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david-ickeby Zen Gardner

One figure in the alternative or Truth movement, if you will, that I deeply respect and who has influenced me probably the most profoundly is David Icke. His brave, bold, even brazen stance and proclamation of the fundamental principles of Truth and Love and his always upbeat, empowering conclusions have so enlivened and influenced my personal awakening I cannot begin to articulate it.

But I’ll try. I’ve just felt moved recently to give this brave, big-hearted man my personal thanks and appreciation.

His story is each of our stories. The ridicule, the change of paradigm, the battle to inform. His example has led the way while many others were stuttering with uncertainty. Not that anyone is better than another, but when someone has the guts to keep on against unspeakable odds in a very public setting of scoffing naysayers, I think that’s pretty damn remarkable.

The Icke Effect

Be it compelled, propelled, repelled, or impelled, you won’t be the same after confronting David’s information and passion. I have one dear alternative activist friend who told me he was just plain shocked and knocked back by a David Icke book he read early on during his awakening. Understandably. The information he freely offers is some pretty amazing fodder for the mind and soul.

This remarkable friend whom I know, love and implicitly trust eventually became co-creator of one of the most passionate, respectable and well informed alternative websites on the internet. The rebound has been phenomenal. He, of course, is an avid reader and researcher of his own right, but when discussing this with him a couple of years ago that story stuck in my mind.

This is not a unique event. I’ve spoken to  many who’ve read David’s books that were clearly having their calcified minds busted up and awakened and 3rd eyes squeegeed, as dear Bill Hicks would say.

I’ve met many others who’ve also been “challenged” by the Icke effect, usually citing the reptilian agenda as their stumbling block. Good. I’m glad there’s something to sort the wheat from the chaff, as they say. If one thing anyone says turns someone off to a resource, they deserve to be diverted in my opinion. They don’t grasp the deeper magnificence of what we’re staring at, and are looking at the button off Mutt’s vest at the least to justify their own fears or narrowed perspective or lack of aware understanding.

Fine. Can’t see the forest through the trees, in other words. They’ve got some learning to do, but that’s how it works. A few more rounds and maybe things will make more sense to them.  Hard to say, everyone is so different and we’re all on so many different levels.

But don’t start with the condemning. You have no flipping idea what you’re talking about.

We’re talking heart here.


Activism Pays

David taught me a lot of things, and continues to do so. He and others took their knowledge to the streets. Like he says, he put out 3 to 5 chairs for a talk he would give at the beginning of his journey, sometimes a group he was hoping to address was the “size of a phone box”. That’s commitment to conveying your message.

That he has the viewership he has today I doubt was his intention. His intention was to get the message out there and let it have its effect.

And that’s what’s happening.

David’s example of standing up for the oppressed is, to me, something to live up to. He relentlessly exposes not just the overall elite scumbags, but specifically targets the horrific child abusers, the Zionist bankster warlords, and the political sell outs, to name a few categories. And with such clarity and persistence it is nothing less than a dogged commitment that we all should emulate if we’re serious about seeing some change and defending the defenseless.

And always with an emphasis on infinite conscious awareness and its profound answer to everything. I admire that so much and have sought to live up to this type of conviction in my efforts to contribute to the awakening.

And David taught me so much about this. How it applies, how it permeates everything, how it affects our vision of everything about us. We’re here to help each other and bring the light of Truth to a darkened world. That’s the call of conscious awareness, the yearning of our Creative Source. He reflects that awareness as I and many others also endeavor to do.

Thank you, brother. You won’t take credit as you, too, are just doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  But I want to encourage you and heartily thank you that the ball you are rolling is having the desired effect.


Keep On Keeping On

As they chanted during the Chicago demonstrations in the 60’s while the police were tearing into the kids on live TV, “The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!”

Big brother thinks he can shut the cameras down, but he can’t shut down the indomitable spirit of an awakened, conscious free humanity.

That fire will never go out – it will only continue to spread. Thank you for doing what you do David Icke, and to all others doing the same.

We all are the true Dream Team!

To a truly great man, with all my heart,

In sincere loving gratitude,

Zen Gardner




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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing David Icke speak in California two years ago and it was such an amazing experience. The conviction and spirit he has, one can only hope to describe with words. He inspires me as well and I will continue to support him on his journey of enlightening the world!

        • It was gr8 seeing that place fill up – it looked like it was going to a smallish crowd but people poured in right before it started, I was so happy about that – and the energy that day, wow!
          My only problem with it was people not interacting like I thought they would/should, same when I saw him in Phoenix. I thought there would be all this shared comraderie but everyone more or less kept to themselves. We all watched, loved it, but went our own ways. We’ve got to interact when attending these special events. Some types of events lend themselves to more interaction but still. People need to meet each other and hook up. Not criticising David in the least, but us attendees, for not taking advantage and making contacts. Screw the lettered spies, we’ll know who they are. We made one friend for life in Sta Monica we sat next to, wonderful woman, and met a fabulous couple from Oregon in Phoenix, but I kick myself for not being more proactive in meeting more people and hearing their stories. Just some thoughts. Keep on!

  2. He’s a great spiritual warrior! I always read his and your site. He has a great gift of looking st things from a higher level of consciousness and explains it in a clever but easy to understand way! I’ve heard every criticism of him you can think of and its usually the mainstream version of trying to ridicule him! But those asleep ppl just don’t get it…well until the penny drops when they begin the awakening! I myself thought Icke wad nuts back in the 90’s but when the penny dropped for me was when I didn’t just take his word for it, I actually went out and researched his findings just like he encourages and guess what? I realized from my own research that he was and constantly is spot on…

    Keep up the great work for a better world for us all :-)

  3. Hear Here Zen! I first saw David in the early 90’s in South Africa. I was one of only seven to ten in the ‘audience’ (if you could call it that). He began speaking, and my life changed. Everything I was hearing resonated intensly. I ‘knew’ that this was my Truth without doubt. For me David Icke has always been a man with integrity, with soul, with passion and with an indomitable will against all odds. Thank you David, and thank you Zen for articulating what many of us cannot (or dare not) express so beautifully!

