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The Brain, Perception and the Holographic Universe

by Zen Gardner

The brain is a hunk of flesh. Amazing transceiver, but working on the fleshly side, like our bodies. It interprets. It is not spirit, it is alive but not life. It is not perception, in any way, shape or form. Yet it perceives at its own level.

We, however, are consciousness. And here we have bodies with brains.

In our current form, our nervous system consists of our brains, our spinal cord, and all the attached nerves, however complex and energetic it may be. It works for us, not us for it. The two ARE separable. We joined up when we arrived, and we’ll detach when we leave.

The heart and other chakras are more spiritual centers. Right now we’re talking brain and central nervous system.


How the Brain Translates the Hologram

What we think we see or perceive around us is an illusion. A very effective one, and very easily manipulated. We watch from our earthbound nervous systems (until we learn to see or perceive otherwise) a world around us take shape and form. We look for patterns, and we quickly learn to guard for fight or flight situations according to our pre-programmed brains’ propensity to defend itself according its interpreted surroundings.

A long story.

But how the brain we carry – right, left or both, operates – is imperative to understand. Because it and the mind/soul/spirit cloud that runs it and the nervous system, is what is interpreting the hologram around us.

Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

Despite its apparent materiality, the universe is a kind of 3-D projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram.

“Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time: the brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.” Source


Rotating Snakes Illusion. This work was created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka in 2003 as an illusion design of the optimized Fraser-Wilcox illusion. Credit: Akiyoshi Kitaoka

How Much is Just Brain Trickery?

The movement illusion above is a perfect example of this, note:

Visual illusions demonstrate the ways in which the brain creates a mental representation that differs from the physical world. By studying illusions, we can learn the mechanisms by which the brain constructs our conscious experience of the world.Optical illusions, sometimes called also visual illusions are images perceived in a manner that differs from objective reality.

What the human eye sees is interpreted by the brain in a way that contradicts physical measurement of the source image.

In one of our articles we discussed that our whole physical world, is – in fact – an illusion being proved by the holographic universe, one of the most remarkable theories of 20th century.

Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.  Source

The Brain Sees What it Wants or is Programmed to See

Serious stuff to consider in this matrix we call reality.

If you haven’t taken a look at it, check out Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe for some very compelling research:

Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe, which has become his most popular,explores the metaphysical implications that underline quantum mechanics and suggests that the universe is a hologram (metaphorically speaking). After examining the work of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, each of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, the book argues that a holographic model could possibly explain supersymmetry and also various paranormal and anomalous phenomena and is the basis for mystical experience. (Wiki)

Conclusion – It’s Movie Time

We don’t live where we think we do. We don’t see what we think we do. Our reality is interpreted vibrations subject to many, many influences. The only refuge is the point of true reference…consciousness.

From there it doesn’t matter what movie is playing, we know it’s only a screen and a play.

Stay free and conscious.

Love, Zen


[hat tip: Fabian, da man!]




  1. Sacred Geometries, if one is so inclined
    For all is Mind and thought manifests.
    Look for a white car, and you will see them in abundnce.
    The same holds true for black cars.
    If no one tuned in 9/11, the world would be a different place today.
    ‘They’ need our thoughts and attention, to power the solidification of their negative reality into 3 dimentional form.
    Pay no thought or mind to the negative side.
    Remember to always have a song of love in your heart and on your lips.
    Remember, all is mind, thought creates.


    • Look up LEFT BEHIND FREE EDITION…the STOMACH AKA GUT has 10X as many fiber strands than our SPINE DOES!

      For every message the brain SENDS to the gut, the gut sends backs NINE! Our gut is our bodies brain…


  2. *blush* Too much of the honour!

    In the end my friend Nobby is to “blame”. If he had not sent me a link to pics of the last sun’s mass ejection, I would not have looked for an English article and would not have bumped into it.

    And then Zen made a marvelous article of it.

    That’s what I call Synchronicity – getting connected!!! ;D


  3. The holographic analogy to what appears to be our environment is, I believe, a sound one as it is the 101 of metaphysics. However, each ‘object’ or event on the physical plane is a creation by some one or some group. If you fail to see it you are either blind or you are not focused on it. Many have had the experience where they can’t find some object and it is right under their noses so to speak. This does not mean it is not there, it means you have just ‘tuned’ it out of your awareness. So we cannot ‘think’ events like 911 etc away, because some other ‘creators’ have created this event. Now there is, according to metaphysics, only 3 things which are in fact always true, everything else comes from these 3 truths.
    1. You create your own reality.
    2. We are all a fragment of the whole.
    3. You cannot fail. (this one is interesting and has got huge implications and basically says that no matter what you do good or bad you always succeed, even in what may be perceived as failure! – because the conclusion of any set of events is it’s natural outcome.)
    So it is important to see the events you create or are a part of as those in which you are focused and experiencing. If you do not like what you are experiencing you should go inside and seek out the reason. It is usually these so called ‘unpleasant experiences’ that we should work on and see them for what they really are…..the reality you are creating for yourself.

