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The True Face of Pernicious Evil

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Augureye Express

by Chautauqua, Contributor

As a child of the baby boomer generation, there were just so many things that caught my attention and interest that it seemed I could barely keep track of them all.  The one I never mis-placed, the one thing which held me spellbound like no other was sitting out in the back yard at night staring up at the Pleiades cluster in the constellation Taurus.  To be sure, I knew the names of most major constellations; I absorbed everything I could find on the subject.  Humanities first steps into space only fueled my desire to learn about the subject…toss in Captain Kirk, and there was no hope for a normal, decent career in my future.  On any given clear night I would be out there in the back yard…just staring at the Pleiades and listening to Wolfman Jack on my tinny sounding little transistor radio.  At some point, my wonder of the seven sisters was nearly eclipsed by the growing question of just why was I so drawn to this one group of stars, and although it took some time for my head to acknowledge, my heart always knew it was home.

Maybe that was why following the topic of flying saucers seemed so very natural to me, even though many folks used humor & ridicule to conceal their ignorance and unease with the subject.  Seriously, it was almost the sole topic among the comments others wrote in my senior yearbook back in High School.  Humor, it’s always been one of those devices we humans use to conceal how we’re really feeling about something.  We are conditioned to hide from un-popular beliefs and our own fears almost from birth.  Of course the conditioning must be constantly re-enforced, which very coincidently brought about the advent of a television set in every home, motel and hospital room.  Now a real marriage made in heaven is public ridicule of the UFO subject and official denial of same.  The only trouble is that the damned things won’t co-operate, and just keep showing up.

The way I saw things at the time was; if there was nothing highly unusual going on, why all the censorship & secrecy?  Why would the government spend millions of dollars setting up Project Blue Book  to investigate something they maintained did not exist?  Naturally, a single vision powered my pursuit of the UFO enigma, the experience of actually seeing one.  Having had that experience several times now, I can tell you that every time you have it, you know you are gazing at something not of this world.  I’m not talking about little lights in the sky here, but the real deal, up close & personal, slack-jawed with awe-stupefied-like-a-statue, real deal. In fact, it is the overbearing sense of reality that mesmerizes so when we see these things operating with impunity around our world.  The moment you first see one of these craft you just know inside that the government knows too, and the reason they deny it so strongly is because they can’t do a single thing about it.  Between the absurdity of the official party line and the amazing reversed engineered toys they come up with it doesn’t take too long to realize the government not only knows about the visitors…they’re working with them.

So, for over 60 years now (in the modern era of UFO’s) we have fallen back on our generational conditioning to help us accept the official line about life elsewhere; even as something within us feels a strange, nebulous familiarity with the whole idea, like a half remembered dream.  Because its easier, we buy into the consensus reality provided for us, never daring to question its validity, or even peek beneath the window dressing.  We tell ourselves that we’re accepting this consensus reality because we don’t wish to be labeled as a kook or conspiracy nut, we have our reputation and status to think of after all.  However there exists another, darker reason why we avoid the topic. Once you accept that all major governments are working with beings from other planets while lying their asses off about it; you’re pretty much stuck with knowing they are up to no good…which soon enough leads to the epiphany that the government is a Childs puppet show designed to provide delusion within the illusion.  The purpose of government is to protect the truth with endless circles of lies.

As it turns out there is a pretty convincing body of evidence supporting the idea that travelers from other worlds have been showing up on Earth with regularity since we were still drawing pictograms on cave walls.  A great many cultures across the globe have legends and heritage indicating “Star Gods” and “Sky Gods” coming down from the heavens to teach the Earth children.  Stranger still are the numerous  sites around the world having stone monuments so huge and complex we cannot duplicate them with today’s technology.  A handful of rogue archeologist’s like Graham Hancock are repeatedly showing us the proof these ancient sites exist, many of them under hundreds of feet of seawater.  Why do such things as forbidden archeology & forbidden science even exist in our culture?  A better question is, who is it that doesn’t want these kinds of facts to become common knowledge?  Just like someone didn’t want the contents of the ancient library at Alexandria to spread to common people, so it was burned & partially destroyed…four times!  The very same pernicious evil responsible for that, is still hard at work today, trying to prevent enlightenment and truth from reaching the common man, and much worse.


