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The Awakening Nears Critical Mass



by Zen Gardner

The exponentially increasing revelations of truth that the alternative research community is exposing are having a profound effect. This uncensored research is based on efforts toward a more honest, integrated and holistic worldview, using real history, honest facts and trends, and accumulated information outside the controlled and censored media.

The massive vibrational change of consciousness is palpable. And more so by the day.

And it’s getting to the would be Controllers. It’s never been easy to quantify, but we’re starting to get proof positive of the effects on a massive scale. We need to take that awareness and apply that as direct knowledge on other fronts and act accordingly.

The walls are coming down. The wake up is clearly reaching critical mass.

The Power of Awareness

Being aware of not just the information but the vibrational changes is a huge advantage. The insiders on their side know about this too. Most of the stooges you see in the news don’t. They’re just hired thugs. We know it’s working not just by observing information and events, but by intuitive conscious awareness and the thrilling crescendo of awakened lives we’re seeing and hearing from everyday.

Their ranks know something’s happening because it’s impacting their plans and putting them on the defensive. Imagine someone trying to make a wave pattern in one end of a swimming pool trying to push all the floating items in a certain direction with hardly any resistance. Then in jumps person after person in the other end and they start playing and splashing around. You think Mr. Wavepattern Controller will feel the effects on his little baubles of lies and deceit he’s been busy floating out there?

Oh yes he will, and he won’t be too happy about all these unpredictable waves swishing around the pool now, would he be?

Cosmically it’s much more profound than that, but you get the idea.

So….everyone in the pool! Start making all the waves you can! Every drop counts, never mind splash!

Presumptuous? I Don’t Think So.

Think about some of the powerful revelations and clear awarenesses coming to light. The cosmic ground has been seeded and it’s springing into life everywhere!

We’ve raised awareness of multiple false flag scenarios from micro nukes to virus seeding to staged so-called “lone gunman” rampages like this latest child butchering. They make them more and more horrific to push the unconscious public over the edge, as in the 9/11 mega ritual.

They’re desperate.

And we’re on to them. We know about and track their weather warfare moves. We’re well aware of their insidious mind control tricks. We’ve unraveled their phony education, political, financial and media scams.

We’ve tracked and identified in great detail the fascist takeover and implementation of the police state. We’ve exposed the banking and corporate whores, and their poisoning of our air, water and food supplies. And such activism is working.

The horrific reality of their wicked child abusing is coming to greater and greater light, as are their blood letting sacrificial rites and satanic ceremonies. We can read their pagan, Freemasonic and occult symbolism and their numerological codes.

We connect the dots of their deliberately scrambled dystopian compartmentalized scheme, and are well aware of their Illuminist agenda.

We may not be not know everything, but the Creative Force is sure bringing a lot to light and we’re shining it in their f**king faces!

All Part of the Wake Up, Baby.

Fact is we’re pissing them off and the bastards are literally having to regroup and reshuffle their plans because of us.  It may not stay the wars and false flags  these psychopathic idiots have lined up, but it can shift battle conditions and put them on the defensive and cause erratic, self-exposing behavior, further advancing humanity’s awakening.

And more so. When these things come to pass, those who’ve caught on or the even greater numbers of those who’ve even just heard about this methodology and intent and dismissed it as “conspiracy theory” will go off like roman candles!

The Elite Emergency Button – False Flag

They are aware of our awareness, and planning accordingly. Make no mistake. “We” not only need to be controlled, but if awareness is really getting out of hand and they’re meeting resistance to the next level of manipulation, we need to be seriously distracted and manipulated.

And it will be soon again, and continual. Sorry, but it has to be. But this time when the next big one goes down many millions of people will know exactly what they’re up to.

Just like the Colorado and Connecticut shootings and the like. Obvious as all hell if someone is even slightly awake. And these events usually happen not just to push their agenda, but to distract from something way bigger and more insidious they’re trying to slip past us.

It appears they’re scrambling to get into place and that’s what tells me it won’t be long. Be it a false flag to start the next big war, or a serious domestic attack on a U.S. city to ram the U.S. and the rest of the world into the next level of Orwellian military control, they’re licking their chops to pull the trigger on something. Be prepared, it will temporarily quash internet freedom, freedom of movement, and unleash a whole array of  weapons against the citizenry of the U.S. and elsewhere that will make heads spin if and when something of that scale happens.

So do be prepared, but not afraid. It’s just being realistic.

They Fear the Wake Up – And They Should

In fact they live in constant fear. You think the hierarchy they exercise to control us is bad, imagine the hellions they report to! And they turn on each other in a flash if it serves their purposes. Nasty bunch. And it manifests in this need to exercise control over and abuse those under their imposed dominion.

But a major concern for these freaks is that the wake up is getting out of hand and potentially screwing up their world takeover plans. It’s not the climate they need. They need drugged up, dumbed down and freaked out masses who are easy to intimidate and control.  So be on your toes, but don’t be afraid.

The awakening will only spread faster!

