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The Anger Games


by Zen Gardner

How the “powers that be” play us is pretty much almost unbelievable. From election fraud to chemtrailed skies, pointless sports aggression and  life stunting food, we are being had to such a degree it would make a conscious mind spit.

And it does.

The conscious are watching, observing, and unfortunately also absorbing all this crap we’re being bombarded with. Time is of the essence to respond accordingly. And not respond.

And the anger games are at play front and center.

Behold the staged world we live in. Be prepared–it’s disturbing and a major affront to your innate dignity.


Let the Games Begin

It’s almost a little too obvious. The idiocy of our enslavement is becoming so clear it’s getting to the tipping point of public exasperation and hopefully some kind of conscious reaction.

In Spirit Tap – How the Manipulators Steal Your Fight I covered the media’s use of romanticized battles and conquests to sap the naturally self-liberating fight energy of the human spirit. The theater of the mind, so easily manipulated and depleted of useful energy by a false projection of reality.

What I didn’t cover, the other ways this is accomplished and the assault on our consciousness, also needs highlighting.

I’ll call it emotional displacement. Siphoning off our energies for ridiculous and meaningless detours, diversions and distractions.

I’m sure you’ll think of more examples of how this technique is played out on the human psyche, but these blatant displays are more than meets the eye when you look at the toll on human awareness and how limiting and diabolically clever these social engineering techniques can be.



The Arena – Designed to Distract with Another False Enemy

Bread and Circus. Age old ploy. Get the people occupied with meaningless games..and politics. Just as the modern professional and college sports worlds were designed decades ago and the phony election meme was delivered.

Leave it up to the Freemasons, they know their black/white opposing stuff.

More incredible realities that escape a thinking head in the expenses, the energy being invested in stupid, ultimately meaningless games and electoral processes is inestimable.

The farce of how money, and therefore energy, is directed is off the charts. Many multi-billion dollar empires are built upon these gaming sports industries yet the world cannot see the obvious incredulity of wasting our energy and assets on fanciful emotional whims instead of answering the outcry of humanity that’s screaming in their ears for help and solace!

Another example is the mega metastasizing media driven computer game industry. We’re in trouble, folks. Our kids and grandkids are being seriously programmed and screwed up. As is the pointless, futile direction of society.

And now they have real challenges about awakening. They think this is all a form of reality. Please, help them wake up!

Cognitive Dissonance Reaches New Depths

I hammer on this subject but it’s a very clever and powerful tool of the presumed controllers. When things don’t match up to such drastic degrees as proposed by these bastards, the human mind has got to cope. Our bought off strangulating state media will never tell you the obvious truth, so you’re left to twist in the wind with the false assumption you were pumped with from the dump station.

“It makes sense, so deal with it”, they say. All while it doesn’t. Damn them.

All opposite to the good information that should be reaching humanity. Which is now classified as “subversive–terrorist–or conspiratorial”…can you believe it?

How About These ‘Big Picture’ Dividers?

Race divisions, abortion issues, gender fights, rich vs poor, religious differences, nationalism, games celebrating anger and competition….c’mon! “There’s a lot to be angry about, people!!! Get with the program and get angry!” Right?

Screw ’em. Let’s love and keep on loving!


There’s Way More…

They’re into manipulating our emotions, the link to our consciousness and connection to Universe.

This is so important. Your heartcry is the essence of your being, your spiritual heartcry is omnipotent for you. What your essential being is crying out for is being answered each and every time you let it speak to Universe, never doubt that. They’re trying to prevent, pervert and divert that outcry.

Know that in the sinew of your soul.

But waking up ends their dominion.

Much love, you’ll be fine….

It’s a test. And love is the answer.

Love, Zen



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  1. Great idea love but that is illusion reality is we are headed for a grand scale repeat from years ago world wide concentration camps torture murder division amoung the sheeple why all this we ejected god out of the world the Christ on the cross no other make believe one and in its place we put lucifer and tons of sins against the ten commandments any thing goes let’s just party well it is coming to a end just like prophecy said

  2. Oh really now. You have zero chance to change things. Change will come in terms of decades or centuries. Also, the PTB are hardly finished with their objectives for global conquest, depopulation and ultimate control.

    You may believe you have some sort of control…but you have very little. And more control will be lost in 2013. Its just beginning. You post all the flowery humanistic posts you want….but nothing will change. Not being negative…just a realist. The only change will come from a change in attitudes. Then the people can bring about change that they truly believe in.

    We’re not there yet. Maybe in 20 or so years the younger generation will get fed up and demand change. You can forget the older demographics. They’re too wrapped up in their selves. Isn’t it obvious?

    • I’m always suspicious of those who try and convince us it’s useless to struggle. NICE TRY. GO AWAY. If you want to lose, you’ll get your wish.

