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The Freak Cancerous Organism Devouring the World


by Zen Gardner

When you witness this pacman type insatiable banking and corporate devouring of any and everything possible from countries to companies to public branding to full spectrum media and advertising dominance, you have to liken this insanity to a cancer.

One organism is seeking to devour and own it all.

This organism is not benevolent. It seeks its own agenda and self-serving survival. Independence and diversity are its enemies. Homogenous universality of a standardized, easily controlled diluted human morass is its design.

Don’t be pounded into becoming another minion of their universal one-world bullshit. It’s dehumanizing, degrading, destructive and downright demonic. You will no longer be your own person, but a programmed gnome doomed to a life of volunteer slavery.

And you won’t even know it.

pacman copy

The Corporate Arm of the Banksters

What is the arm of the controllers? Who has the money and power besides the banksters to manipulate society? Who are the go-to guys to pillage and plunder and control the movements of society?

The big money boys are totally intertwined with the corporate moguls. You’ll notice there are less and less small companies as the mega-large corporations absorb whomever they want, especially their competitors or those out to expose them.  It’s the perfect picture of the world takeover.

And to you?

It matters big time. But you have to wake up first.

The “They” Hurdle

Those on the verge of getting the big picture are starting to at least see this corporate raping of the world in conjunction with the obvious bankster manipulations. It’s almost as if the masks have been removed and they’re operating in full sight of everyone.

The problem arises when those almost awakened have to realize there is a “they” behind all this to truly give them the call to action and conscious awakening. And this is where so many get hung up. It’s too much to grasp, because there’s too much at stake.

To realize there is a “they”, i.e. a grand conspiracy, one way grander than they could have ever imagined, would mean having to respond. Consciously responding would mean extricating themselves and those they love from the grip of this monstrous web of deceit– call it the matrix, the system, the grand illusion or whatever. That also means giving up all the treats and goodies and self-indulgences that this grand whorish system has been mainlining into them to keep them doped up and seemingly happy.

More than that, it means giving up your self – your whole idea of who you are, why you’re here, what you’re meant to do in this life. It means giving up that big fat ego we’ve all been taught to feed our whole lives, and everything that feeds it.


Free At Last!

And that my friend is a glorious, wondrous and exhilarating experience as you embark on a truly alive and conscious existence! All quickly makes sense, the illusion crumbles around you, and the experience you were meant to have in this existence enters the eternal now!

Now that is a happy ending! Or should I say beginning!

And you can stand back in real peace as you watch the matrix crumble in on itself, helping others escape the illusory rubble with a song of love in your heart…

Much love, Zen



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  1. Like Agent Smith said in the Matrix – “Human beings are a virus”
    You’re right Zen, they are cancerous cells. We had all better be ready to act like antibodies because this has truly gotten way out of hand. The bankers, corporations, politicians, military, etc. can’t stop themselves. They all think this is normal. They will be stopped from doing this no matter what it takes and it is all of us antibodies that are going to have to do it. I’m all in!


    • humans aren’t a virus!! we are part of our creator. the problem seems to be that our creator gave us free will and too many of us use that free will to walk on the side of dark, instead of the side of light and good. please get over the satanic meme that humans are the entire problem. it’s only ever going to be dark vs light and good vs evil.

  2. HEAR HEAR ! dehumanizing, degrading, destructive and downright demonic. You will no longer be your own person, but a programmed gnome doomed to a life of volunteer slavery.! WAKE THE FUCK UP ! sometimes I just want to pack my bags and go on a bitch slapping wake the fuck up and piss on imperialism tour . Bless ya Zen! Keep posting the vinegar its needed !

      • haha right on Sand There’s a seat with your name on it! “Sand-Truth” Consciousness tour 2013 coming to a city near you. I need to get one of those huge over sized Hands you see on the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons , from Acme ,

  3. I read an old Russian joke today,
    Marx said that Capitalism is the idea of “man exploiting man”.
    Communism is just the opposite.
    Think about it.


  4. Even in the big, so-called rival companies, they are all in cahoots at the top. They all piss in the same pot.

    The day is coming where there will only be a few food outlets and Amazon left, then even these will disappear. ALL of our shopping, purchasing and banking will be done online. Everything has been gearing up to this. Once the book/music shops have all disappeared, kindle/apple prices will rocket (gotcha). Hair salons will disappear as the prices of renting the shops will be unaffordable to the owner, and the prices of hair cuts and such will be unaffordable to the customer, so hairdressers will become mobile and work in people’s homes. But the physical cash they rely on will become useless and will disappear. Everything will be sourced and paid for via computer or mobile phone, and every step of ours will be monitored.