Foremost among the forbidden knowledge it seems, is that the ‘sky gods’ did a bit more than just teach the children of Earth.  They also mated with them, bred them, & tampered with their DNA to accelerate evolution just enough to make these primitive hominids  useful.  What these off-world visitors did to the human race some hundred thousand years ago, is little different from humans domesticating wild pigs; so they may be turned into a renewable resource.  In the ancient Vedic text the Mahabharata there are stories of a great war in the heavens which many scholars believe included atomic weapons.  What about all the recurring evidence of advanced technological civilizations on earth, predating our own turn at the wheel?  Who were these previous civilizations, what became of them, and why can’t we know about it??   Over the centuries, pernicious evil has trained, conditioned and programmed us to not ask such questions, indeed, to not even think such questions.

Twenty years ago David Icke was ridiculed, mocked and generally disregarded for his information about the alien agenda on Earth; Today he fills sports stadiums with people anxious & eager to learn from his wisdom.  Coming to this understanding doesn’t come from reading a few books, for those are just the jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Only when you have collected and placed enough pieces does the image begin to take form.  Its a lot of things, really, people like David Icke, and Graham Hancock as well as many other notables doing similar research, its the things we see going on that only make sense if you factor in an alien, off-world agenda.

Why would humans, (no matter how psychopathic), poison our environment with radiation, crude oil & chemtrails and put cancer causing GMO’s in our food?  Answer, they wouldn’t, and they aren’t.  These things are being done by the same cold, calculating pernicious evil that has controlled the course of events on this planet for thousands and thousands of years.  Evidently the talking monkeys figure things out after enough time goes by, and they revolt, and have to be put down, hard.  No problem, pernicious evil is patient, and will begin all over again after each mass extermination, uh, er, extinction event.

It would indeed be a shame to have to scrap the current batch & begin again considering how close humanity is to the perfect unquestioning slave mentality.  I think that is what the trans-human agenda is all about, finding a method of absolute control; otherwise, well, there are an awful lot of us, and ya can’t exactly burn down the internet as easily as the library at Alexandria.  It was one thing to keep humanity in a state of arrested development back a few thousand years ago when mankind was spiritually asleep.  As the years slowly ticked off to the time of the great awakening, pernicious evil began tightening the coils of its serpentine grip.  Is it any wonder alcohol is legal while the substances which unlock and free the mind are ‘controlled’ and illegal?  Why does higher education have to be priced out of reach for all but the chosen few?  Why did NASA cancel the shuttle program without having a modern upgrade ready to fly??  Why is it that any scientist or teacher who strays from the normality of conformity is ridiculed & excluded?  Why does the fight for human rights have such powerful & un-ending opposition?

Pernicious evil is having some problems with humanity now that we have crossed over the threshold of evolution that is the great shift of the ages.  Just like ‘they‘ never counted on Abraham Zapruder in Dealey plaza, ‘they’ have also failed to account for a number of factors here, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Firstly, they have failed to anticipate how humanity would react to the shift of the ages.  They somehow didn’t understand that these higher frequencies awoke something in our DNA to prepare us for the shift.  Imagine their surprise when they first saw so many waking up from the illusion…imagine their confusion now that the awakening is nearing a critical mass.  They were safe enough back when we believed the Rothschild’s and illuminati were behind all the pernicious evil, back when we had a human face to put on our enemy.

Have you ever noticed how it is that when we set upon our fellow man, the first things we see and fear are the differences?  There is a reason for that, and it’s the second thing “they” have forgotten.  Hating others is not a natural state for humans.  Don’t ask me to prove it, it’s just something my heart knows, OK?  Fearing & hating are taught, and for countless generations, humans have been taught to fear & hate those who are different.  Now, clearly we are making progress recovering from that, and other (anti) social programming, and that worries those who tend this blue-green garden.  Like weeds, we are making their job harder.  Some of us want to take the garden back, but as long as we can be ridiculed & marginalized we aren’t much of a problem; unless everybody sees the true face of the gardener, and that the cash crop is us.

