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The Anti Semitic Jewish Zionist Punch Blow

Exposing the utter hypocrisy of the "chosen people" hoax, Peek takes the issue apart nicely once again. While lording their deadly elitist self-serving fascist supremacy on a cowed world, they commit military, social and economic crimes against humanity as a way of life purely for self preservation and advancement no matter the cost to others, while accusing those they murder, manipulate and oppress for speaking out against them. Zionism is evil to the core and teaches its followers and perpetrators they are exempt from any moral code or accountability. Hence the unscrupulous takeover of the world's money supply, its media and covert operations, their true nature perfectly illustrated by their heinous torture and extermination of the Palestinian people, while wimped out, bullied governments do nothing. I don't care what whining excuse they come up with to try to justify their innate sense of superiority and the bullshit indebtedness they they think the world owes them, it's wicked and a bald faced ploy to keep the world on the defensive while they stab it in the back. Awakened Jews know this and are muzzled like the rest of us. - Zen


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  1. Deep in their subconscious they all know their history is completely invented bullshit. They know deep down (even the secular ones) that they are false to their fucken core. Historically there was no homogenous religion that they claim it to be. All a jumble of others which has been hijacked. It burns them up that they are not chosen at all but have invented it in their own twisted thoughts. That’s why they wage war against the greater part of humanity whom in fact are chosen because they “chose to be!”.

  2. thank you! we’re on the same page now. Though I still haven’t got an explanation of Zen what happened to all my comments where I mentioned these same facts; e.g. Lenin (Trotzt=ky,Stalin, Olof Palme, Queen Elisabeth etc. I haven’t seen any answer to my question yet.
    I think it is so very very important to let ever more people know the truth of how the Goyim =t (the) Nations and (their) Gentiles = people = Humanity has been “played” by the self chosen NARCISSITS , BORDERLINES …. take your pick .There’s plenty of material in this subject on the Net. Catch the starting end of Ariadnes READ THREAD :) by e.g. starting to read up on political ponerology and narcissism and go from there. You’ll be surpriced and shocked and saddened…. but it is better to know and truly understand than to continue to suffer under this yuoke of nonstop unfair treament by those whose War Cry through the centuries has been Tikkun leOlam = always take together with “The Good Die Young” Gentiles around the World always puzzled of “what on Earth can that really mean?”
    In Jewish jargong/lingo it goes : “Well take care of ——” = Whomever needs to somehow disappear, they will “help” the person to disappear. Nice,

    Theodor Hertz (1860 1904) started the Zionist Movement which means ORGANIZED ALL Jews on the Planet in a registry where they -each person- can be instantly found and contacted.

    • Stardust > same page now ?? I never changed this page .. My stance has on topic has been the same for the last 15 years .. not sure what question you asked me .. But I dont doge any questions ? fire away ?

        • Thank you first off .. I kinda just go with my heart on topics , I am sure i will head into something much longer very soon , just getting new soft ware .

    • funny huh.. we never think that others know what we do.

      I was wondering what level of the rabbit hole mr crackers was on too.. he is pretty damn deep.

      We always think we are alone but…


      We are just waiting for the signal and to see we are not alone. When the moment comes it will be avalanche world wide. they fear this day for it has hit them over a 100 times in the past.

      Uganda was the last nation to eject them, this time no where to hide.

      • Your well justified crusty shell against all things is cracking open to the light, Senor wad; behold, there are others who grasp your clearly perceived truths, but in new and wondrous forms..an apt metaphor for us all!!……..mwa ha haaaaaa

  3. no one on earth HAS to be a “JEW”, espeschully the so-called “Jewish” people…


    to be a so-called “Jew” the Talmudic requirement is that HATRED of Jesus is the fundamental requirement…and all things Holy & True.


    stooooopid will never change TRUE….something the braindeadgoy don’t get exposed to on TALMUDVISION – http://www.radioislam.org/

    no one has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound, the exit strategy is knowing the truth about the “Jewish” narrative


    Abraham did not have a Talmud, and there were no so-called “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament

    • Seems funny, they created today’s ‘Christianity” with their creation of the Bible and the suppression of those that wanted to live in the true “Christian” way [do some homework]. The Bible is ambivalence through and through, and to my way of thinking , good faith should be straight forward! However history shows that the ‘Zeitgeist” tool has been used for millenniums and must be the subliminal way to solidify a belief system…nothing new there. In the Bible, confusion reigns! Sounds Jewish to me?

