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The Backstep BS Disinfo Dance


by Zen Gardner

Here they go again. It’s amazing what they think they can get away with.

The frequency of this inane toying with the mass psyche regarding chemtrails, in particular, does seem to be picking up. This gradual introduction of this geoengineering debacle from Bill Gates’ admissions to these periodic smatterings of scientific “ideas” is like watching a movie backwards.

Now apply that principle  to everything else the Controllers ever “forecast” or propose as a possible solution to mankind’s problems. Besides global warming, we’re apparently also overpopulated. Think there might be programs now in place taking care of that already as well, while they discuss what should be done about it? Or have something in mind for the food shortages they warn of that they themselves have engineered (think genetically altering GMOs)? Or might they have controls, surveillance or militant, fascist solutions in place for the coming manipulated riots against corrupt government, monetary subterfuge and loss of land and liberty?

You bet your booties there are.

Think sci-fi and futuristic books and movies as well. Then hit rewind to today. In some way they’re already doing it.

We’re there in many ways, and approaching a fulfillment of their predictive programmed false reality rapidly. The framework is being built around us like a packing crate while they tell us they might need to do something in the future.

Here’s a recent example of what I’m talking about…

An Even WHITER Shade of Pale?

Geoengineering for Global Warming: Increasing Aerosols in Atmosphere Would Make Sky Whiter

(ScienceDaily) One idea for fighting global warming is to increase the amount of aerosols in the atmosphere, scattering incoming solar energy away from Earth’s surface. But scientists theorize that this solar geoengineering could have a side effect of whitening the sky during the day. New research from Carnegie’s Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira indicates that blocking 2% of the sun’s light would make the sky three-to-five times brighter, as well as whiter.

Oh really, boys? You’re a scientist and never look up? No. You’re lying stooges treating us like imbeciles.

Notice they say the idea is “to increase the amount of aerosols” in the atmosphere. A little playing with the mind there using an assumptive inference like the chemtrail aerosols are already there and just need to be increased? 

The insanity continues:

Their work is published June 1st in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal, oil, and gas have been increasing over the past decades, causing Earth to get hotter and hotter. Large volcanic eruptions cool the planet by creating lots of small particles in the stratosphere, but the particles fall out within a couple of years, and the planet heats back up. The idea behind solar geoengineering is to constantly replenish a layer of small particles in the stratosphere, mimicking this volcanic aftermath and scattering sunlight back to space.

The idea is to constantly replenish the crap in the air and thus mimick a volcanic aftermath? Are you crazy? It’s been proven earth’s environment gets thoroughly disrupted when that happens, including human and animal health issues, crop failures, and extreme climate changes. This is complete idiocy!

Using advanced models, Kravitz and Caldeira — along with Douglas MacMartin from the California Institute of Technology — examined changes to sky color and brightness from using sulfate-based aerosols in this way. They found that, depending on the size of the particles, the sky would whiten during the day and sunsets would have afterglows.

Right. “The sky would whiten.” Like now, you bastards?

Their models predict that the sky would still be blue, but it would be a lighter shade than what most people are used to looking at now. The research team’s work shows that skies everywhere could look like those over urban areas in a world with this type of geoengineering taking place. In urban areas, the sky often looks hazy and white. Source

So let’s have hazy polluted skies everywhere to keep us safe from global warming? Bullshit!

Chemtrails CAUSE Global Warming!

As usual, they flip everything backwards just to keep us in the state of cognitive dissonance. (see HERE)

This is well summarized here:

One point government officials fail to mention is that using weather modification is the cause of the changes we see in the planet’s natural bio-spherical patterns. Chemtrails, and the toxins they release into the atmosphere, have an effect of warming temperatures.

The aluminum in the chemtrails, which is claimed to reflect the sun’s heat out into space, also traps the heat from the Earth’s surface causing a stagnant layer of extremely hot air.

What scientists call the “greenhouse effect” is actually a direct causation of this geo-engineering process.

The climate change alarmists and their gang of quack scientists depend solely on computer models to explain their assertions.

When the researchers claimed that pollution was trapping heat within the clouds, did it occur to them that geo-engineering is dumping massive amounts of aluminum and other toxins into the clouds; toxins that would obviously be considered pollution?

Quite ironic, seeing that their own geo-engineering is causing the effects they claim are caused by man-made global warming. (Emphasis mine) Source

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King


All I can say is it’s absolutely Orwellian how humanity is being treated by these monstrous overlords who seem to have a stranglehold on humanity’s perception. For so many, things do not appear in the mass mental framework until it’s been approved and sanctified by this central information HQ that has supplanted humanity’s consciousness.

