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The Black Magick of the “Enlightened Ones”


By Fabian

-Do you need a leader? – You are strong enough!
-Do you need a preacher? – Decide for yourself!
-Do you need a master? –  Just respect yourself!
-Do you need a hero? – Just accept yourself!

– Wolfs Moon, Brotherhood of Wolves

It may sound like the often used quote from the “Matrix” movie. But I’m sure many of you have also felt it your entire lives. Something that you perhaps had no words for. A feeling – something is wrong here. This can’t be IT. Maybe you’ve seen it as immorality and injustice and tried your best to even things out.

So it’s been with me. This brought me much trouble in school, in my family and so on.

After years of fighting – what chances do you have as child or teen? – I was weary and let things go. Felt dead inside, but – hey! – less trouble.

Wrong! Think again! The spiral went downwards on and on until I got into free fall and hit the ground. Could have ended my life there, instead an inner voice told me to start from scratch.

It began with: “No, I’m not mad! The world is! Although everyone tries to convince me of the opposite.” That was about four years ago.

I was drawn to a quiet place in nature where I found some rest and peace and decided to carry on.

One year later a potter opened his shop in my town. I’m interested in the Middle-Ages and so I went there to have a cup made. We had nice talks because he does medieval re-enactment and we became kinda friends.

Soon it turned out that he’s a shaman. “What the…?” He took away some of my negative energies and I felt much better. But he refused to teach me anything.

I was really impressed by him. And – in the review – he enjoyed it being admired. “Wow! Man, I’ll never do things like him!” – Now I know: Whether or not, it doesn’t matter! Everyone is an unique aspect of the whole.

He had a partner, a “white witch”, who gave me a book which included some spiritual info and a grounding exercise. That’s when my awakening really began. I got many new insights – “out of nowhere” – and noticed after few months that he’s not so extraordinary. After that, I went there only seldom. Then his business went very bad so he had to close the shop and moved away.

Since then I met several more or less interesting people: New-Apostolics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, witches, shamans, new agers… But they all had one thing in common: Subordination!

You can’t expect much from “sects” but those witches and new agers really gave me the creeps:

They talked of enlightenment, evolving and ascension. So far, so good. But then they told me we are not allowed to “manipulate” people. This includes talking about how one sees the universe or asking sleeping people questions that could disturb their sleep. That’s black magic.

If one is attacked on an energetic level (magic), he is not allowed to defend himself, dodge the attack or send the energies back to the the sender (which is actually the consequence – what we send is what we receive). That’s black magic.

The “dark forces” are allowed to do such things, they use black magic by “profession”. No rules for them. – WTF?

If one is attacked, there must be a divine reason that he doesn’t understand.

So he has to stand still and endure it… I’ve heard this BS before. Turn the other cheek and something like that.

We are not allowed to have an opinion on people, things or events. We are lesser (and dumb) beings. – If we don’t have an opinion we can not evolve because we only stand a the fork of the road, making no decision. We have to make decisions – if it was wrong… OK, go on, have another try.

We are not allowed to speak with a wink on spiritual topics or even have a joke with it. The higher beings could get angry. – Er, what? They are higher beings (of Love)! That shouldn’t even touch them. If they are my guides, they know what I think and how I mean it. My higher self doesn’t know what I mean??? Speak: I don’t know what I think or mean.

When I first got confronted with such “Enlightened Ones”, I asked myself: “Why did I break free when I should bow to new orders now? When they tell me those things – aren’t they manipulating me? So they do black magic…!”

Now I just ignore this BS if I recognize that people are not able to discuss such things. We don’t have to save the world to save the world.

As far as I understand it, there’s only one rule: Follow your heart, follow Love!

Love and Blessings!


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© Fabian

[hat tip: Søren at Zen-Haven.com]

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  1. Good insights, Fabian! Thank God you made it thru the darkness.
    Jesus said the truth shall set us free…. and then we organize ‘churches’ that want to take away our freedom by creating ‘religion.’ Which is another human ‘game;’ you know, with lots of rules, rewards and punishments, officials, score-keeping, etc. etc.
    So many people would be drawn to the simple love of Jesus, if it weren’t for the structures that put up their foolish walls to corral the faithful.
    Fabian, don’t deal with the ‘middle-men;’ get a modern version of the New Testament, and let the power behind the words speak to your already-open heart.
    Blessings, brother.

