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The Art Of Resistance

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This is my eighth year as a full-time Internet activist. The longer I’m fighting this “War on Evil”, the more I’m getting concerned with the effectiveness of resistance. No matter what our cause, liberty, false-flag terrorism, free Palestine, debt-free currency, New World Order, Illuminati, chemtrails, vaccination, cancer cures, drug prohibition, or historic revisionism, we must first and foremost make a conscious decision about what’s more important to us, being right or resisting effectively.

In most countries, the ‘ruling elite’ is more than happy for us to say, write and publish whatever we want, as long as nobody that matters listens to us. In fact, it’s a tell-tale sign of their power and confidence to let us – figuratively speaking – stand on a box in Hyde Park and scream our head off, while everybody around shakes his head and thinks to himself, ‘What a fool!’.

We must learn from great dissident leaders such as Malcolm X. The biggest mistake we can make as activists, he warned us, is trying to rally people behind a specific agenda before they are fully awake. Doing so only makes it easier for moles to paralyse us with infighting and lead us astray pursuing nonsensical goals. A good example is the Free Palestine movement which has been infiltrated by closet Zionists and is now wasting its time with useless grandstanding such as lobbying church investment groups. If the ‘pro-Palestinian’ activists really wanted to make a difference for the Palestinians, they would lobby politicians in Washington DC, where the decisions are made whether or not to support the ‘Jewish state’ with billions of dollars, state-of-the-art weaponry and consistent vetos in the United Nations Security Council.

Instead of openly pursuing a specific agenda, we need to put our sole focus on waking up as many people as possible. We are the avant-garde. Our job it is to convince the early adopters and recruit fellow evangelists. Our sole focus must be on presenting provable facts and leave it to people to come to their own conclusions and solutions. When writing, we must make it easy for people to do their own research, by properly referencing or at least pointing them in the right direction.

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Even when focusing on provable facts, we need to be very clear who we are communicating with. Are we talking to family, friends, colleagues or casual acquaintances? To what extent are they already awake? Most people are so brainwashed by society, that if you do or say anything that contradicts the virtual reality created by the ‘Matrix’, they automatically think you are ‘weird’ or worse. So if you don’t want to lose your job, be crossed off your friends’ Christmas card list or have your children be ostracised by their friends and classmates, you better be careful what topic of conversation you choose, when trying to wake up someone who is still fast asleep.


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  1. I’ve got another idea: organize completely off the grid. Network with like minded people and organize with no central identity. Keep everything in small cells, stay off the Internet, and phones, and even stay away from the written word. Doesn’t anyone remember the days before Internet and cell phones? Perhaps we were more free then.

  2. This IS. IT. in a nutshell!

    I wasn’t fooled by OWS, the Arab Spring that was “put into place”, etc…. All these accomplished was exactly what they wanted to be accomplished — just give the proles their god damn freedom of speech (a la security cameras) and they’ll shout about anything you throw at them.
    (the protest marches in Washington back when rumsfeld & co. were running the show were a lot of fun though — at least I met all my blog-o-sphere friends!)

    words of wisdom from a fellow blogger:

    “The cacophany of a billion voices will not drown the clarion of the powerful: they will control the levers of that unrelenting howl and, as is their way in all times and places, those who are the wealthy, the powerful, the manipulative will use that cacophany to overwhelm and render impotent the quiet voices of reason, wisdom, and genuine truth.

    The digital age is not revolution; it is, instead, the fulfillment of the authoritarians.”
    ~The Dark Wraith

  3. I’ve been sayin’ this for over a year now: “JUST PULL THE PLUG ALREADY” I’m more than equipped now to put words into action. I’ve alienated enough friends, families, and colleagues over the years. I take comfort now knowing that I will be the first one they call when the shtf. I will welcome them with open arms.


  4. Zen, either the field strengthens to the point where the proles start to see the fnords (i.e. the plumes of poisons hovering over their heads) or we end up where we’re heading. Planning rational approaches so’s to inform them without triggering their emotional defenses is hopeless. I found years ago that the more skillfully I approached people with aspects of the truths they faced, the more cleverly their defenses advanced. This is where the art of the propaganda is pushing us toward the tipping point. People can tolerate less truth BY THE DAY. So, we must ourselves wake up and find deeper resources, and look for teachable moments with the sleeping intuitively, not with planning.

    • Well said Bruce. It’s true, the playing field is shifting to a deeper trance. People shouldn’t tiptoe around for the right way to speak, but they should be way more aware of what they’re up against. We’ll know as we go. The shocker is how well they’ve pulled this entrancement off. HOWEVER…magicians just snap their fingers…ah ha!! Keep snapping people!! Good folks are caught in the web of deceit and their spirits are crying out for help and deliverance…..

  5. Great article. I always enjoy your articles the most out of any others I read when surfing Icke’s news articles. keep it up.

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