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The Grand Masquerade


by Chautauqua

Almost from birth the stress and pressures of incarnating into human form begin taking their toll on our personality.  Long before we even have a clue as to who we are, we sense that our very sensibilities are under assault from many divergent sources.  Our parents, teachers and friends all have a set of parameters which they expect us to form ourselves into.  Even as we attempt to reconcile our undiscovered selves with those parameters set down for us, we begin creating and using masks to gain acceptance and avoid corrective measures…to buy us the time we need to figure things out.  In the process, we of course begin to realize that parents, teachers and friends are also pretty good at using masks in their dealings with one another.  We notice how differently they seem than when dealing with us.  Next thing you know, nobody knows who anyone else in the family really is.

Our life partners also have expectations of us which we attempt to live up to.  We find these social pressures in every phase of our life, and the older we get, the more complex and interwoven they become until one day we awake to the reality that we are wearing different masks in differing situations, depending on what is expected of us.  We take this epiphany with a grain of salt because we also realize everyone else is doing exactly the same thing for pretty much the same reasons.  We don these various masks as a kind of temporary safe haven from life’s little pressures and stress.  They are a convenient way to communicate to those around us that we have things under control when in reality, we do not. The wearing of masks becomes almost mandatory in today’s workplace, and so we are swept along thru life collecting and using these masks, long since forgetting they began as a temporary solution. These many different masks we all wear are a physical manifestation of the popular philosophy of “Fake it till ya make it“- they are a shortcut we use instead of actually doing the work of becoming the person the mask says we are.

In a way these various masks we wear are like little lies we’re asking others to believe about us.  Because it is so expedient we allow these masks to run interference for us in the web of our various relationships…often becoming a different person depending upon surroundings, like human chameleons.  Unless we are aware of and manage them; these masks we wear eventually become a slick replacement for an actual personality. We wear them to protect our vulnerabilities, to conceal our pain, true feelings or motives, and to outright deceive others.  We wear them like we do sun glasses, to protect & defend, and to conceal our true identity & personality or to conceal the fact we don’t have either.  Sometimes even love is a mask, as we seek to have security and meaning in our life, hence the new terms to our lexicon like ‘starter husband’, and ‘trophy wife’, indeed even as we all silently and openly acknowledge “the game of life” the game of love is the game within the game, and to play it, we all wear our share of masks.

In Jeanne Avery’s book “The Rising Sign; your Astrological Mask” she explains how the ascendant in our natal chart actually serves as the mask thru which we allow others to see us.  Indeed, maybe that explains why hiding behind masks is nearly second nature to us.  Young girls are taught to hide behind the mask of make-up while little boys are taught to hide behind the mask of bravery & competence.  We hide our pain behind the mask of a smile and conceal our fear & vulnerability with the mask of anger, and most of all we hide our disappointment with ourselves under the mask of happiness.  Like Chinese nesting dolls, we have buried our true selves beneath so many masks that it takes work and patience to find our real, authentic self.  Ego is a mask, wealth is a mask, aggression is a mask, superiority is a mask, victim mentality is a mask, and politics is nothing but masks.  All too often our words are also masks we hide behind, as when we use pleasant or clever  phonaesthetics to conceal our true meaning, or the true nature of things: i.e. seeing a sky full of chemtrails and calling it a partly cloudy day.

The wearing of masks began as a necessity in childhood, and because those childhood fears are so highly resistant to adult logic, we have kept them, allowed everyone else to keep theirs, with the silent agreement that nobody ever calls anyone else for hiding behind a mask.  We have turned the game of life into a full-time masquerade ball where just trying to figure out who everyone really is becomes a major challenge, and trying to make sense of things is nearly impossible.  Is it really any wonder why disassociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder) is so common?  The mental health hospitals everywhere are brimming over with people who have lost themselves in the maze of their own defense mechanisms.  Maybe we should really look at that.  Maybe now would be a good time for a mask bonfire; seeing as we have entered the new golden age of Aquarius…seems appropriate.