  4. Mr. Peek Crackers you be da bomb! your vids are a pleasure to watch (especially in HD!!!) I just love your calm cool and collected thoughts (especially on this subject matter) and the way you weave them together. You’re quite the filmmaker. Great CHARACTER development. love love LOVE the dancing jews OMG! I’m a polka princess from birth (my father had all the moves). i’ve noticed the polka and klezmer are pretty close — must be the clarinet!!

    Arabs v Jews Dance-Off

    Orthodox HD a la YMCA!


    well I just got my morning aerobics covered.

    about that religion — take it away Albert….
    Childish superstition: Einstein’s letter makes view of religion relatively clear

    now let’s really read that letter…
    Einstein Letter: Belief In God “Childish,” Jews Not Chosen People

    Hats off to you Peek for getting the “Good Word” out there

    • Thanks JC .. you can take other items of clothing if you want since your losing the hat ! You feisty number you !
      ((( Hugage ! )))

  5. Their “god” chose them. This god might as well be the devil, judging the acts of the Jews (African slave trade holocaust, Russian Christians holocaust, Armenian holocaust, Chinese holocaust, Palestine holocaust …, all done by Jews=communists.) Nobody knows this Jewish god, not even the Jews (they claim their god cannot be known by anyone, Jews are agnostic). Yet they “know” they are chosen by some entity that cannot be known by anyone. Have you ever heard such a bullshit story? The only way Jewish people are led to believe such utter nonsense, is to systematically BRAINWASH them from early childhood on.

    • Yr right – it is brainwashing, and trauma based at that. And their god IS a beast entity – look up Yahweh the Two Faced God by Joseph Farrell.

    • Their God, Yahewh, Yahu, Juda, etc..
      is not quite the devil but an arch demon of their own creation. A golem which they hope to summon forth by doing enough evil.. He will manifest as the Dajjal anti Christ. This is what Yahu literally is.

      You can’t make this ish up…

    • Chosen by Satan they are. I think it was T. Hertzl who so much as admitted so. Satanists are THE MOST RELIGIOUS assholes on the planet, fooling all the others.
      As for the task of eliminating group mind control viruses (religion), let’s start there and work our way up. Get it? UP?

  6. Mr Peek Crackers = Warrior LVL 10

    The battle is heating up as we get closer to the root of ALL problems.

    It ain’t the Vatican, Black Pope, Masons, Rosecrucians, Knights of Malta, Muslims, Jesuits or whatever other straw man they throw up to throw us off the trail. It’s the Jews. It is JUDAISM itself. Don’t ask “How can they all be bad?” Ask “How can any of them be good?” When their minds and spirits and entire culture have been rotted to the core for thousands of years by a supremacist mind control VIRUS. It is called JUDAISM.

    Read this article and you will see that Jews are the most Anti-Semetic people on earth http://www.jinnwe.com/quest.php?id=440

    A non Semitic people who have ethnically cleansed Semitic peoples for over a 100 years using “anti-semtism” as a political weapon against anyone who calls them out??? How can such a huge evil lie be true? That’s just the top of the iceberg. We need to apply the 180 degree rule to everything these people say!

