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The Destruction of Atlantis – Michael Tsarion

This is quite a ride! Lots of fascinating information to put into your mind-blender.  ;)  Well worth the viewing. Love, Zen





  1. Thanks, Zen, I’ve just watched it and it was brilliant and confirmed a lot. I was surprised to learn of the Macrobes. So it seems there are “out-there bad” guys helping “down-here bad” guys to break open the quarantine Stargate via blood sacrifice (wars and more wars). Yet, I do believe that Michael wanted very much to get into the subject of the “good” guys both here on Earth (us), and the “good” guys beyond the Stargate who are assisting us to be the first to break the portals open via our meditations, choosing love, rituals, etc. My understanding is that many of us who are awake have “volunteered” for Earth duty from other galaxies to help Earth. If that were not the case, this game of chess would be very lopsided and almost overwhelming. I am optimistic that we are accomplishing our goal, but still not time to celebrate yet, but I have to believe we’re getting closer. Love, A.

  2. Man lots to take in .. I will have to watch that again . Its funny i refuse to ware a wrist watch or a tie .The watch all ways felt slave-ish and the Tie , I felt like i was gift wrapping my self for the system.

    • Tie’s a hangman’s noose. Freemasonic. Yeah, I’ve scheduled a relisten as well, soooo much in that video. Tsarion is always a mindblower and great feed. He’s one heck of a researcher so his ideas almost always come from serious sources. Wasn’t that explan of the last flood a flipper? ;)

          • “So long and thanks for all the fish,” said Douglas Adams. What intrigues me, amongst so much in this video, is the idea of the quarantine comes in when the atom is split, equals atomic bombs equals massive blood sacrifice and therefore energy from matter, and yet the real goal is to be able to make matter from energy. So, I’ve got to think the Hadron collider is the method being tried by the reps to make matter out of energy. But isn’t making matter out of our energetic thoughts what we’ve been doing for years and years…..? So, what are we thinking? Is it now more important what we think than what we do? Just wondering. Love, A.

  3. I’d love to watch the video, however, there’s an ad that drops down and takes up 1/3 of the screen and then there’s the “share” ad that pops up from the bottom which takes up about 1/5 of the screen. If I squint, I can make it out by selecting which area of the video I’d like to see.

    • That site seems pretty harsh on just about everyone. Where do they get that authority? I’m not saying Tsarion is right about everything, but that kind of pat judgementalism is something to be leery of in itself.

    • If you think tsarion is not trustworthy, would you take the information he presents from another person? I came across tsarions work years ago.I am probably one of the few that traced down his reference material. all of it that I could find. Tsarion has presented fact. I second his findings.

  4. He Resonates Truth. Do you want to know more? Search it out – The Information(Truth) is, has and Always will be available to those who seek it.

    • You know within yourself what is Truth and Untruth – We all have the Free Will to deny the Truth or Believe it. 99% of humans do not trust their Intuition and only go with Factual Truths(books,religion,so-called modern education-things they can identify with their five senses) to use as their path in this life.

  5. Much Love to Michael Tsarion.
    I am amazed that his critics think that the god of the old testament is a good guy.

    ‘They shall fall by the sword:
    their infants shall be dashed in
    pieces, and their women with child
    shall be ripped up!’
    - Yahweh in Hosea 13:16
    ‘Their children shall be dashed
    to pieces before their eyes!
    Their houses spoiled, and their
    wives raped … Dash the young men
    to pieces … have no pity on the
    fruit of the womb, the children
    shall not be spared.’
    - Yahweh in Isa 13:16-18

    The god of this world is a demon.
    One Love528

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