    We are almost there, and there is no way back – unless people ditch mobiles and wise up electronically and insist on using cash. IN ORDER TO PROGRESS, WE NEED TO GO BACKWARDS. Once the last lot of old-fashioned, non-tech savvy old people die off, the net will drop. This is the real matrix.

  5. * Absolutely… a quintessential post Zen!…seeing the Red pill & Blue, as one & the same…you nailed it; as realizing we are an infinite eternal consciousness, having an Earthly experience & slowly awakening from our 5 sense reality…cheers

  6. The world is a freak cancerous organism devouring the Immortal Spirits trapped within material bodies. This won’t be allowed to continue. Soon it will be destroyed, along with anyone who defends the idea that this world is a good place fundamentally, just that it is hassled by a few well-organized baddies.

      • Myself as well with respect to Chiappalone Zen. It’s unfortunate the good doctor does not have very kind words to say about David Icke, another man many resonate with, including myself. Icke has done a significant amount of research over several decades. Chiappalone appears to have done quite a bit of research himself. I so wish good men such as these would reach out to one another, get together and hash it out professionally rather than write about each other on their respective blogs (I am only aware of Chiappalone doing so wrt Icke, and not the other way around). We are all on the same beautiful mission, are we not? Exposing the lies of this reality and building a new, more beautiful world based on truth and love. There is zero room for ego in this next go around. I am not judging Chiappalone, rather going off what I have read with regards to words he has in fact written about Icke. Perhaps Chiappalone believes this “meeting of the minds” is not possible as he appears to see Icke as an intentional disinformation agent??

        Let’s all get on with it together, shall we? I wish we could. I wish we would.

        • Yeah, I hven’t fully studied Chaiappalone, but he does leave you with a rather dark-mooded picture, as opposed to Icke, but I hvn’t read his books. He does strike me as a bit old schoolish as he doesn’t seem to realize the extent of the awakening that’s happened around him, but hats off to him for being a pioneer. Everyone has their place of course and like you said, going after others isn’t helpful. But there’s no problem with not agreeing with each other, it’s when it gets ad hominem that it’s wrong.

  7. Yes, the beginning (of the new world) is near, as is the end (of the old world). Perfect metaphor, that of a metastasizing cancer, which as it takes over the body (or our planet in this analogy) increases in both speed and size at an exponential rate. As the insanity lurches forward, I personally can no longer believe this is a 5-sense reality/3D projection only. The simply massive coordination across not only governmental bodies (the government, corporations, banking, the media) but also across nations that these “human” psychopaths have undertaken is beyond reality. It’s infected virtually all bodies of government, corporations, institutions, systems, disciplines, etc. across the globe and finds its form in the neverending list of atrocities taken out against the planet and its peoples (chemtrails, fluoride, EMF’s, weather mod, GMOs, the monetary system, the police state, Agenda 21, never-ending wars, etc. etc. etc. etc.). All coordinated by humans? Is it possible? Hmmmmm……

    One thing’s for certain – interesting times ahead as eventually any cancer eventually destroys its own host UNLESS a remarkable and radical “natural remedy” is undertaken asap.

  8. Nice post. Yes this civilizations end is near unless a massive wake up occurs or a massive planet disruption occurs either way it will happen. The current corporate way they are steering this civilization will have no purpose.When you suck the imagination and creativity from humans you have no way forward and are forced to go back to make it right. It will become to much of a human burden to over come. I believe we are in a check status and close to a check mate.Like the last chip in the bag it too will be devoured, Peek Crackers comments says it all. I will go on tour with him.

  9. Zen is correct that Indulgence is the Original Sin, born of a complacency that became complicity. Thus we live in a Reality that is Dominion manifesting via a gameboard-like Agenda moving its pieces/pawns with no resistence. Yet there is an alternate-paradigm latent in Matter-Energy that can liberate one from this Messianic Programming. To contact this Transcendence is to become a seeker of Enlightenment, not the so-called rewards of civilized-life. That elitist system has no conscience, but the Paradise-planet is available to anyone and everyone, for it is based on equality, balance, harmony, agreement and peace. Such is a modest paradigm without ego and extremity. Hyper-locality means that the Hologram/Resource is omipresent and instantly can make one sufficient and whole, an optimization that ends the Neediness that we are taught to consider natural and inevitable. Without Need there is no fearful complicity but a liberation from delusion and exploitation.

  10. Perhaps this was a synchronicity, as I didn’t want to hijack a thread just to post this topic. But it all fits perfectly into this article. I’ve been reading about legal fiction and the strawman lately, and this is by far and away the best one I’ve read yet. Puts it all into perspective. And zen, mate, keep on keeping on. http://www.thecrowhouse.com/Documents/mary-book.pdf

  11. Another home run Mr. Gardner. You are a outstanding writer. God bless our truthtellers, and protect them in our long fight. beholdapalehorse.tv

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