    Semites are Arabs, and 95% of all jews are Asiatic non Semitic Khazars aka AshekNAZI’s. According to the JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA. http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/13992-statistics

    JUDAISM is NOT a RACE. Despite 95% of them being of one race currently, remember it was not Khazars who wrote the Torah and the Talmud, it was semetic, aka Arab Palestinian Jews who did! JUDAISM is not a race. It is best described as a supremacist mind control virus. All JEWS , be they Chinese, Arab Semites, Khazars or black think the same way!

    So now that we know what Judaism is. Let’s take a look at what they do and what their plan is…

    Actually… no. I’ll let you all find that info out for yourselves. A short list of their crimes?

    Funding the crusades

    Read the article above for a good start then go as far down the rabbit hole as you can bear and you will see we have only ONE enemy and their countless puppets. Hack at the root. We are winning the info war and that is THE war. Use the word JEWS and JUDAISM in every damn post! It’s Fight Club time.

    For major extra credit…. Try and build bridges between Christianity and Islam, this is the one thing they fear more than anything else, because it is prophesizes that this alliance will finally stop them.

    Go Forth and Defend yourselves.

    Thank u Mr. Peek Crackers. aka Bad Bonez

    • hah!@ Thanks Wad I can see your passion for truth . dig into that hunk of learning and scarf it back .
      (( hands Wad a Pretend cold brew )

  7. Rev.2;9.Who are the real jews?90% jews today are not semitic.Most are the result of mass conversions in the Caucasus hundreds of years ago.No connection to THE MIDDLE EAST.

    • Rt, they’re Khazars. Nasty warring tribe, moved into Europe and pillaged raped societies and economies…went from there…

      • yes Zen, this is very true . they are not semites.

        I just want to make a quick note on this Khazarians thing. I got super hung up on this at first because i realized the perversity of them calling others Anti semetic when they were not semites. It is useful to bring this point up to show the pattern of their lies.

        That being said we should not go into this too deep because Judaism is not a race, but a supremacist mind control virus.

        While 95% of Jews are Khazarians and they do have all the power now the Khazarians as a whole are mostly Christian and Muslim. Most Khazarians alive now are not jews. Like the people in azerbajian, Tajikistan, uzbecistan, Russian and even Turkey, they are of Khazarian blood but Muslim and Christians.

        We must keep the the main point. This IS NOT A RACIAL THING. It is a Spiritual disease!
        We are not racists, they are!

        Just want to put that out there so we don’t focus on the whole Khazar thing too much and miss the point that JUDAISM is not a race but a supremacist mind virus.

          • I used to think it was just the Talmud as well…

            then I went back and reread the Torah/Old Testament.

            Whoa… once you wake up you see that thing with new eyes. It is a demonic monstrosity.
            They paint Moses as some kind of pedophile genocidal demon general. David is total street scum in it. Jaweh is a true demon. They mention the burning of goat heads like 10 times. This is actually a satanic ceremony.

            The old testament is the carcass that spread the disease to the west, with the civil war, slavery and imperialism, the Talmud is the distilled inner workings for their consumption.

            The Old Testament is what has poisoned us! The worst part is they made it a part of our bible!!!! oh sweet lord…..

            So I must stick to my guns and say JUDAISM. no getting around it for me. I tried too.

            Also I met with Rabbi Weiss and his folks in NYC. You know the anti Zionist Rabbi…

            I called him out on the Talmud… and the Torah. they kicked me out. Oh yeah and he and his boys were at the yearly Talmud Recital in NJ. 90,000 rabbis showed up to recite every word in it.

      • Also just want to give mad props to Zen, who is a spiritual tactical bad ass!

        Really strong and positive leadership here by a wide awake warrior with a gentle hand but a deep sword slice., You’ve done an awesome job of bringing together a community of strong and mature spiritual warriors, ready to battle the mind virus!

        u rock dude.

        crackers too and all the other badasses round here!

        • Tx wad, yes, some gr8 folks here, we’re blessed. The fight and light in their souls is palpable, very encouraging all around. Much love, bro.

