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The Compromised Camp of Political Futility


by Zen Gardner

Talk about getting taken for a ride. I warned about this Ron Paul bus to nowhere specifically in Project Blueballs and the false hope energy heist. As soon as we give our energy and aspirations over to others to execute, it’s over. We’re back at square one.

You are the change. I am the change.

Know what these charades do? They assuage the sense of futility in the souls of the observing “believers”. You might as well go to the the “Church of the Guilty Because I Can’t Do Shit About Anything” and toss your pennies into the plate. Then sit back and let someone tell you what you want to hear.

Such disempowering bullshit. And a hell of a lot of hive mentality cowardice.

So the big news in the big bad politically hopeful world of patriots is…”OMG…Rand Paul endorsed Romney!”

My reaction? Good.

This might wake the cool aid drinkers up. Almost all political activism is futile at this point. Unless you can get something viable and tangible on a very local level. Forget the rest. The system is crumbling under its own wicked weight and all you’re gonna have is what’s immediately around you.

Work on that, while raising your conscious awareness and that of those around you. Nothing else matters at this point.

Peter Thiel, Ron Paul Supporter. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC (Zionist, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Foundation Grantee, steering committee Bilderberg Group)

Politics Is A Controlled Diversion.

Want some more needed bogus politics deprogramming? Ron Paul has been backed none other than PayPal spy machine and SPACEX private space program Zionist Peter Thiel, a young gun in the upcoming globalist elite ranks with a growing list of credentials.

Uh huh. And if there’s one, there’s likely more. “Keep the opposition hopping while we wield our supremacy..that’s how we roll…”

Getting the political game yet? It’s all staged. And subverted. By the extremely influential/infiltrated media-propelled smarty pants. If you don’t see that yet or the extent of it, I pity you.

Subversion Disguised by Sound and Fury

They back both, or all three, sides. If the wind shifts they’ll back and subvert the maverick. They cloak their perfidy by the sound and fury of clashing opposition, dissension, enmity, conflict and ultimately by distraction.

While what? They continue to tank the economy, roll on with their hegemonic wars whether it’s Syria or Iran or whoever’s next. All the while continuing their drone-patrolled clampdown preparations for the American police state. And how do you keep everyone distracted and squabbling over shibboleths?

Phony politics.

They’re not stupid. The aggressors, the initiators, always have the advantage within their construct. That’s why we need to stay free from it. To participate in that corrupt system only strengthens it.

Disengage. Stop feeding the beast.

Falling for the False Choice

Nothing is black and white. Or very little. Especially when it comes to perception and the human factor gets involved. Illusions seem real and reality seems like an illusion.

Because it is.

We think we understand a situation with whatever information we’re given. It doesn’t matter how much, it seems humanity can draw a conclusion on a dime. Right or wrong, it’s based on some mental conclusion or feeling we think is our own from information handed to us.

Easily duped?  Duh.

Such is the political scene. What absolute futility based on illusion. While issues get aired, perhaps, by corporate sponsored cardboard images, any real representatives and their causes have been cut off at the knees before the public’s naive campaign started, with the gullible populace at their mercy.

Tell me. Does a new paint job change the White House, or as they say, does rearranging the deck chairs of the (purposely sunk) Titanic really help anything?

Be conscious first. Steer clear of their machinations entirely.


What I said over 5 months ago about these same Politics of Futility and the Paulite hopefuls is as apt as ever:

The Main Point Is to Fully Wake Up First

As Einstein famously said,

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Until people grasp fundamentals like 9/11 truth and the reality that our government is deliberately dismantling the country to prepare it for a world fascist government, there is no hope for them.

Until people realize we are being deliberately poisoned and dumbed down in order to accept their extreme anti-human conditions of complete mental, economic and spiritual servitude there will be no change.

That’s where change happens, one heart at a time. Once that takes place and conscious awareness is conceived, the whole dynamic changes.

But some will never hear it. Don’t waste your time on those who refuse to listen.

Look for the hungry who haven’t quite connected the dots. And if they need to run the Ron Paul political gamut for one final wake up, so be it.

But be there for them when they crash land in reality.

Same now as then.

