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Augereye Express
Late in the afternoon of Friday April 24, 1964 New Mexico police officer Lonnie Zamora was in pursuit of a speeding car just south of Socorro, when a loud roar and flash of light off to the right caught his attention and he broke off pursuit to investigate, thinking perhaps a dynamite shack had exploded.  Being as the hilly landscape obscured his view, Zamora drove his cruiser as close as possible, then climbed a small hillock in search of the source.  Cresting the hill the experienced police officer saw he was a hundred fifty yards from a car sized, egg shaped UFO on the ground with two occupants outside, apparently making repairs.

I have a vivid memory of that day, back when I was just fifteen years old; listening to my transistor radio & shooting hoops in the backyard when the announcer read the story of Zamora’s encounter in the nearby desert.  As I listened intently my skin became rippled with truth chills.  Everyone else calls them goose bumps which is just nonsense.  I call them truth chills because it is how your soul lets you know you are in the presence of some core truth…and I had a major outbreak that day!  I was already quite interested in the subject of UFO’s to begin with before the story broke and hearing of this close encounter so close to home was like pouring gasoline on a smoldering camp fire.  That was it, I was hooked for life on the subject, and anything remotely connected to it.

 During the ensuing years the pursuit of this subject has been the carrier frequency for my research and education about the real world behind all the lies we’re constantly fed.  As a general rule of thumb, the amount and complexity of official denials is usually pointing to exactly what is being hidden in the first place.  It certainly didn’t take too long for me to understand that this particular rabbit hole goes way, way down there where the darkest and dirtiest truths are concealed from view.  When I finally found that core truth, it reared up and bit me right in the subconscious.  I was more than prepared to believe my government was lying thru their teeth about UFO’s, but it backed me up for a moment of pause when I realized the government wasn’t only lying about alien presence on Earth but was indeed being totally controlled by that alien presence.

I saw my first alien spacecraft in the skies above the southeastern Oklahoma town of Hartshorne in the summer of 1966.  I had traveled there with two friends from high school because the town was in the news as a hot bed of UFO activity.  As it was, the residents of this tiny rural town were logging daily low level daylight sightings of flying saucers for a period of many consecutive months.  I would have walked there if need be.  My friends and I stayed there for several days, camping out under the stars at night watching the skies.  To be sure, we had seen several strange lights far off in the distance or at high altitude, but nothing more, and we were feeling a bit gypped.  The daylight sightings seemed to have stopped during our visit, which made me somewhat suspicious.  The things we saw at night just weren’t close enough, and we feared we might end up returning home with little more than mosquito bites.

It was July 26, and our last night in Hartshorne, and we were depressed at striking out on the close encounter sighting we’d hoped for.  That evening there was a community sky watch in a huge open field on the edge of town.  The visibility was excellent and the weather perfect, nary a cloud in sight.  Because we were 200 miles from the nearest large city, the night sky was spectacular without all the washout from artificial lighting.  There were maybe 25 or 30 people present for the event, including the town’s leading UFO enthusiasts, Mrs. Alta Claire Morgan, & Mrs. Bob Bookout, who owned the land we were on.  My friends and I were determined that if there was any activity we’d see and photograph it.  This was our last chance.  Some of the folks trailed off home after a couple of hours, and eventually it was just about a dozen of us true believers left.  About midnight or so Mrs. Morgan asked me if I thought ‘they’ were just sitting up there watching us and laughing.  I didn’t share her degree of humor.  After so many hours of watching the night sky over this town it somehow looked brand new each time you looked up.  Suddenly someone yells out, “Hey look, there’s two of them flying in formation!“  When we looked up sure enough there were two tiny white lights slowly moving together directly over the field we were in.  After a few seconds, we could tell the lights were getting closer, because they were getting bigger and brighter…when I looked thru my 10×50 binoculars I could clearly see both lights, one at each end of a massive cigar shaped “mother ship” type craft!!  Each light was illuminating a small area of the hull around it, and it looked like seamless pounded aluminum.