  8. Some Powerful truth exposed there Mr. Peaks! Thank you for sharing! Nicely said too by the beautiful Alice Walker…xoxoxoxo

    • Ms Mary , smooth as dairy , a mystical fairy ! Thank you . and back at xo .. Yes Alice Walker spoke her mind well in that set up ..lol

  9. Wow, I guess everyone already said what I was going to say. There are only 13 million jews in the world, and they seem to cause more mischief than everyone else combined. Definitely chosen people for messing with everyone else.

  10. I saw a guy yesterday stood on a street corner outside a fast food outlet. He was dressed as a hot- dog he looked miserable and very stupid. I also have to mention here that this is a very rare sighting and not your normal attire for a sleepy English seaside town.It was as if someone had told him to do it or as if he had to do it for his own survival. Wouldn’t it be great if the people that had to obey and do stuff just to survive and feel that one way is the only way, all wore silly outfits(hold on a minute they do don’t they?)I wish their god/entity on high would come back and give the rest of us a good giggle by instructing them all to do silly stuff and making sure cat videos on youtube were kept sacred and there message kept forever. We could go synagog for a good kitten video and pray that the laughs never stop. God then may punish us by the drought of funny kitties. uhoh am loosing it. The truth here is we are all the same except for our programming. Can someone hack me and put me back a few thousand years and make sure I end up in a Tepi somewhere in this artwork we call earth.

  11. Now .. I will say this Zen “I don’t care what whining excuse they come up with to try to justify their innate sense of superiority and the bullshit indebtedness they they think the world owes them”
    NOw that is well said!!!!!!!!! Bravo sir

      • Naaaa Most dont see it that way and I love when you are beside me thrown down in the heat of the battle . so when i see you land with a stiff right to the sweet spot plus holding the fort 10 ways till Sunday I can says its Beyond obvious >. screw you and your cheep hug .. (((( super man Hugs wit cheek pinches and ass pats ! )) we dig in together along with every other human that wants truth love and happiness

  12. Wow. Zen didn’t know you knew. Well most of Noah’s ancestors have been very Naughty. Though when you do it under the cloak of “CHOSEN” it make it very difficult to debate. This is why the Hate crime Laws are so important to them. Because in the future your article will be ILLEGAL. Now everyone in this country seems to be so worried about Sharia Laws. But you must check out their plans for Noahide Laws. God help us. Also for further info on 911 and the dancing Israeli movers and art students. Check out Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 911. bollyn.com . God help us. beholdapalehorse.tv

    • Good links. Yeah, I knew, ha. Ck the Zens Timeline button, my archives are available and the titles usually tell the tale…Bollyn’s top shelf..and Cooper too-gr8 people…hugs

    • Chosen by Satan they are. I think it was T. Hertzl who so much as admitted so. Satanists are THE MOST RELIGIOUS assholes on the planet, fooling all the others.
      As for the task of eliminating group mind control viruses (religion), let’s start there and work our way up. Get it? UP?

  13. The “Jew” is brainwashed from birth to believe he is better than other races. So they spend more effort trying to prove that. That effort involves money and power and politics. Technically there is no such thing as a Jewish race and the Khazars are not descendants of Abraham either. They are as bastardized a group of people that ever lived. Even Jews that reject the Talmud still retain this sense of being superior. I think the solution is to talk about it. expose it. Educate people so they are not afraid to say “Jew.” A very small number of Jews hold an inordinate amount of power in the world. This is the truth of the matter. Teaching someone they re superior, either by birth or choice, is the basis of all religious programing or brainwashing. When enough people understand the situation – then it will change. That is the final solution. Education. This is also the solution for people raided as Jews as well.