  4. yes, David is great.
    never read his books but watched lots of his talks and he really made me connect some dots.
    always inspires me. i appreciate him very much and love to see his audience grow. i sent emails with links and elaborations to lots of friends for a couple of years but hardly got response but even slander.
    was quite a challenge for me and somehow a frustrating experience. i stopped that finally. today i like to talk with people and find resonance where i never had guessed it. things ARE achanging for the best of us.
    lots of respect and thanks to David for his work and to you Zen for yours.
    i love to anchor in that garden of yours. gives me a lot.

  5. Ditto, Zen, thank you for expressing so well what so many of us feel for David Icke. A heart warrior supreme. I read somewhere that he is not afraid to be out in the public because those who would do him harm can’t see him! He vibrates at such a high frequency, he’s out of “bad guy” range. I truly believe that as his positive high energy and goodwill is phenomenal and that he must deal with so much arthritic pain says much for his deep understanding of vibrational mind over matter. A truly magnificent man and, Zen and Chautauqua, thanks, for the link to the virus detector. I am able to comment here again without getting worm blasted and I appreciate it very much. I missed you all a lot! Love to you, Chautauqua, David Icke, and the Dream Team. A

  6. Should we expect to see you on the telly soon? Please don’t wear a turquoise track suit for your first appearance.

    My 3rd eye doesn’t enable me to give him the same credit you do. Even though I am certain based on actual experience and evidence in my own life that at least some of what he says is true. So I take what he says with a grain of salt and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    All is not as it seems in our world of illusion


  7. Thank you Zen for turning on the spotlight in this article. David is a true vanguard in the truth movement…relentless in his pursuit of the truth…with no hesitation. Drags the liars across the coals in eloquent presentation…with a sprinkling of humor…season to taste. Magnificent man !!!!

  8. Synchronicity here. I’m so glad you wrote this! Today – friend 1 – I was defending David to him; friend 2 – was asking his opinion of David; friend 3 – was happy to see he sent me a link from Icke’s website.

    I came across him when I first woke up. I was watching a video and he was talking about reptilians and some things that were very far-out for me. I could have easily written him off as a nutcase. Instead, I thought about what I was going through. Just woke up, knew no one else who was awake, and I was being put down and ridiculed for the truth I was speaking. That hurt like hell, and it was frustrating beyond belief. To know something to be true and to try desperately to convince others – no, I’m not bad or crazy – this really is true!! It was an awful experience.

    I realized that, even in my thoughts, I was doing the same to him. I decided right then that I was going to give him a chance. Jeez – I had just learned that many things that seem impossible are the truth. I knew I had a lot more to learn. I couldn’t say he was wrong!

    From there, I recognized what a brave man he is. To put yourself out there – in public, and to say things for which most people would be condemned, ridiculed, and attacked – took an amazing amount of courage.

    When I woke up, I realized the importance of ongoing questioning. I question everyone, including sources I trust. I continue to question myself. I have yet to hear anything from David that doesn’t ring true to me. Nothing has raised a flag. And so much of what he says sounds so right. I have learned a lot from him, and am so thankful for the gift he’s given to the world.

    Zen, I always felt that you have many of the same positive qualities as David. As you think so highly of him, I hope you will consider that to be a great compliment…

    Much love,

  9. Thanks for this. David Icke is a very brave person and we don’t see real, sustained bravery very often in this world. For that alone he is beyond valuable. “Get Off Your Knees!” is a very powerful message. He is a jewel, a joy and a journey well worth taking.

  10. Zen, as usual I love your spirit and your bravery. I recently discovered your website and it has become one of my absolute favorites, because you don’t just focus solely on the screwed up materialistic world paradigm that is quickly raining down upon us as some of the alternative news websites do.

    I strongly believe we are all engaged in an intense spiritual war, as both you and David are apt to point out; for that reason, we have to go beyond our routine, conditioned belief system. We must expose and confront the material corruption, yes, but more importantly I think this is a battle within for the soul. We are being parasitized by ‘energy vampires’ to farm us for negative, low frequency emotions.

    Laughter, Love, Light – those are the weapons we must yield in this epic battle in which we have chosen to be warriors.

  11. I said once in a previous post that I did my own research a while ago and came to a similar conclusion to David and thought that I may have been off my rocker. It was his research through books first which made me feel comfortable that I was on the right path. I used to eat up a lot of information on ancient cultures and their own version of history and one thing kept creeping up. These bloody parasitic entities. That’s what started it all for me. It wasn’t just the fractional reserve financing or pharma, military etc it was this ancient synchronicity of teaching. Nephilim, Nagas, Dhakkan or rainbow serpent in Aust aboriginie, Chitauri, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Tainwha in Maori, the Djin and the Archons in Gnostic lore.
    Satanism and occult rituals.
    The evidence seemed compelling and as the decades have past it is even more so.
    So anyone who can accept some of David’s work but not the reptilian part of it through their cognitive dissonance I say that he is confirming what a significant portion of our ancient brotherhood had already spoken about.
    I went to his last lecture in Melbourne 2011 and twelve hours later we were all tired but he could have kept going such was the body of knowledge he had at his disposal.
    As he says you don’t have to believe what he says as he doesn’t give a stuff, you have to work it out for yourself do your own research and see if you think what he says resonates or not. It did for me for sure.

    • Well said! Exactly! The point isn’t to “believe” anyone else’s word, go to the source of the information. What he does is line it up and show what the information is pointing towards and the significance is has or should have on a person’s life. I had the same experience as you, totally organic and led to 16-18 hours a day for years digging into everything I could find after the dots lined up and the top of my head blew off for the final time. All the best to you!