By this time everyone else had also realized this was one huge craft because there was not a human sound being made, and no one moved a muscle.  We watched as this huge ship floated silently down closer still to our position. Now we could see the whole thing clearly with the naked eye.  There was no thought of getting a picture, no thought at all as I just watched this thing come within 50 feet of the ground and fly slowly toward the distant tree line some 300 yards away.  As it headed away from us we had a stern view, with just the aft light visible.  When the ship arrived at the tree line, it pivoted 90 degrees to the west, and just hovered there above the trees for a period of five minutes giving us a wonderful side view profile of the craft.  Thinking back on it I suppose the twelve of us must have resembled the people on “Close Encounters” just standing there in silent awe in the presence of this otherworldly craft.  When it decided to leave, it again pivoted, back to the original heading, and just vanished!  It took less than 2 seconds for it to escape eyesight flying at treetop level.

When you see something like that it instantly changes your entire world view.  You can never un-see the thing, so you have to make friends with it or it will drive you insane with cognitive dissonance.  Mind you this event took place several years before I discovered the truth and learned that the alien species controlling events on Earth are known as Archons.  We might not know of these Archons were it not for the Gnostic writings which originally described them in the Nag Hammadi.*  These 13 ancient codices somehow managed to survive totally intact despite repeated purges of information and knowledge down thru the ages.  You see, these Archons are masters of deception and manipulation, having created the artificial reality we currently live in; not entirely unlike the Matrix movie trilogy…in fact there are many who believe that those movies were made specifically to reveal this artificial matrix like reality.  As with any takeover, whether it be bold or surreptitious, there is always an agenda in place leading to the ultimate desired goal.  The reason the Archons have gone to such monumental lengths to conceal their presence & agenda, is because it’s decidedly nasty, as in the permanently extreme.

Just like Chinese nesting dolls, the Archon agenda has concealed the truth of things by shrouding it with layer after layer of lies, deceits and obfuscations.  The Archons have captured the human race.  Let that sink in.  They captured the entire population of this planet.  It was done so gradually, with such expert nuances as to be considered a masterpiece; that’s how good their creeping assimilation is.  Researchers like John Lamb Lash believe that the Archons were present in this part of the galaxy even before the Earth was fully formed, and that seems to coincide with other lines of research that lead us into the part of our history that is the darkest and best kept secret.  That secret is that back when mankind was very, very young visitors from other worlds decided to ‘uplift’ our species, to accelerate our development by genetic intervention; they mixed their own DNA with that of early humans.  This was not done for the purpose of lifting us up to their level, but rather to create an entire race of slaves, to further their unholy agenda.  Now, all of this did not just happen in a vacuum so to speak; as there exists a kind of confederation of sentient, space-faring races in this galaxy.  Just as in star trek these various races sometimes are at cross purposes, and conflict ensues.  The ancient Indian text the Mahabharata relates the story of a massive war fought in the skies by star beings in flying ships called Vimanas. There were descriptions of terrifying  weapons sounding exactly like nuclear explosions…in ancient India


Some of the accompanying artwork leaves very little to the imagination as to what the story was referring to.  The point is I guess that some of these races seek to do whatever they wish at all times, and other races resist them when possible.  Turf is carved out, boundaries established and rules of engagement agreed to.  In the beginning this confederation of races decreed that Earth should be left alone to develop however it would, but the Archons had different ideas, and pushed the issue.  We of course have all come to know of races such as the Pleiadeans and Arcturians who seem to be peaceful, advanced and benign, and yes, they also operate upon this planet on this plane of existence, mostly as allies to us beleaguered earth folk.  Unlike the Archons, these other races tend to play by the ‘rules’ and are thus unable to just step in, although I cannot for the life of me see how doing so could possibly make things worse than they are now.  MORE>>

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  1. Talk about synchro…Wow. Before reading this article I hadj just left a memory revisit with an experience I had in 1964. I feel compelled to share so here goes:

    I was throwing news papers for the local news carrier. My bicycle was broken so I had to walk my route around 5:00 am. As I approached my last bundle of papers, I noticed the house diagonally across the street had an unusually bright roof. There was no moonlight and it was a cold clear night. New shingles? No, I could just make out a very subtle but visible bluish white light coming to or leaving from the rooftop into the sky at maybe a 45 degree angle.

    I walked into the front yard of the house to get a better look. I could see the light beam a little better, (like when we used to shine flashlight beams into the sky), but noticed that the light didn’t go anywhere except into the night sky. I did not see any type of craft.