That’s mind control. And we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Never forget, though, they do continue to fear our wake up. The fact that they have to execute these programs without any public acknowledgement, and then have to either keep an enforced silence regarding their activities, or issue outright denials or cover-ups, shows the power of knowing the Truth.

A populace armed with the conscious Truth cannot be stopped.

Keep seeking it and sharing it. The Light of Love and Truth cannot be overcome.

Our job is to shine.

Love, Zen





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  1. Yes, cute little mind control psyops, cover the chemtrails by saying we gotta spray more crap into the air!
    Here in Phoenix we’ve only had 2 chemtrail tracks in the sky on 3 different days since 5/12 and they’re laid down in a different pattern. I don’t know what this means, I just know I am enjoying my current blue skies! I watch the sky, I love the sky, I’ve watched the sky my entire life. The chemtrails first started here in 1994. When the spraying was heavy I could taste that shit in my mouth, everyone around me was sick, the ER was full. After I read the chemtrail article Sunday I figured I better enjoy the clean air & blue sky while I can.
    Have all “scientists” forgotten that carbon dioxide is heavier than air? Oh yeah, i forget, war is peace, love is hate…………blah,blah,blah.

  2. I’m from India living in a major city and so far I have not seen any chemtrails here…however, Whenever, I watch any random videos from youtube from europe and america…i see chemtrail but those who post the videos are ignorant.

    I have traveled to other Asian countries and i have not seen any chem trail activity there as well..I think this phenomena is confined to EU and America…may be more to do with mind programming-zombie behavior than weather control….i think its more sinister than mere weather control

    • I travel internationally and have seen chemtrails everywhere I have gone, including Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, South America, North America. I have not been to India or China, but otherwise, they appear to be universal.

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts, they all resonate (saniity in an insane world). I miss the pure blue sky. I want it back. I was listening to Manley P. Hall and his talk on “words”. So true for today, things are said, but there is no truth behind the words. They talk and teach “sustainability” and then spray, spray, spray. They talk of saving the earth and load everyone up with mercury light bulbs. You can’t even take your child would for ice-cream without getting a toxic soup of ingredients. Not to mention, GMOs. But I stay positive because I know in the end or the new beginning — good (integrity, humbleness, kindness)–and love wins.

    • Hear, hear! My daily dose of Zen helps me make sense of all the insanity…o one else like him anywhere. Zen’s the go-to guy for the why behind the whackos.

  4. Epic article Zen. Confirms what I have known to be true about ‘Global Warming’ and chemtrails. Love your writing and the new theme on your site looks great! If you need any help with the alignment of the article being pushed down under the left side bar when the browser window is sized smaller hit me up.

  5. Exactly. It’s the sickest leading the sick, I just hope we get the message out to our friends/neighbors so this can grow -and stop. It’s not enough they want to starve us into only Monsanto food, they also want to turn us into ‘circuits’ with Morgellons. Tell everyone you know to look UP. Have notes to hand out ot people with ‘what in the world are they spraying’ movie name, and Morgellons/DARPA on it. This is campaign season, corner candidates both federal and state and demand action -not excuses- from candidates. Damn them all, except Kucinich and Paul.

  6. I also live in India and I’ve never seen chemtrails here. I am American by the way. I visited South Korea and noticed chemtrails there, and noticed that the people were very zombie-like.

    I’ve travelled to many countries in Asia, and I have noticed this:

    In the countries that have no chemtrails, people act natural, normal, and free.

    In the countries that DO have chemtrails, people act zombie-like, angry, and depressed.


  7. I also live in India and I’ve never seen chemtrails here. I am American by the way. I visited South Korea and noticed chemtrails there, and noticed that the people were very zombie-like.

    I’ve travelled to many countries in Asia, and I have noticed this:

    In the countries that have no chemtrails, people act natural, normal, and free.

    In the countries that DO have chemtrails, people act zombie-like, angry, and depressed.


  8. Interesting that India and Asia are not being sprayed maybe that’s where the cabal will make their home and the Asians will be their slaves whilst Europe and America become a toxic wasteland and all the populations there are culled. Lets hope more of us here in Europe and America wake up and Ghandi style peacefully reject paying the mortgage, 9 to 5 slave work, buying crap food and start growing our own and self medicating with herbs, practice alternative therapies like the Asians have done for milllenia and we did in Europe before the witch hunts, regularly meditate and encourage free energy technologies. Here’s in hope.