Just like Neo in the Matrix, none of us want to believe that our culture our energy and our future are being dominated, harvested, by malevolent alien entities.  We don’t want to believe it, so we don’t, I guess that’s the nice part about free will.  Pernicious evil doesn’t want to work any harder than necessary to keep the talking monkeys manageable, so it exploits this natural tendency to self-delusion at every turn.  The more separation and chaos, the better, so our attention and interests are diverted with Pavlovian  perversions and outright mind control.  As long as we get the latest update on the bad girls of Hollywood who cares that virtually no news coverage of democracy revolutions in Iceland and Greeceaired in this country?  We don’t want to believe we are just so much livestock for some soul-less galactic harvesters, so we don’t.  Do ya ever wonder what cows think about all day?  We deny the ugly truth despite seeing & hearing the evidence repeatedly because accepting it also means relinquishing hope.  How exactly does that work: ‘there’s still hope as long as you pretend you don’t know the truth’??

Think for just a minute back to the dark ages.  A period of almost a thousand years where humanity made no progress whatsoever, total stagnation.  Now imagine where we might be with our understanding of things if that little setback had never happened.  If not for that, the black death, and a good war or two every generation, hell we might have colonies on Mars by now, except, oh, yeah…of all the hardware sent to Mars by the U.S.& Russia, the vast majority have either failed or just disappeared.   Hmmmm.  What about the “face” on Mars at Cydonia?  With so much interest in that spot wouldn’t ya just think NASA would go back there for a better look?  But they never have…maybe explains why their name is an acronym for: Never A Straight Answer.  While I’m at it, aren’t we all supposed to have personal jet-packs by now?  Where is all the eye-popping scientific advancement “Popular Science” predicted…Arrested development, that’s where.  As long as we can be bought off by smart phones and tablets and kindles we can seemingly be relied upon not to question even the most obvious examples of high strangeness.

For those still reading at this point the news does get some better, all is not lost, far from it.  There is a reason why these off-worlders haven’t stripped this planet bare and made house pets out of us, they aren’t allowed to!  Evidently there exists in this galaxy, some advanced beings of light who have placed Earth in a kind of ‘protected planet’ status, defending it from all forms of pernicious evil.  As I have come to understand it, this group of benevolent beings who some refer to as the brotherhood of light, originate in the Pleiades cluster, and have been protecting Earth as best they can down through the ages.

Evidently this bunch of renegades from Orion and Zeta Reticuli have managed to violate the cosmic restraining order and interfere with us in some big ways without drawing much heat for it.  Maybe the Pleiadeans know this interference will fail, and in the process help bring about unity here on Earth.  Or perhaps their ‘prime directive’ prevents them from acting until we accept responsibility and act on our own behalf first.  How about this: Perhaps the genetic engineering was done as a joint operation between several races, an experiment to see what would happen, and maybe we are just specimens with iphones, not galactic citizens with any rights?  Still feeling special?

Whatever the state of galactic politics, it doesn’t diminish the pressing problems we’re facing here on Earth right now.  After seeing people fill the streets in protest over the Vietnam war our alien overlords began devising various programs and technologies designed to collectively take us out of the equation.  There of course are the chemtrails overhead, which poison us from above as the much publicized HAARP facilities placed around the world can steer weather systems and affect the mental tranquility of millions.  The cellular revolution has us using cancer causing devices next to our heads while we sleepwalk thru our lives never aware of the growing electromagnetic soup eating away at our brains and perhaps even our hijacked souls.  The system of GWEN towers across this nation blast out highly disruptive RF signals and frequencies which also adversely affect the human mind.  Then there are the GMO foods being literally shoved down our throats just in case the other pacification programs overlooked someone.

Underneath the exhilaration of this great awakening & the shift of the ages; we are engaged in a war for our very consciousness against this sinister and pernicious evil.  In their genetic meddling they created creatures who can only perceive about 2% of the observable universe, and about the same in the sound and light spectrum but who have the audacity to think of ourselves as the only intelligent life in the ‘verse.  They jump started our DNA to suit their own ends a millennia ago but now that we are crossing the threshold of evolution, we’ve begun to awaken, and ask questions…as our handlers scurry about doing all they can to derail our collective consciousness.  We have a window of opportunity right now, a chance to accelerate the awakening, and in the doing of that perhaps we can even reclaim our garden.  Yeah, it would be real nice to just relax, and wait for those benevolent aliens to kick ass & come to our rescue.  When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to referee an ant colony being taken over by hostile ants from up the block?  Right!  I think we should put about as much faith in benevolent aliens as we did in those para-military patriot groups who promised to protect us from a tyrannical government.  What ever became of those guys??  I was counting on them!!   See what I mean?  Unfortunately I think this one is on us.  We are the people we have been waiting for.  We’re awake, informed, passionate and fired up!  Who else is there, but US?  and if we do not rise up and act with some passion and unity, the window of opportunity will close, cutting us off from our future and our destiny.  Sit with that one for a minute.