    As I was looking at the roof I noticed it was growing darker, moving from left to right very slowly. The house roof next to it was beginning to illuminate but no light was striking the ground in between the houses. Before the next house was fully lit the light gradually faded. Nothing else happened, I finished the route wondering what I had just seen….and still wonder today.

    When watching the Stephenville Texas UFO videos, taken a few years ago, one of the videos was taken by a stationary deer feeder camera, and there it was. The deer in the video ducked/scampered away as the light hit the corn feeder but did not hit the ground. Mufon research followed up on this particular video and pointed out the fact this was some sort of controlled light.

    Thank you Chautauqua for this article.

    • Randle~ Not certain but my first guess at what you witnessed is that ‘they’ were conducting some sort of scan. Most likely reason would be searching for that specific, favored bloodline; or maybe just trolling for new specimens to probe and chip. (not so funny when it’s done to us) Just as the Kooshdaakaa, and Sasquatch, the Archons, Reptoids & greys utilize a type of hypnosis which activates something in the human brain called “unintentional blindness” which renders things in plain view invisible…and this is how they can move about as they do with so few direct sightings. Some of their larger ships come equipped with ‘mist generators’ which envelop the vessel, making it appear as just a cloud. Neat toys, they are a few years ahead of us in that department. There have been several credible reports of people and cattle being seen getting ‘beamed’ onto a ship, but mostly when beams of light are involved in sightings I think it’s more the scanner type; just a guess. I remember following the Stephenville sightings when they happened, as I recall some pretty credible and hard to dismiss witnesses. Thanks for sharing your experience, and comments. From the beam-free zone, Chaut.

      • Chaut

        The scan is what I have come to settle on. From what I’ve gathered, the beam is a sort of bio-metric data gathering conduit. Thanks for your thoughtful insight.

    • Hey Sis~ Gr8 to hear from you as always & so glad you enjoyed the info and experience. Those are the memories still in HD sharpness, while the more mundane ones fade and loose detail. These kinds of encounters always leave an indelible impression. I agree it would be a hoot to hang together back in the day, so just tell me where you were back in 66, and I’ll swoop over in my second hand Delorean time machine to pick ya up. Then we’ll jog over to get Peaks & Zen and the crew will be intact. “You pick the century, I’ll pick the spot” Love, Chaut.

    • Gritzle~ Hollow Earth, indeed…unfortunately a subject we don’t hear a lot about any more, at least not like it used to be, but then what is these days? Loved & bookmarked the links you shared, a wealth of information, and detail there, I appreciate the sharing. Peaceful Blessings.

  2. well said!
    puts butter on the bread
    thick as a thumb
    love your stories, bro.
    still shaking because of the kooshdaaquaa.
    there are things out there…..

    • Greetings brother Erik~ you are still shaking? I had dreams of the Kooshdaakaa for several nights running after relating that story. It almost seemed they knew I’d written about them, but I can’t see how cause there’s no Wi-Fi in Thomas Bay :) things out there indeed…what’s the old quote; “There are more things in heaven and earth than dreamed of in your wildest philosophies” (the author eludes me just now) or sentiment to that effect. Thanks bro, Chaut.

  3. Great write Chaut .. digging the Vimanas .. I would pimp my out Crackers style , 30inc chrome 100 spoke gangster white walls , I cant say i have seen Archon or know any , they sound like jews ,, may be thats really what they are Its Talmud Jews pretending to be alien’s they pretend to be everything else..well i know if we start paying a Archon tax for there tell-a-portion for sure its a jew product . They claim they have they own DNA , very deceptive don’t play the rules 13 ancient codices humm 13 tribes .. and all the fitting,s any way brother I do enjoy this , I am just green to the space lizard jew queen :-)

    • I used to have dreams about riding in a vimana, the thing kinda resembled the ships that contactee George Adamski claimed to have ridden on as a guest, for trips to venus. Never dug his story but the ships he described with fake photos looked a lot like the Vimanas. Now you are spooking me out in a good kinda way; because yesterday the same exact thought occurred to me, what if the Archons & Jews are the same bunch? Interesting side thread to the whole scenario. The space lizard jew queen thing, strange to the green who sing without warning in the morning for those seen to be between a bat and a ding. Lots of stuff out there on the subject of aliens, IMHO most of it is just ticket to ride BS from mental midgets who crave attention by telling wild tales. Kinda of an open ended subject for flakes, as it seems you can claim anything and nobody seems interested in seeing proof, or evidence. In reality, the “alien” issue is a huge and important piece of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle we’re all working on finishing so we can see what everything is. Yes, someone stole a handful of pieces to keep us like mushrooms, but the truth is out there.