As we can see there are many reasons why we all wear these masks, and it has everything to do with choices made early in life.  Most folks don’t realize just how powerful a thing choice is, or that there are actually three levels of choice.  The first level of choice consists of those things that comprise our belief system and basic self image.  The second level of choice includes short term decisions & choices ranging out to several months in the future.  The third level of choice consists of long-range planning, goals and life path choices.  At first glance this all seems well and good, but there exists a hidden thorn in the three levels of choice, and that is: No second or third level choice can exceed the limits of the first level of choice.  Adolescence can be a very tough and challenging period of time as many of us can readily attest to and yet it is precisely this period of time when most of us formed our first level of choice.  Out of all the various pressures encountered in adolescence that lead to our first level choices perhaps the worst is the pressure to be a winner.  Everybody loves a winner, and society rewards winners handsomely, everybody wants to be a winner!  Of course the trouble is that not everybody gets to be a winner.  It takes lots of time, work and competition to be a winner … especially competition, not to mention luck; and thru it all your mask must never slip.  Tons of pressure.  Well let’s just see here, other than winners, what else ya got?  Ah, yes…the losers;  Nobody loves a loser, especially society, which is why nobody wants to become one.  OK, what ya got other than winners & losers?  For those who can’t be winners and don’t want to be losers there is the wonderful land of in-between called just getting by.

Visualize a typical disenfranchised  youth during this critical period of creating their first level choices.  The road to being a “winner” is long and hard, meeting everyone’s expectations & demands of you is exhausting, and, some folks just don’t get the whole concept of ‘better than‘ and competition.  So they choose to not be a winner, or a loser; but to just float thru life in the middle, half-way between, the path of least resistance.  Now this might be well enough except for that nagging little thorn, the universal law that says no subsequent level of choice can exceed the limits set by the first level of choice.  Without knowing or realizing it, so many have crippled their own future and destiny with the choices made when they were young, confused and in pain.  Years down the road we forget that ‘deal’ we made with the universe, and cannot seem to fathom why we don’t get that deserved promotion, or why we just can’t seem to “win” no matter how hard we may try.  We forget that we opted out of the winners circle and can’t understand what invisible power is holding us stagnant in the middle between success & failure.  Now ponder this for a moment: if the thoughts and choices of a traumatized youth are that powerful…imagine the power of the choices you can make now that you have learned so much more than that child knew!

The good news in all of this is that those first level choices made so long ago will operate at that level until we change them; and you can change them any time you want now that you know where to look!  I said you can change that programming, I never said it will be easy though, because it isn’t.  There will be years of false assumptions to discard as well as a butt load of low self esteem issues to dump.  It will also take acknowledging to ourselves that nobody outside of us is responsible for the outcome of those choices which held us back all these years.  As you dig down to the core self to access that first level choice and upgrade its programming, you will be peeling back the layers of self-deception and defense mechanisms…and tossing masks upon the bonfire of the vanities.

 As it is nowadays we might as well be the people in the movie “Surrogates“- that’s how insulated we’ve become from one another as we all embraced the biggest mask of them all, the internet.  Just like Halloween; on the internet we can be whoever we want to be right down to icon & avatar…and best of all you can do it every day of the year, not just one.    But should you venture outside beneath the daily dosage of calming chemtrails long enough to say “hello” to a passing stranger, the look on their face will tell you all you need to know.  We are a fractured and splintered society; so intricately involved in supporting & maintaining that crafted image of ourselves we allow others to see that we sometimes lose touch with our true authentic self.  That is when panic & desperation can creep in, allowing the ego to quietly assert itself.*

If we are not confident enough now to live without our masks, after all the work and spiritual progress we’ve gained, maybe we never will be.  What a loss of potential that would be.  Giving up our masks feels too risky, the thought of it makes us feel vulnerable but give them up we must each in the fullness of time, as directed through the heart from the soul.  We just have to be as motivated as we were when we laid in the original programming, that’s all.  I guess I just have a hard time seeing how continued dependence on our social & psychological masks fits in with our spiritual evolution which depends upon us knowing who we are.  Everybody bitches about all the phony people in this world yet nobody thinks they are one of them…it must be the new math?

Naturally, media and advertising are right there to exploit & reinforce our masks.  For the women it’s “you’re too fat, too thin, too plain, too short, too tall” with a dizzying array of beauty products to solve any (pre-packaged) problem with your looks.  While for the men it’s “Drive this, drink that, shave with this & splash this on afterward…and these hot supermodels will all go home with you.” They sell us our masks just like they sell us our religion & politics – very carefully designed to reinforce the feelings of separation & competition.  The thing the powers that be fear the most is humanity having a unified collective consciousness, and we cannot achieve that as long as we’re still content to rely on these various masks we use to get through life.

It’s perhaps easy to see how we took to using masks, as they appear in the cultures of a great many peoples across the planet.  Masks are highly sought after by collectors, we see them almost everywhere in one form or another, they are ingrained into our very subconscious minds, they seem natural to us.  When we actually put on a real mask the anonymous nature of the thing can actually empower us to explore areas of emoting we might normally avoid, or never think of.  Ceremonial masks often represent qualities & attributes we wish to embody into ourselves, such as a Hanuman mask for example.  Even so, masks are designed for temporary use, to be removed when finished…not pressed into service as a shield against reality.