  9. No words come to mind beyond exhaustion! Just exhausted by all of their BS. The time for them to be behind bars can’t come fast enough. I never dreamed minds could be so sick! VK

  10. Another great article Zen.

    According to Greg Braden, it only takes the square root of 1% of the worlds population to bring about a Heart based change in consciousness.
    The geometric of the Heart centre is an octahedron. Protect yourselves. Grid your homes and gardens and power the geometric with loving intention.
    All you need is four quartz crystals laid out in a square with a fifth one in the middle. That gives a four sided pyramid in three dimensions. In a dual reality such as the one we exist in, there will also be another pyramid pointing downward. This creates a geometric with six points and eight faces. The sound of an octahedron is 528hz. The colour is emerald and the perfume is rose.
    Learn the Heart tone and programme the crystals with love and protection for yourself and all living things..
    Print out a map of where you live and grid it. A map of earth and grid it and then power your geometrics with love.
    Don’t be overwhelmed by fear and sadness. It is all an illusion.
    We are back from the past and the race is on, so get excited and start gridding.
    For 528hz go to http://www.sourcevibrations.com.
    One Love528hz

  11. The scientists seem to have ‘forgotten’ to mention that Volcano’s spew out vast quantities of Carbon Dioxide [amongst other gases] and in fact I have read that the Puyehue volcano in Chile had pumped out more Carbon Dioxide than man over the last century..!!! [at the time it was grounding flights in Oz]. Elsewhere I also read that scientists were puzzled to find that Carbon Dioxide in the upper atmosphere COOLED the atmosphere down..!!! A bit of confusion or lack of scientific consensus if you ask me. Unfortunately I don’t have the links. Search and ye shall find…

  12. To the earlier commenters on this article , if you want ( or don’t want ) to see chem-trails ; you ought to come down to the N.E. Atlanta area . My wife and I will be siiting outside in the front drive or the back patio and it looks like a game of tic-tac-toe above our neighborhood .

    Within 24 hrs. I’ll be having joint pain , muscle cramps to the point I can barely walk up a damn flight of stairs. Never had this problem before . I’m not that old so this must not be a coincedence. But then , nothing “just happens “.

  13. Synchronicity
    Co-Joined, Intertwined Realities
    Prophetic Pathways

    Call it what you will

    Above your article is an advertisement for … CLOUD SERVERS

    Help ! I don’t want to be in the CLOUD, especially NOW

    I want to be AUTONOMOUS and ANONYMOUS

    Our view of Clouds is changing …. Keep both Eyes open

    Q Q

    • for a long time I have thought on the non-violent answer to these monstrosities. Have thought that if I just had good intentions and positive thoughts and harmonized with like minds that somehow we would rise above these problems and leave the bastards behind. Had thought and believed that positive vibrational forces would help us to ascend and move on to where we should be. Truth is,..none of these feel good intentions can be proven to work or even proven to be correct. What we see daily is evil corruption growing exponentially an our annihilation will soon be here. It sounds good to talk peace and love hand have positive feelings,……stand in the middle of the freeway at rush hour.have feelings of love and nothing but positive thoughts……………..the outcome??
      The dayum semi-truck is gonna run your skinny arse over!!
      This peace love movement didnt work in Buddhas time…nor Krishna,…nor CHRIST…neither will it work today.
      You can love your enemy all day long and feel good thoughts……after you stand like a MAN and slap him down with a 2×4 and put an end to this silly crap of watching your family and loved ones perish at their hands!
      Stand and be that strong and proud Being your Creator created….your not a door mat.get up off your knees!!

        • Slow Down sukie, Slow Down

          Before we pick up a board as @glosscoat was saying lets

          Get off our knees, Stand Up Straight !

          Feet Together

          Its harder to get Fucked that way.

          Lets stop Bending Over for them.

  14. Thank you for your great article, Zen!

    I started to observe the sky on a regular basis about 10 years ago. On one day I saw a jet laying chemtrail over Yosemite, then stopping for about a minute, then starting it again. No plane would be able to fly normally with its engines turned off, so, it was clear to me that, it was not normal jet exhaust. That proved it for me once and for all.

    I traveled to different countries. It seems that US is the most heavily spayed. I have not seen spraying in South America, but saw some spraying around capitals in Easter Europe.

    People in Arizona report aluminum, barium in their blood, after doing a blood test!

    Documentary “Why in the world are they spraying?” is a wake up call for many.

    The question is how do we stop this madness, beside helping others wake up!?

  15. I live in a small town in british columbia. We have historically been known as the sunshine valley. Since 1995however, things have changed drastically. Our once vivid blue sky, full of towering cumulous clouds and clean, cool breezes has been raped repeatedly. The closest we get to bluebird nowadays is morelike a dirty white/grey mess. I have taken careful notes and have amassed quite a library of pictures and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these bastards are using our tiny valley as some sort of testing grounds. There is noone that could convince me that upwards of 75 planes would fly over our valley in normal flight paths. This is NOT normal, this is INSANE!!! I am so ashamed that we have ALLOWED them to perpetrate this crime upon us all. WE are to blame and our children are the one’s that will suffer. They will never know the beautiful bluebird summer days like the one’s I adored as a child. WHAT A CRIME!!! FUCK their reasons…STRING THEM UP!!!!!