      • “nteresting side thread to the whole scenario. The space lizard jew queen thing, strange to the green who sing without warning in the morning for those seen to be between a bat and a ding. ”
        LOL I dint say strange .. fuck nothing strange to me come on I lived in Detroit.”green ” not knowing on the topic yes . haha I dint know you wanted me to “:warn” you on my snazzy singing hahaha ..awesome

  4. * What perplexes me, is that ‘Sophia’ (in John Lash’s decypher of the codices) ‘IS’ the creator of the both the ‘Archons’ & ‘Us’?!?… as she had emerged & somehow *Separated* herself from the galactic hub or ‘pleroma’, of her partners in creation, with a ‘desire’ for ‘this’ particular experientiality & after realizing that an error has occurred … is presently rectifying & transforming herself/Gaia/Sophia> into the 5th dimension…. as this correction, in the dance for ‘equilibrium’ is in concert with the present line-up with the galactic center… being what the ‘awakening’ fuss is all about….an almost numinous & very esoteric imparted knowledge indeed & a huge ‘Jawbreaker to posit in your mouth…crack & chew.
    …That being a rather nebulous overview …if one believes there’s such a thing as Karma…is something that should be way past due as to biting these little Archon bastards on the ass… then grabbing them by their ‘short & curlies’ & rocketing them all back to source!…. if they can’t get their old job back> building non-organic solar systems or creating rings around Saturn…(Whoops! maybe that’s their ‘control’ broadcast antennae)(lol).

  5. If you are perplexed now Alex, buckle up. Sophia, is actually quite similar to the Mayan god Hunab Ku who was born of himself and is both alpha and omega…and resides in the center of this galaxy. not identical but very similar legends indeed. Sophias alignment with the galactic center also mirrors both Mayan, and Hindu cosmologies nearly step for step. Karma indeed, who is to say that by doing what they have been doing the archons aren’t already working off some bad karma? Perhaps it is their karmic duty to irritate us so much we finally decide to do something about it. We are the child race of this quadrant of the galaxy, perhaps it’s the Archons turn to babysit us kids, who knows? There is much going on we have no idea about, there are things going on we are not capable of sensing or seeing, so until we correct those limitations we are destined to forever redefine confusion. The final exam is at hand and we…have been playing hookey all semester. Cheers Brother!

    • Hunab Ku, is the great primeval God of Maya cosmology who dwells at the very center of the milky way galaxy. Hunab Ku was the father of Itzamna who became the most relevant Mayan divinity; known as “The Master and Lord of the Skies, the Day, and the Night.” Hunab Ku is a shapeless, formless entity who created all, and was born of himself, the beginning and the end at the same time. According to Maya cosmology Hunab Ku manifested as a unique and absolute entity amongst all things. Hunab Ku has been associated with the expression “En Lak’ech” which translates as “Eres mi otro yo”~ or in English, “You are my other”~ an expression of the cosmic unity which connects all life. En Lak’ech to everyone, Chaut.

    • * Thx for your ‘take’ bro…not an easy ‘grok’ with such far reaching implications/considerations, in a vast sea of ‘awareness ‘ to coalesce into a fine point of understanding, on this little spiraling planet,whizzing thru space…as always amigo

  6. I have seen Vimana and know for a certainty these are celestial Divine mansions for Divine heavenly beings, not vehicles for sub human Asuric (Asura) beings, I have seen other worldly lights, light tubes and light balls, yellow lights during the 2011 yellow light ball sightings of July- Aug phase and star-lights dropping out of the Moon and shooting off at incredible speeds, I have also seen the ‘men in black’ type non- human beings …

    • Indeed, JC the rabbit hole goes deep and has many alluring side tunnels. sometimes to gain perspective it helps to do the museum thing…back up a few steps so we can take everything in, absorb the “Big picture” so to speak; and the more pieces of the puzzle we fit into place, the more pieces seem to appear out of nowhere to add complexity and dimension to the holographic universe. Keep digging, keep searching. Trust, but verify. Truth is elusive, it hides in plain sight more often than not.