Maybe this is all a part of the great soul migration experiment, perhaps its just another test we must pass together, maybe what is happening is the universe unfolding as it should and maybe we could see that too if we could see more than 2% of everything.  All I know for sure is that everything that exists was created by a source, call it God-Goddess-All-that-Is, or whatever; and everything is a part of this “God-Source” even the face of pernicious evil…and that is why I can still spend hours staring at the stars with the awe & innocence of a twelve year old.

Till next time, Be good to each other.                       http://augureye.blogspot.com/2012/11/soul-searching-at-end-of-time.html


  1. This is a very good article, Chatauqua, as usual! For me it is totally true and much love to you.
    I wanted to share something with you, that we all can learn from.
    Yesterday a friend of ours Kenny Little Brave[ peyote priest, sundance chief and spiritual leader] from Rosebud Indian Reservation dropped by for tea.
    I like to cuss, don’t we all! and he very sweetly reprimanded me. He held his hand a little way in front of his mouth and he said, spa! spa! It means wet. He said your words carry the power of the wakan[sacred] they are formed of water, the sacred mni. The air that produces the sound of words is wet, warm and has space to move in the air. Your words are a living prayer in the moment of the now. You cuss. Think, he said, of the bad energy to those words.
    And your tears. the sacred mni, they water the earth. If they are born of love and joy and compassion, good things will come of it. If they bitter then bad things will visit. He said to me, before he left. “Your words are a sacred prayer in the moment of the now. Remember your words and your tears have power. Do not gossip, do not partake in harmful conversations and most of all, don’t cuss. Do not add to the bad magic in this world.
    Much love to you 528hz.
    Somethings we have to hear over and over again, well at least I do!

      • Elva~ So very right you are dear one, the reminder falling upon grateful ears and open heart. How true your words ring, a welcome reminder of what the soul knows to be so. Many thanks :)

    • Elva, yesterday one of my close friends phoned me to say that she had just ‘seen’ the power of her words. Synchro as Zen would say.
      There’s also the intention that fires the words and the resonance set up when you say – or chant or sing. I’m not one for bible reading but it starts off well – In the beginning was the word..hmmmmmm

      • Hello Soliel,
        Words are powerful and in aboriginal society there was shaman’s language. These special and sacred phonetics as well as certain tones, create geometric shapes beyond visible light and can effect the physical world.
        This is why aboriginal language has been targeted by the TPTB and replaced with English, German, Spanish etc. These are not resonant languages and cannot be used for contacting elemental fields.
        My husband is a ceremonial singer and spirit caller on Rosebud Indian Reservation. He was taught by the great singer Lorenzo Eagle Road. This wonderful old man was my adopted father and he taught many songs from long time ago. Just before he died, he was very sad because he said, Spirits, they don’t come anymore and the people are dying. This is because the musical scale was changed in the forties and indian people in the boarding schools were beaten if they spoke their language and they were taught another scale. 440hz. This scale is not resonant and that is why the spirits or elementals[faeries] don’t come any more. WQe have lost their sonic telephone numbers.
        If you want know anymore, just reply.
        One Love528hz

        • Elva, I’m happily replying. I spent several years, as a child, in a state of induced blindness, so sound and resonance in general became the dominant way I interacted with the world.
          I’d love to know more.

  2. Excellent and exact, Chautauqua, thank you, and please don’t forget Arcturus. There are indeed helpful aliens on planet Earth and they are US. We volunteered for this job, then forgot, then remembered, and now look around. See anything crumbling? JFK knew and he would have exposed the connection. Good for you, Chautauqua, every word in this article rings with knowing and freedom, and yes, the Sun is helping. Photons, anyone? Love, A.

    • Hi Althea! ~ Great to hear from you, & glad you liked it. I was kinda going for the broad strokes effect, but right you are I should have given equal mention to the Arcturus crowd to be sure. I suspect a good many other groups of off-world lightworkers also deserve mention as well. I love the way you put it…remembered, then forgot, then remembered; Bullseye, like a half remembered dream. Much love & gratitude to you.