  12. First I started to read Stuart Wilde, and then came David Icke, and my life has never been the same again…:-).

    I went to Wembley last year, and had 10 amazing hours together with 6000 people and David Icke….It was so great..:-).
    Thanks a lot Zen, for your writing.

    Love Martin

    • I watched it on stream. Been to 2 live events, he’s a powerhouse. Don’t know how he does it, truly supernatural how he synthesizes everything, and doesn’t miss a beat for 8-10 hours, remarkable.

    • I was there as well. Magnificent. I watched a programme on the TV in 2005 I think it was called David Icke Was He Right – and I woke up that evening.

  13. When I share David Icke’s research and information I just pass it on and asleep ppl are willing to look into it but as soon as I attach Icke’s name to that research their brains, on a pre-programmed reflex, start to take the piss and then they close their minds and block the rest of the info. The point is, the system has set it up so that as soon as ppl hear the words David Icke or Conspiracy Theory they execute a program of dismissal and ridicule without actually thinking for themselves! So for those that are still deeply asleep share the info with them and when you know they’re ready to ‘get it’ explain its Ickes research. Keep up the great work Zen :-)

  14. I was honored to be part of the David Icke web support team for a few years. During that time as part of my role I had to deal with many trolls like the “Uhhh” creep who came in and took a dump on this lovely tribute to David. They play a very old and tired song, rehashing the same ol’ tripe year after year. They feel special when they crap others who are far superior to themselves – it makes them feel a little less dead inside in some sick sort of way, Few ever take them seriously as they are obviously very stupid, and after dealing with a few of them they cease to have any effect on you – you become immune to their predictable, repetitive droning…..they’re a lot like a blow-fly that somebody has already squirted with a goodly dose of insect spray…..on its back zizzing away, almost dead, but not quite.

    I’m all for freedom of speech and all, but I found these turd-droppers cannot be reasoned with (too much ugly shit inside) let alone be capable of self-activation (way too far gone), so one good slap with the fly-swat (ban button) put an end to their zizzing pretty quick…..at least until they reincarnated with a new name from another maggot infested pile of poo and came back to begin their predictable cycle of turd dropping all over again… because that’s all they know how to do. Sad that they have missed SO much.

    Anyway Zen, I share your warm sentiments about David – Three cheers for David Icke – he’s the man! :)

  15. I remember when i was a child laughing along with my family at david on the wogan show. I am so sorry i did that. David has facilitated my mine and my children’s awakening. I will love him for eternity x

  16. Well said Zen. There will always be someone who go out of their way to discredit the truth. I love David Icke, I love his courage in a world where truth is so often denied and then ridiculed as well as the bearer of such. I have not yet seen David Live, but I hope to. Much of the inspiration in my life has come from him, Its like he is putting into words the things I already Knew. I wouldn’t worry about the ass-wipes who try to bring him down, they are living in fear of truth. Just like you I get furious at times but then I realize that none of these so called debunker’s are really worth the energy or effort. For as long as there are people like David and you the truth will always be well represented. Peace and love to all.

  17. Never added a comment anywhere before just had to respond this time. love you zen and david icke. You are the 2 people on the planet who have helped me cope with this painful but beautiful awakening and I am truly truly grateful for all your understanding and love. As a female in the uk..going it alone, lost family and friends because of this “shift”, I dont know how I would have “pulled through” and continued to learn and deepen my understanding without your loving support and TRUTH. It is still a struggle and I weep daily for the pain and suffering being inflicted. Absolutely brilliant post praising David…..the tears escaped while reading. And an even better response/ post to the last DICKHEAD…..could I copy that response to all the other DICKHEADS that I have to deal with over here on a daily basis. Much love and respect…Thank you

    • Hope you saved it. Took his idiocy down as well as my anger un-management – ha! Not worth the directed energy. But still glad I did it. 😉

  18. Hey Zen, I used to study (hobby) economics and how fiat money works, just to help me get ahead in life a little. I thought I knew a lot about money, but was getting bored with no new info. I stumbled across Ickes Biggest Secret at a friends one day and decided to read his take financial history. I couldn’t believe how much he knew and It all was what I already knew. I just didn’t see the bigger picture until I read the rest of his book. Wow Wow Wow, now that was one rapid wake up for me, from someone I thought was cuckoo, due to UK marginalisation! Icke is the man! I remember being a kid when he was ridiculed here on the Wogan show, now they daren’t air his thoughts! Wonder what his announcement will be this Saturday??? Intrigued!!
    Dag x

  19. tv dinner gmo fucking candyland. i love that.made me laugh out loud.i love your passion when you get pissed off zen, it fires up my soul.

  20. What makes me laugh is people taking the time to read something they don’t believe in, why bother? – so Uhhhhh has now watched youtube videos, read articles and then bothered to comment on it – I guess we all have to make a living somehow…?

    What is there to debunk exactly – all the answer are there if you chose to look

    And plagiarism my ass!

    I am I am Free was the book that sorted me out and my life has never been the same since so thank you David for guiding me and so many others and well done Zen for the appreciation!

  21. wow, zen, did you have some nails in your coffee?

    Give Uhhh a break. He s one of the poor sods fucking up this world because he is just like most others, programmed like a notebook PC and with blinders the size of a barn door.

    He has no clue why he is doing what he is doing. He s scared like a little child because he knows in his heart that all that is true and same time his brain tells him the opposite. If that isn t scary . Or he s doing that as a professional goblin, wasting his and other people s time with the more or less moronic comments
    just because he s paid for doing it by an even greater completely programmed poor sod.

    He got his filter more or less subliminally well installed and simply can t see what the truth is. It just won t get through the installed firewall.

    This is not us and not our real life, this realm is just our playground which we can and do change 24/7. How would we evolve without all the negativity and morons like him? Remember, it s ride, not a boring lecture.