  14. Hello there Peek Crackers, I was sloppy in my expression -just because so relieved to see some other people -you included,of course- thinking and even TALKING/WRITING things I have been very alone doing the last fifteen years. I have not once seen similar open truthfulness of the Jewish thing as here on Zengarder, including your article but only yours, but also e.g. Zen’s.
    Feels very good to have “allies” finally! I never really felt any safer in my outspokenness when reading (comparing my own material with) e.g. Brother Nathanael or Gilad Atzmon among many other wonderful people who were born into Jewish families,but did’n buy (into) the shit. It has ALWAYS been OK for a Jew to utter the word “Jew” while it still just ten years ago was absolutely not OK for a Gentile to take that word in their mouth!…..

    I still couldn’t let any of my friends in my own hometown Helsinki, Finland know my stance on so many issues of which this “Jewish Thingi ” is (just) one. So yes, we’re on the same page, now (that we met, so to speak, for which I thank you while not feeling so lonely anymore! :) I hope you can any clarity from this. In my miund it is clear,all details in place, but when writing things down in English I can never be quite sure it comes out the way it is inside of me. One’s third language is never quite as -guaranteed-accurate as one’s first, so bear with me!, eh? :) And, yes I’m so happy on the same team as you!

    • No problems Stardust .. Trust me you talking king jack ass when it come to butchering the English language, and I do with Joy! so all good inn the pagan hood with me . My new found friend here is the deal with me Truth sees no color or creed , race or religion It has one friend “Love” and one enemy “Fear ” So rock out with you C___K out pal ! glad you were digging the video . I hope to see more of you in the garden Of Zenster ((( man Hug )))

      • My fault ..may be your a female ,,if so Jam out with your Clam Out ,,its the best i could come up with in SNFU ( shrugs )

  15. Seconding what Wad said about Zen’s crew!

    Kudos to Peakster for highlighting the Torah behind these supremacist chosen people. Well if they can be chosen, can we choose them in a lineup for 9/11 too? We’ll be making a list and checking it twice.
    Torah-centric was also the conclusion of Douglas Reed whose book is free in PDF-.


    Now, just came out, this article on the jewish neocon crime spree alluded to recently by Bernstein-


    Laurence Guyenot is brilliant connecting the criminals to their archtype. After all this archtype animating nations was the core thesis of Strauss, as explained in the article.

    Thanks to Mr. Peak for reaffirming the first nations’ divinity. The first law of the first nation was peace. A first nation, Hawaii, even had peace written in their constitution as the main duty of the state. Only a swindling psychopathic group driven by brainwashing could organize global society around the second law of Deuteronomy. The core tenets of the second law are theft, usury, murder, destruction, and revenge.
    The hell with these manipulators of history, the source of most of the wars and debt based money out of nothing (nihilism).
    Time for liberated and enlightened jews to turn on their own tormenters the rabbis!

    • “Turn on” is a good one not meant in any other way than turning to peace. If the rabbis turned on to the truth, holy shit, they might blow a gasket and have to shut down like San Onofre. That would be like the dream of Enkidu! The beat goes on.

    • Mary Moonshine lighting up the darkness.,…. feeling ya Its all about love a respect for our environment around us . Thank you ,, (( Power hug ))

  16. There is no difference between Zionists and Jews, and am getting pretty tired of people stating there is a difference. The self chosen vampires (scv) have been a plague upon Humanity for at least the past 2500 years. By the way, the Ashkenazi scv are not Semitic (look up the definition), because they are from Eastern Europe.

  17. I love a good heartfelt chuckle , which I got out of this! LOL, as they say in US. Ooooohhhh,Dear!….:) Yes,I’m a gal….baby boomer gal,toboot. with a good chunk of info/knowledge gathered along the way when I was working on my dook,which then became so dangerously loaded with Jew stuff in a time it just was not acceptable at all. So, I decided I wanted to (continue to ) live and puled it back from Amazon. (The title was: “Born Divine…..Then What Happened? You can also go to my website (which I haven’t been able to do anything about the last (good) three years when I was very very ill. Came a year ago back to my homecountry (from US where I left hubby and Home in order to get the medical care i needed. I was saved by a fabulous ICU Staff, doctors and nurses alike.here in Helsinki. Now I’m continuing to come back to not only life but to living active creative life….. being the World’s biggest Anarchist and Rebell in a nice sweet perfect Family Girl -if I still were 19….which I’m not…but you get the drift,doncchaa? :) jajajajja,selaviiiiii,as they say …..

