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The Backwards Bizarro World of New Normals

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by Zen Gardner

You might be noticing the old notions of the world around us are slipping away. Just as the new milky, metallic skies are now integrated into society and taken for granted as the norm, many other physical and societal aspects of our world have been devolved by the social engineers and adopted by the mass psyche.

And it leaves the uninformed empty, confused, dazed and finally numb and complacent.

Ah, peace at last. Just stop struggling, future droids.

Meet the new world peace. An engineered environment of exhausted spirits who finally give in to the bombardment of reversed truths, cognitive dissonance, denials, omitted information and state propaganda.

And a techno-hell of manipulated weaponized information driven into a seduced mind.


The Creeping Paralysis of Complacency

“Why struggle? It’s no use.” says the failing human spirit. “I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing. The skies have always been like this, or there’s some good reason. If it was important to know it would be on the news. Endless wars are good and keep us safe. So does constant surveillance and the loss of privacy. And the wealthy must deserve more because they always seem to stay on top and get more.” etc.

So help me, government.

And so the militarized police triumphantly occupy American streets. After all, we’re under attack.

By them. But who’s looking. Once again, Orwell gets outdone.

Boldly Stated Complete Fallacies

“The war on terror!”, now conveniently hitting the “homeland” screams from every system megaphone and implanted neural response. Nothing but baseline stimulus/response manipulation. As it is with the money scam, the media, our education paradigm, you name it.

Mr. Scam Man is bringing you a dream.

Trouble is so few identify it for what it is. They fight inside the prescribed parameters amongst themselves, but never step outside to see the mind-altering Truth that the whole show is staged by nefarious manipulators. Way too humbling. Negates everything they thought and ever did as obsolete.

When you face the facts you come up with new, empowering realities. There ARE these nefarious forces trying to control everything and there ARE multitudes of mind-numbed, indoctrinated drones now in existence that are set to fulfill the wishes of such a wicked source. The problem is getting compounded now with these stepped up internal false flags.  Americans are becoming seriously freaked out to where they’re getting to be like paranoid schizophrenics imagining bugs crawling under their skin.

And they call us crazy.


What Else Are We Duped About? “Let Me Count the Ways….”

–The war on terror is an elaborate hoax, as are all wars.

–The medical industry is owned and run by money making mongrels who don’t care about you, never mind your health.

–Politics is a show, a distraction, a farce. You have no voice. It’s pretend participation and a controlled venting device.

–Food isn’t food. It’s altered, and the cancers, obesity, diabetes, gene altering and other afflictions are all deliberate.

–Nuclear and electronic radiation, oil spills, ecological disasters and even weather incidents are readily induced. Humanity is being subdued and reduced.

–Etc. The list is as long as you have time to research. They’ve screwed with anything they can think of from music to mind control, science to history, fashion to sports and amusements.

The whole thing’s a scam.

Our current social milieu dictates a very strange, shallow reality: “How do I appear? Do I fit in? I need more money for more stuff. I need comfort and security.”

It’s that far gone. People’s needs are defined by the media and social networking norms. And these are being redefined by the day. Shifting colors, talking heads, motifs, seeming social standards, all are subjectively set by virtually whomever is controlling the TV set.

Enjoying it? Cuz it’s determining your future!

Or not….if you bust out.


Don’t fall for it. Watch out for the assumptive speech, where subjective descriptions and ready made conclusions are passed on as fact. It’s doublespeak disguised as objective information. Get free to where you can easily spot it. Don’t be had. Stay awake and alert, and advise your loved ones to do the same by pointing these tricks out.

There is always hope for the living, even if they haven’t had the awakening yet. What’s coming at us is gonna drive millions off of their comatose cots and when they hit the floor the wake up will be rude. But it’s still a wake up.

The best advice we can give anyone is to snap out of it and get themselves to consciousness, in whatever language suits the situation.

It’s all easy from there.

Much love, Zen


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  1. Great post Zen, you read my mind once again :)

    It is a very dangerous time now. I saw on CNN sunday a segment about Saturn coming into “opposition” to the Sun. I guess Saturn is as close to earth as it will get pretty much, and if you follow John Lamb Lash and his amazing research on the gnostics and how they talked about these beings called Archons as a parasitic race that infected the Zaddakim cult around the dead sea area around 2000 years or so ago, from which sprung the redeamer complex and judeo-christian religion and the chosen people. The Archons are said to be replicators, and with the idea of the gnostic myth of Sophia, the earth and sun are organic beings that were trapped in an inorganic universe, and these archons hate what is natural and aim to replace it with the artificial, which is seen in countless ways in society, tv being a great example. We have mayday coming up, May 1st (1776) is the birthday of the illuminati, and coincidentally the planet they worship, possibly because it’s the area where their gods inhabit, is now very close to our planet, a first row seat if you will for a performance of some kind, a horrible fiery bloody sacrificial performance for sure, and this all coincides with Beltane of course… so it’s another great opportunity for the elite to engage in some serious Bael-worship. maybe after they’re done Bailing/Baeling themselve out with taxpayer money they will start a good old fashioned Bail-in/BAEL-IN regime of bank account confiscation. For sure they will be dropping some bombs on some poor dark skinned people, they’ve made it very clear through their zionist media outlets that poor old obama is just going to be forced now to bomb the shit out of the syria people… and why you ask? well because their horrible government used chemical weapons on them! omg, those bastards! america will now be forced to step in and protect the poor syrians but bombing the living shit out of them. USA USA USA!!!