    Didn t we all learn and evolve most when the shit our personal fan? It has been lots of shit in my life, but without it i wouldn t be who i am right now.

    It s a shame that because of people like him we ll have a third world war, but who knows now why and what for all that happens.

    my best wishes


  22. Thanks for making me laugh. Nice one :) Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about the future, you know the future when every person on this planet finally comes to know the truth about our reality, as David has so courageously tried to tell us for decades now. And in that future, I wonder how these equally , er, “courageous” internet armchair quarterback dismissers will react. I already know the answer – they’ll be saying they knew it all along, yea, in fact THEY were trying to tell others the truth but no one would listen, as they uncomfortably look down at their shoes, avoiding eye contact with anyone at any cost…..

    • Reminds me, hv a childhood friend who won’t hear anything but I keep at him. Finally asked his Marine son about chemtrails and this friend writes me “he said it’s just bio-engineering. They’re controlling the weather to make the country a better place.” All of a sudden it goes from they don’t exist to “it’s only weather manipulation” like what’s the big deal.

      Surreal? I wrote him back and he doesn’t even realize how insane this flip change he’s just made is and how he just took their existence and the first explanation at face value and goes his merry way. “Of course the CIA shot Kennedy and MLK! Everyone knows that. But that was back then, this govt would never do something like that! Weather control? Of course, the planet would be 10 degrees hotter and the weather would be even more insane if they didn’t do this!”

      There’s waking up, and there’s waking up. Most of the world’s population are sitting ducks. If they were handed an awakening they’d make a reality show out of it starring the Kardashians, or the Bushes, and integrate it back into their bubbling matrix pizza dough.

      • I was so pleased to read your accolade to David Icke. In my opinion there cannot be a braver and mentally stronger man than him. I’ve been on the planet for over 70yrs and some 20 yrs back i read his book “The Biggest Secret” and my life’s understanding was changed for ever. Via this little statement, i want to send to him my applause and huge thanks.
        In my own small way I try to awaken my friends and family. I know how difficult it is.

        • so interesting that I had just finished writing my comment how I had read the biggest secret about ten years ago and how it changed my life n then I see your comment mike…as you said it is difficult to wke pple up.. mostly they just smirk and smile at you when you say something that it new to them…

  23. Icke was my first book on the lizards and what has transpired with evolution. I did check out the missing children numbers with FBI stats on missing persons and they are spot on – and those are only the reported numbers of missing children and people.

    It appears David Icke has no choice but to do what he does, his life’s mission. There are a lot of good messengers on the planet right now, find those that touch your inner wisdom and read and learn from them. Discernment is also necessary since the controllers love a good game of disinfo.

    For those who can’t handle anything outside of their five sense reality, well, best of luck to you. You are being left in the dust bin of awakening. Anger and fear are tough hurdles, until you just get rid of them.

  24. I met David many years ago, at a small talk he gave in Bath, UK. He inspired and educated me in so many ways, and still does, to this day. After many hours of deeply involved and complicated (for me) information and explanations that he did WITHOUT notes, he STILL had time to sit and talk to me about the bits I didn’t understand, and he did so with Patience, Honesty, and complete Integrity. I may not know as much as some, though I know Good, Honest, Genuine people when I meet them, and David is certainly one of the very few.
    *Bless* to him, you, and ALL those that are Walking their Talk, and Sharing, Every day. Love, Love, Love.

    • Exactly rt Phil. He’s as straight up honest and loving as they come. The real love type that does something about things. And he’s real. Don’t find many real people, esp. who are in the spotlight and on the hot seat. As you can tell my admiration for him runs deep. He’s an example of how we each should be in courage and commitment.

  25. I just wish Icke could call a Jew a Jew and not a “Rothschild Zionist.” And I wish he’d stop pretending that WWII and the Holohoax are unimportant, and that Hitler was a baddie just like the establishment says. In other words: I wish he weren’t so dishonest. He does in fact spread disinformation to large numbers of people. Just like Alex Jones does.

    • Not all Jews are wicked or Zionists. And not all Zionists are Jews. Puleeeeze. He knows what happened in Germany, i.e. what didn’t happen as well if you read his materials. Give me a break. He doesn’t say what you want so it’s disinfo? And therefore deliberately done as such? Exactly the kind of thinking that does not generate conscious awareness. Until you get this your kind of thinking would only build another system similar to this one, given the chance.

  26. This is all well and good, but what about practicing what he preaches? His unconscionable actions surrounding the breakup of his marriage with Pamela are inexcusable and downright mean. Plus, I have a major problem w/ his liberal kidnapping of other’s research. I seems as if you steal from one person, it’s called plagiarism, if you steal from many—like in Icke’s case it’s called “research.” There is a long list of sources he kidnaps without crediting the researchers who worked long and hard to come up w/ the knowledge in the first place.

  27. David Icke is the champion of all Life, not just those that walk on two legs. He is a true human being and a light to all the rest of us.
    Looks like I missed a negative comment about our Dave, if so, I’m glad Zen had nails in his coffee. None of us need to read drivel from a moron.

  28. David Icke is a champion of all life and a real human being.
    I’m glad I missed the negative comment about him, otherwise I would have been pissed off as well.
    It is amazing that those who do nothing to better the world have the most to say.
    Zen, I hope you hammered whoever posted the verbal diarrhea well, from the nails in your coffee it looks like you did! Good one!