  3. it wasnt “reptilians”, “khazarians”, “vaticans”, nor “little green men from mars” that held a gun to my families’ heads while their grain was taken away and many starved to death (famine of ukraine) … it was the jews, stupid

    it wasnt “reptilians”, “khazarians”, “vaticans”, nor “little green men from mars” that slaughtered people in katyn, the russian gulags, dresden, and many other real holocausts of europe … it was the jews, stupid

    it isnt “reptilians”, “khazarians”, “vaticans”, nor “little green men from mars” that spend trillions of dollars a year on lies and propaganda to hide the truth … its the jews, stupid

    it isnt “reptilians”, “khazarians”, “vaticans”, nor “little green men from mars” that jail people for researching the holocaust … its the jews, stupid

    it isnt “reptilians”, “khazarians”, “vaticans”, nor “little green men from mars” that did 911 to troll americans to go slaughter the remaining parts of the world that opposed world jewry … its the jews, stupid

    i used to think this site omitted the words zionist jews because it wanted to bypass the brainwashing so many people have – people’s minds have been programmed to shut down when they hear the word jew … i now see this site’s true colors … i now see david icke’s real purpose … how much is project blue beam paying y’all

    • You are in the rabbit hole, but you have far to go. Calling someone stupid really only illuminates you, act with love my friend, everything else is illusion.

    • Dude .. really ? I here ya with Jew- kabob’snot and your right the fuckers staved out a millions.. But there is no agenda Chautauqua that I can see .,You would have to a real pompous corn hole to think we are the only life in this massive universe.

    • Dude .. really ??? I here ya with Jew- kabob’s and your right the fuckers starved out a millions.. But there is no agenda with Chautauqua that I can see .,You would have to a real pompous Dick to to think we are the only life in this massive universe. I am not a huge fan of Icke ether But there was NO leg humping go on. Chautauqua was pointing out the people are taking a new interest on a new way of looking at things. I dint see him pumping the Ickes work , in fact i paragraph summed up with “Its a lot of things, really, people like David Icke, and Graham Hancock as well as many other notables doing similar research, its the things we see going on that only make sense if you factor in an alien, off-world agenda.” I think it was a very well done post, and how many of think that they has to be other life out there.

      • and not i am even more pompous and confident … for you had to put words and ideas into my mouth, then respond to that which you put in my mouth in order to make a logical point

        no, i dont see, where i assumed we are alone in the universe … i just dont think thats the most pressing issue when there is a group of thugs going door to door murdering people on your street

      • this site omit’s dealing with the most important issue … who is guilty of the evil … instead it dances into tangents of the unknown

        you look at lendman’s, horowitz, and now this arcticle … if it wasnt obvious before then it is now … obama obama obamunism, as if kermit the frog ever mattered … now we are gonna talk about little green men from mars when the people pointing the gun at our heads keeps going unmentioned

        • Flying Cossack;
          All I meant was that a cruel god makes a cruel people. I agree with everything you say. yeawea (not capitalized and miss-spelled out of pure disrespect) worship by any race leads to war, suffering, and needless death.

    • The bevil mJoooossss strike again!!! I really hope you are being sarcastic. No sane person projects the reason for the ills of the world onto one small racial/religious group – whio number, what, 16 milluion worldwide??? If they are THAT smart to have done all the things attributed to them by Islamists and their lackies – then why complain when you come up against a superior intelligence??? Are you going to complain when you see the ‘Others’ leave our imagined intelligence in the dust?

    • Flying Cossack;
      What if that yeawea character is an evil alien? And those that worship him serve him? That’s the question: who is humanity’s enemy? Maybe both!

    • whether there is or isnt something above the jews is irrelevant … it is unknown … blaming the unknown is irresponsible and stupid

      even if there is such an entity, it doesnt absolve the jews from guilt … who is running the thousands of newspaper, television stations, and publication companies that spew out lies

      chasing metaphysics when we havent yet made the physical accountable is just plain stupid … when there is a group of thugs on your street going door to door and murdering people, do you open up soup kitchen? or deal with the thugs

      yea i know the love love love love game already … i guess if you say love love love love enough times people will forget that what you love love love love love is evil

