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The Cancer Industry Does Not Want a Cure



by Paul Fassa

If you’ve never heard or seen this type of statement before, you have now and you’ve read it right. The cancer industry destroys or marginalizes safe and effective cures while promoting their patented, expensive, and toxic remedies that do more harm than good.

People who survive cancer from conventional cancer therapies don’t survive cancer, they survive the treatments. There’s an old saying from the early 20th Century, before the AMA and Big Pharma created their medical mafia: “With eclectic medicine (homeopathy, herbal, etc.), you die from the disease; with allopathic medicine, you die from the cure.”

Dr. Robert Atkins, MD, once announced there are several cures for cancer. But there’s no money in them. They’re natural, effective, and inexpensive. Raising millions for research to produce an expensive toxic remedy that can be patented and create more illness is the ticket to success and big bucks for those involved with the cancer industry’s fake war on cancer.

The thousands in the cancer industry careerists are involved with fund raising “charity” groups, university research labs, oncologists and related medical personal, medical equipment manufacturers, and of course the pharmaceutical industry. And the FDA is there to protect their business.

A Recent Episode that Proves They Don’t Want a Cure

You would expect if a relatively safe generic pharmaceutical drug manufactured for another purpose was discovered as a potential cancer cure, there would be a rush to get that drug approved for curing cancer, or at least trying it out.

This happened a few short years ago with with a drug, now generic, that was once used for a rare metabolic disorder. Yet the cancer industry shows no interest for following up on dichloroacetate (DCA). 2007 research at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That’s because DCA is no longer patented.

Their research confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. The outlaw alternative cancer therapists have long realized this, but the medical mafia doesn’t want you to hear about it.

Evangelos Michelakis and the Alberta University research team tested DCA on human cancer cells outside the body and in cancerous mice with profound success.

DCA’s worst side effects, which rarely occur, include some numbness and a slightly affected gait. The mice were fed DCA in water, and in weeks they had remarkable tumor shrinkage. This indicates DCA can be taken orally.

DCA works by restoring the cells’ mitochondria. Michelakis and his team had discovered that the mitochondria in cancer cells are not permanently damaged and irreparable, as the cancer industry maintains.





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  1. Survivor here!
    Uterus and the Cervix, caught in a long overdue Pap Test within 5days of procedure in the 90’s. Biopsy confirmed, surgical removal, post mortem said extensive cancer throughout both. No radiation or chemo therapy performed, was never mentioned by the Dr. It was all removed. I’ve always felt rather quilty about the whole espisode.
    You see, my 12 yr old nefew didn’t survive his legal poisioning and torterous so called Cure. Bone marrow transplants, lots of chemo and radiation, let’s not forget that radiation. Broke my cancer news to my sister, his Mom, the day he passed.
    She passed 4 years later from the breast cancer Cure, the breast removal, the chemo and the radiation. Her saving grace was the brain anerizism that took her before the slow painful agonizing death by the Cure.

    6 months before this we had taken in a destitute good friend who was slowing dying from a painful bladder cancer .

    A 2nd sister also fell victim to the breast cancer Cure, except she wouldn’t take the chemo, just the Radiation. Didn’t make any difference, she also died in an agonizing manner.

    I don’t support any cancer fundraisers nor do I believe in their Cure. I do believe that in the early 50’s and 60’s, the immunizations given to the Boomer generation were laden with cancer causing agents just biding their time to manifest.
    Cannibus is a very good cure. Imbibe freely and often.

    No sympathy folks. Its life and we are here for the lessons each event in our lives teaches us. May we be open to the education.

  2. Wife had a lump on her breast 15 years ago. What saved her ass was not seeking a msm cure. It went away on its own.

  3. * I have a deep & sad appreciation & empathy for all the pain you’ve endured & I totally share your Belief!… regarding the Rockefeller Snake Oil Conspiracy (W.H.O)>, delivering the vile & poisonous dark alchemy, concocted & ‘cut’ with insidious ‘hitch-hicker’ adjuvants, whist enlisting palpable but ‘hypno/coercive’ propaganda, to be subsumed publically & financed by perniciously evil & vested interests, shadowing the boardrooms of certain corporate chemical ‘Harmaceuticals,’… spawned from the ‘War Crimes’ of the infamous zionist ‘bankster’ gang of the I.G.Farben era; that has expanded exponentially, by the white lab coat & jackboot complicity of ‘Operation Paperclip’… that did indeed marks the inception of Eugenic experimentation on all of us ‘Baby Boomers’ >up until now
    ….I concur with your suspicions absolutely!… if that gives you any consolation, as having the conclusive knowledge about of the conspiracy & the perpetrators of this egregious madness & insanity touching all of our lives under the guise of “Keeping Us Safe”…reptilian bastards that they all may well be.