  29. David turns out to be more often right than wrong.
    People thought he was crazy when it came to pedophiles in the establishment and then the whole Jimmy Savile thing blew it wide open. People thought he was crazy that Big Agro and Big Pharma are in bed together to help depopulate the world (with chemtrails) and then the March Against Monsanto happened last week involving millions. Every day, more and more people are waking up. Even in my research, the reptilian thing is not far off at all. Catholic priests who perform exorcisms have attested that demons are indeed reptilian in appearance. The visionary poet William Blake also saw them and even painted one into “Ghost of a Flea”.
    Now mainstream celebrities are trying to laugh it off like that video with Richard Branson and Bono which went up last week as well. No one watches CNN or FOX anymore and instead everyone is flocking to the alternative media for real insight and information. A mainstream high-profile activist like Alice Walker comes out to support his work. Russell Brand puts Icke on his cable TV show a few times. This would have been unheard of even 3 years ago.
    Look in any direction you want, the Truth Vibrations are here to stay and David was the very first person to call it out 22-23 years ago.
    Deep respect.

  30. david as been my mentor since his first book in 1989.ive read every book since.went to the Wembley event and made contact with some beautiful souls.felt wonderful to know theres other people from all over the world willing to listen and share a common wish for the world.since discovering your sight zen I have been so inspired by your writing.you are a true warrior.getting back to david,cant wait to read his new book.much love,paul

  31. Thank youZen for honouring David Icke, he so deserved all you say and more. He has been honed to the person he has become by all the knocks life and people have thrown at him. I love him. He has never brought me down with anything he has said on videos, on or live streaming or in the books of his that I have. The man is to be admired, blessed and thanked. I owe him and many others owe him at the very least a debt of gratitude. He helped me wade out of the mud when I was doing my own share of research (for myself and family) his books kept me going and let me know I was not alone, and NOT insane in an insane world, rather SANE in and insane world. If this world and all its goings on are normal, then I am happy indeed not to be normal and I shall even go out of my way to be even less so. Bless you Zen, for here on your site is another oasis away from the madness as is David’s pages.

  32. David is the reason I awake in 2003 .. met him in 2010 and felt he is a real humble and magnificent person.. thank you David for your unending energy and trust in human nobless and potentia, and thank you Zen for your very inspirational writings!!!

  33. David is the best! Love him! Wonderful of you to acknowledge him this way, he really deserves and much more. A true hero of our time, we are so lucky he is on the planet with us! :)

  34. Absolutely it’s an undeniable fact that David Icke is the public face of the seed of light that is deep within all of us, I saw David in Auckland 2001 after reading The Biggest Secret. He speaks with loads of integrity & encourages all of us to do our own research. Thanks Mr Icke there are many of us sharing info & data online & even the odd Ninja with a Intl roaming external drive who prefers face to face ideas of exchange & learning so much through my own & others like David’s research it makes breaking through thye various barriers easier each time as the vats subject matter will alway find a door open withy eact new interaction with those stumbling through the their awakening = for those in full power wake up. Mil Grax

  35. Despite the efforts of David Icke, much of what he has written about these last 20 years or so – has transpired. So (perhaps David might agree?) his approach cannot be regarded as a successful one.

    The constant, persistent argument that “people have to be awoken…” in order to transform our plight, demonstrably is a part of the failure to arrest the apparent un-stoppable momentum of the (to use the term) New World Order. It’s a difficult pill to swallow, yes. Nevertheless, the correlation between the increasing number who are (allegedly) awakening and the increasing acceleration of travesties that result in further implementation of “the plan,” reveal this to be a fact.

    Continuing with this modus operandi whilst bleating about the hundredth ‘monkey’ syndrome (there’s a most alerting pun there) and the like, breeds the apathy so prevalent amongst the “awoken,” which is a relied-upon factor in the furtherance of the NWO. Yes, it is apathy, for the idea of “waking others up…” is a lame excuse the ‘awoken’ use instead of true transformative action.

    David has referred to the “divide and rule” agenda – being the apparatus of the NWO, yet espouses the very same technique with the “them” and “us” (we are many, they are few) he constantly promotes. And his followers love him for doing such, for it allows the psychosis of separation to persist.

    Religions generally require followers suspend intelligence, in order to swallow whatever “security” is being sold. Seems the very same psychological-sickness is in abundance here.

  36. “A gift of truth is the gift of love.” -David Icke

    I think David Icke is VEEERRRY handsome! I love his silver-white hair and his grrreat smile. He’s quite the looker in my opinion!! But what really gets me is his eyes. It’s not only the beautiful blue color, but they seem to convey kindness, trust, warmness, and a caring beyond words; really genuine and authentic. It’s almost like I can see his intentions and his aura through his eyes (is that crazy or what?). (I’d probably have a heart attack if I met him in person – I’d for sure go mute).

    He really CARES about us and is committed to getting the Truth out to the world! I just wish more people could understand that?

    I heard about David many years ago, but was pulled in other directions. I recently purchased, “Human Race, Get off Your Knees,” and it knocked my socks off – truly ahhhhhmazing! I couldn’t wait to stream his latest event from Wembley Stadium and when the day arrived, I was not disappointed at all. Where does he get his energy? If you haven’t seen David’s event at Wembley, you owe it to yourself to get his DVD. Such wonderful works from an ahhmazing spiritual warrior!

    Every day, without fail, I visit Just Wondering.com and David Icke’s site. (My two main men!) Honestly, I think I would go into a deep depression if their sites were ever taken down or compromised. I’m anxious and excited to see what David is going to announce on June 1.

    From the bottom of my heart, with much appreciation and gratitude, I thank you, David, for everything that you’ve done for me in the past and your untiring commitment to humanity’s awakening NOW!

    I love you, too, Zen. My thirsty soul gets plenty of watering in Zen’s Garden.

    Kay Karinski

  37. Some say love, it is a river
    That drowns the tender reed
    Some say love, it is a razor
    That leaves your soul to bleed
    Some say love, it is a hunger
    An endless aching need
    I say love, it is a flower
    And you, it’s only seed.

    It’s the heart afraid of breaking
    That never learns to dance
    It’s the dream, afraid of waking
    That never takes a chance
    It’s the one who won’t be taken
    Who cannot seem to give
    And the soul afraid of dying
    That never learns to live.