        • a rebuttle consisting only of pulling rank is no rebuttle at all … but i like the pulling rank game, so ill play

          my words were for you as much as they were for the cockroaches

          let him who can hear, let him hear

  4. Excellent article and I too have been staring at the stars since I was 3 years old. When I was 12ish I saw something in the sky over our house. It was only years later with the movie Close Encounters and the last years movie Paul that I realized and believed what I saw was the real deal. 3 lights shooting out of a brighter light, a large black object moving over our house blanking out all the stars and the whoosh it was gone. Then the tears for years and years; “come back, come back, please come back; don’t leave me here; I want to go home” Not once before this experience did I ever believe I wasn’t from here. I do now. I’ve been waiting over 60 years now and I still wonder if they’ll come back; probably when I take my last breath!!

    • Elaine~ Your experience has been shared by many, You are not alone. If you haven’t already, check out the book “From Elsewhere” by Scott Mandelker.

    • Elaine, I remember my family leaving me here, and since then have always remembered them saying they would come back for me. Like you, it seems to have been a long wait! Pleiades is home, but there are many of us here now, as observers and supporters. We must wait until our work here is done.

  5. Chautauqua. Wow. Just wow. You’ve shed a lot of light on what I wonder about all the time.

    It doesn’t matter who “they” are. Evil is just plain evil. It’s very easy to say it’s the Jews cause it does seem so obvious. Then I tell myself “if it’s so obvious, keep looking”. If it is the Jews then the Vatican is in on it too. Sometimes when I’m sitting in church (I get paid to drive miss daisy to the RC Sunday services) I feel like I’m attending a love-in for the state of Israel.

  6. I believe that the Originals that seeded this System are long gone ~ remember the movie “Contact” when she ask the Alien Daddy about who built some of the things she saw and he says “they are long gone”…..1. The Moon is 5.3 billion years old (totally ‘artificial’) & the Earth is 4.7 billion so…..who brought the Moon here. Now we are looking at BILLIONS of years not just thousands of “intelligent” involvement with life on this Planet and system. I think that there is something very special in the Human bio-genetic code be it implanted in our DNA as the sum total of all past life on this planet etc or the ‘rainbow’ soul in it’s fire~spark of unending infinite energy…….Everything I hear the word ‘harvest’ used in any of these forums i cringe ~ like what Whitley Streiber wrote in his book ‘2012’ are they here to ‘harvest’ the most powerful energy source that never dies for their ‘technology’ ~ make trans-humanism seem far more plausible. Seriously we we were a failed species they could ~ we could, with our present ‘technology’ ~ wipe ourselves out in a night & a day………something else gives. They WANT something….they might be drone like soulless being continually cloning themselves in the materium rather being able to transcend and find ‘stillness’ & ultimate contentment ~ like we can….who gave us this gift will be our saving grace.

  7. Bravo Brother Chautauqua. A totally absorbing read. It reminded me of home. I feel that M32 in M31 (the Andromeda Gallaxy) is my origin point but I deliberately turned off the connection to ‘be here right now’.
    The way you wrote this is a searing wake-up call sheathed in silk.

    • Soliel~Nothing quite so disappointing as watching a ship cruise by & knowing its not your ride home. Unless it would be seeing some of the sad comments this post has elicited. I don’t recall being told in orientation that these talking monkeys would be such a tough bunch to LOVE! :)

      • Chat so many things could be shared, yes, it was heart-rending to be working with my other family and not be able to reach out and hold their hands.
        Yesterday and today feel critical in terms of resonance, maybe it’s time to open the channel again.
        May you be well, peaceful and happy.

  8. Humanity forgot where they came from. We are part of God and unconditional love. The devil sure did a good job.

  9. Chautauqua great article! Whenever I look up into the night sky I’m always drawn to Orions belt for some reason. Whenever I look at it I have almost memories and feelings of the epic galactic battles that occurred in that star cluster. There is no doubt that there are many violent and evil beings that reside there and much violence has occurred there as well. The good news is I have always felt that I’ve been fighting against them and their agenda of arresting the development of souls of other beings in the universe by trying to take away their free will. The reason being is these creatures turned that backs away from the creator long ago, forever trapped in the fourth dimension without any souls of their own. Living by the principles of service to self instead of service to others. Oddly enough service to self is one of the primary teachings of satanism. Good article again and thank you for sharing galactic brother :-)

    • Brent~ Very much enjoy your comments & astute observations, especially regards service to self vs service to others. The thing is, a soul can choose to walk either path, for awhile or for a lifetime, and can even choose to switch between the two, as many do. What really “bakes your noodle” is when we discover that both paths terminate in the same exact place :)

  10. Light energy pushes every thing, which is why no thing can move faster than light. The closest stellar system that might sustain sentient life is at least 50 light years away, which means a round trip journey of at least 100 years. This is an ideal situation, because it takes a ridiculous amount of energy and time just to get up to one tenth the speed of light, and this certainly cannot be done with the very wasteful momentum transfer of expelling rocket fuel.