    I will edit/re-write my book and republish it pretty soon.

    • Ohh dear and Ohh God seam to something woman say a lot to me , ask Zen about Thi Staf of truth.. Its all ways good for OHH Christ .. Ohh My lord..God YES! oh YES! .. LOL

  18. Be very careful that you do not allow history to repeat itself..
    All of the conditions have been put in place at the moment for the total extermination of jews.
    Many of them are living in Israel and they have built walls around themselves to prevent their escape.
    They believe that these walls protect them from outside threats.
    Reports have come out that jews attacked USS Liberty and jews did 9-11.
    The facts of the treatment of the people of Gaza cannot be denied. Nor can it be denied that jews have stolen, and continue to steal land and water resources. The covert activities of jews in Libya and Syria has been exposed.
    It seems to me that in view of these things, and many more relating to economics, that if jews were to disappear completely from the earth, that the world would be a better place.
    We need to stop short and think more deeply.
    I know for a fact that I love the voice of Barbara Streisand, the creativity of other jews and the hope that we can all embrace life together.
    I am doubtful that the world will tolerate the extreme jewish agenda for much longer.
    My opinion is that Israel needs to go back to the original size of its creation and compensate those Palestinians who lost property for that loss.
    If Israel is unwilling to be reasonable, then the whole world will turn a bling eye as it disappears from memory.

    • Looking that way for the U SA .. might be the former U S A in the end kinda like the former U S S R . Dived and conquer is the gave , played out over and over.

      • they have set the fate of the usa long ago. it will be divided into at least 5 chunks , all at war with each other and within, it;s currency worthless. Just like Huxley said, Americans will be the new boat people.

        Guess which nation will take over as the new super power? …. Israel. yes.
        They want all the land between the nile and Euphrates, thats 3 times the size of Texas.

        They are gonna jump the power base from Washington to Juraslen, just like they moved it from London to Washington after Bretenwoods.

    • go back to the original size of it’s creation?
      …. no. it needs to dissappear. You don’t cut out only half a tumor or most of it. why? because it grows back, it is the nature of a cancer.

      They ALL need to be exiled to their own homeland, somewhere in Russia. this is a fate worse than death, to live with each other and no gentiles to mooch off of. Such a place was reserved for them in the west of Russian. Birobidjan

      We can send them food and water etc.. doesn;t matter, in time they will kill themselves off anyway. this is what happens when a parasite has no host.

  19. ….thi staf of truth,eh…?… I tell you,Mr P. Cracker(s) , this is the truth and nottin’but the godddaaaammm truth…hehhehe… yep…. Hava nagila.Hava nagila (let us rejoice (!) )) :)

    • LOL Star I love that you have a great sense of humor .. some get have a emo upset with idiots like me ..

  20. All the (Biblical) Prophesis of what is going to happen to Israel and to all the FALSE Jews (that would be all the Zionists and a big chunk of AshkeNazis as well ) are very grim AND these suckers they know it themselves….but narcissistic hybris and arrogance always takes over any common sense, decency and dignity…..that could -maybe- benefit them even more than the Tikkun leOlam attitude of theirs…”TAKE AS MUCH of Palestine as EVER POSSIBLE!….. and let the shit come down on us, who cares about the shit as long as we have as much as ever can have. The End,OUR end,justifies the (our) means!…” Well…This is NOT normal thinking/behaviour. But NOTHING of what narcisissistic /borderline psychos do is normal, be they Zionist”Jews” or anything else!….

