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The Crescendo of Chemtrail Awareness – A Breakthrough Issue

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by Zen Gardner

Some big strides have been made recently in chemtrail awareness. Thanks to the efforts of people like Dane Wigington at GeoengineeringWatch.org who has been appearing on dozens of radio shows each month, and approaching civic and environmental groups and regularly contributing eye opening articles to news sites. But there are many others like him, such as the tireless folks like those at aircrap.org and many other sites and blogs. It’s working. We have founding pioneers like Clifford Carnicom at the Carnicom Institute, Will Thomas at WillThomasOnline and Rosalind Peterson at the AgricultureDefenseCoalition and many others to thank as well.

The list goes on and on.

Remember, most of this is more grass roots than anything. Rather than just preaching to ourselves we need to inform those around us, those who do not yet realize the severity of their condition due to these insane geoengineering programs. These planted algae blooms the Navy is experimenting with, which Rosalind Peterson has been screaming about for years, are yet another horrific program destroying our environment.

When you add GMO foods, fluoridated water, deliberately tainted food and then deadly vaccines, a nightmarish reality starts to set in. And we need to be there to help whenever possible to birth people into this new conscious awareness.

Because it stings like a bitch in a B horror film when it first hits.


The Encouraging Crescendo of Chemtrail Consciousness

There are terrific folks who comment on mine and other sites, many of whom take action whenever they can. And they’re seeing results. So am I. And there’s a different tone in the reactions you get lately. Of course you still get the “don’t tell me”, “leave me alone” or “you’re crazy” but it’s not nearly as often.

Something’s changing. The previously frozen paradigm is shifting and it’s time to load explosive charges into the cracks of the matrix and blast away.

Even more than that, there’s a personal sense of being free to boldly proclaim the Truth that we know, whenever and wherever we are.


 A Poignant Word From Dane Wigington

I spoke to Dane about this issue of urgency and speaking up and the opening we have. He again is so full of this subject and had this to say:

“Global geoengineering is pushing all life on Earth to the breaking point. We are all standing on the end of the plank, with nowhere to hide. We can remain silent as we are pushed over the edge, or we can turn and take a stand.

On a recent evening I was wandering through the forest which surrounds my home, I heard a single lonely frog sound out. Only a few years ago the sound of singing frogs was deafening in this place, but now it is silent, as most of these miraculous amphibians have succumbed to the fallout from the constant spraying. An initial feeling of overwhelming sadness was quickly overcome by a tsunami of anger and motivation. If this frog could hang on, and not give up, neither could I give up. I studied the trees which surrounded the frog and I,  the massive silent sentient beings, also refusing to give up.

We must all refuse to step off the plank, we must never give up.

There is a great convergence occurring. As the “collective insanity” increases the lethal global aerosol spraying, the “collective consciousness” is awakening by the day. There is a profound stirring of dire concern over the toxic spraying and a rapidly growing motivation to take action against it. Responsible radio hosts from around the globe are seeking information to pass on to their listeners. I have been contacted by a number of prominent scientists from major universities who are now getting up to speed and educating their associates. Public consciousness of the geoengineering issue is getting closer to critical mass by the day.

The planet’s life support systems are being decimated by geoengineering programs, which includes the HAARP facilities. Now the planet is pushing back. All data to date continues to confirm the methane mass release occurring in the Arctic. The climate systems and atmosphere as a whole are being ripped apart. Geoengineering is fueling the climate feedback loops and ozone/atmospheric destruction. We must keep stepping up our pace in regards to exposing these deadly programs.

The Power of Two

I’ve been touting an idea for some time regarding the dynamic of individuals telling others about this dire issue.

If one person shares the geoengineering issue with two others on the first day of the month, and then those two share with two each on the second day, and so on for 30 days, well over 5,000,000 people would be made aware at the end of that time. Pretty profound, yet completely true.

Our efforts matter if we pull together. Its up to all of us and this issue cannot wait until tomorrow. If we bring this issue to light, the rest will fall into place. If those that are carrying out these programs, who are completely unaware of what they are doing to their own children, knew this truth they would refuse to participate. I am told by one of the university scientists that this may already be taking place.

Get educated, spread the word, and take a stand. This issue cannot wait.”

Dane Wigington,


It’s A Matter of Fact – “Silent No More” – Demonstrating Daily

There’s no need to convince anyone. Chemtrails just are and people need to look up and take notice. A simple nudge or sign or mention with careful deft follow up will do it in many cases. I’ve seen it over and over when approaching people. “Ever notice these?” “What do you think they’re doing up there?” or “Do you like your skies engineered?” may eventually hit the conversation. Nothing confrontational, these are sleepers who need awakening.