  7. oh sophia…


    “……When we realize who the Archons are, we can finally understand who we are. The secret of human potential, our Sophianic endowment, becomes self-evident when we realize what threatens it, and how. This is truly strange, and yet it makes perfect sense. We discover our humanity at the very moment when we are most at risk of losing it, and that moment is upon us. As long as we do not reach this realization, the revelation of our own identity as a pre-existent species, we will never see through the illusion of our isolation on this lonely planet, Earth. This is the great imaginative leap for humanity today.

    In reality, we are not isolated, for we are continually in touch, interactively, with a myriad of other-dimensional beings, “Star People” and spiritual allies, including other strains of humanity derived from the luminous Stain in Orion. Why, then, do we suffer the illusion of cosmic quarantine?

    Until we can see how we are related to that one alien species, our immediate cosmic kin, we shall not see how we relate to any others. Paradoxically, the Archons are the key to unlock our illusion of separation, yet they would imprison us in that illusion, because it serves their dementia. Called anomia, “aberration,” in The Apocryphon of John and elsewhere, the dementia of the Archons is evident in our own minds, especially in religious ideas such as the belief that we, the human species, are supreme and unique, created “in God’s image.”

    The Sophia narrative is an imaginative picture of human origins based on the experience of Gnostic seers. The mythos teaches that humanity is a singularity projected from the Godhead, but not to reproduce or resemble its originators, for that would be a supreme act of narcissism on the part of the Gods. Rather, humanity is the open-ended evolution of an encoded monad with infinite potential to develop in novel ways. To do so, the species requires a special environment that reflects its deepest potential as well as itsdependence on exchange with other species. This is exactly what the miraculous biosphere, the Gaian life-matrix, does for us.

  8. sorry for all the copy/paste. I find this fascinating
    “We are the exceptional promise of this beauteous and symbiotic world, not because we are the male creator’s god’s most privileged offspring, but because we have the unique ability to disrupt the Earth’s operative harmonies by our ignorance. Detect and correct that ignorance and we are on track with Gaia’s purposes. We cannot continue in Gaia’s way unless we enter Herstory and live in the description it provides. Our salvation in Gnostic terms is a narrative link to the living planet, not supernatural intervention from outside it—which is the Archontic ploy.

    We are not made in the image of God, but according to the imagination of the Gods. Yet the Archons would like us to believe otherwise. For about 3800 years they have been going all out to convince us otherwise.

    The Archontic Spell (or Ahrimanic Spell, as I used to call it when I was cruising with the Anthropops) relies on duping us with substitutes we dumbly take for real. Plastic for pearl. Artificial intelligence for genuine living knowledge. Cyberspace for gardenspace. Parking lots for glaciers. In an insidious secondary tactic, upon which they rely heavily, they make simulation do double duty as a blind as well as a substitute. Example: The monotheistic concept of God is an error, a mental glitch. It becomes exploited by the Archons, and exaggerates beyond correction. As it does so, the monotheistic paradigm takes on a totalitarian profile. When we come around to rejecting monotheism, we tend to reject the totalitarian aspect as well. Naturally, we become extremely leery of totalitarian models, “master narratives,” etc. This wariness, although perfectly genuine and a sign of sanity, serves to blind us to the nature of the “mistress narrative” we can develop with Gaia-Sophia.”

    lots more at this site

    • * J.C…Always ‘chomping-at-the-bit’… to dive into the deep end with fellow cosmonauts!
      …Feeling like Graham Hancock off the coast of Japan, diving down on the newly discovered remnants of an enigmatic civilization of a bygone era & realizing there’s so much more to us & our history, than the specious foisted illusions, perpetrated from an archon script…thx for the further edification.

  9. so, Mary Magdalene is Sophia?