  3. Choose love over fear, meditate on higher power and step outside yourself when you begin to fall into the drama of those trapped around you. Bite your tongue, let them rant, rise above and chuckle to yourself. It’s their drama, their ego showing its ugly self.

    Difficult? You bet! But rewarding when you look back with 20/20 clarity at the obscenity of it all.

    Surround yourself with like minded folks, or at least try to. Lose the cancerous, egotistical, entitled, narcissistic fucktards.

    Peace, it may break out at any moment!

    Thanks Zen, I’ve been away building a new life. Nice to be back :o)

    • Wow, nice find Fabian. Been pouring over this document (and the accompanying website). Remarkable document – naive, Utopian and simplistic yet courageous, paradigm-shifting and all-encompassing in terms of concisely summarizing where I believe most of us would want to be if given the opportunity.

      One thing that puzzles me a bit is that proposals/grand & monumental ideas like this seem to come across, to me at least, as one part remarkably beautiful and one part naively Utopian. Hopegirl, the Thrive Movement, David Wilcock’s manifesto-like essays. I just get the feeling that nothing can be planned out or prescribed, and instead that it will and must all grow organically, with no one knowing how until it actually happens. This doesn’t mean these efforts are wasted – rather, as I see it, they are all critical, unique seeds planted in the minds of the billions, with some magical combination of the same which will eventually lead to that magnificent next evolution for us all.

      • You nail it Gus!
        I see such writings as “ignition spark”. And something to stuff the big mouths of everlasting grumblers, cling-ons and robots that just don’t get the idea of changing the system. ;D “You criticize it – then give a solution!” – “Ok, try this!”

        But I also feel the true plan has to grow from within, from the heart – not from the ego-consciousness. As soon as we reach a certain spiritual level, we’re no longer driven by mere material goals. That’s the point when the true plan takes roots.
        The picture of an egg cell comes to my mind: From a certain level, the cells “know” their task to form different organs. And finally there is a complete organism, living in harmony. :)

        Much Love!

        • The egg is so amazing. It is created within your mothers ovary while she is in her mother’s womb. So we start our biological life in our maternal grandmother’s body.
          Also only one sperm can enter an egg so as soon as a lucky bugger gets in there the egg then secrets a chemical that hardens it to make it unpenetratable.

          When I think of all of these achievements of a cell on its own I start to wonder what would happen if we were in on it. If we were telling our cells what to do instead of them running on auto pilot.

          • When people talk about the weather, I often hear them say: “Thank god we are not able to manipulate the weather! Everyone wants another. Would be absolute chaos!”
            Fact is – “we” can! Then have a look around…

            What would happen if we would need to think every breath we take, every step in our metabolism?
            Answer is simple, isn’t it?

            Free will can be a nice thing, but sometimes there’s no other choice than letting Mother Nature drive.

  4. …….At risk of being an outspoken advocate of free speech & therefore a subversive conspiratorial terrorist… & a clear & present danger to the ‘Totalitarian-Tip-Toe & consequent maintenance of the “Big Lie”- “Grand Illusion” of the unfettered miasma of All who have ‘feathered their nests’ with the $$$/Power ‘service-to-self’ interests of the global ‘War Machine’…I stand before you ‘Naked’ with nothing but the ‘Truth’ & without any doubt of my emancipation & hard won existential perception.
    …….Everything we think we know is fundamentally based upon specious/promulgated falsehoods…inculcated while we were very young & in vulnerable hypnogogic & malleable ‘receiving’ -layered-in- conscious states of indoctrination; via the coercion of the adopted Prussian School Education model/ mandate,from the 19th century.
    …….”$$$” & the corollary invention of ‘Debt & Interest’ are simply ‘smoke & mirror’ Agreements!… concocted out of ‘thin air’ by ancient self-avowed Royalty & their appointed Priest class…with the applicable & contrived machinations of their other diabolical invention…the Hegalian Dialect / Divide & Conquer tool, for mass enslavement thru ‘government'(etymology-‘control of mind’)…a ‘ring-thru-the-nose- force- focus’ of the Slave mentality en masse via Bread & Circus entertainment of one side pitted against the other…or ‘dueling-dualities of winners & losers.
    …….All paradigms exist as whole…there is no division unless artificially orchestrated….They chose to divide…we -albeit unconsciously- chose to follow…..It’s a sick ‘FKN’ Joke!…all this contrived & imaginary ‘Debt’… that people live-breathe & die! for…. because of blind lemming hordes in ignorant adherence, to the wave, of a Satanic wand from the ‘Capstone Pyramid Chess Club’ that enjoins us to ‘Buy’ & step into this ‘steaming pile’, compliments of the Minotaur in his Labyrinth…Our total collective mind enslavement is what’s at risk here… from “1% ” of the world population.
    …….I’m standing here scratching my head as to when people are going to ‘Wake Up’ & step out of Plato’s Cave forever…after realizing this is all… a very bad dream.