It’s not an exercise in self justification. A lot of compassion is in order.

Approaching individuals is the ultimate form of demonstration. And perhaps soon our only one in the Orwellian state we all now living in. The point is, just doing a little at a time, wherever we are, discreetly and in love, goes a long, long way. We’re not out to alienate or aggravate, but educate and alleviate… ignorance.

I spoke to a sweet check out lady at Trader Joe’s today. I usually start with a comment about “I like to get more cash back than I paid…besides it’s not real money anyway.” It tests the waters a bit, but I joke around to break the ice first. “The government just prints the stuff when they need it, why can’t we?” and they laugh. It will go any number of directions from there, lately it’s talking about Cyprus and how they’re coming after the people’s private savings, which she didn’t know anything about. Then it went to Italy next, then how they pulled the plug on the EU and US economies on purpose…and she was astounded, saying “I knew it! It all seems so pre-planned!” And off to the races I went. She begged me to stop in to see her next time I come to the store.

After advising her to get her money out of the banks and get food and water, my parting words were “Be strong and do the right thing!” She was on board.

This isn’t uncommon. People are waking up, but they’re not going to get a nudge unless we free agents reach out and do some guerrilla truth warfare. They’re SOOO ready to hear more but not finding the source for it due to the limitations of their prescribed circumstances. Mental prisoners, in other words.

That’s where we come in. All of us, any of us. Us. You. Me. Raise your voice. You don’t need to occupy a park, you don’t need to scream bloody murder at a police line with a placard in your hand. Although there’s a time for that, for sure.

We are the solution- by being who we truly are. Everywhere. And without a shred of fear.


It’s Not Just Chemtrail Consciousness – Truth Is Bustin’ Out All Over!

We’re at the cusp of something so fantastic and wonderful that we think it’s too good to be true. I don’t fully understand it but I know it’s real. Our actions in conscious awareness and spreading the message of Love and Truth without fear are the key to the world to come…i.e. manifesting right before us.

Revel in it and pass the word.

The time is now for open conversation, clear message T-shirts, hats, flyers, calling cards, any form of outright truth. Just make it part of your daily routine. Remember, when you’re long gone, what did YOU do to try to  help avert this horrific world takeover? Your kids and grandkids will either be proud, or ultimately ashamed.

Where were you?

Something to think about.

Live life fully. Tell the truth. Live the Truth to the best of your ability.

We all make a difference, one way or the other.

Love, Zen



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  1. It’s so confounding an event. What could the end be? Why? Is this, “The sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give it’s light” ? What is going on?

    It’s dead wrong. It’s dread awful. It’s seasonal depression in daily dosage. I can’t imagine that it’s intend for a permanent state of affairs. Who would want to live in it?

    It has got to be related to population control, soft kill, slow kill, but kill most certainly. The deficiency of sunshine is catastrophic to all life.

    • It’s like certain entities of the most depraved sort, are rendering our creation into such a state, that some people would rather be dead, than have to live in it.

      They’re inducing madness! Is it perhaps because that is their own true state?

      As far as the genuine “who” behind it; look for those that have created secret habitats underground, knowingly, so as to survive it, and ride out the recovery interlude.

      It’s them at the bottom of it, beyond all conjecture.

    • Nofo—yes. Sadly it’s true, and the reality is too horrific for most to confront. Liberation is knowing the Truth. And reacting consciously.

      • Here is some information about ongoing ‘underground construction’. They’re world wide. They’re restricted. They’re intentional.


        Seed is being stockpiled and stored, the real deal, not GMO. We’re facing a man made extinction event. It’s being done. The entire Northern Hemisphere is under attack beyond all doubt.

        Fukushima is part of it. I suspect the gulf “faucet” as well. Wars and Economics are distractions in comparison. Expect more. Count on it being oriented to the trade winds, and the jet stream.

        Elite madmen have theorized meddling in natures affairs for the supposed “greater good” for over a century. Some where, one day, they got all their ducks in row, then began their operation.

        You can see, you can feel it. Intuition proclaims it. The documentation will not be shown. It’s charter is scribed on the Georgia Guide Stones.

          • Yes no doubt, The Cosmos will have the last word. Creation will have final say. I believe that has been factored into ‘their’ equation.

            They’re counting on “nature” righting itself. They hope to wait out the recovery deep subterranean.

            Perhaps “The Cosmos” has yet to tell all it’s secrets. I wouldn’t, not to those unworthy to hear them.