    “…But Sophia, who is Mary Magdalene, is the Goddess who not only created matter, she lived in it to show us we are not alone in our suffering. And Christ, Her partner and equal, is Gnosis, who comes if we call. He comes so that we know we are much more than we think we are, that we are, in fact, eternal and loved and filled with Spirit, and that we can all go Home again.

    It’s a beautiful story, a profound story—and it is completely misunderstood by those who “borrowed” it from the Gnostic teaching.

    All Pagan godmen have a female Consort who resurrects Him from the grave. Osiris by Isis. Attis by Cybele. Tammuz by Ishtar. Christ by Mary Magdalene. There is always a female divinity mourning a slain god and seeking his body for anointing…and this part of the story is as old as human time. It’s very much a part of the myth of the Goddess and speaks of the true worth of the feminine and her part in the dance of reality.

    The Christians hid the Consort. They could not lose Her entirely because they themselves did not understand the story they were trying to tell. But they degraded Her. They made her into a penitent, serving only to show us how forgiving Jesus was. They took away Her divinity as they’ve tried to take it from us. By so doing, they have unbalanced the entire world…because ideas about reality move the entire world.

    To Gnostics, none of this is “true” as in literally factual. Sophia’s story is a parable for the plight of the lost human soul seeking Gnosis—or God consciousness. Sophia is the soul. Christ is that which enlightens the soul.

    Mary Magdalene is the “Woman Who Knew the All.” She is Sophia, symbolic of our quest for Christ / The Kingdom of God / Gnosis / Enlightenment / HOME.

  10. It’s Hillary!!??
    (is she or isn’t she…. the one??)

    maybe I should cut her a break. maybe her earthly penance was bill? maybe we should look into this. maybe I should stop getting side tracked? maybe i should stfu!!

    maybe I’ll write a global telenovela!

  11. Sorry, but, all the Feminism in the Cosmos will not correct the Basic Falseness of Women.
    As a Half-and-step-brother to 6 half-and-step-sisters, son of a barstool woman, and step-son of a Fem-Lez-Bolshevik-mentally Ill type,
    I insist on a complete End to Feminist Butt-kissing.
    Just a few days ago, I attempted to offer a self-proclaimed “Haz-Mat” expert woman some information from enenews.com, ENERGY NEWS,
    only to have her go off about, “Oh, yeah, THAT Guy!…” claiming that she was fully aware of the site I was TALKING ABOUT.
    Total bullshit woman, and dishonest enough to continue on with her mouth after I very politely pointed out her false words, her continued insistence
    on LYING about her own knowledge. This is Standard Procedure for the current Feminist Promotion of Academics, Government flunkies,
    like Susan Rice, Hillary (murderer), et al…
    Women are NOT Equal minds. Women will gleefully destroy their own families to gain a little Ego-Stroke from the Lezbian Liars.

  12. Chautauqua, Thank you for this awesome post, I simply love the work done by the ones exposing the Archons, old (whatever is left) and new. Can you point me to some good material that covers the link between Christ, in the biblical context, and our awareness? Churches (any religion) fight with all their might to keep the people spelled bound, and caught up into the text as it is translated; (Bible being unfaultable “Holly”/captures of the life of Christ as it was unfolding), but the Pleiadeans also claim that Christ was one of theirs, any clarification/transparency into this area would be greatly appreciated if you have. Of course the name of the game is deceit, so what is so difficult for me to keep into perspective, is how much is truth vs. inverted, including the bible itself (trinity concepts). Awesome to have the universe confirm to us that indeed we are majestic incredible beings, as we knew we were. As far as the time closing on us, is it because of their desire to end our possibility of mass awareness realization with their ultimate war? The spiritual battle has been fought for millennia, has it not? The cyclical aspect of their plan, has worn out, and the manipulations are losing their strength, interesting how the universe is, ultimately: “o que sera, sera!” Much Love..

    • Gustavo~ For more detail on the connections you sited I suggest reading the related material in the Nag Hammadi or any of the John Lash stuff. IMHO one of the leading authorities on the Archons is Jay Weidner who is right up there with David Icke. Indeed the spiritual battle has raged for ages, which is why this age has to be the one when the cycle stops and unity begins. It’s all about Unity now, as in, without it we are lost.