    When the night has been too lonely
    And the road has been too long
    And you think that love is only
    For the lucky and the strong
    Just remember, in the winter
    Far beneath the bitter snows
    Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
    In the spring, becomes the rose.

    -Amanda McBroom

  38. I suppose I’m one of those you imply just-aren’t-quite-enlightened enough yet for not-buying-in fully to The “reptilian” parts of Icke’s message. However Icke was a major part of my original awakening, and I am grateful to him for that and sincerely respect (if don’t quite buy) his “reptilian” theories. Regardless, this is someone who has clearly made it his life mission to spread the word about human “enslavement” to the elite, the nature of “psy-ops,” the dark world of evil/satanic child-abuse, and more (personally I am very surprised he hasn’t been assassinated yet by those he has exposed). I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without him. Cheers to David Icke!

  39. David Icke to me is a very important human being to have around in these times. His bravery in telling things how they really are is awe inspiring – a real champion. His pure human-ness, his humour and love shines through.
    A real beacon of light in dark times, i cannot love the man enough.

  40. David Who? Zen Who? I was told that when Icke refers to the green lizzard aliens it’s just a euphemism (code) & he really means the zionists who we can’t mention coz they own the media and courts and banks etc etc!.
    Yeah if it wasn’t for the green aliens I’d a been a follower if Ike… I personally preferred others Mike Ruppert from Copvcia, and Delmart Edward Vreeland, and ol Sherman Skolnick, and Joe Vialls etc. Sadly most are claimed to be dead now days… Smoke n mirrors people – duck and weave, duck and weave… keep your powder dry. I’d sooner we went back to the good ol MAD days where in cowboy movies and spy comics (Spy V Spy) they all wore black or white hats so we knew who to root for. Too damn many grey hats these days – all 27 different shades of grey too. And too much drugs that mess with peoples minds… Ickes lizard aliens was a bridge too far for me…coz i’ve know’d a few decent lizards in my life – spent most of it, flat out like a lizard drinkin’ in fact. Don’t dislike the guy but wouldn’t be seen dead declaring myself a follower – but our mileage may vary Zen, on this one topic we may just have to agree to disagree perhaps and move along cowpoke.

    • Cant and wont speak for Davit But I will Tell you Zen is 100% stand up That I can say 1st hand . so No Zen who .. Zen is and Has ,, that I can tell you .. “Peek who” you might say ,,well I will answer that for ya .. Just some jack ass that seen the soul of Zen” go the extra mile .. and that is what counts.

  41. I had the privilege of joining David in Peru in April 2012 for 2 weeks. He is one of the most amazing, kind and gentle human beings I have ever met. The real deal. Most of the group accompanying him were 20-30 years younger than him but his energy and passion inspired us all. There is definitely something very special about this man. I saw and experienced events on this trip that have changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful for David’s courage and dedication to empowering the human race and helping us understand that love is the answer.

    • Wow, wish I was there. Followed what he pubbed on it though. Lived in Peru years ago and loved Cusco and the surrounding area, it’s quite a special place, esp. with someone attuned to the big picture!

  42. Lovely, lovely fantastic David Icke and thanks Zen for the accolade! It is wonderful to read all the beautiful comments and stories. I have been very fortunate in seeing David 4 times, read most of the books and watched the live – streaming from Wembley. Really looking forward to his next book but did you hear him yesterday for the hour long interview on Revolution radio?

    Brilliant – I can’t thank David enough as he resonates so deeply with me. I love his concept of Heartpeople, non-compliance and the way at the end of every talk he finishes with Love is all there is.

    Heart of a lion, peaceful warrior and incredible shaman! Rock on David!!



  43. Lately Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple) has come out praising David icke and his way of thinking. She highly recommends “Human Race Get Off Your Knees”. Nice to see his ideas getting more mainstream attention. For me, it is Max Igan who has been the most influential in my awakening….

    • Max is terrific, love him too. His wake up was like so many of ours.
      Lot of great folks out there! We have a brother and sisterhood of Truth, just need to find each other.

  44. No #*%& licking involved. But the single most important criterion of my perception of a truth speaker is that they make me breathe calmer, lighten up inside and bring me back to a nice quiet place where everything is clear and simple. Both David Icke and Zen Gardner are such people.

  45. …bows to David and Zen for their bravery and passion. Both of you are two of my top ten awakening teachers. Thank you both so much from the bottom (or is it middle or top?) of my pineal gland. And, que Standing Ovation.

  46. David Icke is fantastic. Brilliant and courageous. I just disagree with him about Adolph Hitler, a true avatar who literally put his ass on the line fighting the same evil David exposes.

  47. One figure in the alternative or Truth movement, if you will, that I deeply respect and who has influenced me probably the most profoundly is David Icke. His brave, bold, even brazen stance and proclamation of the fundamental principles of Truth and Love and his always upbeat, empowering conclusions have so enlivened and influenced my personal awakening I cannot begin to articulate it.

    Couldn’t agree more! Keep your eyes wide and live free!

  48. I like David. I’ve read some of his books and I like the fact that he’s trying to make people to “awake”

    The only problem I am still having is why it is so hard for the so called Illuminati to silence David, once and for all..

    • So called is one key. They also know it would back fire and create thousands so new David Ickes. He’s also protected and has been told so. When we put our true conscious awareness into action and live it, things go how they’re supposed to.

  49. Well done for such a fitting tribute to the wonderful Mr David Icke! I can remember seeing him as a sports presenter on the television when I was a little girl and later on in that infamous Wogan interview. I can remember now, coming from a stand point of being bullied when I was at school, thinking that David was being bullied in that interview. Still, he came through it all after many years I’m sure, of feeling in the wilderness, only to rise up like the wonderful Lion that is pictured on the front of his book ‘Human Race Get off Your Knees’. Well done David…you are a true inspiration!x

  50. agreed… waker up of the world is david icke…thank you so much.. I read “”the biggest secret ” about ten years ago and am hooked since.. my kids have since grown and stopped saying to me.. oo ho there goes ammi ( mother in our language) again about david icke saying this or that… now they too see the world as it is .. thank god for revelations that make pple aware.. I too believe in more “light ” and awareness bringing change.. but sometimes one wonders.. will it happen in our lifetime.. ?? wonder ..