          • Zen;
            What do you mean by temporarily?There are so many good hearts trying to fight these things, but no real progress is ever made. I try to remain optimistic, but these fuckers want us dead and are succeding. Anyone who has a real breakthrough, like Eric Dollard, gets destroyed. I’ve heard that Iran may have perfected Cold Fusion, so they will be bombed to death. Sorry to be pessimistic, but I’ve had enough.

          • Hang in there Tim. Even if you feel that way, do you roll over and play dead? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t still be reading and researching. Your spirit knows better…we are eternal and part of infinite consciousness no matter what happens or what these idiots attempt to pull off. Lots to be encouraged about, especially this amazing wake up we’re in the midst of witnessing and being part of. I get pissed and down about it too but it passes. Life springs eternal is a pretty good thing to keep in mind, even in the midst of this hellish attack on our planet. Much love, keep on, Zen …and remember, you may be the spark that lights someone or many someones who are just waiting to be lit, and may not even know it. Keep your chin up…that way you’ll be able to spot them!.. 😉

  2. Poignant piece Zen. You and Dane have lit my fire again. Like Dane, I’m deeply saddened about the effects on all living things. The non-humans are the ones with the purest of hearts.
    I spoke to someone today, a pharmaceutical rep (pill pusher) who visited my work. He actually wrote down geoengineeringwatch.org after listening to my observations about today’s weather. He said he had heard of chemtrails but had no idea what they were. Education, spreading awareness is the key. We don’t have to go the place of saying “depopulation” cause that’s an immediate red flag, uh oh crazy person!
    I’m all in. Let’s all compare notes. We can share ideas, reactions, outcomes, etc. Afterall, like Peek says, this is the best place on the web. :)

    • you rock youngin’…;) And do what we can we can do! That hat’s my sweet wifey’s gift 2 birthdays ago….knows how pissed I am about chemtrails….damn the fuckers….

    • “I’m deeply saddened about the effects on all living things. The non-humans are the ones with the purest of hearts”.


      The very rudest of ‘awakenings’ accompanied with unquenchable remorse is in ‘The Cards’ for a vast multitude of ‘so called’ humans.

    • Peek slides in dress as a waiter with 2 espressos on a large silver platter, white towel folder over his arm . I am at your beckon call giving it my all…l stand tall let as the chem trails fall .

  3. My intuition tells me they have “risen up” before. Does anyone else feel this? Too much prior evidence on the planet. Pyramids on key ley lines all over the planet. The dinasaur story is fishy at best. Ancient texts loaded with references to giants and serpents. Sorry, just letting my right brain loose for a moment.

    • Echo that Scoots and Gustavo. I feel it, not sure if it’s my gut, brain, heart…all the above. As Gus stated…too much evidence to ignore. The pyramids are the most obvious indication of civilizations that possessed technologies that we have yet to understand. To keep things in perspective, most intellectual thought believed the earth was flat 500 years ago.

      Some suggest the disappearance of the dinosaurs was not an “extinction” event, but an “extermination” process. The story goes, when a T-Rex bones were extracted and assembly to begin, the had to paint the bones with lead varnish because of the high radioactive readings….Hmmmmm. Now there’s a brain tickler.

  4. Zen is right. It’s happening. What started out as beautiful blue sky this morning was a haze of gauze in the afternoon after a whole day of spraying. I was chatting with this woman I didn’t know in a parking lot and I pointed up and said, “What’s with the haze?” and she said, “It’s the damn chemtrailers.” YAY! I gave her a big hug. Pass it on. People are ready. Now is the time.

  5. I was just thinking today how No one mentions Plum Island any more, and they should Most of Opp paper clip whack fuck killers did their massive work out of that joint . Hence Lymes disease injected into tics and spread out into the woods so it would infect solders. why bring this up ?? maybe there is more going on there from what we know its still very heavy guarded and its right under Eveyones noses Like the banking system I see alot of alternative net sites go on about the obvious not many looking at forgotten but yet still in play operations. Dont get me wrong here I think its great to bring any and all awareness to this plague of evil that comes at us from all angles .$1.2 billion, 580,000-square-foot National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility is fully operational, possibly in 2020 or ’21, those defenses will be ” .NBAF will replace the antiquated Plum Island, N.Y., facility where only foot-and-mouth disease research is being done. NBAF will be doing all three, also such mosquito-borne diseases as Rift Valley fever that poses a global threat to animals and people. The experimental vaccine for humans is currently running

  6. Where do I get that awesome hat????!!!!
    The daily tragedy and affront to all life that I see every single day in the sky is undoubtedly the one thing that absolutely gets to me above all the other dark revelations. Life around me here in the UK is dying, and all the weather systems have been acutely wrong for the last 10 years.
    Not one single farmer in my country has noticed the blotting out of the sky.
    Most people I have spoken to about it will actually not look up. They wont do it. I simply point out that there is no blue sky, and that planes shouldnt ‘do that’. I dont know which is worse, the insanity of GeoEngineering, or the total and utter violent denial of many people in the face of actual demonstrable wrongness right over their heads.