Lots of good folks waking up right now with the appalling Paul sell-out proving the point.

That’s a good thing.

Much love, Zen

P.S. Did Ron Paul bring good issues forward and advance a greater awareness to many? Sure. But within a construct that goes nowhere, sorry to say. All these things work together as they will in individuals’ lives and on so many levels clearly nothing is wasted. The end objective is to bring an eventual full consciousness shifting awareness.

But channeling this through their matrix paradigm is a dead horse. Next time, take the A-train.




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  1. Well said ZenGardner. Nice to discover others on the same wavelength. Peace to you and your journey.

    I would add that it takes courage to walk away from it all… to walk into the unknown and break away from the system. But this is the proper way.

    It gets a bit lonely, for sure. There are others, but few.

    Yet, as we walk away from it all, this new expanded awareness shows us the universe within is the very same as the universe around us. The inner worlds are vast. As above, so below.

    So we walk into the unknown and create our own philosophy, we stand alone, we stand our ground, and we become more silent within… we develop a genuine mastery based on virtues that are sound…



    • It DOES get lonely. Though, it seems, the choice has become simple: integrity over “fitting in.” And, the latter is well worth the isolation. Everyone has to lie down on their death bed and reflect and I always take courage in the fact that I chose, once I became awake and aware, not to participate in it. Professionally, socially and financially, over the years, I divested myself of the burdens and lies of the system as a whole.

      Great article, Zen. Clear, concise and to the point. And the best point is that, when you are inside a system that is spiritually bankrupt and morally/ethically corrupt, nothing offered from it is worthwhile as it is tainted through its foundational framework.

      And thanks for the reminder to just walk away from those who choose not to get it. Easy to waste critical energy trying to get them to get it. I get caught in the latter because I care. But, the true caring comes in standing by on the wings and receiving them if and when they do.

  2. I wanted to spport RP, and in a way i do, but he is not a true leader, he doesnt have the juice.. the great spirit that we need. In a way Obama has that leadership, but he plays by the rules of the slave traders, maybe he is blind or chooses not to engage.
    On another note, RP is like a drug, putting at ease a symptom of insollance.. “oh well, we are a minority, the majority rule, at least the system works”.

    • While we have such poor judgement as to even think of accepting people like Ron Paul (let alone his cold fish of a son) we will continue to wallow in the ……. a dark and muddy state. Why not look for a man, a real man, capable of communicating with Putin? Amerika and Europe, especially Britain have no strong, honest capable men who would be able to sit down with a man like Putin to discuss things in an open and honest way – and get things done. Get the World’s troubles sorted out – and it has to be possible! There MUST be good, strong, warm hearted HONEST men around. We just do not have them and we need to find them asap.

      • I think Zen’s point is that the global arena isn’t where we should be looking at all. It’s local. And it has to do with men and women who have the integrity to stand up and do what is necessary. Those will become the natural leaders of the future in our personal communities.

        There isn’t someone or something “out there” who/that is going to step in and save us. No Deus ex Machina descending to put us all right. WE put ourselves right and the rest will follow, with striving.

  3. Clif High already recognised that Ron Paul was not going to be going anywhere way back in 2010. There’s an interview on the Veritas radio show on 24 April 2010. It’s archived there but you need to be a subscriber to access it.

    Here are the notes of what Clif High said from 1:31:20 into the second part of the show.

    Mel asks if RP will ever have the chance to lead. Clif doesn’t think so. RP is an obligatory straw horse. Thinks RP is quite sincere though would question why ‘RP’ is such a high level mason. He is a loyal opposition symbol. He is always drawing energy but never goes anywhere. He takes it so far and no further. He doesn’t have the final follow through.

    Clif: I have respect for the position that he mouths but if you’re a mason, you’re not welcome to talk. If you’re a 3rd degree mason or lower, I understand. You don’t really have a grasp on what’s going on. Read into the entire history of masonry, all the way up into the Scottish rites, all the way to Albert Pike and all the other degenerates and then still be a mason? I think you’re declaring at that point that basically you’re an enemy of humanity.

    Mel: So he might be false opposition?