  21. Hi guys,(that means boys AND girls, so there! hrmph. :) ) If /when anyone of you wants some Life affirming heartfel POSITIVE input from the Real World, yes, that’s whadd I say :some good news,somthing positive to hold on to from the Real World; go to yesmagazine. The best thing since the moment of Creation!…. :)

    • Guys is slang for boys – gals is slang for girls-how many guys like to be called “girls” How many times does being called a female work for an insult and being called a man works as a compliment-“he throws like a girl” “she fights like a man”
      Sloppy thinking, a deliberate dumbing down of the population and a forcing of gender nullification all goes into the slang “GUYS”

  22. We must take into account certain Jews. NO ONE has done more to restore the rule of law, and see justice done, than Orly Taitz. One must read her web site and her 5 years of federal and state court filings, to understand:
    Dr. Taitz has carried on this campaign at immense personal cost and risk. She is an Eastern European Jew and Israeli citizen. If you think others have waged this battle for Article II of the Constitution, then you are misinformed and have homework to do.

    I would also say, keep in mind Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:
    has been a leading defender of the 2nd Amendment. You might want to read “A Dire Warning to American Jews”:

    I understand what has been said here, but one must factor in to their viewpoint, courageous and righteous Jews who actually do exist. One must also factor in all the non-Jewish Illuminati families and their roles in the global crisis.

    It is good to have this topic out in the open.

    • I should add that Orly Taitz is a U.S. citizen (naturalized). Whether or not she still holds Israeli citizenship, I don’t know.

    • Like everyone else here, I have no animosity to the ethnic jews who have ditched the Torah crap and joined with gentiles to make this a great world to live and love in. I know of Orly and others like Gilad
      Atzmon, Ed Rosenthal and Stephen Lendman that I absolutely admire and consider my family of man. All my life up to the present, I have had close jewish ethnic friends. My (former) jewish friends often will make negative remarks about jews who are ‘too jewish’ in selfishness or aloofness. I personally know jews who work selflessly for the entire community and I therefore believe strongly in the power of personal transformation and community..
      But it is heart warming to be able to criticize Torah and Talmudic jews the same way that Brother Nathaniel does without shame of being called an antisemite. There is no question in my mind that the tribe of Deuteronomy is going to be dissolved by its own former slave members because nobody in their right mind can tolerate being in a death and supremacy cult. People like Joel Stein who cling to supremacy are small minded losers and will never be included with us in the big wide world. Their supremacy will soon be coming to an end. It will all come down to whose shield hangs in front of the counting house.

    • Alec,

      a year ago I’d fall for that crap. now I see them for what they truly are.

      THE WORST OF THE JEWS. the ones that try and get us to drop our gaurd, the Jews for Jesus, anti Zionist, Torah Jews, The Finklesteins and Noam Chomskies…

      That gatekeeper crap has FAILED. we see through ALL of it.

      nice try tho. was wondering when one of you would show up and try this.


  23. I loved it! Thank you, Peek! Just this year I was awakened to this hypocrisy, and was called “anti-semitic”. There was pain, there was doubt. Was on the right track? There was Bro. Nathanael, and now you. I feel at home in such company, seeking to wake the asleep, the deluded, the blind. Please keep it up!

  24. Islamism is an equal threat as that of Zionism. One goes with the other.
    The only way they will both be brought out to to the light is equating them both as equally evil.
    Their ancient histories are similar in regards to the horror inflicted on populations and cultures, with similar (as far as the reach, destruction and enslavement) yet differing approaches but equally threatening to all. As long as we fall into the hierarchy of oppressors trap then it will not change. Ever.
    They BOTH must be “outed” for what they are at the same time.
    Otherwise, as 2000 years of history show, we’re simply blowing smoke. imho

  25. Look up.
    As it is above so it is below.

    Would you believe me if I was to tell you their are a few races from above that are playing you and its much stranger than you may think.
    You are doing good…you are catching on and you can be free as a world.

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