So here we all are hurdling thru space at 17 thousand miles an hour each of us hiding some or all of our true nature behind an elaborate array of masks.  Everybody pretends to be O.K. when we’re not.  Everybody pretends to know what it’s all about but none of us really do.  We keep donning these masks and going through the motions just as we were taught to do, because nobody ever told you that you could choose something else instead.  We’ve been doing these things for so many generations now that to openly criticize the government we must hide behind the anonymous mask. Because we don’t want to be recognized for standing up for freedoms guaranteed us in writing.  Because we fear the repercussions. Because we don’t want to lose face.

Go figure, maybe that’s why they call this place “the grand illusion“!

Until next time: Be Good to Each Other !

* http://augureye.blogspot.com/2012/10/as-we-navigate-our-way-through-shift-of.html





  1. Great article and an interesting subject. I enjoyed your article about pernicious evil immensely, but was too busy to comment without rushing at the time. Here again, lots of facets discussed.

    I was only contemplating yesterday the reasons why women use make-up. I have never worn it and people think that’s very strange, but then tell me I don’t need it (go figure)! The concept of cleaning ones face, then smearing muck on it that is to be wiped off later, at great cost to animals’ eyes and to ones purse, is alien to me.

    When I focus on such things, how utterly mad and cruel this world really is, I just want to disappear like a genie, never to be seen again.

    • IndigoV~They are of course right, you don’t need the goop on your face, perhaps others will follow your example. Believe me when I say I KNOW what you are going through. Instead of ‘winking out’ like a sprite, try this instead…what you want to do in this case is to pull into your Auric Field a big butt load of PURPLE light, I’m thinking that won’t be difficult :) the reason being that negativity cannot adhere to the color purple, it’s like teflon. Ironicly those people who naturally have purple auras tend to think their Aura looks like a mud puddle from all the negativity…until they learn the truth of it.
      Sincere thanks for the kind words on the posts, I appreciate the feedback. Peaceful Blessings :)

  2. Superior article. I have had the fortune (although it felt UNFORTUNATE when going through it) of spending the last 6 months removing my masks. I feel lighter and free. My outlook on the world and my life has changed. I am not saying I am complete, or have completed my work, but the change is palpable and real. I am experiencing the real me and it is a beauty. At the core of ourselves, underneath the masks and garbage and phony behavior and erratic thoughts, lies the essence of Love, the Source of All Life. Bright and wondrous, majestic and beyond divine. That is my essence. That is all of our essences. Go find it. There is NO greater mission in your life.

    Peace and Love

    • Friendofgoodness~ I can only imagine the epiphany it took for you to do what you’ve done, Kudos to you for facing down the sensations of vulnerability and confusion. What you have accomplished is a major healing to your overall soul, all parts included. Now may I suggest that you take what you have learned and share it with others, be a way shower, a path finder. Like it or not you have just healed yourself into being a teacher, now spread what you’ve learned around, help others. You rock !

  3. Good article.. thanks. Something i would of added would the use ” masking ” yoursElf and your actions within a group or tribe. Where we can do and be something else within a group or tribe that seems to reflect us.. or so we believe. And these tribes we think we align with can use this mass apathy to control and justify wrong deeds. Just look at what young men will do in battle, hidden behind the mask of ” soldier “. And i think its plain to see what certain religions can get its followers to do hidden within its fold, all in the name of……… (insert deity). Remove your own personal masks… but dont hide behind the mask made for society… your race, religion, country etc…

  4. * I got Leon Russell -(Masquerade) playing in the background while reading this; as well as images of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’….but must say that the ‘Game’ played, is like watching a dealer shuffling cards(masks) when you speak to ‘officialdom’ of any kind …especially the neuro-linguistic- pantomime on the Alpha-wave ‘idiot box’….as any observing Alien ‘outside’ observer…would be scratching their antennae in bewilderment-(lol)
    …May I say… that both you & Zen, have a euphonious (-luved ‘phonaesthetics’ btw-lol) way with crafting pertinent ‘eye-opener’ missives; as I observe the artful weaving of enlightened threads of ‘truth’ syntax, that you both seem to pull effortlessly, through the ‘gestalten’ tapestry of NOW…then again, perhaps we’re birds of a feather & why I appreciate the weave….Cheers

    • Alex~ Many, many thanks for your comments & observations. Love the background music, did you intentionally select it for the read, or did it pop up synchronistically? Birds of a feather, Indeed, and it’s time to get the flock to work birthing a new consciousness driven paradigm, where the bonfire of the vanities will light our way! :)

      • * being a hobby guitar player …it just pops up like a metaphysical juke box between my ears-lol…it’s turning it off! sometimes, that’s a little tricky-lol

  5. Great read ! all ways chalked full of detail like a ripe pomegranate.. delicious, refreshing and filled with free radical cleansing thought. Now of half the U S pop on bata blockers numbing there emotions a sprinkle of Pedo religion mix with self image ..holy Stepford Wives .. sir not shaken !

