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  1. Hardly even warrants a comment anymore, this has gotten so old. Turn your back on this rubbish and just walk away, hopefully in the company of people of like mind, like found here. I would like to see our kind host and company maybe find a way to also make this fine site a network for connecting of such folk as ourselves. Blue pill? What pill? I recognize no pill of any fashion. Good to be Zen Buddhist, good to be a free human. Keep it up everyone!

    • Hello Rosen I will agree it getting old BUT not to teens and 20 somethings playing violent video games and cheering on violence in with Tell A Vison ” programing ” as much as these thing can be redundant to the ones that have woke up It;s all new to billions that have not .Speaking for myself I cant walk away with out trying to leave a new way of thinking for the next generation.Fuck if we stop ,then who will? “If your kid needs a role model and you ain’t it, you’re both fucked.”george carlin. And Yes Red pill Blue pill NO Pills , but strong wills !

  2. With all of the missing past, fuddled and purposely misconstrued history, multiple identifications, mysterious funding of education, cover-ups of sexual orientation, drug use, true political affiliation, religious leanings, and constitutional requirements to be president, I can only believe that this man is a covert plant, groomed from birth or youth, to become this thing he has become. He has a greater ability at political twist, lie and skate than Clinton, and I thought that was impossible. Whomever set this man into play had insidious intent, had built his image exactly how he wanted it using all kinds of media and political guile, and controls this man with an exact set of instructions. This is not about money, fame or liberalism. This is about mind control. Until the man does or says one thing that is on the up and up, I can’t see any other explanation. When a human being acts contrary to human action, at all levels no less, then like a Sandy Hook killer all the way to a Pol Pot, that person is dangerous and ill all at the same time…

    • Well said. He’s actually more of an empty programmable walking chip. He has been created and to what extent we can only imagine–a puppet front man with a carefully crafted and managed image and whatever persona there is. Hence the appearance of confidence and bravado and casual flings of flaunting extravagance. Problem is he is also “possess-able” by all the wrong stuff. But his handlers are the real power, and those behind them who call the shots. A facade of ages playing front and center…total smoke and mirrors but with the most dastardly intentions possible..

    • Is it just me, or did anyone have a vision of Obama as a literal plant hiding away, when you called him a “covert plant”?

  3. The man turns my stomach. He’s an amazing programmed being that is advancing the enslavement of the populace. Bush could never have accomplished so much. O’Bummer is the clean up man, the fake progressive who is able to fool the public deeply. It’s an unbelievable fabricationl If we ever get to the other side, we will look back in amazement at the depth of the deception.

  4. As Goethe proclaimed: the die is cast. The jig is up. Know whom your kin are, where they are, and do what you can to care for each other. The only way through what is coming is straight ahead. As far as the conditions of each of the 7 billion of us here, young and old like, we all have our personal karma, and there is no duping it, only detaching from it (our collective karma is the really big pain in the ass, for there is really nothing you can do about it relatively, only detach from it). Suffering is something we all have to understand and be done with. Let’s get on with it. Crackers, your compassion is strong.

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