  51. I didn’t laugh at David when he was on Wogan and felt his Truth then, still do now, his courage is overwhelming, his spirit a shining example of how we should all become what we are truly born to be.

  52. When I first saw David in Canada 20 years ago, there was about 100 of us. I not only learned from him, but got an attitude just like he does. He’s one brave and committed soul.

  53. “He began speaking, and my life changed. Everything I was hearing resonated intensely”. ~–perfectly said. 😀 David is such a gift to this world- I feel, like many of you- protective of him. Thank you Zen, for your passion and your work– and I’m asking- Why Alex Jones? All I can see about Jones is that people he gets close to become unlucky…Bill Cooper ? or stricken with a fast acting cancer – Gunderson, Russo -and didn’t he give us Charlie Veitch~? I’m skeptical and hopeful for David’s sake– May he be protected :)
    Love to you all~~~

    • Trust. Use the microphone at hand I suspect. Won’t find me there, though. Cringed when I saw bullhorn Jones heading there. Agreed, but trust David’s instincts I’d say. David’s conscious and honorable, but I reserve my own judgements on stuff, like you do and we all should. Make the conscious waves we can and should, bottom line.

  54. David Icke is an amazing person, an inspirational speaker, and a fierce and tenacious believer in truth. He kept my sanity because from when I was a very young boy I felt and saw there was something wrong in the world. It’s good to see people like David be the voice that is our own inner voice, a conscience for the world, a fighter for the poor or weak, and an innovator in helping people fight for their rights, to revolt and reject the system that enslaves us all in the Matrix.

  55. David helped me to keep standing when my head was spinning out of control. As I learned more truth, I wanted to curl up in the bed and sleep in between my episodes of truth. I would just find another David Icke You Tube and even if it was another new subject, he calmed me and gave me hope. I still cannot get enough of his interviews, speeches, etc. What a wonderful man!!!

  56. Zen,thank you for blasting that scumbag which appropriately calls itself Uhh! David is one of the titans of our quest for truth and knowledge and he should be reminded every now and then in eloquent words as yours in this article that he is making a difference.

  57. Zen, I think your article is timely encouragement and recognition for David as he (and others) continue with the critical task of informing a largely sleep, tabloid addicted public about monumental issues that directly concern them on our troubled planet – whether they want to know about it or not.

    Who can blame the fearful from mocking when confronted with the reality that things are not what they seem and that something else is in control. No-one likes to think they are not in control of their own lives and destiny.

    Better get over it quick – face up to the truth and get some control.

    In joining the dots by exposing the secrecy and greed of the global elite and their Lizard Masters – David is in fact driving exciting challenging global change from way out in front.

    Cheers David!

  58. David Icke is born to do this, his communication skills is second to none, his courage is inspiring and his persistence is heroic. His truth vibration is so refreshing and he is one of those rare individuals I respect, and in my world that says a lot. When I feel down, I think of David’s journey, and I get a dose of courage juice :) Thanks, David.

  59. I first came across David Icke in the early 1990s when And The Truth Shall Set You Free literally dropped at my feet in a secondhand bookshop. I read it and was hooked! All sorts of syncronicities unfolded and David ended up staying with my parents in Cape Town for one of his talks so we all had the honour of meeting and getting to know him a little. I ADORE David for his tremendous courage, intelligence, willingness to ignore the bullies, and just get the truth out. Yes and his KINDNESS. David Icke has always been the biggest inspiration in my life. What can I say? I adore the man. I have everyone of his books and I read his website every day.
    Zen I love your writing very much too. Thank you for this wonderful tribute … and thanks to everyone who responded in the comments section. David Icke, you ROCK. You too, Zen!

  60. Truth does not fear investigation. I was on the David Icke forum and had almost all of his books, believed a lot of what he said was observable and probably right. Then I started becoming a little more skeptical of his religious leanings, and then I found a documentary that shows David Icke is promoting Theosophy and the New Age Religion. I posted the video on the forum, calmly and politely asking if they could please, please prove it was wrong, or admit it was right. The first response from another forum member was that they, too, had been wondering the same thing. The thread I had started was immediately removed and I was kicked off. Just for having asked a reasonable question about a necessary subject. I have since seen that there is more than one David Icke, and if you do your own research about it, you will see it, too.

    Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbEgvx1qelw&feature=player_embedded

    Here is a good website to visit about the ‘other side’ of Icke and his doppels: http://www.whale.to/b/icke_h.html

    BTW, I still think ‘he’s’ (they) are right about a lot of things, but he is leading people in circles with no answers, giving the el-ites more time to situate their programs. I think he’s been co-opted, that there is more than one now, and is part of the controlled opposition. They are masters at deceiving.

    • Poor butterfly. Are you coming from a religious persuasion yourself? Would like to know. Your reaction is very much in line with what dogmatic Christians say about David Icke.

      You can’t understand why your issue wasn’t encouraged there? To someone familiar with David’s work the question is absurd and just causing smoke and confusion when people are past that there and want to move forward. Anyone who hasn’t done their homework and is just a foolish sycophant will fade away anyway at the first ripple of doubt. He’s been thru all that crap for years because he’s stood up publicly to say what he does. You can apply that reasoning to anyone, and people do to me as well calling me a psyop and disinfo. I’d be shocked if they didn’t in this screwed up world.