    Clif: Sure. Happens all the time. They do it at all the levels. The pattern is the same. The rituals are the same. I’ve been offered a number of positions in any number of organisations since I started opening my big mouth about these reports. And I have to come back all the time and say I’m sorry, I can’t join any organisation nor form one because at their core, they are instantly a target for TPTB and are subsumed because they work both sides of the coin constantly and they know how to do it really well. If RP did not exist, they would create him.

    Mel: Right, right. So he is almost like a void for the people who are unhappy with both duopoly.

    Clif: Right. Get it all whipped up and you control it. Period is just great, at the maximum, drop them. Let it dissipate.

    • Excellent reference, thanks for digging that up! Clif and Zen are the shining twin stars above the rest of online truth-seekers, eh? Crystalline 😉 clarity on every subject they touch.

      Zen, have you ever met Mr. High? You boys should get together for a cold one.

  4. As for proof that Ron Paul is a mason, Clif High gave this info:
    “Ron Paul was initiated in the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at his alma mater, Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania. The November 2007 issue of Lambda Chi Alpha’s publication, Cross & Crescent, proudly announced “Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid..” Ron Paul was not only a member but a leader of Lambda Chi Alpha.
    “Congressman Ron Paul (Gettysburg 1957) says the Fraternity provided him much fellowship but also supported him financially. He became house manager and was paid $9 a month, which paid for his rent. He then took the job of kitchen steward, which he says was a little more challenging… Paul also served as chapter secretary and was president of his pledge class.”

    Furthermore, the June 2006 issue of Cross & Crescent featured an article about the initiation ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha, which was formulated by 33º Mason and Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge, John E. Mason. “John (‘Jack’) E. Mason – Master Craftsman” states:
    “Dr. John E. ‘Jack’ Mason Jr. (Pennsylvania 1913), Lambda Chi Alpha’s spiritual founder, died of viral pneumonia 60 years ago on June 1, 1946. His unexpected death brought to an end the life of a man who converted the dream of our founder into a fully functioning fraternal organization.
    “Mason was the principal author of our ritual, the primary designer of our badge and insignia, and the founder of our various publications… Mason was a prolific and tireless worker, and…he was considered ‘a recognized authority in ritual and history in the fraternity world’… Lambda Chi Alpha owes a debt incapable of repayment to Jack Mason, who was principally responsible for the assembly of our initiation ritual…
    “Mason was an active member of the Masonic Fraternity, serving as the Worshipful Master of Continental Lodge #738, F.& A.M. of Pennsylvania in 1934. Later in his life he became a member of Philadelphia Lodge #51.
    “In 1946, the 20th General Assembly authorized the establishment of the John E. Mason Memorial Foundation to commemorate his many contributions. In 1968, the Mason Memorial Foundation, the Duke Flad Memorial Fund, and the James T. Chirurgs Scholarship were merged into the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation.
    “The most fitting monument, however, to Mason’s great talent remains the Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.”

    • Yahdah: I think Zen did, in fact address that. Ron Paul has brought up very important issues to consider. However, his co-optation into the global agenda is now secured by those far superior in power to him. that would be using discernment to separate out the message from the messenger AND recognizing the distortions of the message within the larger operating system.

  5. You forgot one descriptor with the picture of Peter Thiel(f)- repitilian shapeshifter. Examine his photo very closely.

  6. I could never understand why people are unable to see what you just stated above. In fact, I think they actually do see there was no hope supporting RP, but it was a way to channel some anger.
    I think there are plenty of other ways to not roll over, and take it in the backside though.
    As ZG always says- work on your conciousness. This is a good start of course, but I seriously don’t think most are ready, or even have a clue how to do this. For those more materially bound folks out there, I suggest one thing: don’t be afraid to cross the line of uncomfortable and fear. Marx said religion is the opiate of the masses. But I would suggest that “COMFORT” is the new opiate. Learn to become uncomfortable, and embrace fear, as a way to transcend it. It would not be a very difficult thing to take down the system at this point. Pull your money out of the system. Stop paying your taxes. Convince everyone around you to do the same.
    For those of you with a penchant for drama, guerrilla tactics applied now in the form of random violence on authority figures might just be the match that lights up the gasoline of the masses.
    Remember a few years ago, that guy who flew his CESSNA into the IRS building in Austin? It was a pretty wasteful idea because he gave up his own life. With a little planning, he could have done vastly more damage, gotten away, and done vastly more damage over time. The public would have awakened by one man’s actions. He had already reached the point where he didn’t care to lose his life. Why make a suicide of it? He had the makings, at that point, of a great warrior. He should have brought down as many of the oppressors as he could have, before catching a slug from the fascists. Such a pity and waste. Anyway, my point is, we are all going to die, why not make our lives into something to be proud of, before that inevitable day arrives?