    • Wow, John,
      You read the article and didn’t get a single thing that was said. That kind of trauma-based hypnosis really fascinates me. There is no such thing as a Jesus since it is a mangled transliteration of the German “Y” into “J” so that tells me immediately that you don’t know who or what you are talking about. The Ea-Hu-Shu-Ah is the more the accurate Babylonian rendering of this multi-named trigger word. The Apiru-version of the name started to get more popular attention as the consciousness of the scam surrounding the “G” man unfolded, since the pronunciation of the words of a spell in Black Magicks is more important than the ritual. But then, what is this ritual that you adhere to that you plaster ‘love’ all over as if blood sacrifice of a child was ever a ‘good’ thing when it was packaged in plastic from “g-d” as opposed to your basic blood sacrifice of a child when it was presented by Hasatan? Christianity is Black Magic (Blood Sacrifice) and Witchkraft. There is NO difference between any of the Abramic Blood Sacrifice traditions any more than there is a difference between black and white witches. Find yourself a lifestyle that doesn’t require killing something to appease what the Gnostics call a Demented Alien and you will start to open up to what this article is trying to reveal.

    • Glad you like it.
      My thinking was more like: You carry the wisdom with you. Internalize it.
      But yours isn’t wrong neither. It’s part of it. – The stuff in your cup tastes bad – away with it. 😉

  2. Alfred Korzybski recommended making open-ended statements rather than declaring something to be the “truth.” Just adding, “in my opinion” changes a statement from an authoritative “rule” that must be obeyed to an informed suggestion to another intelligent being. Whether they’re talking about how to get more traffic to your blog or how to get enlightened, the “experts” always preach, rarely share.

    I’ve been working on this for awhile now and far from making me wishy-washy, it has strengthened my ability to form and express my own opinions while not closing the door to other ideas.

  3. Thank you Fabian!
    Indeed….. the greater part of people all want to “teach” others and thus control their lives. They interfere and profess to know better than we do ourselves, how we should live .
    Basically they don´t understand much about life themselves and don´t know how to live their own and so they focus on the lives of others so as not to have to feel the pain of admitting to themselves their own ignorance and confusion! It is all pretense and ego. Very sad as they never get to know how what wonderful creatures they are.
    All knowledge is inside of us and trusting it makes us invincibly strong. Th heart always shows the way.

    • It’s not the teaching itself. It’s how it’s given to another and what he/she makes of it.
      I think the 2nd video says it excellently. “Learn it all – then forget it all…”

      😉 I hope they / we all understand one day what wonderful creatures they / we all are.

      • For no misunderstanding: I don’t like indoctrination and programming. I like helping others to discover wisdom themselves, e.g. talking, sharing experiences and books, asking questions…

  4. I agree with you, Fabian, that we DO NOT need any middlemen (which includes ANY version of any book). This is where the problem lies. All the answers are within ourselves. It is better to strive for independence of spirit. Consciousness doesn’t need tools, or anything else.

    It seems ridiculous to me when I hear people talk about which faith they ‘belong to’. We only need to have faith in ourselves. We need to look inwards, not outside of ourselves.

    All obvious stuff, but it amazes me how dumb most people seem to be. We knew more at five years old than we do now.

    • :)
      Few years ago I’ve been dumb, too. So, there’s still hope for humanity. 😉

      “The butterfly often forgets that once he’d been a caterpillar.” 😉
      (Swedish saying)

  5. IUSA the KRST was born on the 25th. December, of a Virgon called IsisMery.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser who was beheaded. He had 12 companions. He healed the sick and raised the dead. He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock and he was resurrected.