      Believe it or not all this is healthy. People have learned how to learn the complete wrong way. They’re told what to think and what to believe. You say no, not entirely. Really? Did you realize you’re given seemingly free choice within only a restricted area? You say not me? Yes, you. All of us. That’s why a real wake up is so profound, the whole thing is a rigged trap until you find real detached conscious awareness, and even that we only get glimpses of and have to operated by spiritual radar here.

      So anyway, my point is get a little realistic and some understanding. Were you personally offended? Well there you have it. The problem is you and your unconscious reaction and then your mind kicked in to explain it.

      Things don’t work that way in the true reality. Now, you’ve got those beautiful wings and no butterfly is poor, so back up in the air and find some nice flowers to feed on. Life’s all about keeping on .. 😉

  61. David is a true warrior. In another era he woud have been at the physical gallows – but instead they tried to put him through the mental ones – and he survived – and gained in strenght! This is a massive lesson for all. Be brave – and you will come out the other end with a far greater power and Divine connect than when you first entered the fray.

    • Well said! True with most of us, we’ve had mental and spiritual torture in many forms that has made us the fighters we are today. The spiritual is supreme.

  62. David is a true warrior. In another era he would be at the physical gallows – but instead they put him through the mental ones – and he got stronger! This is a masive lesson for all. Be brave, challenge the system, and you will come through with a far greater power and Divine connect than when you first enetered the fray.

  63. Zen, if you were awake you would realize that David Icke is in fact Sir Richard Branson (in disguise) however obvious of Virgin Airlines et al

  64. When everything was turning inside out and upside down, Universe was kind to have David Icke for me to find. What a reassurance that I wasn’t alone. He has been such an inspiration to me. I listened to his Wembley talk online, love his passion and his humour. It was through David’s site that I found yours’ Zen. And the rest, they say, is history. Deep regards to you both.

    • Back atcha! Nice to be on Team Truth, isn’t it? Life’s a blast now and everything is so clear. Just wish more would get it. We’ll all keep chipping away… ;)))

  65. Fortunately I found Icke and his work about 15 years ago, attended his presentations in NY, Boston, and CT in the late 90s…and steer people to his work even to this day.

    He confirmed in detail and substance the explicit link between the esoteric and the mundane thoughout human evolution and history.

    • You were fortunate! Amazing how it’s rolled out like he said, isn’t it. A lot of people saw this coming but his mixture of information in the light of conscious awareness I find so empowering.

  66. What the poor man doesn’t know is that, he’s been taken over by Alex Jones.
    Icke has given us a great deal of valid information, he’s done gret work, great research on his own. He’s a hero, but in his innocence, he’s been taken over by the chosenite(s)….the very people he’s worked to expose.

    These chosenites have done it over the millennia, and are very good at it. Before you know it, your business that you’ve worked to succeed all your life, has been infiltrated.

  67. well it seems i missed the fight, can’t dropin everyday (i’d never get anything done) it’s enough just to read the David Icke Headlines and he does link to you, You are all Great!

  68. I wish I could see him, but alas, I’m Canadian. His ideas are verboten, like those of George Galloway, Respect party UK. Like many others, denied entry to my country.

  69. Good Lawdy Miss Clawdy late as usual to the pawty!!

    I’m confused about everything. Hmmmm……..

    II guess I had better start reading up on this man. I wish I had some guaranteed protection. Man oh man oh man what I would like to say!! This guy is untouchable? He’s starting a radio station for the people’s voice?
    Well, if all else fails, his rock star son will get some good airtime. I gotta get out more…..

    I think I’d rather see a bunch of tax exempt “churches” go up. THE PEOPLE’S CHURCH? or Zen’s CHURCH of Eden with satellite “gardens” popping up all over!

    Well Zen, If you say this guy is the real deal, then maybe I’ll give him a read.

    I’ll just leave with the first thing that came to my mind after reading all 127!!! comments.

    The Zombies-Time Of The Season

    • Ha! Go with what resonates. I’ve simply had a great experience with what this man teaches and feel his sincerity. Not everyone goes for him nor need they. The main thing is people should try not to get distracted from the message by the personality, although it’s all obviously part of the package. We don’t need any gurus or icons, we need fresh Truth and gobs of sincere loving empathy is this world and for everyone to be their own light–but it sure helps to get our fires closer together to where we can see each others’ awakening 😉 (Love that song, break into it periodically – funny, the Zombies – they should be a hit nowadays, except their message was too sweet…always wonder if that’s where “who’s your daddy” came from)

  70. Brings new dimensions of meaning to the role ‘investigative journalist’ ! Speaking of which – for those still caught in between – not such a leap from cold-blooded to reptilian. David would be the first to forgive, in any case.

    Process of elimination of that which ain’t right … whatever’s left … however improbable, ” is what it is”. Can’t see it in another unless you know it in yourself. Congrats to all who have chosen to travel the – now and again lonesome – road less travelled. I expect those who come from the Heart return to Same, as if they never left.

    David Icke. Man on a mission, folk hero in his own time.

  71. Whenever I get really miserable with the system, which is on a daily basis, I listen to David. He is the best anti-depressant ever. When the majority of people (sheep) speak, a barrage of endless bullshit comes out. when
    David speaks, it’s like the most beautiful music for the soul. I love this man, and I love the fact that he puts himself across in such a lovely, normal and down to earth way. Lovely to know he is so appreciated.

  72. One day in the future, when the system falls down completely, people will talk about Icke and will say that he was a visionary. He’s an awesome person and I really like listening to him.
    Unfortunately, many people today think he’s a lunatic or an informer. Wake up for once, people!

  73. Recently rewatched the UK documentary “David Icke, was he right ?”
    In a very emotional scene, he was kicking a football about with his son Gareth (obviously a lot younger then), and David said that he just wanted to prove to his son “that his dad wasnt a nutter”

    Years later …. they’re both doing gigs at Wembley,London.!!!
    Truth is,he’s one of the most sane person on the planet.

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