    By the way, if you travel at the one tenth the speed of light and wish to make a right turn, while only suffering from ten G’s of centripetal force, then guess how long it would take you? Assuming a circular path, which means you travel one quarter around the circle, the distance of the travel would be d = 1.57 * r, where r is the radius of the circle. If w is your radial velocity, then your velocity is w * r = .1 * c and your acceleration is w * w * r = 10 * g.

    Simple algebra yields w = 100 g / c, r = .1 * c / w = c * c / (1000 g), and total time would be d / (.1 * c) = 1.57 * r / (.1 * c) = 1.57 * c / 100 g = 1.57 * (3 * 10^8) / 100 * 9.8 s = 4.91 * 10^6 s = 1336 hours = 55 days. Good luck if you are off course! There are no aliens folks, and if there were, they would have wiped out Humanity long ago.

  11. * …Agree to agree… agree & agree! (lol)…thx for your temerity of free expression & for not’ pussy footing’ around the “12′ tall 1/2 ton Alien in the room” (lol)…it just won’t fit thru most peoples ‘key hole’ realities.
    …”Tell it like it is…let your conscience be your guide”…(an Aaron Neville classic) as we’re standing at the crossXroads….3 cheers for your unexpurgated honesty.

  12. Zen;
    I think this is the most important conversation we can have. I don’t know who that yeawea character is , but he’s not God. He’s some 5th dimension/ alien evil that feeds off of war, suffering and fear. Just because you have a jewish bloodline, does not mean you worship yeawea.(but most do) The non-jewish followers of john hagee are just as evil. yeawea, zeus, etc are “gods” that feed off of humans. As far as the reality of off-world aliens, the ancient Hindu Vedas (approximately 6000 years old) have modern-looking engineering schematics. The Germans in the 1930’s copied these from Tibet and we got: the jet engine; multi-staged rockets with gyroscopic control; possible time travel (which they either could not get to work or it’s still classified) and anti-gravity propulsion (which is still classified or could not get to work). Apparently, there are aliens that are “evil” to humanity, and those that are our friends. yeawea and his worshipers are the evil ones. From Jerico to the American Indians to our glorius “war on terror” that damn old testament is thumped.

      • Zen;
        Thanks for your reply. I know about the archons and Jay Weidner. I will look into his work more. We all need to quit acting like children. I really liked Michael Tsarion’s video you posted a while ago, and some readers got mad at that. It’s like we’re arguing whether humanity’s ennemy is jews, the vatican, aliens, etc. I think it is an elite under evil alien control. But like Les Visible constantly points out, many, if not most, are from the tribe.

        • Yes…it’s a fabric woven by insanity. Any of those rabbit holes eventually lead to the others. The Zios are a particularly nasty obvious manifestation but it’s quite the ball of wax. Like you said, the important thing is transcending this mess, not getting doctorate’s on who’s who, although the information is of course important for the purpose of dot connecting. It just can’t become such a fascination we’re actually empowering it…and certainly not fussing over stuff. There’s a lot of disinfo agents in the so-called alt or truth movement, so be very careful. True aware onsciousness will show the way. Love you!

          • Evidently an ‘otherworldly’ envoy showed up with but a single message: “Love One Another”…and for two thousand years we have been killing each other over how he said it.

  13. Compare the picture of the reptoid to one of the favourites for the position of Pope:

    A candidate for the papacy who would fit the Petrus Romanus prophecy is Tarcisio Pietro Bertone.

    Pietro = Peter.

    Tarcisio is an anagram of “Iscariot”.

  14. I wonder why the comment box is so small that One can’t see the things one typed without having to scroll? Just wondering? Anyway…I must comment. All this speculation is to be taken in the awareness that WE never know anything because WeE is a convenient fiction for the incorporator “archon society mongering class. Eat the truth and know it but be careful what you say, you might just be serving THEM. Whatever the epithet or acronym of convenience. Be wise.