    KRST meant “the Anointed”. Christianity was the religion of ancient Egypt. No one knows where it came from – because it came from nowhere – it just is about Life and Truth and Nature. It is about Reality. It is so strange that people believe that it is or was the teaching of one man – out of all of Time and Space! It is a great pity that it was stolen and to this day people believe that a man called Jesus (IUSA!) was a Jew!

    There are many books on this now and I recommend “Christ in Egypt.” by DM Murdock – but there are others.

    Also read “The Bible Unearthed” by Israel Finkelstein. There was no “exodus”, no Moses (unless they meant Akenaton) no Solomon no Temple – except for a DESCRIPTION of a EGYPTIAN to be found in the Old Testament. IF there was a David he certainly was no great king.

    But the most important thing is that Christianity is a natural response to the love of Nature and the glory and beauty of the our World and the natural ways of it all. It is not that different from Buddhism when you get down to it. I highly recommend people to look for “The 42 Commandments of Maat.” on line. THAT is where they got the 10 Commandments from.

    • Abram migrated from Iraq (Babylonia) around 4010 years ago that coincides with the Egyptian Book of the Dead so that informs me that either Egypt had its own Mysteries School or it was an import. To claim that Christianity is a universal energetic of love when it is based solely on torture and death is absurd in the extreme. What you have done, what all people do, and what this article was warning you about was taking an already existing box of rotten meat and slapping your own company label on it. Find me a Hu-man tradition that is not predicated on killing something and then you will have not only a human and humane foundation but a pattern that has not been harmonized and homogenized with the Qaballah so that every story reads the same with minor variations and the names changed to protect the guilty. This level of hypnosis fascinates me that you are willing to abandon the exodus, the Moishe, temple of the greatest encyclopediast of demonology, and Doveed, but you must hang to the single trauma-based thread that ties them all together. Buddhism does not require blood sacrifices of any kind, so your correlation of it to christianity is completely unfounded.

  6. Ah, well, pretty darn basic, Fabian. You know, americans tend to be at a juvenile level, wander amongst each other. It just means they are stumbling around together on an extraordinarily immature path to self-awareness, perhaps a young adult level. Because westerners have allowed themselves to be treated like kiddies at a circus magic show, they fall for the smiles and lights and sequins. The trick: don’t watch the face, watch the hands, always watch the hands. Congrats on finding your way out of the circus tent. Now, you can start on the task of awareness. Most non-westerners and indigenous folk have been exploring the vast horizons outside that tent for millennia. It’s only childish white folks who seek applause for just stumbling through the door flaps. We have a long, long way to go.

    A Taoist saying: “It is very hard to recognize or find the truly enlightened, for they always travel in camouflage and take lowly positions. It is very easy to tell the ones who are NOT because they are always the first ones who stand up and say that they are.”

    • Thank you! :)

      This saying is also found earlier in the film: “Who talks doesn’t know. Who knows doesn’t talk.”

      For all who haven’t seen the film “The Forbidden Kingdom” yet – watch it! It’s great fun!! (And informative.)

      • You know, there are some who are able to be hypnotized and then there are those who are not, Fabian. You are of the former group and, really, I suggest you do a lot more growing up and finding your inner locus of control before posting again.

        As I said, lots of boys want applause for stumbling through the circus tent flaps on their way out, while SOOO many others are lightyears ahead of you.

        Your writing actually belongs in a personal journal to yourself, for yourself, Fabian. it does not belong in the “teaching realm” at all. You really are at a very, very beginning level, love.

        Good luck on stumbling your way through the dark, though.

        • Whoa sistertongue–are you serious? Did you choose that name tag because of the way you seem to like to give tongue lashings to others? (especially guys) Seems only a couple weeks ago you got on your high horse and cracked your whip at another person because you took umbrage with what they shared.

          Listen girl, I for one appreciate Fabian and anyone else who offers their heart felt ideas/thoughts for me to ponder…embrace, accept or decline, defer as I see fit but I would not dare to presume I had the right to tell another what they ought to do….down right shrewish and surly. This kind of response just reflects poorly on you and I wonder why you didn’t just bite your lip and say a silent prayer that he “gets it” according to your oh so superior and proper definition of enlightenment;—NOT!!!