  4. ‘Mushin no shin’ means ‘mind without mind’ .
    On the high level Zen practitioners can achieve this state of detachment, which is the natural state of being.
    Mushin applies to martial arts but also it has a widespread applications in daily life.
    The legendary Zen master Takuan S?h? said that “…mind must be always in a state of flowing…”.
    If the flow of mind is interrupted, we are loosing touch with natural form of being and become easy to control by the external influences.
    If we look around and observe how stimulated our perception of reality is, it becomes easier to understand why we are so stressed, sometimes violent, getting into conflicts, lacking tolerance and understanding. We are overstimulated with elements of twisted and deprived reality that does not exists. It is being created for us and then multiplied by us to direct our development into state adaptable to control.
    Interpretation of reality and response to external stimuli is deeply coded in our personalities and for this reason it takes time to change. First step is to realize that interpretation of surroundings has more than one level and this step may be the first step on new way of life. The trip may be difficult, sometimes even lonely, but it is worth trying.

  5. Sorry for the problems with font in my post. Name of the Zen Master was Takuan Soho. You can search him out on Wikipedia.

  6. @Greg, mushin is a great philosophy thanks for sharing. Reminds of the sword of no sword, which is another way to deal with today’s problems and conflicts.

  7. So the implication is.. Two kinds of holograms, the electronically produced kind (cg Tupac) & another that is somehow real in a physical way or different like clouds and water? Seems like you guys are goin’ overboard anyway. How is this kind of information going to improve the quality of life for everybody if it has to be treated like it’s so special?

  8. just read the commentary.. It IS obvious that there is an overusage of negative words at the end of sentences or phrases plus negative-looking/sounding positive words. Kinda figured it was an intentional outcome of our ability to speak & express ourselves.

  9. It’s instructive to know/understand the word Egregore.

    The true realization (beyond words that is), of the ilusory nature of our reality is the enlightenment experience. Beyond words.

    The dimensions are expanding, so this reality is cracking.


  10. I have always had a problem with this “universe is a hologram” stuff for the main reason that they say in turn that it is “merely something or other” in the brain. But the problem with that approach is that the brain is putatively a part of the so-called universe and so it cannot be reasonably stated that the rest of the physical universe is a hologram but not the brain, nor that the brain is a part of the universe that can differentiate itself from the rest of it as a “different” kind of hologram. I don’t see how a hologram exists without perspectival awareness but this is supposed to be fundamentally “different” than the “objective world” that is perceived. The brain is perceived, not a perceiver, technically, in this case. What we ought to say, to be more strict and more accurate, is that the MIND perceives a world and has developed some strong assumptions about how that relates to the brain, but it cannot be strictly said that this means that the perceptions in any way occur “in the brain”.

    Observors like to try to associate the brain with the mind so as to say that the former is the hardware and the latter the software, but this is not demonstrable. They have asserted that destructive lesions in the brain lead to a loss of functionality in the observed brain which seems to indicate that a corresponding loss of mental functioning has occured “in the first person”, but this is always attributed by someone who is merely the second person to whom it is reported by the first person, or by a third person who learns of the account of the second person of the first, but in fact it never discovers what a “first person experience” is like.

    The truth is that we don’t have any way of saying that a “fully normal and functional brain” is in any way truly responsible for any kinds of experiences whatsoever. There IS evidence that there are perceptions and experiences which do NOT depend upon brain function in tandem with senses, such as OBE’s usually of the NDE sort. But that is still a second-hand report until you’ve had one yourself. In fact, that’s just as good evidence as a person telling you that when you stimulate some part of his occiptal lobe he can see ‘blue’. Better yet, that is better evidence because it disconfirms strict assocation between stimulation of the brain via the senses and the experience of an environment, at least as far as reports from a subjective mind go, which cannot in themselves be confirmed in the first person. That’s because in science a disconfirmation is much stronger than a confirmation. One disconfirmation and its bye-bye for a hypothesis, whereas even an infinite number of positive correlations cannot guarantee strict causation.

    But you make a good point for sure when you remind us that the brain and the mind are not identical even if they are related. I think the question is how are they related? I’d say that your statement that the brain is a transceiver is consistent with the evidence, and this would stand even in light of OBE’s and NDE’s, and is even confirmed by them given that those tend to occur in relation to the body and its brain which were formerly associated with that mind, and usually when the body and brain are in specific states or conditions. So the mind is something much bigger than the puny brain, and it is much more than a “software” inside a ‘hardware”. In fact the evidence indicates the REVERSE. The “brain” is a specific aspect of the software called “the matrix” of this evilverse and is a limiting and filtering, even hacking sort of program which is parasitically attached to the soul and gives it a false mind which is already a distorted subset of the larger matrix illusion. It is built in an evilverse which enables a system of “physical” laws which optimize the probability that the soul will mistake the “brain mind” for its own mind, and the “brain/rest-of-the-matrix”-matrix as its world.