  4. Dr Robert Good, the leader in immunology who made the first bone marrow transplantin the mid1980s in US. By then he had published over 2000 medical papers and had been nominated forThe Nobel Prize 3 times.D r Good found the dietary, enzymatic cure for pancreatic cancer BUT he was refused publication in ALL med journals. Why? The Gate Keepers of Cancer Inc. protect their industry by controlling the now -exposed-as-corrupt med.journals. http://www.naturalnews.com/023074_ghostwriting_drug_trials.html.

    We have Dr H R Clark, an ex Canadian Govt, cell research biologist who carried out over half a million repeatable, so scientifically valid bio-reosnance tests. Dr Clark has precisely identified the specific parasites, bacteria, viruses, moulds, heavy metals, dyes,radio-active compounds, benzene, asbestos, food allergens etc. that causellcancersand their pathways. Dr Clark needed to pubish privately,and so her worj remains ‘unrecognised’ and’illegal’.

    Other alternative cures exist. These interrupt the cancer pathways as laid out by Dr Clark.They are from Drs. Raymond Rife, and Robert Beck; (electrical resonance); Dr Burzynski (gene targetting with drugs); Germany`s ozone protocol that cured Pres. Reagan’s lung cancer; and the herbals of of essiac, that cured Sen Ted Kennedy’s son’s terminal bone cancer; and the herbals of Dr. Marijah McCain, H Hoxey and Jason Winters.

    It is not illegal yet for me to tell you this, nor for you to access and check-out this information.

  5. Everywhere these demons in power take hold they spread disease, misery, pain, suffering, exploitation, I call what they offer “disease care”……the poison they offer as health care will make the patient sicker than what they were treating and in a much more serious nature……….certainly, this illusion is not health care…….is anyone really healthy within their poisonous world…..in fact anything promoting health is not in their mindset……they are now killing for killing that is how corrupted their dark souls are……

    we are in the exposure part of the plan…these demons are exposing themselves for ALL to see – “shinning the light on them”……that this evil must come to an end……they have had upteem chances to turn to the light and they never will….they offer NOTHING to life except, death, destruction, exploitation, greed, lust, power, misery, pain, disease……this horrific “Celestial Error” is coming to a close and with it the demons and robots supporting this evil dimension……

    those enlightened their senses will strengthen and regain some of what we lost during this error such as telepathy, higher conciousness……this whole dimension will eventually entropy upon itself along with a transmutation of the dark energies back to primordial energy as if they never existed but not without facing the crimes they have committed against humanity, the planet and its universe……their transmutation will not be pleasant……for we cannot allow this evil to contaminate the rest of creation (which we have been isolated from)….nothing of value will be lost in this process only those supporting dark energies……

    Lots of LOVE

  6. good day friend, i want to share something with you, not just something, but a real one. my dad last year was diagnosed withOesophagael and lymphoma cancer
    . it was unbearable to everyone as he kept on screaming for pains and the rest…. you know what i mean. but to cut the story short, i will like to introduce you to a man who helped me, and made my dad to regain good health again and make him a happy man now. this could be hard for you, but if you love your dad as i love mine, you will have to advice him on roots and herbs. contact me if you are interested on mcclaren2013@gmail.com. i believe in good health and love to see people with it. take care.

    • Hello I just read your post…. can you please share the info? My daughter has breast cancer and has refused chemo which i totally agree with….

      • Good for her! Search the site for cancer articles – a great new web site with resources is there….
        Here–found it: http://www.zengardner.com/new-natural-cancer-treatments-resource/

        All the best! Diet is the key! Raw as possible, cut meats and glutens and dairy and go green as poss as well. See official diets – and keep her spirits up!! Be sure she’s feeding on good spiritually empowering and helpful and high vibration material and people—and keep her away from nagging naysayers and chemo-idiots – the med system is horrific. Keep us posted – much love to you both, Zen

    • It didn’t blow my mind. I saw people claiming that cannabis oil cures everything from warts to the monkey pox to cancer. It seemed that some people in the film were exaggerating. Why are there no doctor’s coming forward saying this worked for my patient? It seemed that maybe it worked for some but, not others. How can I bet my life on that?

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  9. I have stage 4 carcinoid cancer. I have a wife and a 6 yr. old boy. So far I’ve tried B17 without any luck. Everyone says cannabis oil but it’s illegal and I don’t know how to get it. In addition, it seems that you must know exactly what strain will work for the cancer you have. My cancer is rare. It is a form of neuroendocrine cancer which is a subset of endocrine cancers. I’ve been juicing, reducing red meat etc. Still my tumors are growing in my liver, bones, GI tract, lymph nodes….other places. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. philosophers stone has a section on cancer cures. linked below on zens page… Also have heard baking soda (aluminum free) as well. The idea being that disease cannot live in an alkaline enviornment.

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  19. The clearest evidence that the cancer industry does not want a cure is their continuous dismissal and obfuscation of the known causes of cancer and their proven misguidance of the public with misleading cancer information (read the epilogue of this: http://www.supplements-and-health.com/mammogram.html ). This cartel, that encompasses both the various cancer charities and the corporate media, is mainly interested in enriching itself than to tell the public the actual truth about cancer.

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