          Get over yourself or rather I suggest that you do so… how does that feel?

          What doesn’t belong here is a cranky know it all killjoy who could do some growing up of her own!

        • Thank you for your insights, sister. :)

          I read a brilliant quote lately:

          A Taoist saying: “It is very hard to recognize or find the truly enlightened, for they always travel in camouflage and take lowly positions. It is very easy to tell the ones who are NOT because they are always the first ones who stand up and say that they are.”


  7. Interesting experience. I can relate, but on a different level. I never quite experienced that level of misguidance, but I certainly have dealt for many years the laughable New Age movement which at every turn would thwart any debate, discussion, or acknowledgement of the dark forces. To mention them wasn’t love and light!!!! LOL Please!!!! The very job of Love & Light is to expose that darkness and see it for what it is. To view only the light is to deny the existence of the parasite while it sucks that illumination right out of you! The darkness feeds on our inability to face it and expose it. This is when I realized that nobody “Out There” could get me to where I needed to be, and that only an inward journey would… I am just lucky to have had a few people give confirmation to what I have felt, and the online community has helped tremendously as there are many “TRUE” Lightworkers out there that are not afraid to discuss and illuminate the darkness, while maintaining a growing connection to spirit.

    • Thanks, Brandon. And I echo your experience. People who just sit there like zombies and say, “It’s all good,” have no capacity to acknowledge nor sit with the true sufferings of others. The entire New Wage movement has been co-opted and is nothing more than the “feel good” version of fascism.

      And, our darknesses are, indeed, the stuff of which growth is made.

      Thanks for your comment, Brandon. I do get it and resonate with that truth.

  8. Nice to read. I’ve just recently come to my own frustrations about spirituality, joining groups, sects, belief systems. All it is is someone’s version of what they believe. Good for them. Now I need to find my own way, which I pretty much knew all along. I don’t yet know how to do it, but I’m trying hard to listen to my inner voice, and not the ones that others have shaped so thoroughly through the years.

    • 😉 Seems my “outburst” came at the right time.

      My experience: Don’t try to hard. I needed rest and peace to hear my inner voice and find myself.
      It needs some practice to differ between your true inner voice and the programed ego and (artificial) character. But you’ll make it! :)

    • You go, Mark. Listen to no one. Because they really don’t know any more than you.

      “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
      And I, I took the one less travelled by
      And that has made all the difference.”

      Fabian, go home and rest, you are still a student, not even an initiate. Rest and reflect. Your experience, as I said before, is a very beginning level. And I do hear LOTS of ego in your personal “self-discovery.” That’s all fine and good for students, but not for those who pretend to grasping anything at all. Most of what you are saying has been said before, so give thanks to those ancient masters and humble yourself. Your “experience” is not yet matured, okay Fabian.

      In about 5-10 years you will have something real to say. Right now, you are just stumbling along. Quite headlong in your exuberance, but still very, very adolescent in your approach. Go get some more experience, sir. In the meantime, do realize your “self-discoveries” are much like all westerners, quite adolescent and self-involved. It takes a fair wee bit more than that to become a teacher and master.

      • Oh, sister, please!

        Do you read your own words?

        ‘And I do hear LOTS of ego in your personal “self-discovery.”

        Most of what you are saying has been said before, so give thanks to those ancient masters and humble yourself. Your “experience” is not yet matured.

        Do realize your “self-discoveries” are much like all westerners, quite adolescent and self-involved. It takes a fair wee bit more than that to become a teacher and master.’

        Did I mention the brilliant quote i read those days?

        A Taoist saying: “It is very hard to recognize or find the truly enlightened, for they always travel in camouflage and take lowly positions. It is very easy to tell the ones who are NOT because they are always the first ones who stand up and say that they are.”

  9. So many follow – Spirit Guides, Drake, etc….etc…
    Why? We don’t want to take responsibility.
    When – ‘the buck stops here’ – with each person.
    Look – really, we all want to believe we are special – we receive ‘special info’ etc….
    It is just another part of the shadow that we have to look at within each of us.
    When we start centering our concentration on our heart area….and not keep searching ‘out there’ – we shall start to realize the love within each of us, right here, right now in our heart center.