    Having said all that, I really appreciate your positive post.

  7. Where i am from there is nobody looking up. I am mental, the government wants what is best for you and television is the only truth. You silly billy, stop seeing all this BS it will make you unhappy…
    Keep on Zen, Love shall prevail.

    • I’m from Holland, once a beautiful country now run by peadofiles and banker scum.
      I am very ashamed of beeing dutch.

    • My wife had it made and gave it to me a few birthdays ago. LIttle kiosks at malls or other hat stores often will do it for you. Takes a few minutes. Put on the back too, “Look up”. 😉

  8. Love the hat! Nice one, Mrs G. XX

    There is a shop in my small town that prints/embroiders anything you want onto anything you want. If we have such a shop here, they must be everywhere! It is a shop that specialises in school uniforms, and they sell all the gear for all the local schools and embroider all the different logos onto them.

    I will get a t-shirt embroidered to wear in the summer. Just need to pick the right phrase. It needs to be a brief message which stands out (eg, “Say NO to GMO”).

    We don’t get many chemtrails where we are, possibly because of low population/false economy. That’s just a guess on my part, but I’m sure the end result winds up in our food anyway. I still see chemtrails regularly, but they don’t blanket the sky most days like I hear people on here, for instance, talking about.

    • GMOs, Drones, Chemtrails, Banksters, Vaccines, ElectroSmog, Junk Food, Zionism, Pedophelia, Surveillance State, Checkpoints and Police State, false flags, etc.etc. Lots to choose from, sad to say. (that would be quite a list on a t-shirt…Say NO to….or Is Our Planet Being Poisoned? or Planet Under Attack: or Manipulated Mankind: etc etc….

    • If you were to drive through the middle of Indiana,Illinois,Missouri,Iowa,Kansas and Nebraska everyday – You will see chemtrails or their remnants in every direction. TPTB want the fertile land here fully loaded with their soot.

  9. I agree – there is a awareness breakthrough happening. When I mention chemtrails, I get responses instead of blank stares. Because of “the boys” blatant activities, there are big strides in awareness of ALL the criminal activity. The way I look at it, Cyprus was a gift. What a great eye-opener for folks when they hear that “authorities” dipped into the bank accounts of the citizens. The TAX “blanket” that the oligarchs have used for eons (the Cyprus Parliament named their theft the “savings tax” – hahahaha) to rob the masses doesn’t seem to alarm people, but the flagrant theft of taking funds directly out of your bank account has awakened many.

    I still have my car door magnetized chemtrail sign. I haven’t been able to use it since we’ve had overcast skies for a big part of the winter, but it’s a sunny day today, so I’ll pop it back on – cause I’m sure they’ll spray. Effer’s.

    Thanks Zen! I’m holding on, sometimes cryin’, sometimes laughin’, but I’m holding on.

    • It’s a fascinating time to be alive, and it’s no mistake we’re here. Another phenomenon is the polarization going on…the dead are often deader, the awakened more awake. Cool to observe as well as help provoke, ha!

  10. Can’t concentrate, pray, think. It gets worse and worse. Intestinal sickeness. Chronic rash only controlled by pharma drug that continues the source sickness by temporarily stops the hives. Holland. The people are 8 out of 10 on the autism scale. And, we’re still in deep winter. No sun. The tap water is tauted as the cleanest, but leave it sitting in a glass for a few hours and it tastes like plastic. Can’t afford to buy organic food. Skies are either clouded for days upon days or on the clear days, the chemtrails make tictactoe boards that no one finds offensive or odd. Blind or brain-dead autistic humaniods. I love the courage of Zen G. But where is it all going- once more and more awaken?- America still has its arms, yet it’s citizens don’t take back the power from the evil monsters. European citizens lost their arms, so we just nod on peacably. Nope- nothing to see here! If anyone can think or feel anything except hopeless anger, please, for those of us who have lost the ability: PRAY. ALOT. Thanks.