    In fact, as many first-person accounts indicate, including some of my own experiences, this world and its brain interface are not only much faker than they seem already, to include the deluded and deluding false self interface, but the TRUE self, is much much more for those who have an actual soul. The true scope of a self that is innate to this evil-verse is actually also a lot larger than the brain/mind complex of the average human. Demonoids and their genetically gifted pets, the greys and reptoid (endowed with more mental capacity and power within this evil-verse than even the most brilliant mere human) are much more capacious in every capacity except for those which depend upon having a soul, i.e. goodness, spiritual love, appreciation of vitrue and true beauty, compassion with fellow beings in a growthful harmony, etc. The most deluded “mind’ in the universe has to be Carl Sagan’s at this rate.

    A lot of these superminds are demons anyway, posing as “merely brilliant humans”, to help set the stage by presenting a complete cast of eductated ignorance which passes for worldy enlightenment, by which the herd of unsouled human lemmings is easily entrained to develop group think in lockstep as desired by the reptoid and demonoid overlords (archons) and their master (the Demiurge) even without thinking consciously about anything at all. This is all a setup for the few brains which hold artificial minds which imprison real souls from outside this evilverse. This is “They Live” but 1000 times worse. It has ALWAYS been their universe, the Good Soul is an unwitting prisoner in this hell, and it is the only one which doesn’t know (not fully, until it wakes up, IF it wakes up).

    The good news? This thing has an off-switch, and it is going to get flipped very soon. Any AI that depends upon it for its existence, even if it is a “soul” in the “astral plane” (all created by the Demiurge also), will instantly be demoted to either nothing or else energy that is transmuted into a form consistent with the harmony of the larger Good Universe outside this cancer.

    That’s good news for many of us. In the meantime we must detach from our fake, brain programmed pseudo-selves and their negative emotions (including lust and merely physical love generated by biological group affiliations and other non-soul affilitions) and concentrate on the greater identification with each our own higher mind which never was nor ever could be a prisoner here. Then we are working with our “true selves” and that is the “kingdom of heaven” within that Jesus talked about.

  11. Yes we inhabit a giant hologram and everything is Energy, but it must be understood exactly what all energies are, time, mass, space, plasma, light, life, thought, every known or unknown form of energy ever conceived, they are all information, grains of information that interact, transmute, expand, constrict, but always build upon themselves, expanding out in all realities. These energies all follow simple underlying constraints, firstly they are all based on pure dichotomies, and the very nature of realities are always what lies between, secondly energy is in a state of evolution, its constitution needs to ultimately transubstantiation into ever more complex forms of information, thirdly all knowledge is connected, a single ocean of unity. We exist in an illusion of the perception of the real, generated from the manifest physical, while the REAL always remains hidden to our perception.

  12. Wow Zen’s Garden is my new favorite hangout!

    I initially read this post hours ago and have been following various links and leads into very cool places. Thank you kt for turning me on to Dr Dan Siegel….fabulous info and personally meaningful in many ways.

    Talbot’s Holographic Universe is in my “To Read Soon” stack of books so guess I ought to give it a go!

    I was not familiar with the term Egregore so thanks Vivek for the prompt to seek it’s definition…very interesting.

    Here’s my contribution back to y’all; this story is one of my favorites and especially for you Grey~thanks for the reminder to tap into the essence of Love…I needed it!


    Heart Hugs~jo

  13. Consciousness is bonded to the conjuration that is Reality, only Soul’s guidance, Conscience, can transcend delusion and encounter the Truth that reveals Primacy, God as essentially Good with a higher purpose and meaning than the Vengeance and Victory that dominate materialization/creation.

  14. There is a way to see alternate realities. If you were able to have out of body experience while thinking backwards you could interpret an alternate reality deplicting the future or at least things that are likely to happen.

  15. not denying ur theory; BUT how come we don’t crash each other while driving cars, planes, etc, if we play different “movies” in our minds? it doens’t make much sense to me..even a slight offset/differense in the “cuing” of the movies, which then starts during birth/creation of embryo, would cause all kinds of disasters..would be a damned hard film to direct, or am I missing something? have had out-of body experiences regurlarly since kid and I know we get fooled every day by our wicked free masonic elite about how things actually are – but we can’t run individual “movies” of reality -then we would have tons of disasters, woulnd’t we..?

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