Whatever the planned disturbance, vast swaths of ignorant, freaked out “sleeple”  will fall for it and beg for whatever it takes, even martial law, to “protect” them”. That’s why I think there’s going to be something that “hits home” to pull this off, sorry to say.

But it will only add fuel to the cosmic shift, in spite of anything they do.

Let the Wake Up Roll!

Don’t be afraid, and don’t be deterred. The matrix is in its death throes. That we know…and they cannot help but sense.

While the awakening hits critical mass, expect wonderful breakthroughs, revelations of Truth and personal and social empowerment. Now’s the time to get as active as possible and encourage others to do the same. Every bit of information, every act or intention of compassion, every brave effort to expose them and call them out and stand up to them is having an exponential effect.

Learn to listen to and trust your heart. That’s the true cosmic consciousness internet. They can’t censor or shut that one down.

Only you can.

Do be prepared for a backlash, but keep fighting the good fight no matter what.

Fearlessly. And in love.

  “Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Love, Zen




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  1. Zen….Paganism is not bad! It is the dark ones who have given it a bad name to try and stop the practice of worshiping Gaia and tending to her well. It is the dark ones who gave it the symbology of black magic and evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read up on it…Vis

  2. Tx for your encouragement, Zen!
    Much Love!

    “They’re pathetic, really,” she said. “They’ve got no life or shape themselves but what they can steal. They could no more survive in this world than a fish could live in a fire, but that doesn’t stop them trying. And they’re just bright enough to hate us because we’re alive.”
    – T. Pratchett, Equal rites

      • Thank you so much, bro! :) …just trying to go with the flow. 😉

        “Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil…prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon…
        – T. Pratchett, alt.fan.pratchett

  3. The Creative Force is sure bringing a lot to light,and we’re shining it in their fucking faces!-Love it Zen,so true.

  4. “Two law enforcement sources said the hard drive had been removed from Lanza’s computer and broken in pieces. They said that forensic electronics experts at the FBI will examine the drive in an effort to determine with whom Lanza corresponded electronically and how he otherwise used the device.”


    • Like Gus said, like the 86 confiscated CCTV recordings in and around the Pentagon. I’m sure the FBI is studying those carefully as well. Bury bury…

  5. I wish I could see this the way you see it, but I simply can’t. Not after more than 36 years of efforts.

    What I see is an ever-increasing darkness, now being created most of all by people who insist that they are “awake”; a ‘controlled opposition’ controlled by the delusion that they are ‘winning’.

    Meanwhile, not ONE word of the Truth is published by the media about the Doctrine of “resurrection” being taught as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’ by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed; while, on the other hand, millions upon millions are still addicted to either the ‘Prophecy porn’ of the ‘Rapture’ and Jesus ‘riding a white horse out of the sky’; or, its secular equivalent, delusions of a magical ‘increase in consciousness’ simply because of the arrival of a specific date on the calendar.

    Until it is publicized that the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’ have turned their respective Revelations *upside down*, and that *that* is the cause of the violence in the Middle East, NOTHING will have changed.


  6. Zen I love this article and i love that you used the word “sleeple”.!

    The awakening has taken on a life of its own. I cant stop myself from posting things on fb and opening my mouth at any chance but its coming form my heart so sleeple are listening. Any one of the ones we talk to could be the 100th monkey.

    The more you talk about it the easier it gets and if you speak with the authority of knowledge they listen. They will become us and start talking to because we have made it easier for them just as so many others (Christ especially) have made it easier for us. Share love and more is created- its the real free energy.

    • Yeah, I wanted to put a hat tip but twelve would’ve looked like an autocorrect, ha! Keep up the great energy…I know you will! 😉

    • Twelve,
      I think it s time to move on and help the others that are not drawn to this site. My guides are telling me this now. I know it is my time to move On and do what I am here to do – Help Others. I hope you have found your path and know your purpose.

      Best of Fortune to you and your family- our paths may cross again – Jeff Baker. I am the only one on facebook with a green pepper smiley face and no real picture of me, but you will see a cool picture of a jet truck.

  7. Wow – Beautiful Z, and not one typo…..If I could have a brain as bright as yours, bring it on…Nice to read your blog, I find so many people in their heart spaces, really it is just gigantic the love that is for each other and for humanity….We are all heart strings connected… the false flags are many to take our freedoms and guns away…..and that photo with the photographer WOW…..if that doesnt wake a person up…..an innocent person….Love will rule over our planet; it just will in gratitute for all you do Z brother…..worldwide people love each other, want the best for each other and want to work with cooperation… The entire MIC needs to start organic farms and chill out, listen to great music and enjoy their life……
    sometimes baby steps make our dreams come true

  8. Thanks, as ever, for the positive message of mass awakening Zen. For the record, McAfee SiteAdvisor now has your site listed as “very risky” (no real reason given).

    • Thanks. Check your computer for bugs and cookies..almost always that comes up ’cause of that. Have the best protection and plugs ins on the site.

        • But some risks are worth taking!

          Fabian, was it you that once wrote in a post that you were an ex gamer?
          I was newly awakened when I read it and it helped me a lot. At that time I was still self conscious about my sleeple ways. I grew up with Nintendo and have logged in many hours in front of the screen. I was good though. My kids have always been proud- something to brag about. lol
          Those days are long gone but I do have to say, they taught me perserverence.