  10. So Fabian this one’s for you [3rd time charm 😉 }

    Awesome cosmic coininky dink and goosebumps for me personally reading this for a few reasons:

    1) Yesterday I stumbled across Dr Michael Smith and his work around being an empath and in his ebook he refers to his teacher called both “Wolf” and “Bro” so I was trying to google those terms and came upon stuff related to the wolf brotherhood….hmmm

    2) Just the day before yesterday I got a hankering to re rent the Forbidden Kingdom to watch with my 12 yr old son and was telling my Unity minister at dinner tonight how much I love that film!

    3) I moved to Asheville NC in ’97 which is a New Age Mecca and really had to go thru that wringer before I came to understand the rabbit hole trap it so often is. Brandon David said it quite well so I ditto his reply!
    As much as I love my minister friend, we always hit a wall around certain philosophical concepts that clash though mostly he is pretty hip to some deeper truths and is one of my favorite people.

    4) We ate out at a local Chinese Buffet just hours ago and my first fortune cookie read “knowledge is priceless” to which I replied “yes but Wisdom is Divine ha ha” which spurred a great discussion and then I grabbed another on the way out that read:
    “This is a wonderful time in your life to look inward for answers” to which I said aloud ” and so I don’t need to listen to what my preacher says” and we both howled with laughter!

    Man I love it that the Universe has a great sense of humor…it’s the saving grace for sure.

    Thanks for sharing and adding to my delight tonight.

    And thanks also to Rob for the bit on Albert K—indeed I too have found that adding IMO definitely improves the dynamic in exchanges of ideas/beliefs.

    I want to share a short video about Love that touched me today and hope it may do the same for anyone willing to check it out:


    Blessings on y’all & keep it fun!~jo

  11. I’m curious as to why everyone is taking umbrage with each other?
    Isn’t this little bit of wisdom needed to be kept in mind all the times?

    You are having an experience, you are not the experience.

  12. Most of us on these boards have one thing in common. We have this deep conviction that there must be more to life than this. We know that this existence is doomed and we are desperately searching for answers. Some of us claim to have the answers and some of us are not that bold. At the end of the day, it’s about reaching out to one another in our brokenness knowing that we are all broken or dysfunctional to a degree. In my opinion, the one True Master walked among us sprinkling light, hope and love wherever He went. Now as time slips away and will soon be no more, His Spirit is contending with us earnestly that we should, “remember who we are” and become illuminated with the only light that can show the way clearly. The letter of the Law tends to death, but the Spirit tends to life. Let us be one in the Spirit, shunning vain doctrines and embracing love, for God is Love. Tell me, do you know His Name and the Name of His Son? Thanks for the forum, Zen. Blessings to you.

  13. If it harms none do as thou wilt.

    With that as a mission statement, it’s hard to do harm to others, when that is the basis of your belief system. Every little thing is important.

    Yet Religions have firearms, and I’ll bet if you start killing them they are going to shove all religion (or not a religion e.g. Buddhism) out the window and fire back. Satanists will fight also.

    All who fight (and cause harm) receive a scar in their spirit.
    Even the psychopath, they just don’t know it, since their brain isn’t wired for it.

    Ultimately the question is is it worth the scar?

    Not too many are familiar with the (ABCDEF) or Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame http://www.neopagan.net/ABCDEF.html

    Since it says “pagan” in the name, people think Satanist right off the bat. Bummer, actually pagan means “country dweller.”

    If your not going to go read the ABCDEF at least understand two things.

    A cult does not have to be religious or use magic to be dangerous.
    A cult can be a government, an army, media, or many other Earthbound things.

    Not all cults are dangerous.

  14. just read your article and you are wrong about the options available when under some form of mental, physical or spiritual attack.
    attacks are dark energy, be light !

  15. One same yet different, be the unique that has been given.
    a cult could be any limited ideas within a triangle. Come at it with many angles to see the source of this triangle has been put together by the opposing force of life. Even oppositions feel this. Be one.

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