    Thanks for the great posts Zen, I love coming by here, big fan of mrPeakCrackers now and a bunch of the other contributors :)

    PEACE AND LOVE to all

    • Gr8 comment Mete! Yes, I’m all over the Gnostic’s writings…resonates big time. Joseph Campbell has really great stuff too. Man those Archo’s don’t like being exposed. Look for an earlier post from a contributor who calls them ankle biters, ha!
      Terrific synopsis of the connections with Saturn and Beltane and all. People need to know these things and where to look for them. Much love, keep on, Zen

    • Right on dude! I’m starting to read the writings of the Nag Hammadi and once you start to look them over , you realize why they aren’t in the Bible… true Christianity never got off the ground thanks to these Archons or whatever these Jews are. Schoolyard sandbox brat tactics and mentality. They do fear us,however I’m not sure WE really know why other than being fucking HUMAN!

  2. A friend that I assisted gently with an awakening around a year ago has been quite zealous with his research. Which from what I can gather is quite natural as I experienced it with another friend a decade or so ago. He’s also been trying to tell all and sundry he runs into about the great dilemma we all face. To his surprise he until recently hasn’t been able to understand how those he preaches to zone out and their eyes lose focus as their brains switch back into default mode. Now though he’s had his first hit. His partner. All she wanted to know was what he was looking at and he showed her without saying a word. Then the questions came and he answered one after the other after the other. So all I can say to those out there is be patient. One of these hits that one of us helps will be the 100th then the fun begins.

  3. Thanks Zen! i just feel something has to give….something huge will awaken the sheeple majority. It’s gonna happen….it’s got to! …..and when it does the 10% or so that are “emancipated from mental slavery” [Bob] will be of great service. Rock on with your bad selves!!

  4. With all positive intentions aside, the message I sometimes stumble across is that IF I Mess-Up somehow, well, the chance for a peaceful existence out of cruelly insane surreality is forfeited. Are the ankle-bitters putting that about? Hard to completely curtail moments of self-doubt, physical distress, desire to get off planet. One wrong move – what if I cave? Fortitude be damned??

    • I think we all have our negative moments. But they do pass. Sometimes (often), it’s best to switch off from it all for a while and concentrate on Self. Ultimately, there is nobody on this planet who is more important than you are. So just take good care of yourself – eat good, wholesome food, get plenty of rest, be in Nature, and know that when you are nourishing your own spirit, you are nourishing everybody else’s.

      Much Love.

  5. Peeks sing’s
    Mister Scamman, bring me a dream
    Make it the cutest that I’ve ever seen
    Give it two lips like roses in clover
    Then tell them that his lonesome nights are over

    Paralysis of Complacency is soooo well said mind if i use that ? I will pay homage Sir Zenster .
    well done Just the way i like to eat a Garden post fresh of the sheeple roasting Q
    ((Man Hug !)))

  6. Got dumped on the first go but it’s still Good. Well Now i say, the eternal message is grabbing hold. All you Locals are making full contact… Praises Be.

  7. Majority of people cannot be saved and don’t want to be saved. As Huxley said the majority will in the end embraced and enjoy their slavery. What happened in Boston was just cherry on the icing and should please the masters indeed. So for those who are trying to wake up the sheeple, give up, they are sick of you by the end you’d be sick of them too. The only suitable move for those awoken is to pack up and get ready to hop into your escape hatch. Should I pity them when shtf? I don’t think so, after they will love, enjoy and embrace it.

  8. The President continuing in Bush’s neo-con footsteps and in spades, receives the Nobel Prize for Peace, by a bunc h of leftists, the same leftists who derided Bush. Yeah, Bizarro is one word for this.

  9. this is reminiscent of the film Its A wonderful Life….where George returns to town to find the banker, Mr. Potter, has taken over and degraded his town….this is how I feel. In the many years that I have been speaking out about what is happening…I have been unable to wake up a single person. From trying to tell about GMO”s…to the dangers of prescription drugs to the lies of 911…..not a single person!!! I spend much of my time alone….it is preferable to the zombies. Im trying mot to panic…but I am really afraid now.

    • You’d be surprised at who took the info seeds to heart and later “twigged”. You have to know that. Also the accountability factor kicks in – someone hears and doesn’t respond their life will take a different course and possible point them toward an earlier, however rude, awakening. Keep heart!

  10. Piffle. As anyone who is anyone already knows, the only thing one should concern oneself is how cute one is and feels, because, after all, personal cuteness is EVERYTHING.

    What is one’s personal cuteness level and how to get even more cuteness?

    NOW we’re talking something important… like, just how awwwwe-zummm-ly ka-yuute I am. And believe you me, I’m just cuter than the dickens! And just possibly even cuter!

    (The epitaph of the late, great Planet Earth… “Died from an overdose of cuteness. So cuteness junkies, beware, this could happen to YOU.”)

  11. Ps. The Earth is going down for the count and THE most main reason why is an over-obsession with personal cuteness no matter what the cost or danger.

    Case in point… the LHC . Those operating and using the LHC do so because it gives them a sense of personal cuteness. And they don’t care what the consequences of their actions are because all they want is to feel cute about themselves.

    When the LHC was being run at lower energy levels, it was fairly harmless. But when it was amped up, it crossed the line into becoming fatally dangerous. Its lethality potential is now 100%.

    Greene and Kaku and whoever else TV preacher “physicists” tell a naive and gullible public “Don’t worry, be happy”, but they don’t snowjob me. I work in sub-quantum physics every single day, and I KNOW what the capability of the LHC is.

    CERN’s assurances that the LHC is safe are blatant and intentional lies for whatever self-serving reasons. (An inner craving to do murder-suicide, perhaps?)

    There are two categories of threats… 1) the LHC, and 2) all other threats of any type combined.

    You do the math as to what this means.

    The LHC Clock is ticking itself to 12 midnight and when it strikes 12 (if it hasn’t already)… well, “Houston, we have problem. A real BIG one…”

    Tick… tick… tick…

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