  7. Another point I think needs needs to be mentioned. For those of you in the states still who have found yourselves fallen from the middle class and are now poor, consider this change a gift.
    I have been in this situation myself. From the late 90’s to 2005, I had become very well off. A horrible ex-wife kidnapped my son, and I had to close down my businesses, sell everything, and go back to US to slug it out in court for a year. Between the lawyers, shitty women judges, and finally, having to BUY my son back in the end, it took nearly my whole life savings. I received an offer to work for the Chinese govt., took my son, and left the country(against court orders) and went to learn the ropes in this new country. As I learned more here, I found opportunities, and am becoming well off again in the last 2 years. In fact, I am planning to be able to retire in about 3 more years.
    Anyway, during my terribly hard times of losing my money to a corrupt system, and moving on to a new life, I finally did the things which I had only been doing half-assed before, in earnest. I started seriously meditating at all free times, doing yoga, and going to the gym. Because of these changes, my life story has been totally transformed for the better.

  8. I was uneasy with the whole RP Hype. Sure He talked a good game… But I liked NONE of ’em. Still, I cannot sit back and “take care of things at home.” I am out to get a solution to the tipping point and I will succeed. What solution? You might ask. See this essay here:


    Yes, I am proactive, working to free Humanity from wage/debt slavery, poverty, hunger, oppression, lies, governMENT (etymologically, “control MIND”) in favor of stigmergic governANCE via the web, and more.

    See http://journal.media-culture.org.au/0605/03-elliott.php if You need a definition of stigmergy.

  9. Well said Zen! We have the ‘POWER’. Its time people took responsibility for themselves, they need to stop the blame game. Stop looking to others to do the hard work for you. That is what these ‘PARASITES’ in goverment thrive on. Just don’t vote for anyone, keep your vote for yourself! You cant buy an ‘APP’ to fix this problem! If people want to see changes for the better, then the changes have to start from within. Yes ,its hard work, but what’s the alternative?

  10. I like to think of life back in the say……year 1,000…..no one cared about anything that wasn’t local..they had no phones, no computers, not much of anything, but for sure they needed gardens….we should all be our own gardner…ops..what….what… the govt outlawed home gardens in the U.S.?
    Someone please call the cops my neighbor is planting seeds not monsantos….

  11. JUST being a mason means nothing. As Mark Passio points out there is a light side and dark side to the building of reality.

    Please google and watch Mark’s presentation on youtube.

  12. you are stealing les visible’s style of titling. as a result, I keep accidentally thinking that your crummy blog is his. stop it. you are a lousy writer. I’m sick of this blog. so stop pretending to be les visibile and conning me in here.

  13. Henri, yet you keep reading on a site that you Want to feel is conning you. Something in these featured articles keeps you coming back. Son, your waking up!

  14. I had to play back part of speech I attended of Ron Paul, where he said “it takes more than one person.” I do think it is possible he is part of the ‘controlled opposition.’ His words though, were a good reminder it is easy to become lazy and hope someone else will carry the water. We will continue to have the world we deserve if we mail it in. Scott mentioned we need to work on ourselves but as I have found in my work, people struggle because they have to view parts of themselves they do not like and are afraid it will be too painful. So it’s not hard to understand sometimes it is easier to bitch about the world than to focus on oneself. It is unfortunate, because when a person starts to realize the parts they may not like are actually trying to help them. No matter who we are we have been given the gift of a accepting, compassionate, and caring ‘Self.’ Becoming more in touch with the Self will allow these parts to heal. At this point, we can begin to grow and become the change.

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