      • Get rid of the anti-virus programs and keep keep the standard microsoft firewall up(updated frequently) and get a great cookie deleting/control program.

        I found out a while ago that the anti-virus programs are the problem. I used to have the same problem with the software seizing/slow downs/viruses. No problems in the last two years since going this route.

        Just get a great cookie management program(I use Maxa) and delete cookies several times an hour. You can set it up to keep the cookies you need and will be shocked at the amount of cookies that are on your system even though you thought you removed them with the internal software.

        Cookie are used to spy on you and there are different levels of cookies than you know that actually are like a virus.

    • I was blocked also from Zen’s site by some ‘protective malware’ service. I wrote to them and told them that Zen Gardener is quite harmless if one is initiated.

      Some Internet wierdness has happens ever since I posted on FB itanimulli dot com = NSA

  9. There are none more sound asleep, than those that dream they are awake. The difference between thinking you are awake and actually being awake, is the difference between head information and heart understanding. The mind is a wonderful tool and a horrible master. Live with you heart and you will understand.

    • Yep. The difference between getting more accurate info. understanding it, feeling bad and then reacting – and Being Awake is enormous.

  10. Great article… one more to post on my FaceBook site for financial and political corruption. Lots of stories like this…
    FB and go to /BankAndPoliticianFinancialCorruption

  11. the oligarchs are running scared but they have a script written thousands of years. Their leaders is satan and he is not very smart. We know lots about him, he is cowardly and arrogant, manipulative but rigid. his minions will soon be exposed.

  12. Connecticut’s Strict Gun Control Laws Did Not Stop the School Shootings in Newtown, CT


    Democrat From NY: To Get Gun Control, Obama Must ‘Exploit’ CT Shooting

    List of school shootings known to be linked to SSRIs

    Gee, I wonder, is there maybe a link, between BIG PHARMA, and guns being blamed for all these heavily-medicated mass killing sprees?

    Gun-Town USA: 25 Years Murder Free

    Media Blackout: Oregon Mall Shooter Was Stopped By An Armed Citizen Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:02

    • In the Matrix, Facts and Truth no longer matter, period. That’s the lesson to understand. The oligarchs do not care about facts, truth, laws or anything like this. Evidence of this is all around us, and every day it increases. Obama – came in in 2008 on platforms such as transparency in Gov’t, support of whisteblowers, increased focus on engineering/science, etc. etc. Of course, what was delivered was EXACTLY the opposite of what was promised.

      EVERYTHING is a lie, period. Don’t expect anything different from the institutions and those that serve them, all of whom comprise the Matrix that is our reality.

  13. Great article Zen … and right on the money (so to speak). And, not a single mention of “Nazis” or “Hitler” or other such silly guff. No, I am not trying to whitewash the past or praise what went on in Germany during that time, but the past is infinitely nuanced. One step at a time please. Germans are good people, and have given above average contributions to mankind. Demonizing them reduces us.

    Only access to the archives in Moscow will give us the fuller truth about what went on between 1932 and 1947. Otherwise, and in the meantime, let us all use your article (above) as a powerful guide.

  14. Consciousness is built by group participation, from the smallest to the largest organism alive. As human beings, we are a collection of single cells living in harmony with each other. All these individual cells work to produce a group consciousness. Our consciousness. This maxim applies across the whole of God’s creation. When insects act as a hive, the individual organisms unite to create a hive mind, which is greater than the sum of its parts. The human condition is exactly the same. When people unite under a single ideal and consciously focus on that ideal, a hive mind is created. You want a negative example? Nazi Germany. While mass media continuously pumps out the negative vibes, the negative hive mind prospers. Those who switch on to the positive vibrations of the universe become part of the positive hive mind, and this scares the bejesus out of the controllers, because technology can’t touch the hive mind. They want you to be part of the negative, to be controlled; however, God gave YOU freewill. Positive thinking and positive imagery really will defeat the enemy and this frightens them so. In God’s hierarchy of angels, positions are job titles only, as it should be. No ego involved. When the ego is added to any hierarchy and the job title becomes linked with a person, the hierarchy is corrupted. The President runs the country, not Obama. When you believe that a name is in charge and everything is going to hell, that hope is gone, that’s when they win.

  15. Not this time. The New Age Deception, which no True Avatar of the True Divine Hierarchy EVER taught, which says to “express truth with love”, is not going to work as a false alternative to going along with the evil cruelty directly. The Truth about all this is a SWORD and it CUTS, and cutting HURTS… and there is NO WAY you can love someone and hurt them at the same time. If the Truth hurts, then the person or being it hurts is FALSE and UNWORTHY of Love. To claim to love such a being, who HATES THE TRUTH, btw, is to HATE THE TRUTH WITHIN. It might seem a subtle distinction, but I’ll save my LOVE for beings who are capable of returning it, and who appreciate the TRUTH upon which such Love is based. I’m not buying into any of this “Love them into the Light” nonsense.

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