  15. Great piece and thanks. You may want to have a look at alliesofhumanity.org for a slighty different slant on some of the same material. Highly recommended.

  16. Chautauqua and Zen thank you both for this post, as this is the one that resonates the most, with me. Although Zen has been on a roll with these incredible postings lately; the recent ones (Rothschild, The banker, Anti conspiracy theorist, etc.) they are all connected, but this one is the “root” cause for me. I wanted to take some time clearing my mind before I posted my comments. I don’t know much, nor do I know it by deep study, but I do know this to be true: this pernicious evil is not native to us. Humans have something incredible and too precious that these draconian entities feel compelled to destroy, and yet they cannot. I do believe their manipulation and influence on us have been for millennia and has had a significant negative influence resulting in a very “limited” (3D- 5 senses) biological being that has become self-destructive. I believe that we were supreme supernatural paranormal beings first (out of creation), and these entities are enslaving our minds by exhaustion and DNA manipulation (using our own environment against us), so we can no longer reconnect to whom we truly are. By design we are functioning on a brink of physical and mental exhaustions in an absolutely fabricated reality. As I see it, as some of us do, I do not need some validation of their presence/existence, the fruits are too obvious and their negativity force too strong to ignore, but as some had predicted a mass shift is happening right now and the human consciousness is breaking through the haze. Whatever “they” were doing seemed to have backfired on them because we become aware of their presence/influence. Now we need to claim our rightfully ours paradise, and kick them out back to their dark corner, for our power (love manifested into light) is spiritual and supreme.

  17. The rebellion against spirit/divine source is here on earth. It’s not alien. I’ve been astral travelling/remote viewing since in my crib…and I’m mid 60’s now. I was invited to be an instructor/staff member at The Monroe Institute by virtue of my unusual abilities. I say this at the outset because I have no interest in hearing hogwash about “not being far enough down the rabbit hole” yet. Certainly life abounds throughout the universe. I’ve see numerous alien spacecraft. Yet this considered ad much more, I fully agree with the earlier comment in this string referring to The Chosenites. The rebellion agaist divine source is quite terrestrial. And it is our responsibility to deal with it, or be eradicated by them. For any interested in more of my admittedly uncommon perspective I offer my ebook on this topic http://www.thecosmicalarmclock.com/20120413/THE-REAL-HISTORY.pdf and on my website homepage the 1953 presentation by Uranda might be of interest, re.the sinking of Lemuria and what is referred to as The Fall . http://www.thecosmicalarmclock.com

  18. you are all here precisely because you havent transcended the mess … until you gain enough wisdom and courage to act against the evil, you will keep reliving groundhog day in hell

    o. and if you want to keep talking yourself into believing this world is such a beautiful place, thats your prerogative but its also a symptom of your condition … there is nothing beautiful about a place run by murderers liars and thieves, and in which every one else is complicit

    true beauty is a place where the act of forgiveness never takes place, because everyone is accountable, and immediately repays trespasses and mistakes … everyone cares about everyone and is accountable towards everything … this is eternal hamony … real love does not exist where the truth does not abide

  19. Chautauqua, I have been meaning to hope on this post and give a good read one more time , it was so packed with incredible detail ..Great eye opener on a new and fresh prospective. Very cutting edge thinking and re looking ..I love the tie into your youth , i truly believe every person can think back to a time when there minds were untouched by ignorance of live around us. Great Job Pal ( back pat wet ear Willie ) Life is grand with Dudes like you blast deep into the cerebral !

    • Peek~ Really appreciate your feedback Bro. Kinda like plinking cans with a .22….there is a distinctive sound that lets you know you’re on target. Watch out for flying cossacks! :)

  20. Zionists are the concrete problem, aliens are nebulous.

    “They were safe enough back when we believed the Rothschild’s and illuminati were behind all the pernicious evil, back when we had a human face to put on our enemy.”

    Sounds like new-age obsfucation.

  21. Having seen what the government can do with Americans in such a short time, I don’t believe the citizens of that beleagured nation can resolve the issue. It will take a much more aware citizenry of some other less bothered nation with a more beneficial government to do the job. Now which one is it?

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