    • There sure seem to be a lot of folks who insist on folks not using the word archon, and that in itself makes me suspicious of their true motives. I reject the idea that by using the word ‘Archon” one is submissively acknowledging some kind of royal or highborn status and thereby giving them power. Yes, indeed, most certainly there is great power in the spoken word, and the using of powerful mantras and such; but archon just isn’t one of those words, any more than jew or christian is. Do I insult the cult by refusing to capitalize the word for their faith, you bet I do…but does it give them my power to use those names, nope not at all, rubbish. There are some seriously silly notions floating around out there, give ’em some thought before you repeat it everywhere like a parrot. Love & kisses!

      • * John Lash is the man given the ‘official’ nod, as to actually originating & coining the term *ARCHON* (like Dawkins coined ‘meme’)…this is a very recent paradigm….(referenced during his first Red Ice Creation interview.)

        • How interesting Alex; am aware that Lash claims to have coined the term Archon, however, I have been under the impression that the term first appeared in the Gnostic writings in general, as well as in the Nag Hammadi codices. Perhaps it might be more accurate for Lash to bask in the limelight of re-introducing a term lost to history. The one thing that has slowed, delayed and in large measure crippled human progress is the individual need to receive credit for this or that thing. Our collective egos seem to thrive on such recognition, as fleeting as it may be…and when it does not come on it’s own it is very often made up & contrived. As Stuart Wilde once noted, “Earth – nice place, shame about the people”

          • * Yes I thought about it later, after I’d left the comment & wondered what the Sumerians called *Archons & how he translated it into it’s present form of *Archon?…Henrik Palmgren (Red Ice Creations interviewer) broached the * Archon link to John, in the beginning of the first interview, where John appeared to accept the ‘acknowledgement’ like an astrophysicist that gets a comet named after them.
            ….& yes recognition is what Vikings & Roman Emperors, et al, craved above all else that their names be forever remembered & carved into the historic eternal human psyche of their glorious exploits, for future generations to admire.
            ….”Earth- a nice place, shame about their ‘Dark Passenger’ parasitic ego affliction”….”maybe they’ll finally awaken to the fact, that only LOVE can set them free from this ‘control freak’ (succubus/incubus) shadowy hitch-hiker.”

  13. Chautaquua,
    Your writings are always thought provoking. This one hit home because of an experience I had last October. Maybe I could pick your brain for a minute. I was sitting outside on the back steps on a very foggy night. There was a bright light like a harvest moon through the fog to the south. It got so much brighter and more intense as the seconds went by and I heard a humming, vibrating sound. The light and sound became so that I could not look at it any longer and held my head down to avoid it. It felt like my head would explode from the light and vibration. Then, this beam of light shot up the stairs and straight through my left nostril into my brain. It was terrifying. After a few seconds, (what is time in certain circumstances?) the humming stopped abruptly, and the light was less intense. The giant ball of light, that I thought was the moon, moved across the sky slowly until it was at the north east side of the house and then shot away, like it was never there.
    I agree, that stories like these bring out the mental midgets and flakes, but my experience was real. Just as yours was.
    Before this happened, I thought of aliens as possibly the equivilant to angels and demons. Maybe that is where folk lore takes us. I won’t let them control me though. Not anymore. I do feel like something was taken from me that night, in the depth of my capacity create energy. It just doesn’t feel as strong or electric.
    Zen, thanks for this place. I always hope that when I am responding to a story, I can contribute somehow. It feels like I am receiving more than I am giving right now. For that, I will just say, Thank You!
    Much love,

    • Carla~ It seems to me from your detailed description you were probably scanned by a sensor type beam they use. From what I’ve read and been told these beams are quite advanced and when they scan something they want to work on a little the scan beam can be modified to paralyze the subject, and once that is done the secondary beam transports the specimen to the waiting ship. Do you have any sense of ‘missing time’ connected to this experience? How about any new and unexplained scars, cuts or other minor stuff…if so it may indicate you were taken, then returned…part of their catch & release program. I have seen their craft on several occasions, but have never witnessed a beam being used, which I think I should feel lucky about. The first time they took me the drugs wore off so I wandered about till I found the bridge and asked if I could take it for a spin :) -now that was a joke, and a fib. As far as I know, I’ve never been taken. You contribute more than you know by your interactions in Zen’s garden, because others who are just waking up will be inspired perhaps to also share info and experience…what you write may benefit others in some way, and you may never hear of it, so shine on sister! and thanks for the input.

