of these events that are enfolding now, he”s attracting a wider audience since more people are waking up to this tyranny.

    • Yeah—if you’re in this for popularity it ain’t the place to be…I’m amazed how so many miss the point being so nit-picky and easily hung up. If there’s even a few percent truth in what someone has to say it may be an important point for someone. Take care TD, Zen

  7. I would have assumed that everyone already knew that there was a “Clear-cut Agenda To Destroy America”; but, perhaps there are some who do not.

    None of the vested interests of European Crowns, nor the Religions who claimed to rule by divine right ( often in concert ) wished America to succeed, nor do they now.

    Below the artifice of ‘Song and Symbol’; which most vaguely understand, and patriotically sacrifice for, there lies the historical substance.

    Constitutionally, the Federal U.S. was allocated funding through duties upon imported goods; and, beyond this, had no ‘Constitutionally approved’ source of funds.

    When that source, however, fails to meet the ‘needs’ of the Federal U.S. what is the Fed. to do?

    Could they over-reach their constitutional bounds, pass an illegal tax, and enforce it’s collection with Federal troops?

    Were George Washington and Alexander Hamilton actually traitors?

    “Knowledge is power”, so educate yourself: “The Whiskey Rebellion” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_Rebellion

    The article is short but concise. Notice the many points of contention ( which are still valid presently) that were addressed in this history. Also apply your critical thinking.

  8. If you thought the hollow earth was a shocker, you’re in for an even greater shock; Earth’s reddish inner central sun is also hollow and inhabited within and without! Does this make it a planet? Perhaps our twelfth planet? If so, where does this put Nibiru or Planet X?

    There is every indication that the once great planet Nibiru, Maldek, or Planet X, was blown up causing the inner and outer asteroid belts. The remaining spiritual core of this planet, along with its astral inhabitants may have wandered to and possessed our planet Earth!

    If this is so, our planet is very sick, and needs a good exorcising! Before we cast out the Nefilim or demons of Maldek, we must decide where to cast them to. There have been plenty of stories circling around in the metaphysical world about a new planet or world now forming or being born that is in all liklihood hiding behind our sun, and that it will fully materialize or become visible by 2012 AD(there’s that date again), and that this birthing process is causing all the flares and disturbances in our solar system. The British site Ambilac supports this.

    Whether this planet is reserved for the Nefilim or for us(the New Earth?) I can only speculate. I asked a friend once(his two sons are psychic) to hone in on this newly forming world, and what they told me was surprising and revealing. They described this body as being almost as huge as the sun, in an etheric or plasmic state, and between the orbits of Mercury and the Sun, and the reason we cannot see it is because it is in synchronous orbit to the Earth. This golden solar body was also described as being covered by slipper like shapes that seemed to move somewhat. At first I thought they were describing the Earth’s inner sun(it too is covered by these shapes) but they insisted this was outside the Earth. They also told me that Earth has a counter Earth on the opposite side of its orbit.

    That is exactly what they told me and I’m not sure what to make of it. I would love to hear from anyone who could confirm this.

    My thought on this is that our Earth is facing destruction and that its inner sun is replicating itself in preparation for this. Before the Earth is changed or destroyed a transitional process of soul separation must be completed. Souls in harmony with the new Earth will be ascended while those in disharmony will be left behind or transferred elsewhere. The bible does talk about a coming resurrection(ascension) of souls, as well as a judgement of fallen beings or angels(Nefilim?) who are trapped here on/in Earth. It also speaks of a Millennium during which all such unrepentant beings will be locked up inside the bowels(hollow) of our earth, and then loosed and destroyed in a planetary conflagration.

    In Revelation, in the bible, the hollow Earth is referred to as “the bottomless pit”, probably in reference to the polar openings. Out of the pit rises smoke and locusts(helicopters?) to inflict surface humanity during the tribulation period. After a host of other woes, including World War III, comes the great Day of the Lord, when Earth’s inner sun, or a component of it(spaceship?), rises out of one of the polar openinings to execute judgement on surface humanity. The troublemakers are defeated and the Millennium begins.

    According to Barbera Hand Clow, in her book “The Signet Of Atlantis”, Earth’s inner red sun rises in the west for one day roughly every 3,600 years, marking the beginning of a new era or cycle on Earth. The last time this happened was in the spring equinox of 1537 BC, and the next one will be just before 2013 BC. This momentous event, when two suns rise in the sky, one from the east and the other from the west, is obviously the “Day of the Lord” just mentioned earlier.

    In “The Smoky God” by Willis George Emerson, Norwegian Olaf Jansen and his father see a “dull-red, false sun” just over the horizon, as they sail across and into the lip of the Earth’s northern polar opening. They both conclude that this “sun” is “a PLANET of some sort -a reality”. When inside the Earth’s hollow they learn from the natives that the luminous white cloud which appears to orbit the inner sun and enhances its brightness for twelve hours at a time(when it is in front of it), giving them kind of night and day, is worshipped by them as their Lord Jehovah(could this be a huge UFO hidden in a cloud? -“and they shall see Him coming in a cloud”).