  6. Out of fear instilled in us by the example of adults, from childhood we are conditioned to conform to external influences, the all-pervading one being the necessity to acquire money in a money-driven economy. You have to wonder whether this artificial money-created environment is “the world” Jesus said he was not “of”–rather than the material world in which he lived. After all, why would he dissociate himself from the “world” created “through” him? Being sinless, one must presume that he was also “maskless”.

      • Bob~ In the back of my mind I knew I forgot an important subset of the mask theme, and you sir just nailed it big time. Hmmm a 2-parter, we shall just have to wait to see what the muse serves up in that regard…all I know is we live in a world where anything is possible.

  7. Sad to see so many Youth hide behind their tattoos. They see covering themselves all up as an accomplishment. The trend belies a much deeper matter brought on by a very spiritually-devoid reality created by a very parasitic and evil mechanism.

    • JB~ Incredibly well said & succinct – and evidently just the input needed to manifest a part-2 to the post, no mask shall be spared!

  8. Hi guys,
    just wanted to relate an experience I had many years ago attempting to return to my galactic family (after just reading “You are becoming a galatic human”).
    What I found is that I felt myself surrounded in a state of love and being loved with no reservations or doubts,a real safe certainty of rightness that contrasted vividly with the sensation of being poured back into my body/earthly reality and feeling all the pieces of my ” individual” personality appear which included all the negative emotions about myself acquired through my childhood and life.
    I guess it’s about loving and forgiving yourself back to source and giving others the opportunity to show the same in return.
    Sometimes I imagine someone back to the hurt child that hides behind to find understanding and empathy.
    It’s bloody simple really-if everyone took responsibility for their actions and chose to love and support each other…..peace

    • Such a wise frog, the wisdom you share is indeed galactic, and Universal – if only everyone could see that simple truth. Bravo Chrisfrog72, Bravo!!

  9. My mask always sat askew I suppose. Slipping off here and there. I tried to keep it on because I thought that was what society wanted, but now that I threw that darn mask away – oh boy! Watch out! People are running as if I had the face of Godzilla. And to think I always thought I was kinda cute! There is no accounting for taste. I’ll take the truthy Godzilla any day.

  10. Well, we all have a face that we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves when everyone has gone. Some are satin, some are steel, Some are silk and some are leather. They’re the faces of a stranger, But we’d love to try them on.

  11. Sorry, I don’t agree.
    I have always tried not to wear the mask. Taught my children the same.
    All people are wonderful, and each has something of great value to add. Be yourself, speak your mind, and respect one another. Learn from others. Take off the damn mask. Take time to listen.
    If you need a mask you are not being true to yourself. Live to your own drummer, others will accept you. Each person is unique.
    The answer is not what is in it for me, it is what is in it for us. Take time to listen.
    We do not need the same house, car, and clothes. That is brain washing. Media at its best.
    Each person is unique. Live your life. That is why you are here.

  12. I gave up my masks a fucking long time ago…. Even went to prison for a year, cause I refused to wear a mask in court, and the judge ordered me to apologize for being 100% honest, and I told him to ‘go and fuck himself’….

    So… I don’t do the mask bullshit stuff… and giving up my masks, was initially painfull… fucking lots of rejection, i mean unfucking believable amounts of rejection.. but as time went by… I came to appreciate the freedom all that rejection brought me. I was now free to be my fucked up self… I did not have to pretend to those asshole morons who expected me to wear some fucked up mask with them, to respond to thier fucked up mask….

    The few people who accepted me for being my fucked up self.. were obviously worth spending time with….

    If I had to do it again.. I would have loved to give up my masks when I was younger, but I imagine, I would not have had the courage to go through with it… going through all the rejection… including twice people wanting to put me in insane asylums, for refusing to ‘fit in’ and ‘be normal’… but I got over and got through it!!

    It is indeed the greatest test to ‘know thyself’, cause you cannot do it while you are wearing your mask, deceiving yourself about who you are.. you have to go into the abyss.. into the anger, into the rage, into being your total fucked up self, and being okay with who that person is, and then moving beyond….

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