    • Carla, you definitely have contributed to me personally several times. I always soak up what you have to say. And what Chautauqua says for those of us just waking up, this is like finding buried treasure. Thanks and don’t go away

      • This is to both you and Chautaqua. Thank you. Once again, I tried to reply with a detailed, heartfelt story. A true one that might be pertinant to you both. For some reason, when I try to post these experiences, they boot me out and the message gets lost in the blogosphere. There is more to the story. PM me via Zen and I will try again. Sweet dreams!

        • Carla, and others–copy and paste into your mail the longer ones in case that happens when you go to send…then send to me if you get stuck and I’ll post. Sorry about that, it’s a finicky thing…

  14. Chautauqua;
    “I consider it highly probable that a secret order surviving from an ancient civilzation created the hebrew nation as a covert millitary order from an ancient blue print.” Ed Spencer from a “letter to a jewish woman who is a long time friend” posted at Veterans Today. yahwea (zeus) is the head archon who Jesus recognized as Humanity’s enemy and told the pharasis they were liars, theives, murders and sons of the “devil”. To any UFO skeptics who have a technical mind, I tell to read the Vedas. 6000 year old engineering drawings that look as if they were drawn yesterday. Germans in the 1930’s went to Tibet, copied the schematics, and produced the jet engine and multi-staged rockets with gyroscopic control. “Rocket Science” is truly 6000 years old.

    • Very cool, and very true as well. Clearly the Archonic slugs have a dutiful rear guard in place looking out for their collective interest, and any even casual follower of world politics has a solid idea of just who that is. Love your reference to ‘forbidden history’ Big fan of Graham Hancock & friends who are constantly showing us evidence and proof that there have been many advanced civilizations here before us that we are not permitted to know about. Hmmm. Blessings

      • PURE WATER?? please please please Soliel, what do you recommend. I also know this is a big problem for me — never was a big water drinker. (too much coffee) I know I need to drink more but have hesitated because of all the fluoride. poland spring probably isn’t that much better.

        wrists are so so. guess what though? weird pain started moving over to my left (good) hand. I was going to track you down and tell you that we must have gotten our intertubes crossed!!! I was getting these strange electrical shock like jolts in my left foot and hand. decided to finally look it up today and am now absolutely convinced that all my aches and pains are from the night shade family of foods and not carpal tunnel.

        Why are nightshades legal?

        “….If the nightshade foods were to be introduced to the Western diet today, under current Novel Foods regulations they would have to be tested for safety. It is unlikely that they would be permitted to enter the food supply, solely because of their nicotine (solanine) content. However, like cigarettes, they slipped into our diet despite some voices in opposition and have assumed a major role in our nutrition and health, a role that, in a free society, should be accepted.”

        I had this electrical like shock after a dinner of eggplant parm and waffle fries on the side (and a cigarette for dessert!!)

  15. Ok, so I would like to hear thoughts about the following and please be gentle with me as I am a new awakener and am a mother of two young children so you know how unsettling it all is. I grew up in a non religious, non spiritual family just as a background but since my eyes have been opened (and I know probably only partially) I am getting this pull towards Christianity. The more formal religious side does not appeal but something about the message of Jesus and connecting with the creator, feels very right at the moment. I am not one to jump into anything without questioning but in the heart space this feels right. But then I worry that I am just deluding myself in order to find some comfort – I just don’t know. It feels right but I am in that phase of not knowing how to be truly discerning. My question is, is this an example of me possibly being taken off course or do others see a place for Christ within all of this. I know that most of the Christians I talk to do not understand the reasons why they should be very careful about what their children are watching on TV (we don’t have one).
    As I said, please go easy on me if you have any strong feelings about this as I am a newbie.
    Thank you.

    • Post coming about this. Wrote you about it. Beautiful question from a beautiful, sensitive sincere soul. Keep learning and growing, you’ll find your way. Hope I can help, but I will never tell you what to think as forceful as I may sound sometimes, only open doors and hopefully expose hidden traps. Much love, Zen

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