    The base of this “electrical cloud” or “seat of the gods” is even described in detail, being dark with countless small openings through which lights shine through(the ship’s windows or portals?) giving the appearance of stars during the darker half of the day when this “cloud” is behind the inner sun. This cloud or ship is stationary so that the Earth’s rotation makes it appear to rise in the east and set in the west. The people Jansen and his father met truly believe this “Smoky God” to be the throne of their Jehovah. This must be the same “God” who led Moses and the Hebrews out of Egypt and back into the inner earth “Promised Land” some 3400 years earlier(Olaf was in the inner earth between 1830-35).

    In “The Hollow Earth” by Rudy Rucker, the Earth’s inner sun is orbited by some 15 spherical seas, containing land, each sea about the size of a Great Lake. These are the homes of the Tekelili or original black race of the planet(anyone staying here long enough acquires black pigmentation due to the closeness of the light of the inner sun). The Tekelili are telepathic and live to be over 1000 years. Could the inner sun and its spherical seas be a model of our solar system?

    The characters of the story then used a small spaceship which the woomo, Old Ones, or huge slipper-like creatures took hold of and hurled within the inner sun. Going through the Earth’s inner sun is like going through a time portal; time slows, stops, and you lose 12 years once inside the inner surface. One is suffused with light and oneness as the barrier is crossed. Earth’s inner sun or central anomaly rotates in the opposite direction of the planet and this movement is the source of its electical or magnetic power. Rodney McCluff figures it takes the Earth’s inner sun some 700 years to make one complete rotation around its axis.

    The interior surface of our inner sun is called Mirror Earth because it is an exact, although more concentrated, replica or copy of the Earth. Doubles of every person on the Earth live here, except they are twelve years older or ahead of you. One of the characters of our story(Edgar Allan Poe) met his older white double, but was killed by him. Mirror Earth has no polar openings and those who end up going there usually don’t come back, which is what happened to the characters.

    In Twighlight of the Gods Dr Michael Baran states that the energies of our inner sun are being siphoned off or diverted by off-worlders for their own nefarious purposes resulting in less prana or life force for the planet. This lack of prana is responsible for all of the problems on our planet from the uneven climate to our deficient mentalities and bodies, overly sexual or carnal natures, and shortened life spans.

    This author believes the diverted energy may well be used to run the giant freezing mechanisms which keep the snow and ice locked in the polar regions. Originally, these ice machines may have been created by the Martians to get rid of all those pesky reptiles(they can’t take the cold) overrunning the planet, and may still serve that purpose today, but it’s also putting an enormous drain on the planet and its inhabitants. These machines must be removed or shut down so the ice and snow can evaporoate and once again form a water canopy around the planet restoring the outer earth to its paradisical state. Ice ages my foot! Cold is manufactured.

    Of course the reptiles/reptilians(those who are deemed troublesome or a threat) need to be removed or relocated before the Earth’s true or natural climate can be restored. Most of those living today are located in tropical swamps or jungles, and those that escaped the ice and snow can be found in deep underground caverns and lairs where the temperature is warmer.

    There is also the idea that the Earth’s inner central sun is the Grand Central Station for incoming and outgoing souls. All those near-death “light at the end of a tunnel” accounts could be the soul’s journey through the Earth’s crust shell or polar openings before reaching its inner sun.

    Is Earth’s Inner Sun a Preserver of some sort so that nothing really gets lost forever should our planet be destroyed? Is it a giant crystal computer, and is this planet one of its programs or holographic realities? These are fascinating questions for which I do not yet have the answers.

  9. I just don’t understand. And, still, they call it a “theory”… How can Obama get a peace prize for doing nothing and keep it after murdering thousands with plans to continue the ongoing massacre? How can people buy the bogus story of his murdering a dead Osama and a quick, clean burial at sea (not at a Muslim custom) and convenient kill off of the all the seals involved? How can people believe every single line of BS that comes from his mouth while ignoring his actions? How can people praise and support a man who has fought to have the power to incarcerate our citizens without cause and lock them up and torture them?… He fought for this!! The most amazing Trojan horse every to sit in the white house. Absolutely, mind-blowing amazing…

    I could understand ignorance and indifference or even accept accusations of paranoia if it was just one or two things… But, Damn!

  10. Not just any fascism, but Islamofascism run by the Devil himself. Be prepared for the Pope to get involved, where he will be summarily assassinated and then miraculously raise from the dead. (I am hoping this doesn’t happen, but every day it seems more and more like the foretelling in Revelations.) Let’s just hope it is extremists that are attempting to fulfill prophecy, but the good guys interfere and stop it.

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