    • ‘Capstone Pyramid Chess Club’–ha!
      Remembering it’s a test and we’re here not by accident helps keep it in perspective. Our job is to do our part. The rest is up to them. One at a time. But accountability once they’ve had a chance at the Truth is a big factor which is where we all come in. Things get set in motion. But as long as there’s free will there will be the choice to do evil. We’re just in a particularly nasty time in a particularly nasty dimensional testing ground. We’ll all be graduating soon enough…the thing is to make our time here worth the space we take.. 😉
      Keep on Alex! Nothing done in love is wasted, in all its forms. Love, Z

      • Cheers-…Thx for the ‘Zen’ perspective..don’t ever want to get too dark & lose sight of taking the ‘High-Road’.
        …As far as free will & evil, being constant companions?…altho obviously true- this is still a foreign concept for me..as the jury is still out, in my mind, as to whether the aberrant ‘thought’ would even ‘occur’ to an ‘awakened’ entity….(depends upon your point of view-lol)

        • Hey Alex, nothing wrong with righteous indignation. It gets to us. As I understand it this is a lower vibration/density state and I agree, at other higher states there are worlds virtually free of evil where more enlightened souls don’t need this heavy handed testing ground any longer but there’s still choices and probably some darker options available but having been thru all this most won’t take them. Something along those lines. I’m sure this imposed reality is not the standard bearer for worlds. Ha! Your consciousness just knows that somehow. That’s what keeps us going, that longing to get “home” where we are. 😉

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that, even with myself, or others that I read and hear, people’s analysis of anger or other emotions, or rather anything in life, is only a reflection of themselves and the lens they view reality through. I think that people get really defensive about their own status as a lover and peaceful person and how much they worked and meditated to get all the love and abundance in their life and have zero tolerance for anyone or anything different. LIke, an “Anti-Hate” rally that involves drawing a circle that shuts others out that creates more resentment on the part of others. Or not allowing people to set their own rules for their own house, etc, “Don’t intrude on my personal space with that negative vibration or I’ll slam the door in your face.” Quite absurd when you look at it that way.

  6. You know,maybe being the soul of the universe that we all are,,each of us has chosen to materialise at this specific point in time,, I know that has been said a million times before in a million different ways,,but looking from that view I find allows the ability to manoeuvre I suppose,,,,, anyway just a thought ,,, have a good day people,,,

    Zen thankyou for your writings they are very much needed,,,,

    • i agree with neil…it does make life easier to deal with, what sometimes feels like a “crappy job”. if you accept that you are here on earth at this time by choice & not some cosmic accident…then maybe you will have some say in how the plot & script develop too…if enough of us decide that we would rather be peaceful than angry…a happy ending /new beginning might occur against all odds 😉

  7. Another great post, ZEN … we are all crying out in our own ways, in our guilt and bouts with the sense of helplessness.

    “What your essential being is crying out for is being answered each and every time you let it speak to Universe, never doubt that.”

    Forgive me, but this reminds me of this video of a song I wrote, WAR TORN … ‘and my Soul, cries out, for the Lord’.


  8. love is a tactic. without love and peace we can’t spead our message because we’d be projecting our anger and aggression otherwise and that results in fearing our enemies.

    ron paul said the death of the republic means the short experiment in liberty is forgotten. i personally liken him to hari seldon of asimov’s novels. hari uses psychohistrory to predict future events with uncanning accuracy.

    it doesn’t matter what reality they create for us, if we stick to certain truth, a grounding in humanity we will uncover their grames.

    we’re being experimented on. they tried liberty but didn’t like it. now they’re moving us onto some other experiment.

    this post is all over the places and it too is just an experiment.

  9. Ai’nt nothin’ gonna change ,,people to spoilt , greedy and just cannot get their dumb ,lazy asses off couch long enough to even get more diet soda chips , Ha..ha….much less try to change this Faschist system ..there wiil never be a revolution !
    system ..

  10. Since Civilization is cradle to grave manipulation the only true alternative is transcendence, otherwise one is playing their game.
    This option is a real, existing paradigm based on the anomalies that slip through the cracks in the control-system of Evil/Vengeance and Victory. Non-locality is a hologram-based contact with a “supernatural” reality that supercedes physics. Called Phasics, it is a harmony beyond the Neediness touted as the vulnerability cured by Civilization. Need is delusion, phasics can tap into Continuity, the true purpose and meaning of existence, reflecting God’s Primacy which sends the Soul/messenger to redeem Necessity via Truth, that Resolution/Peace is the essense of everything. Duality distorts this essense, but Conscience/Inspiration guides Life to its paradigm, not to compete, but to redeem by one’s good example.

  11. Some of us can change our mind and some must have their minds changed. Extremely few are qualified to assist.

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