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  12. It took quite a while before I started looking up. I told one of my students about a year ago but he was in complete denial. This winter he has chemtrail flu and he was glad to read your text… chemtrail flu have you had it yet?
    Another opening: People are worried about the death of bees. Honey is so sweet. But they haven’t noticed that the other insects aren’t around either. How could they – winter has lasted since October and every time there is another cold wave, there is a smell in the air. It never smells of snow although we get some every other day. it smells of gaz or some other dirty stuff. Most people have lost their sense of smell. However, that’s the sense connected to survival instinct…
    Chemtrails behind the clouds: it’s called seeding. The next step is water (and earth) pollution when it comes down with rain and snow. Ask for water analyses and they should keep an eye on ALUMINIUM, BARIUM, STRONTIUM. When I give tap water to my cat, the bottom of the dish is slippery after a day or so.
    Continue to use your brains. All the living beings are connected. Ohm – shanti, shanti, shanti!

    • Merlin, I can smell an ant’s fart. The other day whilst being bombarded, I kept asking everyone “do you smell that?” it smelled like plastic burning “nope” was the response.

      oh well, the curse of heightened senses.

  13. Nice article. How about a link with a different idea on what is being sprayed:


    Just came cross this site last night, so I haven’t had a chance to read through it all. It is not a bit positive, but he does offer a solution; albeit a painful one. Perhaps a zapper would short circuit the damn things.

  14. There are those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened. About 85% of humans will wonder what happened. Not to worry, this is not our planet, it is but a place where we grow in consciousness and the tougher it is, the better we grow. Earth has pulled ahead of the populace, forcing a new population of souls to take over Earth. A farmer once bragged that his axe was 90 years old. The head had been changed seven times and the handle nine times. We must not confuse functionality with meaning. At our core, when we are reduced to our true essence, each of us is perfect, without flaw, yet we are created. Our journey culminates in the reunion with our Creator. Apparently he lets us spin, seemingly out of control, yet our destination is never in doubt for a moment. battle on my friends, for we have an eternity for our meandering.

  15. http://reinep.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/scientists-earths-protective-shield-is-now-failing/

    Giant Veil of “Cold Plasma” Discovered High Above Earth
    Clouds of charged particles stretch a quarter the way to the moon, experts say.

    Reference to Barium in the HAARP patent report:

    “It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photo ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction.”

    any dots to connect here?

  16. Wow – there’s a lot of burning deep souls dazzling this thread. Dark and Light. Penetrate the darkness far enough and the light appears from within it – yes, that’s the god in the devil. Even in the most criminal planetary killers is a deeply veiled pin head of light. Its why we need to develop that quiet shaman like power of utter penetration; so when that ominous devil comes at us we stare straight thru its darkness and establish contact with the pin head of light deeply veiled inside its defiled being. And this creature instantly deflates!! Now, bother and sisters, I feel our power a’risin’ – because its being shared – on this very site – a free universal gift belonging to none but shared by all. Rejoice in this and send another layer of waking love to those unseen spirits that are working so tirelessly for the preservation of this beautiful planet.

  17. Causing pollution is stealing and raping combined! It’s stealing the heritage of all the living beings (and their descendants!) and it’s raping our planet and beyond. The responsible ones should be brought before the courts. That’s my way of expressing love for all the innocent: We need truth and justice. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

  18. You are so right – I have started wearing tee shirts that strike up conversation. I like how you said “test the waters” with the cashier. I tell other people that when it comes to geo-engineering, I test the waters as well – but there need to be more people out there telling the truth to those who dare wish to know the truth.

  19. Great article! I have moved to an area on the foothills of the Andes over 5 years ago and to be honest, I have literally seen chemtrails two times in all this time and I work outside every day. Water is fresh from a mountain spring and food is as fresh as it can be. BUT, that dark shadow is creeping above us here too. Indiscriminate use of chemicals in order to produce more coca leaves that go mainly to supply the nostrils of the elite is taking its toll. Bees are dying, the soil is becoming toxic, progress is bringing more cell towers. Pretty soon… actually, there is no place to run. Unfortunately, I believe humans will have to reach that up against the wall point, do or die situation before ‘something’ is done. I take my hats off to those who keep up the good fight. Perhaps we should never lose hope and wish we never have to live with just an army of 12 monkeys.

  20. Your article indirectly points up the need for new and innovative forms of media that are willing and capable of taking chances to air controversial “news” & opinion.

    Recently there has been such a ‘media’ proposed that could vastly nudge things forward. It is being called “SuperMedia” and is an idea worth considering.

    It is Tool #1 of eight “Freedom Tools” to be found at: http://sperryism.org/

  21. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I can’t subscribe to it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems?
    Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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