  16. I guess two reasons why Chemtrails are not being sprayed in Asia is because of the high levels of Depleted Uranium (DU) from US and western DU weapons, the radiation of Fukushima and vaccines causing sterilisation and disease like SARS.

  17. Please go check this very interesting blog. “Summary of the real purpose of Chemtrails: The reason for everything”

    Let’s just get right to it. Forget everything you know. Here it is, the epitome of reality. This is the most prevalent secret in the whole world because it has been forced onto everyone unknowingly.

    The author analyses all shows and movies about this subject . It’s amazing how the answers are right there in your face: Hidden in Plain View!


  18. Ok here I stand… certainly not on my knees but if it came to it and I was forced to kneel there is my unshakeable peace to take me through whatever experience. I have no nuclear weapons, trillions to go against the cabal or spec ops guys to do my bidding, nether do I have future tech like that used to take down the twin towers. What I do have is a knowledge that there is no death, no end to the Awareness I am. I hope things will change for the best ie a peaceful resolution to this insanity thrown against humanity. Its a slim chance we will not go down in the cull. But the end of this body will come no matter what, so better to cultivate peace than hatred…. even if it means the end of all I know. This is my last comment of this site. Take care all in what ever actions or non actions you take in the coming weeks months…maybe years. Namaste.

  19. Keep spreading the word! I read an article a few years back in Foreign Affairs (CFR periodical) citing geo-engineers as saying that putting particles in the atmosphere, like aluminum to reflect sunlight, was absolutely essential because the threat of environmental collapse due to global warming was imminent, even though they conceded that it could trigger another unforeseeable (yeah right) environmental disaster; in their estimation it was worth the risk (where do we get to have a voice?). Seeing as the powers-that-be use the ‘precautionary principle’ as their official excuse for doing whatever they want, no amount of scientific evidence to the contrary is likely to stop chemtrailing; it’s part of the bigger agenda no matter what (so it would seem).

  20. There was a movie in 1955 titled “Strategic Air Command” which put a heavy emphasis on the white trails stretching for miles behind the big bombers crisscrossing the United States.
    When I first notice the recent “chemtrails “,I thought SAC had been reactivated. In a way,they have.
    But I’m now convinced the movie was a propaganda film designed to put us at ease when we saw the phenomena again. Only this time the “poison” is being administered.

  21. Just a thought but, aside from perhaps many other reasons/intent, the atmospheric spraying may hinder the performance of *some* type of aircraft!?

  22. I have always wondered if the spraying was considered (by those who authorise it) to be the safest way of disposing of toxic waste – like in factories there are high chimneys to ensure the waste gets high into the sky and as far away from lungs/crops as possible. But if it was, I doubt there would be a stony silence on the matter. And it’s the silence that makes one conceive of all sorts of things.

  23. A friend of mine was a master of Tai Chi and she showed me how to bust up those lines as they are laying them down or when they’re spreading out and dispersing. She showed me one morning as we witnessed the entire southerly skies being totally hazed out with the dispersed lines and then they moved over to the Western skies and were laying down lines.

    We stood very strong and grounded and raised our right hands up-directing all our chi and the earth’s grounded energies through our hands… we were saying things like “get out” “you’re done” and as we got into it a lot of cursing of the lines and those doing it did come out. Quite empowering.

    Then we kept about our business and remembered about 5 minutes later. The lines were gone.

    I have since done that every time I see them. I do it when I’m driving-whatever… sometimes silently, most times letting out all the rage that anything dare ruin our skies.

    We had very clear blue skies the day prior to the Venus transit of the Sun—right before it was to happen our skies were totally ‘overcast’ that murky fake white cloud cover.

    the gardener

  24. Beautifully put Zen Buddy…..Truth in Light and Love, keep shinning… Kindness should rule the earth…..our sky…and oh, what about our oceans….Welcome to 2012! The Summer Solstice is June 20, watch out for those solar flares…yet another arc from God to our Planet…keep water close and love closer….

  25. The aluminum is undoubtedly the CAUSE of the greenhouse warming (so is cloud cover) but aluminum is INTENDED to give those perpeTraitors at M*ns*nt* an entire non-level playing field onto which to ejaculate their effing aluminum-resistant wild oat seed, self-sold so to speak.

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